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      Happy New Years' Eve, all!


      PGR: 37w(!) 1d - preggo insomnia and acid reflux continues, but I've got a grip on it. Tums, pillows and a puppy dog sleeping beside me does the trick. Woke up starving. Guess the LO is going through a growth spurt! Having some lower back pains this morning too, but that might be due to the propped up position I need to sleep in to quell the acid reflux issues.


      PGR2: I think my DH is more preggo than me. He has a serious case of pregnancy brain. I bought some electrolite powder for my hospital bag and he used it yesterday thinking it was his. Not a problem - I'll just buy more - but he could not at all remember buying it with me. He also thought a local restaurant was having a chocolate new years celebration (nope - a champagne new years celebration) and read that this same restaurant was serving prosciutto at midnight (nope - Prosecco). Poor fella. Makes me laugh.


      ER: Will do the DVD today. Did it yesterday and it's so nice to continue to feel stronger with each workout even at this late stage. Plus, I think it's doing wonders for my butt. LOL.


      NPGR: Gotta run around and do some grocery shopping today as everything is closed tomorrow. Just didn't feel like it yesterday. It felt like we've been living at the grocery store lately from all the Christmas dinners we've hosted or helped out with this year.  Our plans for tonight are to go out for a casual meal (especially since I have nothing but casual clothes to wear at this point) and then have a nice homecooked breakfast tomorrow morning.


      Back for personals later!


        YJPM - I think my LO has been going through a growth spurt for the last 15 weeks if appetite (and scales) are anything to go by Smile  I've noticed my lower back is getting a bit more achy, am thinking of booking in for a preggo massage in the next few days if I can, have you had one yet? I like your DHs notion of a chocolate celebration, i think that would definitely catch on!




        PGR - 36w. One more week til I can stop taking progesterone and be assured LO can come out okay (though I have been reading reports that it is definitely best if they can hang out in the oven til at least 39 weeks, but can mamma's oven handle it??) . After a run of relatively good sleep nights last night was one of those "are we at morning yet?...maybe now?..." nights. meh. LOs limbs/appendages are poking into various parts of me almost all day, its still kinda cool but kinda creepy too (I keep thinking of Sigourney Weaver in Alien, can't help it). Looks like we should be getting some maternity pics done tomorrow afternoon.


        ER - 2.5km swim and 30min water jog yesterday. Good elliptical/weights circuit on Saturday on a work break. Have totally eased up on the throttle in my swims, when i do backstroke now it feels like an effort to keep my hips and belly up! Today...probably head to the rec centre gym for a cardio workout with some core. Omg nearly forgot, yesterday out of sheer saggy-chlorine -decimated-maternity-swimsuit-butt frustration i pulled out an old, very rarely worn sports bikini - and wore it to the pool! I KNOW there were a few looks as I got in and out of the pool but - I was comfortable! If I can wear that bikini to the pool the next month i will probably have exceeded the amount I wore it as an "overconcerned about exposing my body" non-preggo, this could be a mental win.


        NPGR - finished reading a Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling late last week; surprisingly quite dark/dreary but i do like her writing style; then went reading crazy on saturday (in the midst of "cooking freezer meals crazy") and waded through Bryce Coutenay's "Jack of Diamonds". Not sure if anyone over here has heard of Bryce Courtenay but I have always loved his writing - "Power of One" is still one of my favourite books.


        NPGR2 - On days off til friday - and coinciding with some nice weather, yippee!


        NPGR3 - I'm not at all into bringing in the NY at midnight, too many anti-climactic midnight + 1 moments in the past; but i really enjoy going to bed in one year, and waking up in a new one...so like YJPM we are likely to be celebrating with a cooked breakfast tomorrow too Smile

        MA runner girl

          Happy New Years Eve!


          RR: 6 miles yesterday. Finally succumed to the snow and ran them insided. Blah to that! I hate the treadmill... hoping some of it melts in the next few days so the sidewalks clear up a bit. Rest day today.


          PGR: 28w1d. Feeling rather large these days! My sleep is definitely more broken up than it has been, which sucks, but it's not completely terrible. I spent most of the weekend getting the baby registry started. I have a great deal of it done, thanks for all your suggestions Friday! They definitely helped me.


          NPGR: The last few days have been very relaxing. I'm so glad I took today off too! Tonight we are going to my brother and SIL's house to celebrate NYE. It should be fun, we are all bringing a couple yummy apps. Mmm. Tomorrow I have decided that I will throw away all the sugar junk in the house. I am really getting sick of it, but if it's here I'll eat it. And I need to get take my gestational diabetes test next week... ack!


          YJPM - Happy full term!! Yay! Too funny about your DH! Mine does stuff like that all the time, even before I was pregnant, he's a bit of a space cadet! I feel like I have lived at the grocery store too.. I'm ready to be done with all these parties.


