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    RR:  Supposed to run 8  but not sure when I will get it in.  I should have woken up early to run but kind of forgot.  I may hop on the TM and try to get in 4 or so.  Probably won't be home until 6:30 tonight so I can potentially finish the rest after H goes to bed.


    BR:  Woke up at 5:30 this morning but after nursing stayed in bed till 6:30.  I think I need to up the diaper size because he keeps peeing through.


    NRR:  Still no word from that teacher, ugh.  He is really unorganized so I may never hear back.  Today is my first day of clinic for the semester.  I will be at a hospital doing interventional radiology.  Working 10-6, which means I may not be home in time to see H Sad


    RG - enjoy your hill repeats!


    zorbs - I love when they are huggy and kissy.  Good luck with the potty.


    eh - Great job on getting your run in early.


    bermy - very impressive mileage!  What is your max in this plan?


    ernie - Were you able to get the mirror back on?


    jen - Sorry about the rough start to the day.  It's alwayd hard for me to try to stay positive after my day starts poorly.  Hoping something good happens sooN!


    mer - Sorry you aren't feeling good.  Do you think you have a stomach bug?

    5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


      Ok, here goes nothing.  I'll try and keep up today but I doubt it Smile


      RR:  Two a day today since I skipped out last night to do our taxes.  4 easy this morning, 5 tonight.


      TR:  LOVES his peter pan storybook.  Would not put it down this morning.  Made for getting dressed difficult.


      NRR:  Bossman told us today if receptionist gets to be too much trouble, we can fire hire.  Not sure if we are quite there yet, but close.  If she would just stop lying, I would be ok.  I hate being lied to, but if you are going to lie to me - don't make it so obvious.



      Shelby:  Fingers crossed all goes well for you.


      zorbs:  I love the hugs and kisses but come on man, let me go to work already.  I got like 50 hugs when I dropped him off this morning. Smile


      Bermy:  You are the stroller queen!  I am impressed!


      Ok, back to the first page because that is about all I can remember at the moment.


        RG:  I love hills too, just not super big ones Smile   LOL on shaking the maraca at the dog.


        Zorbs:  Yum, cinnamon hearts are my fav.  LOL on an ultra, you should come down this weekend then Smile


        Eh:  6.4 would have been close enough in my book.  I just got on the ball about making a cooking/cleaning schedule.  Yep, I need a schedule or I just don't do it.  I put DH's name on the schedule and he's not so happy about it either.


        Bermy:  Holy mileage batman.  I am struggling to fit in 40 mpw Smile


        Ernie:  LOL on the car.  My sister hit a trashcan that was too close to the road and knocked her mirror off last week.  Awe, your BR is too cute.


        Jen:  Boo, I hope your day gets better.  I am in the same boat diet wise.  I am tired all the time so I've been shoveling food into this pie hole like no tomorrow.  Got to stop!


        Cx2:  OMG, your DH was trying to talk to you at 2 a.m.?  I would have kicked DH's butt for that!  A nanny saved my life, C was just getting way to sick at daycare and I was super stressed out.  Worth the extra money in my opinion.


        Mer:  I hate dreams like that!  Mine almost always involve snakes.  Hope you feel better.


        Arm:  We are going to the beach for spring break with my parents too.  First time my parents have been on vacation, like ever.   They almost always just visit family.  Have fun at tennis clinic.


        Bad Ass Mother Runner



          RR - Have to check schedule, probably 8k, I might go outside and push O in the stroller since I only  have her and she's light as a feather Smile  I have to rejig my running schedule and figure out what I want to do this spring.


          TR - sleeping at gmas.


          BR - was up early so is napping already.  She had a monster nap at gmas during my appointment yesterday so I sat around waiting for her to wake up.  I wish she would have warned me as I could have planned to get some stuff done during that time!


