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    Morning Ladies~


    RR: easy 6 miler today after training clients this morning. MP run went well yesterday, ran just a bit over 8, with 7@ goal MP. I know a couple of you asked, as of right now, my goals for this marathon are: "C"- 3:15 or faster; "B"- PR (sub 3:13:08); "A"- sub 3:10. Yikes!

    And for Bermy and jnmiller, I will try to type up my schedule today and post it on the docs section of FB.


    TR: having fun with gma. We took him to buy new sneakers yesterday, and he loves them! He was tearing around the park and having a blast! It's reassuring to see how excited he is to see her, as he will be staying with her the weekend of my marathon!


    NRR: just enjoying this week with my mom. it's been nice weather, so we've been spending all afternoon outside at the parks, taking walks, and just hanging out! Tomorrow DH and I are going shopping and out to lunch while mom watches R. Sorry I haven't made it back for personals this week- it's been busy!


    RR QOTD: massage before a race- how close to the marathon would you get one? I'm thinking of getting a deep tissue/sports massage, but it's my first one, and i don't want it to make me sore for the race.

     5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



    beskirted & manicured

      ER - SRD.


      RR - black and blue from the Graston.  I didn't think this through..I will look totally awesome with all my Graston bruises in my short strapless dress at SIL's wedding on Friday!


      TR - went out for lunch with DH yesterday and when we got home, he was hysterical, sat at the door for 10 min screaming DADDY DADDYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Watching lots of classic cartoons lately, he likes "Mickey House".


      FR - fried noodles, tofu, veggies.




      rg - I'd get a massage no later than Tues or Wednesday before a Sunday race.

      5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26



        RR - 8k easy with RP and stroller tonight. Boot camp this morning (it's the last class)


        TR - She was a maniac at library program again yesterday. While the librarian was reading a story, S walked into the middle of the circle and started doing squats and shouting "La la la la la la" as loud as she could.


        FR - Penne with chicken breast, artichokes, lemon and parmesan


        NRR - My ghetto car has been behaving lately, so I haven't had any good ghetto car stories. And today, FIL is coming over to fix my back windows so they will not have to be held up by spoons anymore. Next thing you know, it won't even be such a ghetto car.




        rg - Nice marathon goals! You have been nailing your paces, so things are looking good. Ooh, I am interested in seeing your marathon schedule, too, although I am having trouble imagining myself ever running all those miles! I've never been sore/jelly like for more than a day or two after a massage, but since you've never had one, you might want to give yourself a week between the massage and your race.


        zorbs - The Gratson bruises will probably at least be somewhat faded by Friday....or else you'll just look really hardcore! I'm sure the classic cartoons are infinitely less annoying than Caillou and other modern cartoons.

        5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      




          RR - nothing, just giving the knee a break..


          BR - up early again at 630 (that's early for her), which means she'll be napping soon.. hoping in the next few months she'll drop her morning nap, since the daycare she'll be attending in the fall only has naptime from 12-2...


          NRR - hockey playoffs started which means DH is will be glued to the TV in the evenings...



          rg - glad you're having a good time with your mom!  I used to get a massage no later than mon or tues before a Sunday race..


          zorbs - i definitely prefer classic, older cartoons to the newer stuff on tv... today is Bug Bunny's birthday...


          ernie - ha, i've never heard of a car window needing to be held up by a spoon, but hey, whatever works, right?  DH and i are determined to drive my car until it's dead (it's a 2004, with a 2007 engine)..


            rg - I definitely think you will go sub 3:10 - Your training sounds much better than all of mine when I ran sub 3:10s...I know you will rock it.  Have a great 6 today!  I have never had my first massage before a race so I am not sure what to tell you on that.  I remember being very sore after my first massage so I am thinking at least a week out would be necessary.  The other times I usually got one 3-5 days out.  I also got one 3-5 days afterSmile  Have fun today with your mom!  Glad R is having a great time too.


            Zorbs - LOL to all the bruises in your dress at SIL wedding.  I am sure you can make up some good stories to tell about where you got them.  I think the priority right now is being marathon ready and not so much physical appearance.  You trained too hard not to be in tip top shape for the marathon!


            Ernie - LOL to S dancing in the middle of the circle!  At least she was having a good time.  I love that your ghetto car is getting a makeover so you can no longer call it a ghetto car.  Have fun at the last boot camp class.  Do you think you'll take it again?  Enjoy your run tonight with RP.