          Ozzy - I would totally rock my bump in a sports bikini in the last month or 2 if I had actually had one! That is awesome. You are doing great keeping up the swim distance, I am exhausted after a 1.5k swim!


          Have a great New Years everyone!

          PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


            Good morning!


            RR: Ummm, who knows? The gym closes at 3. I might try to get there today or I might just be lazy because of NRR.


            PGR: 31w3d. Not much new lately... had a lot of BHs on Friday. I really really need to push the water I think. Not as much of a problem this weekend because of NRR again, lol. My back seems to hurt more when I'm at home for some reason, so thats really annoying. Due date only two months from tomorrow! I really need to save my sick leave and decide for sure what I'm doing for mat leave. As much as I"d like to take 8 weeks, I think I'll only get 6. We also need to sign up for the hospital tour!


            NRR: Sick. Ugggh. I don't know if its a cold or something else. My nose is stuffy but my throat is really sore, so maybe its going to be something worse than a cold. I'm exhausted and my body is super sore. But I'm drinking a ton of water! I was up to pee FOUR times last night! A has a slight cold too I think. We were trying potty training this weekend... thats a fail, unfortunately. She seemed really receptive to it yesterday but then she had an accident and I think that freaked her out. I wanted to have just one kid in diapers, and time's running out. But everything/everyone says not to push it if they aren't receptive to it. So I guess we'll wait again. She's 3 and 2 months and not that close to being remotely potty trained, uggh.


            DH is officially unemployed after today. He has to go to the post office today to send some severance papers certified to get his severance. He has to send it specifically between today and the next few days. Depending on how quickly they process it he'll have his severace on th 18th or Feb. 2. Hoping its the 18th because we need to start getting things for P!


            It was a productive weekend before I started getting sick. We ended up cancelling dinner with my parents on Saturday and A and I met my friend at a restaurant instead of at our house because DH was still sick (he's getting slightly better). I cleaned the shower and went to Kohl's to use my gift card, the two things I really wanted to get done this weekend. I'd like to get something else done this weekend but that will depend on how we all feel.


            So I doubt we'll really do anything tonight, thats kind of a bummer, but OK I suppose. We're pretty busy the next few weekends, so its nice to stay home. I just hope I can get over whatever I have quick so I don't have to use sick leave!

            Laura G in Idaho

              Happy New Year!


              PGR:  23 weeks 3 days.  Feeling awesome most of the time.  Clothing is the bane of my existence.  We moved about a year ago, and I lost ALL of my maternity clothes.  It took several pregnancies, many years, to collect some of the very nice stuff I had.  I checked every box in my home.  The mystery box has disappeared.  So, I put the word out on FB that I needed maternity clothes, and thankfully some stuff has come my way from friends who are done having kids.  I still don't have a comfortable and workable wardrobe yet.  This likely isn't my last baby, so it's worth it to me to buy some new things this pregnancy, but there really isn't a whole lot of money for clothing right now.


              RR:  Did www.thehotchocolaterun.net on Saturday.  I think their course was short, not a full 5k.  Either that, or I suddenly got a burst of pre-pregnant energy!  My official chip time was 32:18.  I love my new mug I got to keep from the race!  The race was good, although the first mile or so was super congested because the path was so narrow (and walkers weren't divided from runners).  I regret volunteering to help at race bib pick up.  It involved 2.5 hours standing in 18 F temp on cement, basically immobile.  I was well dressed for the temperature, so my muscles weren't as locked up as they could have been, but all that standing caused a lot of contractions.  By the time I finished the volunteering, the race, and came home, fed and watered livestock (cattle and chickens), and washed and folded several loads of laundry, I was thoroughly exhausted and spent the rest of the day in bed, drinking water, eating, and having contractions.  Baby was okay... I felt plenty of movement.  I had to get up for the bathroom every 30 minutes or so the rest of the day because I was drinking and feeling so much pressure from contractions.  By about 9:30 PM, I started to feel normal again.  The pressure, tightness, achiness in my pelvis, and contractions left, and I was feeling like my normal self again.


              Today I have a 4 mile run planned.  I'm excited for the run, feeling energetic.  Ah, but my 20 month old son woke up just before I was ready to go, and none of the older kids are up to babysit.  So, I decided to get on here and log first, while I wait for N to finish eating a cheese stick, canned peaches, and a sippy cup of milk.  Maybe when I'm finished with that some of the older kids will be up so I won't have to take N on my run.  Or maybe I'll just wake them up so I can go!  It's 15 F this morning, with snow and ice on the ground.  I don't want to freeze my little guy!


              ER:  I wrote a training plan for a sprint triathlon on April 5th and 6th.  I'll be 37 weeks by then, so I'm curious to see whether I am still feeling so ambitious by the time I get to that point.


