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What it's Wednesday Preggos! (Read 282 times)




      38 weeks and 5 days!


      PGR: I am up early again, but at least slept pretty solid for about 6 hours.  My sternum is really hurting me this morning like I pulled a muscle, odd. The reason they are considering induction is that I am measuring a bit small as of last week so depending on ultrasound, they said they might want to get things moving a bit more.  Baby is moving fine, but they wanted to throw that out there just in case.


      RR: Once it's light outside a 4 miler if I have the energy.  Feeling pretty worn down this week. 


      NPGR: Trying to get house ready to sell, cleaning house and I want to bake some cookies for the hospital nurses if I get a chance.

      MA runner girl

        Teri - Hmm interesting that they would induce if you are small... I'd think that just meant he's not done cooking. But what do I know! Sorry that you can't sleep! I'm not looking forward to that stage...


        RR: Well I had every intention of running last night, but the best laid plans...


        PGR: 26w3d. I got home last night and suddenly it was 2 hours later and I was waking up in my bed, in my work clothes still! I guess I was tired and needed some extra sleep! I feel much more rested this morning so that's good. I woke up STARVING last night, and then ate too much, too fast and was SO unconfortable, yuck! Need to eat small, frequent meals instead.


        NPGR: After work I'm heading to the chiro and then to finish xmas shopping. Hoping to get it all done tonight. DH told me he spoiled me, I hate when he does that, he likes to tease me because I'm so curious. But now I feel bad because I don't have too many ideas for him! So I'll be brainstorming today...

        PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


          Teri- I was wondering why they were considering induction. When is the u/s? Do you want them to induce, just to get LO out, or are you fine with waiting? Hope you have a good run...or not if you are tired. Go easy on yourself!


          MA - I also need to make a resolution to eat smaller, more frequent meals! Glad you got some sleep last night, even if unplanned. I have been feeling really tired after work.


          RR - bootcamp + run to/from bootcamp today. Lots of leg stuff in today's workout...felt hard with the extra "resistance" (i.e. weight). I am planning to go to a prenatal yoga class tonight, too. Don't really like evening workouts, but am trying to force myself to do some yoga and this is when the class is. Does anyone have a good prenatal yoga video? Might prefer to do yoga at home...if I can motivate.


          PGR - 25wks4days. Having trouble finding a comfortable position sitting at my desk at work. My upper back hurts. Not sure if it is pgr related or just bad chair. Going to try to switch out the chair today.


          NPGR - not too much!


          Have a good day, all.


            Tiny: yikes, I measure behind, but I would think they would want to leave him in there to get big enough for the world! I have an appoint the day after I get home (since  I miss 3!) so we will see! Still running at 38w is amazing, can't WAIT to run again. How does that cookie thing work, you just put them out by your bed and tell them to go ahead? or to take home, since they would have to wash thier hands etc.. 


            MA: Lol about the sleeping in work clothes, I could never do that, I am a very particular sleeper ( can't sleep on planes, etc). 


            Liz: nice workout! I should get into a momma bootcamp after Zeb's born. .. sounds intense. 


            ER: heading off for my walk run .. I was going to do 2 laps (6k) but my hubby might come run so he will see me and probably make me stop if he does,... he's still in bed so things are looking good haha. 


            PR: still having some acid, and I had ice cream yesterday and my bowels were NOT happy, I've been drinking lactose free milk and feeling good so I guess that mgiht be it. Of course, when you aer supposed to gain weight and eat a lot I can't even eat ice cream!!


            Ok off I go!


              The induction is likely more of a scheduling thing than anything, which makes me feel like I'm a bad Mom already and that i am just starting the beginning of be judged Sad.


              That said, I guess I am okay with induction, with all of our life changing events coming up.  We are moving out of state (back to our home state) in January and will be living with my dh parents.  Unfortunately, to get my health insurance to be paid during maternity leave, I will have to return back here (12 hours away) to work 4 weeks.  During those 4 weeks my mil and my dad will come back here to help out.  In addition, we have to sell our house, so it will be put on the market in January once we move back home.


              I am a little nervous about having a new baby and absolutely NO privacy when we move back.  It will be at least until April or May that we will be living with family other than weekends that we will try to get away.  By them planning the induction this Friday (@ 39 weeks) we will have no more than 12 days (including being in hospital) alone as a family (assuming not to many people come from out of town to visit) before we will be living with dh parents.  DH will be starting new job and I will be at home with his Mom all day.  Pros: Lots of extra help, save a lot of $ and cons: Have a lot of 'help', lack of privacy, etc..


