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    Brr, it's COLD again!!! Wind chills in the ridiculous range, single digits to below zero. blech. So ready for spring to hurry up and get here.


    RR: tempo run today, hoping for 3 miles at tempo pace, 6 total. if it's too nasty/windy out I'll just run easy again and do the tempo tomorrow. teaching 6AM core class today too. my last one for a while, so i'm planning a pretty tough class.


    TR: was mr whiny pants for about 3hrs after he got up from his nap yesterday. then it seemed like he flipped a switch, and my happy lil man was back. He loves to take me by the hand and drag me around the house to show me different things. He grabs my fingers too when we're reading books together and points to the pages.


    NRR: almost the weekend!!! have to clean and grocery shop before my brother and his family get here. looking forward to seeing them all.


    Have a great day everyone!

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      RR - 5 miles with 3 @ MP on the TM at home.  The last MP workout Sam sort of made fun of me, "oh your MP isn't challenging for me at all, so I did tempo instead."  She is faster than me on shorter distances but hasn't run a marathon yet and she tried to break 3 hours in the 30K last summer (equivalent to my MP) and bonked.  I reminded her not to knock MP workouts since she can't even maintain that pace over 30K, much less 42.2.


      TR - had a dry diaper when he went for his bath, which meant he hadn't peed for a good 2 hours. Sat on the potty attachment on the toilet for 30 min, fighting it and finally a couple drops came out, which made him cry and cry. We poured warm water on his thing, still wouldn't make him go.


      FR - chinese stew, more pea shoots, noodles.  Tofu last night was a hit, it was super fast to cook, DH and I scarfed it down, and B scarfed down the rice.


      NRR - dad is visiting this morning, mom is still in Hong Kong.



      rg - yah, kill em at class! Wink I just saw the forecast now and am glad today is a TM day.

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        RR - 11k shortly. Can't say I'm really looking forward to it given how freezing cold it is out there.


        BR - Is getting really good at climbing up on things and dragging her toys around so she can use them as stepping stools. This Mama has some more child proofing to do. This is her last day as a baby - she is turning one tomorrow!


        FR - Teriyaki salmon, jasmine rice, brussels sprouts.


        NRR - Need to hit up the mall and get S's birthday present. A little last minute! I love the fact that I can buy presents for her in front of her and she's too young to know the difference. I will clearly have to become less of a procrastinator once she gets older.




        rg - Stay warm on your run! Ugh, the whining is really draining, isn't it? Glad he snapped out of it for you and you were able to have a good evening.


        zorbs - Yup, you chose the right day for a TM run! I haven't been outside yet, but I looked at the weather network and was not amused. How long do your MP runs get in this plan?

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          rg - I hope the weather cooperates for your run today.  I wish I could take your core class...my core needs workWink  Sorry R was cranky for awhile yesterday but glad he snapped out of it.


          zorbs - Any idea why B gets so upset to go potty on the potty??  Have a great visit with your dad.  What's your mom doing in Hong Kong?  I hate when people mock others for something they have never done.


          RR - Did 5 on the TM and will probably do the same today.  I wish the sidewalks weren't so dang icy because the temps aren't too bad today.


          TR - Didn't want to eat dinner last night.  Daycare said all he did yesterday was eat they had to keep giving him snacks because he would stand by the food cupboard and whine.  LOL.  I guess he ate enough so it's ok.  He was so happy to see his daddy this morning he didn't want to leave him.


          NRR - DH got home last night but later than he was supposed to so he didn't see J until this morning.  I ended up picking up a pizza for us on my way home since I forgot to start the crockpot dinner.  Real healthy.  I need to get a lot of work done today as I have my 2nd evaluation tomorrow.  I wish I knew if I would have a job next year or not...grrr.


          FR - Crockpot chicken potatoes and carrots if DH turns it on.


            RR:  Srd.  Ended up just going 4.25mi on the TM yesterday and no more but I am ok with that.


            BR:  As I mentioned on FB, took him to the pedi yesterday and he has an ear infection.  Not sure if the ear infection from last time ever went away so we are on stronger antibiotics this time.  His cold seems to be about the same and his poor little cheeks are so rashy.


            NRR:  Daycare is on a 2 hour snow delay today but my school is not.  And I have an exam at 8....grrr.  Guess my mom will have to take H.


            rg - I agree that the weekend needs to get here asap!  how long is your bother visiting for?  any fun plans?


            zorbs - Funny about Sam and the MP.  Is she planning on running a FM anytime?


            ernie - How exciting!  Happy early birthday.  Any idea what you are getting her?  I always get H something he needs because other people get him so many things.  Are you having a party?


            jen - H also stands by the pantry and whines for snacks.  Silly hungry boys.  Are they cutting jobs in your district?

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              RR - probably 4 on the TM ....

              Found out that 10 mile race I was going to run may be cancelled too!  yeesh... maybe it's a sign that I shouldn't race this spring...


