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    ER - SRD..last night I noticed a random pain under my kneecap (patellofemoral syndrome?) when going up/down stairs.  Took ibuprofen and it seems to be OK today, but I'll rest to make sure.


    TR - was very demanding that I sit down to play with him.  He'd grab my hand, drag me to the toys and yell "SIT. DOWN!"  Working to try to get him to be a bit more polite about it.


    FR - minestrone.


    NRR - DH is still being a dick.

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      RR: coaching session. no idea what we are doing. best not to ask sometimes.


      RR2: was surprisingly sore after my tempo run on Saturday. completely underestimated how much effort it required. I thought I would just be able to breeze out a nice 12m LR yesterday. No chance. I just had to rest up.


      NRR: trying to avoid xmas. miserable I know. maybe will get some cards for MIL (who has shingles - she gets them a lot with her Lupus) and other ILs. Then, when chores are done, lots of time in the playground!


      NRR2: need to grocery shop but the boat with all the food on doesn't get here til this afternoon. They have only one boat that comes per week and they use a slower boat in winter. Great. I have my list ready.


      BR: DS points at everything now. and says "TTssss". Has a thing about birds this week. Especially cockerels.


      FR: made a yummy turkey and black bean mexican chili with homemade corn-bread topping. DS ate it by the handful DH also had loads of the shepherds pie - apparently that was a hit for our nearly 15mo. Leftovers today. Super easy.

      5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


        zorbs - Sorry DH is being nasty...what's up with him?  LOL on B...kids aren't so polite about what they want.  DH sat down to play with J yesterday afternoon and J slapped him across of the face...I couldn't help but laugh.


        Bermy - Why are you trying to avoid Christmas?  Sorry MIL has shingles.  I hope you have a good coaching session and get your groceries.  How many people live on the island.


        RR - Did 9 yesterday and will do 5 today.


        TR - Is a real PITA to take shopping.  I had him in the stroller going through Kohl's and he tried grabbing everything off the racks and shelves...ugh.  It was very hard to try shopping with him yesterday.  I did get $30+ of stuff though for only $6....so it was worth the trip.


        NRR - Had a great time at DH's Christmas party and for our first night away from J.  He did great for his aunt.  He loved playing with her.  DH is gone Tuesday and Wed this week...which is nice that it is only 2 days instead of 4.  Next week he is gone 4 days again.  


        FR - Leftovers from last night.


          zorbs - Have you had this pain before?  Hope it feels better asap.


          bermy - (from Saturday) Yes I did find a bra.  I was guessing I was a 36C, turns out I am a 32/34 D. 


          RG - (from Sat) I am still BFing but I am the opposite, I feel like I always need to be wearing a bra.  I like to feel supported!


          RR:  Had a really great week of running but not so much the weekend.  I caught something from DH and went for a run Sunday and felt terrible.  I was overheating (yes overheating!) and felt like passing out.  Was aiming for 30 miles for the week but I got about 28.5 miles.  Hoping for 5 today, probably split between the TM and outside.


          BR:  Feeling much better after the weekend.  Poor little guy was really snotty all weekend but recovered quickly this time.


          NRR:  Almost the entire house is packed!  H and I fly out on Saturday and DH was start driving with the truck after he takes up the the airport.  Luckily we are going out to dinner tonight at some friends bevause our dish situation is pretty limited.


          We never got out date night in this weekend but had a really nice night at home on Friday.  DS was sick so he just wanted us both to cuddle him which was nice! 

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            RR:  Not too sure.  It will either be a rest day or 5 miles.  All depends on how the day shakes out.


            TR:  Had a great time with his all day playdate on Saturday.  They were super cute together.  I realized the bonus of 2 kids because then you have built in playmates and you are no longer the only source of entertainment!


            NRR:  I am off work today for a personal day.  We aren't  sure exactly what we are doing.  We need to get our tree and shop.  I also have two meetings tonight for work so we are on a bit of a time crunch.  I don't know how I feel getting the tree without J.  Its more for us than him, but I hate not including him.  However, my week is busy as usual and not sure when we will have the time to get it.


            FR:  Way too many christmas cookies this weekend!  They were SO good!