              I really value my privacy so this will be a challenge...in laws are very generous in offering, but I would've rather paid for an apartment. Mil has been super in excited and has been moving things around for us to move in since dh had his interview.  I feel as if I was put into a position that I couldn't say no, and now I am not wanting to move in at all despite the obvious pros.  I know I will look like very ungreatful if I push for an apartment (even though dh said we could if I wanted), and if our house sells quickly we will have an apartment we don't need!  The logical decision is to move in, but, I am getting so stressed out already!!!  (Breathe)


              Marunner: Hope you feel better after the chiro.


              Liz: Hope the new chair helps.


                Teri- Inducing at 39 weeks doesn't seem  to out there...lots of people give birth at the point! Don't feel like a bad mommy! You will be great. I would struggle with the privacy stuff too, but who knows what it will be like once the baby comes? Maybe we will feel differently...


                CJ - hope you have a good walk and the tummy feels better today.


                Has anyone had pubic bone pain? I haven't until (I think) now...as I was walking to work noticed some pain on one side. I hope it's not serious. I didn't feel it while running or at bootcamp, but now I wonder if I should have left my gabrialla belt on at bootcamp. I wore it to run there but took it off during the workout because I felt sort of silly in it. But we did a lot of jumping up and down, so maybe it was a bad idea... I'm always unsure whether the belt actually does anything for me. Anyway, let me know if you have experienced this and any thoughts...every time I feel some new ache or pain I worry that I will have to stop running and/or working out and everything will go down hill!


                  I've been horrible at getting back for personals lately - I will make an effort today.


                  teri - Glad you got at least some solid sleep! Sounds like you have some stressful weeks/months coming up! I think that would be tough moving in with the in-laws, but definitely makes sense.  Will you at least have a little of your own "space" that you can escape if necessary?


                  MA - definitely sounds like you needed some sleep! My DH is the opposite of yours - he either (a) tells me about something that he originally intended to be a surprise, or (b) gives gifts to me as soon as he buys them because he can't wait.  It's pretty cute, but sometimes means I don't have any gifts to open on the actual occasion!


                  Liz- I hope you get some relief from the back pain.  That's no fun.


                  Canada - Boo about the ice cream causing upset, but at least you're pinpointing the cause?  Has this just cropped up during PG?


                  PGR: 18w1d. Nothing new today - looking forward to our appt on Friday, hopefully we'll get to schedule the anatomy u/s finally.


                  ER: Probably finishing up Christmas shopping, then maybe a walk later, or some light weights at home.  I chased after a ball a few times yesterday in bball practice and it seems my pelvis is still all goofed up.


                  NPGR: Trying to figure out if I can squeeze in some time for some Christmas cookies.  Maybe Friday night?  I love roll-out cookies with frosting, so I'd like to make some of those at least.


                    RR: Well, my run tonight or tomorrow will likely be my last! I'll probably use the hotel TM tomorrow morning to give myself a full day of rest. My pelvis was so sore all day yesterday and in bed last night. This is how I felt after the half marathon 10 weeks ago, then after runing 7.5 six weeks ago... now after 2.5! I had grand visions of running to 40 weeks, but I didn't think realistically it would happen. So 30 weeks is OK with me. I had BHs all day yesterday but none so far today, so I think the running is getting a bit too intense for my body anyway regardless of the other stuff going on. I doubt I'll get any kind of real workout when we get to the ILs. I was going to ask at the gym about using other gyms like a travel pass or something but didn't get around to it.


                    PGR: 29w5d! Oy, dealing with Christmas at almost 30 weeks is exhausting. Between the toddler and me, I expect we'll be stopping a lot on our travel! Aside from the SPD discomforts, everything else is feeling good. I think it will be good to have the extended break from working out (and work including housework!).


                    NRR: Well, there's a blizzard warning here for tomorrow now. DH is picking A up from daycare at 1, me from work at 1:30 and we're getting straight on the road. I'm done with preparations for the trip, but DH will have a busy morning! The snow is supposed to start this evening I think around rush hour and the worst is supposed to be tomorrow afternoon. So we should be long gone before anything happens. We're spending the night in Bloomington, IL, which as far as I can tell is far enough south that our travel for the rest of the trip tomorrow shouldn't be affected. I'm glad we have the flexibility to leave early because I doubt we'd be able to leave until Saturday if not. This is going to be a worse storm than this area's seen in a few years at least. And the weather reports are already mentioning a possible storm Christmas Eve/Day, when we're supposed to be coming home! Other than that, not much going on. There was a little dusting of snow last night that made traffic unbearable so we were pretty late to the daycare Christmas party, but we didn't miss much. A really enjoyed packing her suitcase last night, she was so cute picking out her clothes... the most important things to pack for her were dresses and socks!