            RR - Ended up not running  yesterday for fear of injuring myself.  So I took J out for a 30 min walk since it was so nice out.  I will run 5 today.  It is supposed to be 80 degrees here this afternoon.


            TR - Story of my life...meltdown once I brought him in the house from our walk.  Then didn't really want to eat dinner.  Whatever.  He eats good most of the rest of the day so I am not going to worry too much about dinner.  I got his school pictures yesterday...he looks so scared but they are still cute.  They charge a FORTUNE for stupid pictures.  4 sheets of prints was $60!


            NRR - I have a nagging sinus issue and I am all stuffed up and coughing.  It is driving me nuts!  I wish it would just go away.  It is 80 today and I heard on the news it is supposed to be in the 40s (for the high) next week at this time...WTF?  My sinus issues will never go away now!


            FR - I actually cooked last night.  I made chicken noodle casserole!  I ran to the store to get all the stuff after work, threw it together and put it in the oven and then went walking with J!  To most this sounds normal and easy...to me...this was a featSmile


              rr: 3.5m this morning with rp. i overdressed and ended up carrying my shirt and running in my sports bra.


              br: has a bloody blister from his new crocs. Sad


              tr: dd2 was dressed and downstairs then went up with dd1 while she got dressed. they both came down wearing matching outfits. (dd2 had switched her outfit) then dd1 says, "if c was a girl and had the same outfit we would be triplets."


              nrr: had so much fun with my sister last night. i wish she lived closer to me. we decided to just make it a point to do mid-week get togethers more often. might take the kiddos to a local hotel where bil is staying to go swimming tonight. we are always the only ones in the pool. going to a play place with rp and her kids and another neighbor and her daughter this morning. playtime for the kids; coffee for us.


              fr: spinach and artichoke dip and bbq chicken pizza last night with my sister. unbelievably good. ribs in the crockpot tonight.


              rg: no clue about the pre race massage. i was talking to rp about getting one. She knows a lady in town. my problem is finding someone who will do it hard enough. So cute about the new sneakers for r!


              zorbs: i am just picturing you all bruised in your dress. I am sure you will have people talking!


              ernie: i just love s's free spirit! ha to the not so ghetto car!


              cx2: now that mlb is in full swing we have baseball on every night. I didn't even get to watch new girl last night which is my favorite!


              jen: your post made me check out our weather. Yup we will have highs in the high 40s/50s. Ugh. Way to go with the casserole!




                RR:  The usual outside after work.  I am already starting to rock the runners sock tan line! Smile


                TR:  Woke up screaming at 4am, so DH gave him a pacifier.  He laid in his crib saying mama over and over.  No way in hell am I getting up with you at 4.  Go back to sleep...and he did.  Was still sleeping when I left.


                NRR:  Trying to figure out what to pack for my night away.  I am rooming with my boss which is kind of weird.  Oh!  I successfully pissed off 3 people yesterday without meaning to or speaking my mind!  Maybe I do need to keep my mouth shut! Smile


                FR:  Still craving the cherry berry chiller.  Not sure if they serve them in the am, so I am thinking about stopping after my run.


                PGR:  Got a whole bunch of maternity stuff last night from mrszm.  We looked for maternity stuff at Kohls and we must live in the fattest city ever.  They had one or two items on the rack that were a Small....DH found me a nice pair of pants.  I texted the picture to jen, but not sure if she like them or not!



                rg - Your goals for the race are amzing!  I am sure you will crush them all!  Glad you  are having a good time with your mom and that R is loving the time as well.  Your afternoon date with DH sounds really nice.


                zorbs - You should have ordered extras at lunch so you could have had leftovers for dinner!


                ernie - S sounds like such a doll!  Your FR sounds really good!


                cx2 - I am trying to remember, but J dropped his morning nap after 18 months, I think . It took a while for us to transition him to one nap.  I think once the morning naps became a joke, we started pushing it back until he was napping at noon.


                jen - I mentioned this to Spike once, but do you ever tell J about what will happen next?  I'm sure you heard us explaining thing to J when we were with you, but that helps a lot for us.  If he knows what is coming next, in advance, he is usually okay.  Not always, but usually.  It sounds like you had a really nice night....one of those that would make me feel like "I can do this."


                mrszm - Did you have dinner at CPK?!  If so, I am jealous!  Glad you had a fun night with your sister.  I can't wait to spend some quality time with the bin you gave me!