          FR - need to come up with meals for the week, today would be a good day to run out to the grocery too since I only have one kid.


          nRR - I think I'm bailing on my May half... booooo!  I read a bunch of stuff online about recovery from cyst removal and I think best case is 2 weeks off running but it might be more.  I'll probably be running better by august anyway as I'll be almost a year post-partum so I'm probably better off racing that race.  So as long as I can get a surgery date earlyish in May I think that's what I'll do.  I was also planning on just running the April half, but now so long as there isn't a ft of fresh snow, I'll probably race it hard, it's got some bad hills but it'll still be fun to race.

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          Bad Ass Mother Runner

            RG - I love hill repeats! I really suck at hills right now, but I think I need to get my core stronger first before I do repeats. Sounds like a great day for you!


            zorbs - I'm not a candy person, I don't think I've eaten a cinnamon heart since high school.


            r-eh - hope the renters work out! The weirdest thing I got from applicants were some that didn't have a bank account - they said they banked with Money Mart... mmmkay, maybe not.


            Bermy - The family cuddles sound sweet! Your running is just plain awesome right now! I have a bit of envy Smile


            Ernie - LOL at your crazy girl at the mall! M looooves going to the mall, mostly because of the play area. LOL at your car also!


            Jen - Bummer on the cranky toddler and the nasty rash Sad it's so sad when their bums hurt. When I 'diet', I just cut out junk... and drink less. You are super active, and need some calories to fuel your running. Switch to clean eating and I have a feeling you'll feel better and the weight will drop.


            cx2 - Do you over stride on the TM? Or you could try always having the TM at a bit of an incline. Sounds like the nanny will be a good fit! I'm scared to find out how much childcare is going to cost us next year.


            mer - hope you can get some good sleep in... that sucks when you don't feel rested after going to bed early. Fingers crossed for the job!!


            arm - that's great that he loved the pepper... I try to give M everything we eat, even spicy food and she often surprises me with what she likes.


            shel - I hope everything works out for that session you missed, sounds like it might be ok!


            becky - look at you hard core girl running a 2 a day... you've been hanging with Alissa too much.

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            Honorary Old

              RR: Yesterday was a rest day. Stomach still feels yuck so I'm going to take another day or two off until I feel better.

              BR: When he takes a spill, he runs over to me and wants me to kiss his boo boos. Smile  Pooped himself awake this morning and when I went in his room he announced "potty!"... yeah, a little late for that kiddo. I taught him to hold his nose and say stinky this morning Smile


              FR: Last night was chicken and noodles. Maybe Zorb's grilled cheese with mushrooms and tomato soup for dinner if my stomach can handle it.


              NRR: Went home from work at 2 with a monster headache, nausea, and stomach cramps. Spent all afternoon with the chills and feeling exhausted but no vomiting or diarrhea. Attempting to work this morning, taking my pepto bismol with me. R was a good boy for me last night, thankfully.

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                the good: Shocked he just ASKED to sit on the potty! he's in there right now with the ipad and milk.


                the bad AND ugly: super stressed about stuff and really sad about the state of things with DH that I forgot to mention earlier.


                eh - too bad thursday didn't work out.  Oh well, another time.


                bermy - I don't get those recipes that say "20 minute chili".  Chili needs to cook for at least 8 hours and sit overnight. ha DH loved the dinner and stole all the leftovers for lunch today but he's in the doghouse (see above) so no nookie.  If I had more time to cook, like pre-B, my eating would be much healthier.  I do enjoy cooking healthy meals.


                ernie - how do you cook rapini so that it's not crazy bitter? I can't even stand it when cooked at a restaurant. Normally I buy cinnamon hearts at bulk barn, that way I can control how much gets into the house, but SDM had a big container for $1.99 this week.


                jen - I am up 8 FREAKING POUNDS from a year ago. Being 5'2"..this is not good and very noticeable.  Bad things that I know I shouldn't be doing, that I wasn't doing when losing/maintaining for years: eating all you can eat sushi on a regular basis, letting my Saturday cheat night drag on to Sunday, eating too many boxed/processed foods.