                    I'll try for more personals later but Teri... my friend just had her baby last week, a scheduled C-section because during an ultrasound about six weeks ago they became concerned that he wasn't growing as he should, I guess the major concern with that was a problem with the placenta? They ended up having the c-section at 38.5 weeks and he was 6 pounds at birth and while small, just fine. Sounds like having baby boy a bit early would be good for your family! I hope you get some good news! Oh, and in my last pregnancy, I had a hard time breathing and actually strained a muscle in my sternum. That was NOT comfy!


                      Liz - I've been having pubic bone pain, in conjunction with my pelvic /SI joint pain - but mine honestly feels like right down the center in front, and ranges from achy to feeling like something is grating against something else.  I  have loose ligaments to begin with, so I think things are extra unstable in my pelvis.


                        Morning all!


                        RR: Well, yesterday was a very difficult 3 miles. During the last half I was getting super frequent BH, like had around 6 in 20 minutes. It made me concerned, especially since I was super well hydrated and was drinking gatorade during the run. I felt like I had prepared in every way possible and was still having problems. I don't know if this means I need to stop running altogether. I don't want to this early! Anyway, my body is still aching from yesterday, so I'm going on a 3 mile walk this morning, which won't have the cardio kick but hopefully will help me recover.


                        PGR: 27w6d. I have a midwife appointment at 4:30 this afternoon (right in the middle of my work shift, not cool). I think I'll ask about the BH and the running. I'm afraid she'll tell me to stop. Sad But I don't want to put the baby at risk. I haven't had any bleeding/spotting or any pain with them. Just the tightness. Other than that, doing well. Baby is getting stronger. Some of the kicks shake my whole belly!


                        NPGR: Last day of work before Christmas vacation! I'm SO happy! I know vacation will go way too fast, but I can't wait! I especially can't wait to see my Mom and sister! My favorite is just sitting and having coffee and talking. Well, I'm of for my walk. Back for personals in a bit.


                          liz: I have SPD, and I think a few others have it too. Sounds like that could be what you're describing. Symphysis pubis dysfunction, basically a separation of the pubic bone b/c of the ligaments relaxing. Mine started aroudn 16 or 18 weeks and I have run through it up to now. I think I'll be stopping this week (@30 weeks), I felt the pubic pain while running yesterday, which has never happened before, so I think its getting worse. Wearing the gabrialla belt can help make exercise more tolerable. My doctor told me its not a super serious condition, will go away after birth, and I could continue to run as long as it felt good. She said she could refer me to PT, but I think at this point I'll just stop running and deal with it.


                            Morning all!


                            Teri: I'm with you 100% on the privacy thing. You have so much on your plate in the new year - I hope you have some time to get out for a prenatal massage or something for yourself over the next few days. When it comes to your MIL, it's better to do what's right for you rather than what's right for her. She's excited, and that's nice, but if it's filling you with dread and stress, think about what's most comfortable for YOU.  While it might not be as bad as you think once you move in, we often do things we don't want because we're afraid of hurting feelings. I'm so guilty of that myself. Maybe a trial run at MIL for a couple of weeks at first with the understanding that you and DH will look for an apartment as it just simply makes you feel more comfortable. This has nothing to do with seeming ungrateful and if she perceives it that way, that's not your intention so it's her problem. You will choose the best decision for you, don't worry. Also - you're going to be a great mom!


                            MA: Whoa, sleepy head! That's great it helped you catch up on your sleep. You definitely needed that!


                            Liz: Maybe you can switch out your chair for a yoga ball. I'm told to sit in that as much as possible now, so maybe you can get a head start. It's said to help put the baby in the optimal birthing position


                            CJ: Have you tried lactose free ice cream? I've always been curious what that would taste like...


                            TNesq: In my opinion, there's always time for cookies! But my theory is more about EATING the cookies than making them Smile


                            monk: Enjoy your break from physical work! I hope it helps you feel better. It's annoying how a little dusting of snow can make some drivers freak the f out. Get snow tires, people!


                            Sasha: I haven't heard that running can cause more BH. Hopefully your midwife has a reasonable answer AND they subside soon!




                            PGR: 35w3d Having some BH now, for reals. Nothing too bad, and not at all frequent, which is good. I'm getting a prenatal massage today and I can't wait! Tomorrow morning, we have an ultrasound to see how she's growing, etc.  The doula is stopping by later this evening for a meeting. No idea what we'll talk about. I'm growing more nervous about the birthing process. I guess I prefer to not know what could happen rather than be too informed because it's making me think of all the what ifs. I'm also heading over to a shop uptown later to buy a brest friend pillow for 25% off (today only!) and a car seat adapter for the stroller. 


                            ER: Did the DVD yesterday and it slightly aggrevated the pulled pelvic muscle, but it's still WAY better than what it was like last week. The massage today should help. It's funny how much slower I'm working out now than just a couple of weeks ago. I'll be ready to move on the month 9 dvd tomorrow! OMG!