              BR - spending a couple hours at grandma's again today...  I started using a finger brush to clean her teeth and gums and she seems to like it since she's teething and the rubbing feels good...


              NRR - going to look for jeans this afternoon.  I don't usually spend more than $20 but I also haven't bought new jeans in 3-4 years, so I'm guessing they'll cost more now... I don't want to buy anything yet b/c I'm hoping I'll put on a few more pounds before I go back to work..




              rg - is your family staying with you?  we don't have room in our house for more than 1 or 2 guests if anyone visited us..


              zorbs - do your parents live nearby or are they in HK?  I've been to HK and loved it.. wish i could go back..


              ernie - we haven't even thought of gifts or a party for C when she turns one... we didn't really buy her christmas gifts either b/c we figured she'd be more interested in the wrapping paper and bows!


              jen - so is DH home for awhile now?


              shelby - sorry to hear about the ear infection... hope your exam goes well!!


                cx2 - Why do the races keep getting cancelled?  I recently bought a pair of skinny jeans from Target for $20 and I love them.  I buy most of my clothes from there though Smile

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                  rr: something on the tm today. probably 4. ART was great yesterday but i forgot to have him do my calves. Argghhh.


                  br/tr: taking c and dd2 back to the dr today. coughing up their lungs.


                  tr: dd1 is with dh at a breakfast at her school. parent/teacher conference tonight.


                  nrr: ugh just ready for our household to be healthy again! luckily it is us weekly thursday!


                  fr: leftovers tonight.


                  rg: good luck getting ready for your visitors!


                  zorbs: have fun with your dad!


                  ernie: yup shopping for presents is so much easier when they are little. Christmas was hard this year bc i had to be solo or order online.


                  jen: our sidewalks are terrible yet.  is this when dh is now home for 11 days?!


                  shelby: good luck woth your exam today.


                  since i have been writing this dd2 has coughed 4 times all of which almost made me gag up my breakfast bc they were so disgusting.  gonna be a long day.


                    RR:  5 again on the TM after work.  Hoping that resting on Friday will help with my LR on Saturday.


                    TR:  Loves to tell me about his day when I get home.  Its like decoding a puzzle, but I figure it out.  Love is hand gestures and actions to explain himself.


                    NRR:  Slept pretty well last night besides a weird dream about taking a survey on Google Forums.  DH and I had a good talk last night...too bad it was after 10 when we started and I stood in the kitchen holding my clothes I was setting out or today.


                    FR:  Scalloped potatoes and ham for dinner last night.  Good, but took forever to bake.  Had some bad after effects too!




                    rg - I thougth of you when I got up to pee at 1 this morning!  Enjoy your run.  Bummer about the whining.


                    zorbs - Keep at it with the PTing.  He'll get it.  Enjoy your time with your dad this AM.


                    ernie - I hope you find what you are looking for while you are out shopping. It is fun to buy gifts right in front of them.  We have about a year left of that I think.


                    jen - Have they said much about your position for next year?  Does the guy you replaced like his current position?  What kind of pizza?


                    shelby - I hope you  have a better day today.  Sending you a big hug!


                    cx2 - I saw your pics on FB of your sisters wedding.  You look beautiful!  (Your sister looked great too for not feeling well.)  I'm not one to speak too much about this...but you did look really tiny in the pic!


                    mrszm - I hope the docs can help you out with the coughs and getting things figured out.  Have a good run today!  DH took the dog for a walk last night and said that the sidewalks by us are horrible too.  They won't be getting any better in the next couple days either.  Sad

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                      mer- glad you and DH got time to talk last night, those moments are so needed! i really miss seeing/talking to my DH during the week. what's your normal running schedule look like? I think you mentioned once that you rest twice a week?


                      mrszm- yay for ART, bummer about them not doing your calves. i hope your kiddos are all feeling better soon. cute about breakfast at school, too!


                      Cx2- R loves brushing his teeth! my dentist gave me these wipes for his gums when he was younger, and he opened his mouth wide when he saw them. what's w/ the races getting cancelled? are they by the same group? good luck with the jeans shopping, i need to buy new ones too, because all of my current pairs are too big, or have holes in the knees from crawling around on the floor with R. yep, they will stay with us, we have a guest BR.


                      shelby- good luck on your exam today! i hope the meds have H feeling back up to speed soon. i hope your mom can watch him. weird that daycare has a delay.


                      jen- good luck with your eval today, i'm sure it will go really well. hope DH remembers to start dinner for you. R had a day like that last week, where he just wanted to snack all day, and ate a handful of peas at dinner.


                      ernie- i feel the same way about my run today, not exactly excited about the weather. haha, yeah i bought all of R's bday and xmas gifts with him.


                      zorbs- the pic of your tofu looked awesome! did you post the recipe yesterday? i love MP runs! bummer on the potty issues. you don't think he has a UTI that's making it painful for him to pee?

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                        Ernie – LOL to buying presents for S in front of S.  I have to be careful now because when I throw something in the cart for J he wants it now…whether it is toys or food.  Stay warm on your run.