            J is squeaking....I'll be back for personals.

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              Hi There!


              rr.  SRD today, might do some core work or yoga tonight.  I did 7 yesterday, that brought me to a touch over 20 for the week.  Can't remember the last time that happened.


              nrr.  DH went out and chopped down our tree yesterday.  We got a permit from the Forest Service, usually we do BLM.  I think this is the best looking tree we've ever had.  It's very straight and tall!  Hope the dog doesn't destroy it today!


              tr.  Took the little fish swimming with me yesterday.  So much fun!  I think M is afraid of the Christmas Tree.  She didn't have any interest in helping us decorate and wanted to go outside the whole time.  She did start to look at the ornaments last night.  Has been such a picky eater lately - those stupid molars are driving all of us crazy!


              BBL for shouts, I hope!


                shelby - Sorry about DS being sick and no date night for you guys.  I am glad you had fun snuggling DS though.  I am also glad to hear that he is feeling better.  Are you feeling better?


                Mer - Enjoy your day off.  I would just get the tree.  I doubt J will care much about not being there for picking it out.  He will love to see it all lit up though.  I hope you guys get a lot of stuff done.  It sucks that you have to take a day off but still go in tonight for meetings boo.  You are always too busy.  Yum on the Christmas cookies...what kind? Sugar cookies?  I have been craving those.  


                Simon - Nice job on the mileage.  I saw you Christmas tree on FB...nice!!  Glad you got it up and decorated.  Does M have her molars in?  I looked in J's mouth yesterday because I knew he had one and then discovered that he has 3...2 bottom and 1 top...it is funny to see those big teeth in his little mouth.


                  zorbs - I hope the knee is better.  


                  bermy - Why the avoiding xmas?  Glad you are getting some good runs in.  I don't know what I would do if I couldn't just go when I wanted to shop.  


                  jen - Thats an awesome deal at Kohls!  We have a 30% off so we are going to take advantage of that.  We went the other week and used our Kohls Cash and a % off and got a good deal too!  Glad you had a great time away.  I was thinking about you over the weekend and a  little sad that we can't take your J for the day and do all the fun things we did and give you a day off.  


                  shelby - Sounds like physically you are ready to go.  How are you doing with it all.  Sorry about the sick little one, but I do love those baby cuddles!


                  simon - Interesting about the tree.  DH joked about cutting one down near his church, but obviously won't.  We will cut ours from a tree farm today. Those molars are the worst!  I hope they pop through soon!

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                    rr: got in 3 on friday and 4.5 on saturday. Either rest today or a short tm run. Plank: 1:37


                    rr2: going to the local ART chiro today.


                    nrr: oven is refusing to work. Not cool.


                    nrr2: haircut tonight!


                    br: says "hi"


                    tr: snow mania! They hated playing in the snow last year. Love it now. We built a few snowmen in the front yard.


                    tr2: decorating more cookies with my mom today.


                    fr: um something that doesn't use the oven...


                    zorbs: my knee killed a dew weeks ago on the side and underneath. Felt like a slow death going up and down stairs.


                    bemy: kind of laughed at the thought of your food coming in on a boat.


                    jen: so glad you had a great time at dh's party! Yah c does the same thing shopping. Sper annoying but at least he is not crying and screaming Smile think i am going to make the recipe you sent me since i can not use the oven,


                    shelby: how long will dh be out there with you?


                    mer: yes 2 kids means they have playmates but it also means you have 2 kids and sibling fighting...why not take j with you to get a tree? I used to hate cut out cookies but now love them!


                    simon: c will not go near the tree either. He walks about a foot up to it and turns around. Not a bad thing!

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                      Patty - Ash grabs us by the hand and yells 'Need you!' Not sure where it came from but it's adorable and annoying all in one.


                      bermy - I suck at tempos. I can never jeep the correct pace unless I'm on a treadmill.


                      Jen - I hear you on shopping with kids. I make DH go with us!


                      Shelby - hope the move goes smoothly!


                      Mer - yep! Two kids is like half the work sometimes!


                      simon - why would your dog destroy the tree?



                      RR: walk day. Probably 4-5 miles. Had 39 littoral last week.