                            NPGR: Well, this is slightly pgr - the conversion of the den to the LO bedroom is almost complete. The drywall is up and today, the door goes up. We get our crib and changing table on the weekend, supposedly... it's all coming together. 


                              Good morning,


                              Teri - It does sound like an early induction would be valuable in more ways than one. I had a friend with hypothyroid issues who knew almost from the beginning she would be induced at 37 weeks (plus they had lost one at 5mths pg so wanted this one out asap), all turned out just fine. Certainly sounds like some busy days ahead, hopefully those first 12 days together will end in some sense of sanity but I am sure your ILs would not be offended at all if you told them ahead that you weren't sure how things would be initially and that you would value a little privacy? Having said that, with your DH starting a new job your MIL in particular could be invaluable! Sucks that you have to go back to work for 4 weeks - how soon after trhe birth will you be doing that?


                              MA - Wow, an accidental sleep sounds kinda nice! I'm with you and Liz on the "need to eat small meals" thing, I'm just so used to eating bigger meals I have to very conscious of what I am doing and stop! I hate shopping for DH too, it seems like through the year I think of things then by the end I've forgotten them all (yes, yes, should write it down...).


                              Liz - Nice job on the bootcamp; I have found as the pg has gone on that I like my seatbacks far more upright (plus my m/w says it is good for LO to move into the correct anterior/posterior (whichever one it is) position. I had pelvic pain start to occur at 22 weeks, mine was exactly like TN described but a little later I alos started to get more strain/pain on one side too (I think that's RLP). My m/w said that wearing the belt when walking much (or in your case bootcamp) would help keep the pelvis more aligned? In good news, my pain has subsided considerably the last couple of weeks, overall it's been hit or miss days and inconsistent so enjoy the good days you have.


                              CJazz - Bummer on the icecream - perhaps you can find a coconut based one??? Though that would be from the store freezer, not a fresh scoop of course.


                              TN - There is always time for cookies isn't there??? Will you be finding out gender at your u/s (or was it you last week saying you wouldn't/anti-pink etc)?


                              Monk - good luck on enjoying your last run, you['ve done so well (sorry lost track of the goal thing yesterday, I had forgotten it was a reduced goal) to get to 30 weeks running! I hope you, DH and A have a very safe trip tomorrow and enjoy your holidays!


                              Sasha - I hope the m/w appt goes well. Bummer on the B/H - have you tried "running" on the elliptical or in the pool to see if your body still responds the same? Enjoy your last day of work!


                                Morning all.


                                RR - Finally made my gym membership yesterday, it expires a week before my due date, or exactly on my first due date before they moved it due to u/s, anyway, cutting it close! Smile Ran 1.25 on the treadmill with .5 for warmup/cooldown and it was soooo boring without headphones or being able to understand the TV. Plus, the workout I did in the morning I started to really feel in my butt and thighs, so I am sore this morning. A good sore though.


                                PGR - Not much. Starting to wonder if I'm getting more bump like vs. bloated like. I should probably take a pic one of these days.


                                NPGR - Um, fugitives still on the loose! News reports are saying they don't believe they're still in my town, but that's not exactly comforting. What if they are? I have to mail some Christmas cards and I usually walk to the post box, which is right next to a fire station, but I'm a total scaredy cat right now.


                                Teri - Good luck with everything. From my own experience last time, I am a big believer in going to 40 weeks+ *if there is no underlying medical reason indicating induction* since I had to give up my birth plan for medically induced pre-eclampsia. I was still able to have my goal of natural birth, but then I also had to follow hospital protocol of not eating and not having a waterbirth and continuous monitoring, and for that reason this time, I am going the distance to make sure I have the best chances for the birth I want. I'm sure your health provider has your best interests in mind and if you do end up having the baby at 39 weeks you and the baby will be fine. And you don't owe anyone any explanation either. If they're not in the birthing room with you, they don't need to know, I say. Wink


                                MA - Good luck brainstorming Christmas gifts. Sounds like your DH is planning a special Christmas for you! Smile


                                Liz - I don't have any prenatal yoga suggestions. My midwife this go around suggested taking a class but waiting til I was in the 2nd tri. Hope you find a video you like and hope your chair situation solves your back problem.


                                Canada - Coconut milk ice cream! So good! So won't hurt you! (unless you have an allergy to coconut milk). 


                                TN - Exciting you're so close to the anatomy scan! I feel so close and yet so far some days. Hope you can at least make the roll out cookies. I've seen some cute decorated ones on Pinterest.


                                Monk - Safe travels today!


                                Sasha - Hope you get a good report at the midwife and she doesn't tell you to stop running altogether. 


                                YJPM - Exciting the baby's room is almost finished.