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    zorbs- cute shoes. I wore payless shoes to my own wedding Smile Actually my favorite pair of flats are from payless- they are covered in champagne colored glitter. Ugh R went through like 4 outfits the other day, just from being a filthy little piggy boy- I swear that small person has tripled the amount of laundry I have to do.  BTW I broke down and ordered that RunningSkirts Blue Pixel skirt- with the credit I had I only paid $17.98 including shipping, I couldn't NOT buy it at that price. The matching arm sleeves were sold out though. YAY! Glad my marmalade tip panned out.


    Ernie- have fun with intervals!


    cx2- They want to be where the party is at! Reid must be able to read my mind because every night he announces he is hungry right when I start thinking its time to put him to bed.


    mer- DH second guesses my parenting and it drives me crazy. He insists I cut R's food into tiny bites, and (I think) expects too much sitting still from a 22 mo old.


    Stroller- I think crops would be ok, as long as you plan your tops right. I just looked at Lulu yesterday and saw the cutest gray inspire crops, but they were sold out in my size Sad


    mzm- Sorry your fix was a bust! I was disappointed in mine, but then again I was worried from the get-go because I'm picky. I really like my Guess jeans, maybe you could order a bunch of different styles and return what you don't like? I can tell you what I don't eat before a race or long run, and that is Mexican food.  How about chicken stirfry and rice?


    Jen- R is waking up between 5-5:30 too, every day. Sucks bad! I need to line his other window with tinfoil and see if that helps, I only did the one without the airconditioning unit. Good luck with your errands list today!


    CA- I usually do a 2 mile shakeout run- I limit myself to run to the airport and back, usually I'm so jittery that I run 10 min miles LOL. Usually when R freaks like that its because he's stuck in the crib slats.


    Bermy- glad you have cooking to distract you? What time is dinner, I'll be right over Wink   Good luck tomorrow, you are gonna rock this- the marathon will be a piece of cake after all those 20 m stroller runs! Jealous of your shower.

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      bermy - I am with CA on that one.  Totally sounds like a destination marathon.  Yummy menu!  I am looking at flights now....jk Smile

      5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


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        Bermy- re yesterday- Did you see that the Project Runway machine does a stitch that looks like an alligator!? AHH! I would be all over that, so cute!

        2 Mile: 17: 11   5k PR: 27:45    5 Mile: 44:11    10K: 59:01    Half: 2:15:59     Marathon: 5:50:07




          spike - I bought that machine - the brother project runway


          you're all welcome for dinner!

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            Bermy- YAY! When I get my sewing room set back up, I kinda want to make these http://www.homemadetoast.com/2012/12/toms-inspired-baby-and-toddler-shoes.html

            2 Mile: 17: 11   5k PR: 27:45    5 Mile: 44:11    10K: 59:01    Half: 2:15:59     Marathon: 5:50:07




              Spike - Have a good long run! Boo to the bad service and so-so pho. I LOVE pho, so that would be terribly disappointing. Ha, I wore Payless flip flops at my wedding!


              CA - I usually do an easy 5k run two days before a race and then rest the day before.  Hope the race expo has some good stuff!


              Bermy - I should find myself an Ernie2 just so I can take an uninterrupted shower! S always tries to climb in with me (and sometimes succeeds. Your dinner sounds sooo yummy. I am on my way! Oh wait, even if I started driving now, I probably wouldn't make it there until breakfast.


              Jen - Great job getting 12 in this morning. I hope you can get the stuff on your list done - and take some time to relax!


              Rg - Enjoy your easy run and core workout. Wow, taper time already? Lol on R bringing his ball to bed with him. So cute. My sister has two girls - one is 22 months and one is one week old.


              cx2 - Ha ha, cute on C shaking her head to every question. I think babies just don't want to miss anything. And they don't know what's best for them! Ew, you are having a brutal week of long meetings. Hopefully the meetings are done for awhile now?


              Mer - That wake up before the alarm thing always happens to me, too. It's annoying! I usually just get out of bed early now to avoid that horribly tired feeling. Love the crazy pg dreams! I often eat more than my DH and I have no excuse!


              Stroller - It was 34F for my 10k last Sunday and I wore shorts, short sleeves and arm warmers. Chilly at the start, but great once I got going. However, I think you would be fine in crops, even if it got up to 60 (although you'll probably be long done the race once it warms up that much). What you wear on top seems to be more important to whether you're a good temperature than what you wear on the bottom. Also, in this case, I would err on the side of dressing more warmly since you want to take it easy on the speed for this one!