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                  cx2 - what do you have against daycare? I like that B gets exposed to other kids, germs and has to abide by others' rules.


                  mer - I was telling sam if I ate the whole container of cinnamon hearts by Saturday, I'll be lucky to even finish my 5K, much less PR.  I've had some really weird vivid dreams lately too.  Not violent though.


                  arm - B is 2 years 11 months.  How did you get over your pickiness?


                  shelby - can you ask the teacher in person? I would HATE not knowing.


                  becky - woo! get that crazy beeyatch fired!


                  CA - I generally hate candy except once a year I binge on cinnamon hearts.


                  spike - the grilled cheese would be good, hopefully the cheese won't set your stomach off.

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                  Honorary Old

                    How is it that no matter how early I get up (5:25 today), I can't get out of my house before 7 am?  BR2- His new game is asking for his binky (Nini is what he calls it) over and over again, then giggles after about the 3rd time I tell him it went byebye and he doesn't need it anymore. He is his father's child.


                    RG- I like hills too. I don't run them as much as I used to (monster hill workouts 1-2x a week) since I push a stroller a lot now. Sounds like a nice afternoon.


                    zorbs- I haven't been doing so great with watching my eating, even while doing the vegetarian thing. Chasing a toddler makes me lazy on the food front. I need to cut my portions back and stop drinking lattes.


                    eh- Is little ninjas a karate class?


                    Bermy- R woke up at 1:30 last night and DH was off dinking around at the fire station so he wouldn't fall asleep while adjusting for night shift tonight so I brought him to bed with me. He screamed his face off when I put him back in his own bed at 3:30 but he slept well after that. I haven't figured out a way to cook quinoa that I really love. I usually end up mixing it with other grains.


                    Ernie- your FR sounds kinda like that pasta dish from the Cheesecake factory that I tried to recreate. It was really good. Sorry about your ghetto car. My HS car was so cheap, they only manufactured it with one side mirror.


                    Jen- Ha! I shouldn't be giving advice at the moment but I always lose weight when I eat lots of soup and sandwiches. Easy portion control on the sandwich and low calories for soup. Also, if you eat a regular entree, fill half your plate heaped with veggies and eat that first.


                    cx2- Ugh I hate real estate games. I'm so glad we are selling our house private party, all that stupid back and forth crap is annoying.


                    Mer- with you on feeling crappy and I have psychotic dreams all the time, its exhausting.


                    armama- I try to feed R foods that I don't really like so as to not bias his food choices. The only thing I never feed him is nuts.

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                    Honorary Old

                      Shelby- crossing my fingers that you can make up that assessment! I tried going up a size but still had blowouts, the overnight diapers work great. I use the Huggies ones.


                      Beckykay- Yayyy! I hope you can fire that overdramatic C u next tuesday.


                      zorbs- I love cinnamon candy- I usually buy hot tamales- have a hard time finding cinnamon bears and red hots that aren't manufactured in a facility that processses nuts.


                      CA- I think that's a good plan for your surgery. I hate it when R naps like that- usually towards the end of his nap I either watch TV or fold laundry or something that is easily interrupted.

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                        arm - Have fun at tennis and great run!  Yay for a trip to the beach and your mom staying with you longer.  Oh thank you for giving me hope with tracking things on My Fitness Pal...I guess if I start to see a change it will be easier to stick with...seems like such a daunting task right now but I am definitely not happy so changes must be made.


                        shelby - J pees through his size 3's at night but the 4s are too big and he was peeing through those so we bought nightime diapers and they work great!  I hope you get your run in today!  I hope your day at the hospital goes well and fast and that you get to see H before he goes to bed.


                        becky - Good for you for doing a 2-a-day!  I hope things get better with the receptionist or you get rid of her.  Seriously I hate liars and obvious ones are the worst.  LOL to shoving food in your pie hole...yep...that's me!


