Womens Running




    Its been raining for the 4 days here.... I miss the sun!


      RR: I am thinking a small 3 miles or no running.... lifting and spin at the gym.. not sure... I have done double work outs since Monday.


      NRR:  M is doing great. She is starting to like the child care at the gym. Its been a hard process for the both of us. I just started noticing how tense and anxious I get with dropping her off. I know she picks up on that, so I have been trying to keep calm.  Lots of other stuff is going on. A big company wants DH to work for them, but it would require us moving to CA. Its doable, the last real item is salary. East coast is not as expensive so a complete lateral move in salary is a little tough. It will take me a little while to find a job,.... anyhows, I would love to move. I think it would be great, but its a lot and very scary.


      Anywhos.... FB --- long story, just finally got my original account back.  Its linked to my email etc so that is why the change. The other account is go away. Sorry for all the flippin' confusion and stuff with it...could someone add me back into the group on FB?


      Have a great day! Hope all is well with everyone.


        RR: Just got back from 2 outside. Since I'm finally getting more consistent, so are the shin splints! I'm working on stretching and strengthening and such, when I remember.


        NRR: So yeah I know I said P waking up at 4 is good for working out, but that doesn't mean I want him to do it every day! He's been up between 4 and 4:30 all this week. At least he's slept through the night, so I end up with the same amount of sleep. Last night getting the kids home, fed and to bed without DH wasn't as bad as I expected it to be. I'm really looking forward to my long weekend... I've been wanting a mental health day every week since I went back to work... I definitely would be taking one if I didn't have the long weekend coming up. Anyway, I need to get moving to get ready for work. Have a great day divas!


          Happy Hump day!!!!


          RR: Counting down to next week to try a mile!


          NRR: I had some more energy yesterday, and actually got some laundry done after working a full day! Ha, the small things. Although, today I feel more tired, so I may have overdone it. I've been debating whether I'd be traveling for a friend's wedding for 2 months now, for this weekend. I've decided I'm going to go, but I'm nervous. I have to pack tonight, and I'm going by myself without DH. I still don't have a full voice, and my energy is lacking, so I'm just hoping it's not a bad decision... I just want to do something fun as I haven't in over 2 months now! At least I only have to work today and a few hours tomorrow then get a long weekend.


          GSD: I hope you get some sun soon! We need some rain down here! Wow, good luck with the moving decision. Hopefully they do make up for the cost in living with increase in salary.


          Monk: Glad P is sleeping through most of the night at least.


          RLTW: I hope you're feeling better and got your nice walk in!!!


          Meli: Try not to stress too much! Your wedding event will be fun, and it's not worth stressing about the little things. Everyone will have fun, and I'm excited! I still need to get a dress for that too!


            Good morning!

            RR- no. Planning on a walk and maybe light weights tomorrow. Maybe a short walk around town before we leave.


            NRR- spent the last few days with DBF in Gettysburg which has been fun despite the fact that our slight seeing days were both rainy and of course today when were leaving it's sunny! oh well.


            GSD- glad M and you are getting into a routine for the gym and child care there. Good luck with DHs job decisions!


            monk- great job on the 2 miles! That's great youre running again consistently. Glad putting both kids to bed wasn't as tough as expected!


              PO- thinking of you! I totally understand why you want to go this weekend. Just listen to your body. Have fun!


                GSD - you've been doing big workouts lately, make sure your body is getting rest too! I'll add you back to the FB group after personals. I hope that the job offer for DH works out for you guys.


                Monk - Shin splints always come when we start back up, right?! Keep stretching! Why is this a three day weekend - furlough day?


                PO - I hope you have fun this weekend. Travel can take a lot of energy so just rest when you can! Do you have to fly or drive?


                Jewel - Enjoy the last day in town and hope the travel back to NY goes well.


                I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



                  Monk: Congrats on the workout and getting through the night without DH. Milestone for sure.


                  PO:  How about we switch weather conditions? Smile  I hope the weekend plans workout.


                  OJ:  Glad the trip to Gettsbury was enjoyable.


                  Sassy: Thanks. Yeah, I think today I may just hang with M. I am not sore, but I think the day will get my body healed so I can see some fitness improvements.


                    As for me


                    RR: Did 6 miles with 4 at tempo. I kind of bonked and it's because I didn't heed my own advice and eat much before I started. I had a piece of toast and half a cup of coffee. Definitely not enough. My goal was 9:00 pace for the tempo miles and I averaged 9:10, so I guess that's not far off.  I've been just 5-10 seconds off my goal paces for my last two speed workouts so I'm not sure if I should readjust my goals or if that 5-10 seconds really matters. Thoughts?