              NPGR:  I'm reading the latest edition of Exercising Through Your Pregnancy by Clapp.  It has been very eye opening and interesting for me.  I like the manner which the information is presented to the reader.  The author doesn't talk down to the reader, just because she is likely a woman who is pregnant (as I feel so many in the medical profession do sometimes).  Information is presented clearly, and studies are cited.  I like research-based advice for pregnancy.  What have I learned so far?  Basically, now that I've kept up with my exercise through the first trimester and well into my 2nd trimester, I better keep it up, or plan to go overdue and have a fatter baby.  See what I got myself into?  Ha ha!


              My husband took me to see Les Miserables on Friday night.  I read the book, the unabridged version, several years ago, and have never seen any productions of Les Mis prior to Friday.  I found it to be very accurate to the book.  The medium of music invoked a lot more feeling than if all the lines were spoken.  I was able to recall all the intensity of feeling I had from reading the book while watching the movie.  Of course, they had to exclude some of the most beautiful descriptive passages I've ever read in my life for the sake of time in a movie, but I highly recommend the movie, AND the book.  The book is a treasure, second only to the scriptures, and side by side to some of the other great classics.  It's 1462 pages, they are only pages...  Smile


                Geez, sorry so long winded in my post!


                yjpm: Sorry about the sleep and acid reflux issues. My back's been sore too in the mornings even though my bed is usually nice and comfy and supportive. Yay for full term!


                ozzy: Glad you get so much time off! I'm noticing more squirms too where I can actually feel the appendage. I try not to look though, lol. I swam a lot when I was pregnant with A and ended up wearing a two-piece tankini the whole time. It grew with me! I felt silly every time I swam too, but it got the job done!


                MA: Jealous you can still run 6 miles! Thats great! I'm glad you've gotten your registry started. Have fun tonight!


                  laura: Bummer that you lost your maternity clothes! I'm super impressed with your running and race plans for later in pregnancy! Hope you can get a run in this morning.


                  I just got on FB and canadajazz's husband posted that she's been in labor since 3 a.m.! Yay for a new years baby!


                    MA - Still awed by your runs at 28 weeks, excellent! I'm the same as you with certain foods in the house - if it's here I'll eat it but...struggle to just throw it out, doh! (in good news the only place I can locate chocolate in my house at the moment is in the banana walnut choc chip bread i made...once that's gone, well i hope to resist the urge to stock up Smile )  Have fun at your brothers place seeing in the NY.


                    Monk - Bummer on not feeling so great - add in some probiotics and garlic to your diet, see if that helps the immune system a little (at the least the garlic will keep germ carriers away in the future!), get some rest. I hope things work out ok with DHs severance package; man we are lucky up here in Canada, I cannot imagine having just 6-8 weeks mat leave, yet everyone seems to do it in the US and make it work.


                    LauraG - you are one busy lady! Nice job on the mug-scoring run; I would love to have cattle and chickens, though I think only chickens are in our future with our backyardSmile  I would love to have continued tris while pregnant but as time has gone on I'm glad I didn't - of everything getting kicked in the belly in the swim worries me the most, however if it is a pool swim you are signed up for it should be okay? Oh man i hope I can get in one sprint or longer tri in 2013, I enjoy setting out training plans too. I have Clapp's book at my bedside which I've referred to a few times with questions - the biggest one for me was as for you...ooops, got to 27 weeks averaging 8-9hrs exercise a week, better try and keep it up or end up birthing a mini-elephant! Ha. That information does provide incentive to keep moving though. I'm only hearing good things about le Mis - thanks for the recommendations.


                      I was MIA last week.  Fri I had a long post typed, got sided tracked at work and closed the window before I posted.Angry


                      PG: 22w.  Had dr appt on Fri everything is on track and I love hearing LOs heartbeat. But the dr didnt seem too pleased I was still running.  The MW was supportive of running. I even explained that I run HM regularly prePG and I've slowed the pace and distance way down. He didnt tell me to stop but suggest I get a support band and consider switching to the stationary bike or swimming.  I thought DH was going to side with the dr and tell me to stop running but he was actually supportive of me continue as long as I feel good.  He knows how much I love running.


                      RR: I lost some motivation last week.  Nothing Wed/Thus then friday I attempted a 3 mi run but was physically uncomfortable and I think I let the dr get in my head so I wasnt feeling it mentally either.  I quit after 1 mi.  Later that night I order the Gabriela medium support band.  I order the large I hope its the right size.  That seems to be the go to band for runners.  I did manage to get a bootcamp class and some weights in at the gym over the weekend.  The gym closes early today and its dead in the office so I might take an extend lunch break to try squeeze in some cardio.


                      NPGR: Wow 2012 went by fast!  Cant wait to meet my little guy in 2013. Tonight we're ordering pizza and having a Breaking Bad marathon. I doubt that I'll last to midnight...lol.  Now that I got netflix we're catching up on TV series that we've missed.  Next Mad Men. 