                        CA - Hope M has fun with grandma.  Glad O had a good nap but too bad you couldn't get anything done.  I hope you can get a lot done with only one kid today!  Sounds like a good plan to bail on the May 1/2 and be ready for a great race in August.  At least you have a plan for that cyst!  Thanks for the eating advice...definitely my plan


                        Spike - I hope it was just a quick illness you had...glad you are feeling a bit better today.  Too cute about R and potty and holding his nose to say stinky.  J pooped himself awake this morning too and then was a crank all morning!  Ah....I like your soup and sandwich advice.  I did that before and that helps to feel full too.  Thanks!


                        zorbs - Yep...my problem is too many cheat days and too much processed junk.  Need to get control but once you lose it...it's hard!


                          Zorbs – I am still in shock about your cooking skills. Yes, my chili will be a 24 hours chili by the time we eat it. I added more broth last night so it’s double reduction and simmer. It’s made with yummy love for sure.


                          Jen – sorry you are having a crap day. I tracked everything with bodybugg (now body media) – all cals and workouts and it was the best thing I did to get to great body weight and shape. Have not done it post baby nursing, but will do as soon as I am done nursing. Maybe your letter will go anyway?


                          Cx2 – hope your right hamstring is ok. When DS flicks his spoon with quinoa it makes quite the mess though.


                          Mer – hope you can squeeze your run in. Buy a queen size bed for LO! Those moments of snuggles are the best for me. Maybe he would snuggle with you once he gets used to it I am sure, not kick you. I am still in awe about your blankie. It is so beautiful.


                          Rg – I was wondering if fm training was slowing me down for 5k but I think you’re right, it’s all part of a bigger picture and the endurance has got to help. I think I just need some races under my belt now. Enjoy your time pottering with your mom. Sounds lovely and much needed.


                          Arm/rg/shelby – it’s the hal higdon advanced 1 plan which peaks at  about 55 although I am doing more than the plan as I am doing 2 speed sessions a week not just every third week.


                          Arm – cute on L trying peppers. Enjoy your tennis clinic and run – nice athletic day!


                          Shelby – oh no on not seeing your little man. Hope you can get home in time for a quick snuggle. Enjoy your run when you fit it in. You’re on 45mpw now aren’t you?


                          Becky – 2 runs in a day! Beast! I have yet to do that! Now that’s a supermom! Your receptionist needs a punch in the nose. I don’t work with her and she irritates me like sand under the fingernails from everything you have said. Ugh I hate laze and I hate lies.


                          CA – trade you my 50mpw for your 5k time?


                          Spike – please get better soon. I love your energy. Your LO sounds too adorable.

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                            CA:  If only her speediness would rub off on me too Smile Enjoy your single kid day!


                            Spike:  I laid in bed last night thinking that maybe I would feel better if I actually did puke, but nothing.  LOL on the stinky.  C thinks its funny to walk around holding his nose asking ME if I pooped in my pants.  Uh, no buddy.


                            Zorbs:  Oh no, what's going on with G?  I thought of you the other day when I saw an article on marital advice. "Never side with the enemy" was one of the number one rules and I remember when he agreed with daycare over you.


                            Jen:  Yep, liars are the devil.  DH lied to me for the first year of our marriage about finances and we separated for awhile (aka I moved his crap upstairs and refused to interact with him).  I'm over being lied to and will not tolerated.  That said I'm ok with a little white lie when it comes to "honey does this make my butt look big?"


                            Bermy:  Back when I was a fatty trying to lose weight, I did 2 a days 5 days a week!  Now its hard with a kiddo to fit in two runs in one day and think back to that craziness.  Sand under fingernails, ACK!  Gives me chills thinking about it.


                            beskirted & manicured

                              bermy - you are in shock that I can actually cook?


                              spike - bwahahaha on C U Next Tuesday!!! took me a second there.

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                                Becky- I'm not a puker. I racked my brain trying to think of the last time I vomited that wasn't preceded by Long Island Iced Teas, and I could only think of one instance since we moved into our house 7 years ago. I never puked while I was preggo even.  I think its probably gas pains, blech.

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