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                  mrsz - i love New Girl!  DH and I started watching it only b/c he thought Zooey Dechanel's character was him (he's a teacher and he randomly sings all the time)... i like baseball too, but I only follow the Tigers..


                  jen - i had 3 sinus infections in 7 weeks this past winter, they're awful!  Your casserole sounds good.  I like meals that can be thrown together easily, since i'm not exactly a great cook either.


                  mer - one of my coworkers is always saying she shouldn't say, and we joke that she can be a b**** if she wants but needs to filter it... so she's a BWF... "b**** with a filter" .... the nanny discussed dropping a morning nap as well, but clearly she's not ready... a couple weeks ago we thought she was, but by 9am she's rubbing her eyes and super crabby...


                    RR:  Got 6m in on my favorite trails yesterday.  It was super windy but I really enjoyed being out in nature.  I have really enjoyed running this cycle, even though sometimes it has been hard to get my runs in, I really love doing it.  Today I have 5 on the schedule but not sure if it will happen – guess what, it is snowing!  My ankle is hurting a little but I am not sure if it is from the trail run or taper madness (I think this happened last time.


                    TR:  Still having a lot of diarrhea but in such good spirits.  He hasn’t eaten since Friday, but is still drinking.  I wish I could help him more.  At least I am getting tons of snuggles!


                    NRR:  Thanks for the support yesterday. I think I sound more negative than I feel on here, because it is really my only place to vent.  So thanks for listening! I think not being able to talk to DH has been tough on me.  We have done it before but now with H it is a lot harder.  Like you guys said, I am so thankful for H and the year I got to spend with him.  It was the best year of my life.  I thought a lot about that yesterday.  Those baby years are so special and we can’t ever get those back.  If anything, I feel like I am losing motivation a little.  I just want to be a mom and a runner right now.  I am passionate about being a PA too, but right now I would just rather be with my family.  Hopefully once the school part is done in a few weeks and I start doing clinic only, my passion will be rekindled!


                    DHR:  I got a letter from him yesterday!  One of the first things he asked me is if I could send him a letter with who the Broncos selected in the draft, haha.  I love that man, a lot.  Then when I thought it couldn’t get better than the letter, there was package.  He sent me two new amazing calphalon pans and lids for mother’s day!  What a sweetheart.  I didn’t expect a gift at all since he was gone.  As if I didn’t miss him enough…


                    Sorry I wasn’t able to get back on RA for personals yesterday.


                    Spike:  Sorry about the low appraisal.  Good luck at the meeting today!  Do you think it will be easily fixable?  My parents actually work from home which is nice because they can watch H when he is sick (unless there are lot of meetings).  They were out of town for the last week but are back now!   I am actually feeling much better after getting a little time to myself (to get my teeth cleaned, haha).


                    Jen:  You are so right.  I wouldn’t trade H, or getting to spend the first year with him, for anything!  It was so worth it. There is a girl in my old class who had 2 babies during school and sometimes I think – I should have done it like her.  But then I would have missed so much important baby time and I would never get that back. Right now I am just kind of feeling like I wish I could not be in school (aka quit).  Just have to keep moving forward…  So sorry you are feeling crappy (again).  You have had a rough go of it lately.  Good thing you aren't here because it is snowing!  Great job cooking last night.  Was it good?


                    Ernie:  Thanks!  I was thinking the same thing about the cutting miles, since I have all along.  It seems like it would be wrong that one of my highest mileage weeks is the week of the FM.  I think it will be good to get a break from my plan, but I am actually scared of what will happen when I don’t have FM training because it gives me a structured plan to get me through the weeks.  I think my funk is mostly about not being able to talk to DH but it is temporary and I need to remember that.