                      You: have your own chocolate celebration!  My chocolate fondue with an assortment of goodies!


                      Ozzy: Rock that bikini!!! I also think of that scene in Alien and I'm only 22 so the movement is still light and faint but LO moves a ton a night.


                      MA: Great job on the 6 mile run! I'm starting to stress too about the registry and everything we need.  I took to DH to buy buy baby over the weekend and reality hit.  May will be here in now time.


                      Monk: Sorry about DH hope something comes his was asap.  Hope you're not coming down with a cold


                      Laura: wow a tri at 37wk!  I'm kinda regretting a signed up for a HM at 32 weeks.  My goal is to walk it under the 4hr time limit (18min pace but I also have to factor in pee breaks).  I registered my mom (a nonrunner) without even asking her so I'd have someone to keep me company.  Luckily she was onboard when I told her.  It was my very first HM back in 2009 so it has a special meaning to me.


                      QOTD: What stroller is everyone planning to use?


                        Ozzy: I love the creepy movements! lol. I'm starting to feel actual arms and legs when I rub my belly - now that's creepy Smile Thanks for the book recos. I just finished Caitlin Moran's latest - fun articles she's written for The Times over the years.  OH, and you are probably rocking that bikini!


                        MA: No worries about the diabetes test. The worst part, besides the drink, is the sitting and waiting until they can take blood. I am a chocoholic/sugar fanatic, and I passed with flying colours. Hope the sidewalks clear soon for your runs!


                        monk: Oh no, I hope you feel better really soon!


                        Laura G: What a mystery about your preggo clothes! Nice that people have stepped in to help. While the clothing can be expensive, I've been exercising in Lululemon gear, mainly because it goes right back to shape for when I'm not preggo.  How many LOs do you have?


                        Mannluna: Did the doctor offer any reason why he was unpleased by your running? If it's just a general 'oh dear,' then I think you're on the right track. You'll know if and when you should stop, and the doc should be able to give you specific reasons other than outdated concerns. Good idea to get the gabrialla - I've heard great things about it. As for a stroller, I opted to get an Uppababy, and then look to craigslist or kijiji for a gently used BOB after everyone is done with their new years resolutions and it's safe to run with a baby.. Smile The best time to get fitness equipment used and on the cheap is mid-February/March!  Smile

                        Laura G in Idaho

                          Monk, Ozzy, and Mann... thanks for the encouragement.  I may choose not to sign up for the tri, depending on how I feel, but for now, it's on the calendar, and that is helping me to keep going.


                          RR:  I finished my 4 mile run this morning!  Yay!  And my 9 yr old daughter ran 3.4 miles of it with me.  I was impressed.


                          MA:  6 miles, way to go!


                          Monk:  I find it's easiest to potty train in the summer, when you can get away with a long shirt or just a dress, without undies, for the child.  So much easier because there's no hiding the evidence!  A week or so with no undies, and the child is already pretty reliable.  After 2 weeks, solidly trained.  Having 2 in diapers isn't terrible, though.  I've done it many times and survived.  Hope your DH can find work soon.


                          Ozzy:  I think I birthed a mini-elephant last time.  9 lbs 1 oz, and I was 10 days past my LMP due date, just 1 day past my own calculation with my ovulation date, however.  This time around my LMP and ovulation due dates are only one day apart.  Let's hope I don't go 10 days over either one of the dates!


                          Mann:  I have a chariot cruiser that can go from bike trailer to jogger easily.  I love/hate it.  I love how easy to use it is, but hate all the fuss getting a baby ready to go for a run or bike ride.  Also, just running with a stroller at all, I have to be careful not to over strain my upper back and shoulders from bad posture.  I got the stroller designed for 2 kids, and I'm glad I did.  Even when just taking one kid, I have extra space to put stuff.  Once I used it as a bike trailer and put baby in it, then bought 50 lbs chicken feed, a chicken water fount, and a chicken feeder, and was able to put it all inside the stroller, or dangling by the handlebar.  That was a fun trip!

                          Laura G in Idaho

                            YouJust:  I am pregnant with my 11th baby!  Yes, it is a mystery that my clothes disappeared.  I have managed to get enough stuff to workout comfortably, but everyday clothing is really difficult.  Nothing I have fits perfect and feels great, except one pair of yoga pants.


                            Mann:  I missed your comments about your doc the first time I read your post.  Hand him/her a copy of Exercising Through Your Pregnancy by Clapp.  If your OB reads that and still has unreasonable "concerns" then switch to a different OB.  Remember, you are the one hiring them, and you can fire them anytime.  Opinions differ amongst OBs as much as any other group of people, and many OBs don't have the time to read up on the latest research, so they are just touting what they were taught in medical school.  A support band will feel nice as you grow.