              Mrszm - Good luck on your relay tomorrow - sounds fun, but not starting until 3:30 is kind of brutal. Boooo to the coffee not sitting well. I can't believe you haven't been able to drink coffee this whole time, you poor thing! I always eat pasta the night before a race. Since I always do it, the idea of grilling the night before would freak me out because I would think it was going to bring me bad luck to eat something different.

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                spike: LOVE my guess jeans! been wearing them all week so they're pretty stretchy today. however, they don't make this style (premium daredevil skinny leg) any more. just my luck of course. there's a guess outlet about 2 hours away that i'm tempted to just drive to, but now that it's going to be shorts weather soon, i'll probably just wait until fall again.


                  Cx2- ugh, it's so frustrating when they fight sleep! i used to tell R, this is the only time in your life when it's ok to fall asleep anytime and sleep for as long as you want. i'd love to be able to take a nap every day!!! cute about C shaking her head. blech on the meetings- i don't think i could stay awake, lol! There are a ton of parks in my area, 3 w/in walking distance. We have 2 favorites, though we like to switch it up!


                  Mer- glad you were able to get out for your run yesterday! R's always better when it's just me, or just DH. it seems like when both of us are together, he has to put on a show. hope you can get some good rest this weekend!!! Yay for mat clothes, and feeling comfy today. And eat up, that baby's growing!


                  strollermama- good luck this weekend!  yeah, i found with R that later bedtimes definitely do not mean later sleep ins the next day. if anything he wakes earlier than normal. for those temps, i'd be in a tank, shorts, a throwaway long sleeve shirt, and a pair of gloves that i don't mind tossing. but i like to be cold at the start. Taper isn't too bad- until the last 10 days or so, then i feel like i'm going stir crazy!


                  mrszm- wow, that relay sounds like fun!!! bummer on such a late start time though. hope you enjoy it!!! bummer on the relay schedule conflict, maybe another one? lol pajama jeans- i loved that commercial! ugh on the coffee, i'd not function if i didn't have my coffee!!! i usually go w/ pasta the night before a race.


                  zorbs- i stick w/ light ST and core during taper. i phase it down/out so that race week i'm only doing one short core workout, usually on Tuesday. i'll do heavier ST when i'm base-building/before i start a 16- week program. then it's just maintenance. and i'm with you- i feel like a fatty if i eat more than DH. in my mind, i should NEVER EVER eat more than him!


                  Jen- your mileage is still really really good!!! i;m impressed that you're still running 12 for a LR, that's fantastic! bummer on missing the run yesterday. hope you're able to fit everything in today, sounds like alot planned.


                  CA- good luck this weekend. i don't usually do strides, but i'll do a "dress rehearsal" run during race week. If it's a marathon, I'll run 5 miles, with 2 at goal pace, usually on weds if it's a Sunday race. have fun at the expo!


                  Bermy- lol on your shakeout run!!! you're going ot have such a great race this weekend, i'm beyond excited for you!!! post the recipe for the oat berry crumble when you have time, that sounds delicious!!! i'm jealous of all the supermoms getting to stay at hotel bermy, i'm sure you're a fabulous hostess!!! have fun tnhis weekend!!! Who's jungleGirl?! ah, an uninterrupted shower is the best!!!


                  Spike- hope the LR goes well today! that's so cute that R recognizes the movie scenes. My R is obsessed w/ the cow in the chik filet commercial. it comes on between martha speaks and curious george in the mornings on PBS. he'll run over to the TV, stand there and point at the cow, then turn around and moo and clap. wow, that restaurant sounds awful! have fun at the faire tomorrow!

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                    stroller - If you are comfy in capris, then go for it.  I would just wear a LS on top of a SS so you  can shed if necessary.


                    mrszm - I would definitely go with pasta tonight and some protien as well.  When I did the local half that runs at night, I ate a normal breakfast, a little bigger lunch than usual and a snack before the race.  Seemed silly to carb up when I was running so late.  Just make sure you have good snacks that won't upset your tummy.  I am a big fan of granola bars about an hour or half hour before I run.  The place we were at has great wraps. (And they don't have fruit flies in their water anymore!)  I think DH ignores too, but there is something about us both being there that lowers our tolerance.


                    zorbs - I feel the same way about eating with DH.  He did have a bowl of soup that I didn't have...I am also pretty sure he snacked when he got home.  Oh, and he didn't run 4 miles or carry a baby!  (Or maybe now I am just trying to justify the gorging I did!)


                    jen - Great job on the 12 miles...and so early!  I hope you got a lot of stuff done today.


                    cx2 - J used to be a yes man.  He said yes to EVERYTHING.  Now it is no...as DH and I said last night...its just another phase...