                    RG:  Great job on the 7miles at MP.    I think you are going to rock your goals!  So glad DS had fun with grandma. It is always easier to leave them when you know they are happy.

                    zorbs: Haha, the bruises will make a nice accessory.  And made you look like a bada** at your FM.


                    cx2:  H's daycare only naps from 11:30-2 but he still does a morning nap on the weekends.  I keep waiting for it go away but it doesn't.


                    mrszm - how far away do you and your sister live?  I always wanted a sister!  Nice on the run this morning - how hot was it?  No running this morning for me in the snow!


                    bbl for the rest - little man is crying

                    5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                      Mer: yay for new pg clothes! I couldn't buy anything at Kohls either, it's all wayyy too big! Is the cherry chiller from McDs? Enjoy your run today. Smile


                      Mrszm: have a great run! Aw, sad about the blister! Hope it heals soon. Mmm, love spinach dip!


                      Cz2: I hope your knee is ok!!! R transitioned to one nap right after he turned 1. If C isn't down to one nap by the fall, daycare will help with that Smile


                      Jen: thanks For the encouragement! I was reading the bios on FB and we started running the same year! You are speedy! Congrats on getting dinner made Smile Hope your sinuses settle down soon.


                      Ernie: lol on S at the library. Haha, your ghetto car is gonna be pimpin' in no time Wink I've never followed a plan for a 10k race, as the only two I have run were while I was pg.


                      zorbs: hope the graston bruises fade!!! Did that client Ed up showing up today on time?

                       5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



                        mer - What is the cherry berry chiller?  Sounds yum!  I have pretty good sock and watch tans already haha.  But we get a lot of sun!

                        5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                          Heres the drink! Smile


                          mer - What is the cherry berry chiller?  Sounds yum!  I have pretty good sock and watch tans already haha.  But we get a lot of sun!

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                            RR: rest! I sauntered 3m of walking with RP on the trail yesterday as we went over logistics and we made a plan to meet at track for Tuesday speedwork day in two weeks. I am going to see how I feel tomorrow and maybe start a little running again.


                            NRR: I am going to leave bermy2 with DS today at the park, walk away and let them get on with it. Big deal for us all, I know. I plan to head over to the Y, grab a protein shake and then sit and sew in my car. Hopefully that will last 15 mins before I get a screaming phone call. bermy2 is actually very competent, it's my DS that is the barnacle boy.


                            NRR2: I am going to start to learn to use my sewing machine. I decided on making tote bags - like grocery ones. Does anyone want a free bermy tote bag as part of my learning process? I probably wouldn't advise carrying meaningful items in it until I get good. Thanks Spike for recommending a tote bag tutorial. You have been nothing but awesome throughout my question process.


                            NRR3: DH was approached by Vanderbilt for their Exec MBA programme. This is very awesome and very ironic as my DH is a college drop out - he only made one semester (I think he majored in Philosophy and Computer Science?). He has to take the GMAT exam so last night we went to B&N and got a book and we made a plan for our week as to when he can take 20 or so study hours. I can give him a ton of time on the weekend when I am running for sure! He doesn't need it for his job as he is already doing really well, it's more for personal enrichment.


                            TR: Slept until 4.22am. That is the longest lie in I have had for about 6 weeks. I went in and fell asleep with him until 7.30.


                            FR: made cheese pizza last night, was yummy. Tonight I am putting everyone on the get super hot bodies for summer diet again. I thought I would take advantage of the complete lack of high mileage to eat like a rabbit.

                            5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


                              mer - You'll be XS or S? and what styles/colours of mat wear do you like? I am sure I can find you something to brighten up your mat wardrobe.

                              5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


                              Bad Ass Mother Runner



                                RR - 8k tonight w RP.  My legs are almost feeling normal this morning.  They felt beat for yesterdays run but it also felt good to move them.  Hopefully I bounce back from this race quickly, my schedule had 50k for this week, DH was surprised that I wouldnt take more of a break after the race, but I think as long as they are easy miles I should be ok...


                                TR - eating yogurt for bfast. I have her fooled, she wants the special creamy stuff to make it better (plain yogurt mixed into flavored), and today asked for the other stuff I put in to make it extra yummy (flax... mwhahaha).


                                BR - was awake at 6 when her sister was yelling in the hallway but then fell back asleep and is still sleeping now.  This is good, she hasnt been napping well the last few days and has been cranky, which is very unlike her.  I think she is teething.  I had a dream last night that she had a bunch of teeth.


                                NRR - meeting MIL to look at a couple of condos this morning.  She has one that she wants to buy but the possession dates are not lining up with when her place is going to be gone.  Hopefully one of these will work out and she will like it as well.

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