                      BR/KR: ash has bad diaper rash. I hate that! Gem seems to be in a good mood. Hope she has a good day at school.


                      NRR: Finals week for school. Can't wait for Christmas break!

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                        mer - Have fun getting a tree!  Sorry J can't be with you but like you said, he probably doesn't mind.


                        simon - I love cutting down my own tree.  We used to do that when we lived in CO.  DH insisted on using an axe to chop it down though so it took a while... Smile


                        jen - I am feeling a little better.  I am not sure if it is a cold or flu or just AF coming.  I have had a terrible headache all weekend and I never get those.  I also have a pretty sore throat and feel kind of crummy, but that's it.


                        mrszm - DH will be there for his 2.5 week Christmas leave.  Sorry about your oven not working!

                        5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40




                          RR - 9.3 on Saturday, and hoping for 4ish after C has her morning nap..


                          BR - so, I was really surprised when C didn't require a night feeding for the first time ever.  She woke around 11:45pm, and DH was still awake.  He comes into the bedroom and tells me not to get up.... we want her to be able to soothe herself back to sleep without us having to rock/hold/pick her up all the time.  I heard DH go in and out of her room a few times, but I fell back asleep before she stopped crying so I don't know how long it took for her to get back to sleep.  She woke up this morning at 6:45 and DH got her back to sleep for another 45 minutes.   I thought, wow she only woke up once, and even though we sort of had to let her CIO, she didn't wake ME up eat.  Well, turns out she woke up around 2:30am, and DH was still up so he went to her instead of waking me.  I'm happy DH went to her instead of me having to do it, and I know C does NOT need a feeding to get through the night, but I still feel discouraged that's she's still constantly waking up and DH was really tired this morning and I'm wondering how he's going to get through the work day.

                          And even though I didn't have to get up in the middle of the night, I'm still tired from only getting 3 hours of sleep on Saturday night... boo...


                          NRR - still hating that my house is in a constant state of disaster..


                          sorry for the fly by... will try to be back later...


                            Good morning!! RR: So sore from the race still. More sore than after my last FM. I ran 1 mile, yes 1 mile yesterday to keep up with the streak. I'm surprised I actually broke a sweat. Not sure what to do today. BR: has a check up with the cardiologist. Fingers crossed all is good NRR: family photos today. Not sure what to wear FR: didn't get to the store this weekend so maybe take out Chinese

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                            running eh

                              Zorbs - hope the knee pain doesn't come back!  I am laughing at B making you play with him.  I know with my kids, sometimes they need to be bossy, otherwise I get too "busy" with my stuff.


                              Bermy - hope the coaching session goes well.  I can't imagine having to shop that way.  It is kind of sad that when I go grocery shopping, the store is so huge and full of so many things, and I still can't find what I want.  Funny about Christmas.  I feel that things are so busy - we need to fit in all the shopping, decorating, Christmas parties and get togethers it's hard t slow down to enjoy the season.


                              mjen - $30 for $6, that is pretty good, are you an extreme couponer?  did you get to sleep in during DS's night away?


                              shelby - yay on being all packed up, at least that is done!  are you feeling better today?  I have been sick and haven't even tried running, good for you  to get out there anyway.  Cuddles are about the only thing good about baby being sick.  How is he today?


                              mer- enjoy your personal day, I hope you get a lot done.  How many personal days do you get in a year?  MMM, Christmas cookies, I have been eating WAY too much junk lately too...


                              simon - great job on the mileage.  Fun about cuttin down your own tree.  So, you just go into the woods and hack one down?  We have done Christmas tree farms, but never just a random woods


                                Zorbs: I hope rest helps your knee. What's up with DH? Bermy: So cool you have a coach. Do you work with your coach everyday? so interesting you have to wait to shop till the boat comes. Makes me realize how lucky we are to have the option to get groceries anytime. Jen: that's great DH isn't gone all week! I dont know how you do it! Shelby: so happy to hear DS is feeling better. When is your move date? Getting excited? Mer: a personal day sounds awesome! Enjoy!! Simone: how cool you got to cut your own tree! We used to have a place do to that now we just get the tree at Home Depot MrsZ: have fun cookie decorating! I hope your oven fixes itself!! Smile Jen:

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