                    CAR - My prebaby 5K PR was at a race that I did warm up miles for.  Other than that I don't normally run before a race.


                    bermy - You are an amazing hostess!  I am jealous about meeting BeckyKay!  Enjoy every aspect of your weekend...from the food, to the company, and of course each step of the 26.2!  I can't wait to read your Race Report!


                    spike - You have a ton of Disney movies!  I am jealous!  We are just starting to build our collection.  Too many of ours are VHS and we don't have a working player.  Glad you can run tonight.  What a way to spend a Friday night!  (I mean that, too!)  Have a blast tomorrow!  I repeatedly tell DH, "He's two."  That should explain it all!

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                      jen - I hope you get lots done today, including relaxing.


                      mrszm - pretty much all my co-workers are into strength and not endurance athletes at all, preach low carb type diets to their clients.  Well, let your friend be a carnivore and see how well he does during the race.


                      CA - my 2nd last run has some MP in it, and if I'm doing a race with a warm up, I'll do some strides at race pace during the warm up.


                      spike - I've had really good luck with comfy evening sandals from payless.


                      bermy - wow, what a spread for the hotel guests.  How many 2 milers did you do? I only do 1..I'd rather rest.

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                        Zorbs: yup there is no way I am eating a burger tonight. But this same friend has also only ran up to 3 miles and has to run 12.5 tomorrow...


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                          Mer- I actually only own Cars, Cars 2, Nemo, and Ice Age (on the amazon cloud as digital copies), anything else R watches is on Netflix or Amazon Prime on Demand. He will be sad when they take off Rescuers Down Under. He really liked Alpha and Omega but that one is gone from Netflix now.

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                            zorbs- I'm eating fairly low carb on my GF diet and so far no bonking. I need a mix of protein and carbs- if I just do oatmeal or something I'm starving an hour later.

                            2 Mile: 17: 11   5k PR: 27:45    5 Mile: 44:11    10K: 59:01    Half: 2:15:59     Marathon: 5:50:07




                              Zorbs – I like the shoes you posted! Very glam and sexy! Enjoy the sleep in the day. Ha ha on B’s name. I have all this to come. It was just 2m – that was it this morning. I barely started to sweat and turned around. I would cook for you like that too.


                              Ernie – those intervals sound awesome. Hope they go well for you. Your S is so much fun. I think she is incredibly entertaining.


                              Rg – my DS has a scooter that he can ride himself and we are about to get him a balance bike I think. Jungle girl is Nashville supermom’s RWOL name I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your support for my marathon training esp in my moments of self doubt. You have always ben so positive for me and you really ‘big’ me up when I need it. Hugs x


                              Cx2 – my DS is right there with your DD on sleep. Hope you weren’t too lost it the meeting to do your job well. At least you are learning new things?


                              Mer – interesting pg dream – wonder what that means? Well done for getting in 5m after work. You really are am amazing preggo runner.


                              Stroller – my taper went from 55mpw to the following: – week 3 42- week 2 -  30 week 1 -15 plus the marathon the next day. Now I have written that out I actually feel like I have done some running recently… race is tomorrow. And yes, I have my feet up.


                              Mrszm – sorry you lost your whole post. Does boyfriend stealer know she stole your boyfriend? Killing myself laughing about pajama jeans. How useless. I have made bermy pre-race pasta – meatballs, homemade sauce and ww spag. It’s all done and I am sat on my behind resting.


                              Jen –very annoying that you didn’t get your run in – very annoying but how amazing on your 12 today??!!! Hope you can get all your chores in. Sounds like a nice day though.


                              CA – my DS always wakes up with big hand prints on his forehead or other mark from sleeping oddly. No idea on what to tell you before racing. I am new to racing.


                              Spike – Not cool on rubbish service at restaurant. I am so excited for you at the vintage fair! DS cried when I was in shower but bermy2 was right on it and soothed him. She is really good at that. OMG those shoes are too adorable. Now what can I make with alligator slippers?

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                                Bermy - First, I wanted to say have an awesome race tomorrow!!!  I am sure you will rock it!  I know you asked yesterday about my training.  My issues with training in the past were that I was more concerned with losing and maintain a low weight that I didn't fuel my body properly.  So I was eating 1600 cals but running 70-80 mpw.  I ended up developing osteoporosis because of it.  Next time I will keep the mileage a bit lower and try to balance my calories better.  I have less willpower in my old age anywaySmile