                    NRR: Working etc. I had to come into the lab last night to finish an experiment. I didn't mind, but now I do NOT want to be here! Haha. I'm also a little tired from running so I'm having some trouble getting my head into work. It's ok, just need to make coffee and do something easy to get me started. G has been so funny lately - he's in a stage where he is trying to do things like put his own socks and shoes on. He just takes his sock and sets it on top of his foot and looks up proudly. Adorable. He also started walking around the dining room table after dinner and pushing all the chairs in. He's very meticulous about it -they have to be straight and the whole way in and he gets upset at his chair because with the booster seat he can't push it in all the way.


                    I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



                      Morning girls!


                      TriR 40 min ST w trainer and a three mile mega hot and sunny run. My face is soo red!


                      NtriR volunteering at hospital tonight. C and I booked hotel for Munich and Zurich. We are missing Madrid and a night in the mountains plus all the excursions. One thing at a time!


                      Wedding Related so I feel like my parents are doing all the planning without consulting us. Sister told me they already had chosen dinner menu and it would be nice If I could have at least seen it or given my opinion. My mom ended up getting all pissy last night because I told her that I don't feel they are asking us for our opinion just doing their own thing. Same thing with the ceremony. I had told her that we wanted a reading in English and the other in Spanish. She told me that the priest already chose the readings. I would have liked to have requested one at least... And he's only doing the psalms in English. Not cool. Sorry about the Vent....



                        GSD wow California would be pretty cool! Good luck with the decision process. How did you get a referral for G and Accupunture? I want to try it n our pup.


                        Jewel so glad you had a great race. How are you feeling?


                        Lizo we were also planning on leaving a day after the wedding but my damiy is doing a big brunch post weddiNg. Yay for M moving in! Have you done your last dress fitting?


                        sassy that's adorable about G pushing the chairs!!


                        PO yay go the weddibg this weekend! Where is it?? So excited to see you soon!!


                        Monk great job on your run!


                        Lucy was RPI the original school where your job offer was? Im lost!


                          Good morning!


                          RR - Decided that I am going to not look at the weather forecast until Saturday... not much point in worrying about it. Just going to run at the hottest times of the day to try and get acclimated, and drink as much water as possible! Planning on a 4 mi tempo run this afternoon.

                          NRR - Finally got all my month end stuff done yesterday, it was more of a mess than usual this month so I'm glad it's over with. Going to spend today sort of catching up and getting organized for the new month... I can't believe it's May already! Hanging out with DBF after work today - not sure what we are going to do, maybe go to the beach and grab dinner or something? Will be nice to have a relaxing evening with him!

                          Be back in a bit for personals Smile

                          MA runner girl

                            Hi ladies!


                            rr: ran 2 miles yesterday by myself! I added a half mile w/u and c/d for 3 miles total. I feel great! My pace was about a minute slower than prepreg, not too bad. Planning on a walk with C in the bob today


                            nrr: planning on a quiet day at home today. C and I both need it! Yesterday i made a real dinner for the first time since c was born, ummm it's so hard to get anything done with a fussy newborn! He doesn't nap much, so by dinner time he is a mess. I'm hoping tat today will go better since we are home. He's all smiles right now Smile

                            PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


                              MA - the afternoons/evenings are hardest when they are little. 4-6 PM were always tough - never knew what he needed but I think it's tough for them to transition from day to night.


                              I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



                                guess what ladies?? I bet you can....


                                Yup, we woke up to flying snow here this morning! are you kidding me??? So anyway, it's not snowing now, but M's drive to worthington for work was dicey. He made it safe. It hasn't snowed in 40 years here on the first of May. boo that!


                                RR: so I woke up, heard the rain - which turned to snow - and flipped over and went back to bed. So tonight.... something...


                                NRR: work day. hope no one calls me and stresses me out. We have our yearly sculpture walk installation happening this weekend, and I'm volunteering tonight to stuff artist's packets. Hope it doesn't take too long. Otherwise, that's really it. M is back tonight, probably with a load more stuff. He's been bringing stuff from worthington all week and we find a spot for it all. I need to get shopping for different storage options...


                                work is going to be stressful the next few days as I try to figure out my bid on the project I'm working on...

                                back soon for personals!