                        Shelby – I hope H feels better soon and your mom is ok watching him.  Stinks about the delay at daycare.  Our daycare never closes for snow/ice, etc.  Luckily.  Glad you are resting today.  Good luck with your exam.  I am on a 1 year contract.  I was a replacement for a teacher who left to be an assistant principal but can come back to his teaching job if he wants.  So I am hanging in limbo waiting to hear what his decision is.  If he doesn’t come back I still have to reinterview for the jobL


                        CTimes – Gees…why do they keep cancelling your races?  Maybe you just need to find a big race to run.  Good luck jeans shopping…you are super skinny!  I saw your FB pics from your sisters wedding….too cute!!  You look great…and skinny!  Have a good TM run.


                        Mrszm – UGH to the sickness.  So annoying.  I hope DD1 has fun with daddy at the breakfast…how cute.  Good luck getting everything done today…sounds like a busy one.  At least you have leftovers to eat.  Yes, DH is now home for 11 days!


                        Mer – Have a good run.  LOL to J talking with his hands.  Go to bed earlier!  I guess if you can have a good talk with DH a little sleep is small sacrifice.  Nope…haven’t heard anything about next year but soon I will start asking questions.  I just don’t want to be too pushy but really want to know if I should be getting my resume together.  Had pizza from a local place right across from where I workout…it was good.  WE might have eaten that when you came…I think we did.


                          RG - Most places have a delay or are closed this morning.  Unfortunately my school never closes.  If it is bad enough I just have to decide not to go.  Just glad I am not commuting an hour+ each way like I was last year.


                          mrszm - Will you remind me what ART is again?


                          mer - Too cute about DS's stories.  Does he use a lot of words or mostly just gestures?

                          5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                            RR - never did get my couple  miles in yesterday, not sure I will have time today.  I have a tennis match this morning and then it's supposed to rain but if not I'd like to get one last quick run in.  I'm sure it won't make a difference physically but I feel like I need it mentally.  Should have done it this morning I guess but I'm trying to get last minute packing done.  Had a tennis match last night, it was cold but fun!


                            BR - he's such a cutie, I'm going to miss him so much these next few days.

                            KR - DD3 is home with a stomachache today.  I am thinking it's from constipation but I don't feel comfortable sending her to school if she's not feeling well.  I  may take her in late if she's acting totally fine when I need to leave for tennis.


                            FR - hoping everything is on time and we can hit up an Irish pub tonight!  I'm also hoping I don't blow my diet and go crazy at Disney, but it's hard for me when I'm on vacation.


                            NRR - I got all packed yesterday.  It's so strange packing for just myself, I feel like I hardly have to bring anything.  Flight is not until late afternoon,  hoping the thunderstorms we are supposed to be getting won't affect it.  Supposed to be 87˚ in Orlando tomorrow!  I have a nasty looking blood blister that's calloused over that will look lovely in flip flops but I'm not going to mess with it at this point because it doesn't hurt and I don't want it to hurt during the race.


                            rg - what is up with these cold temperatures?  I remember playing tennis last year at this time and the weather was beautiful.  Ugh.  Hope you get your tempo in.


                            zorbs - my DH runs every run fast because he thinks if he does that he'll be able to run longer distances in races.  And then he ends up injured.


                            ernie - my DD's birthday is in a couple weeks, I need to get moving on a present for her too.  I'm hoping to see something awesome at Disney.


                            jen - we have been trying to eat good before this race so we haven't had pizza in a while but we have a reservation at a pizza place Sunday night after the race.  I can't wait!


                            shelby - so sorry he has another ear infection!  I hope it goes away this time.  You have so much going on and I'm sure you could use your sleep!


                            cx2 - ha, I had to read your post a couple times to make sure I was reading right.  I don't usually hear people say they are hoping to put on a couple pounds, it is usually the opposite!  Good luck jeans shopping!


                            mrszm - sorry you are dealing with sickies!  Seems to be a lot of that this winter.  Are you liking DD's school?  You weren't too happy with the teacher or school a while ago, were you?


                            mer - nice to have a good talk with DH even if it is late!  I feel like we rarely have those, by the time we get the kids in bed we are both too tired most of the time!


                            Bad Ass Mother Runner



                              RR - hopefully something on the treadmill this afternoon


                              TR - I read and shared an article on fb about indulgent kids and decided that I should involve her more in chores so she put all her laundry away in her drawers yesterday. She did great. It's all just smooshed in but she didn't complain at all.


                              BR - like I posted on fb, took a bottle from her sis. She just adored Maiya Smile. I think I'll have her give her a bottle more often and maybe it'll translate to other people.


                              Nrr - dentist appt this morning. Mil is coming over while i take M to music class then I need to rush home and feed O (I also need to pump again since she downed all the milk I had intended on leaving!) and then leave for the dentist. I'm so glad to have mil for days like this. Not sure what I'd do otherwise. Take both of them to the dentist I guess, that would not be fun.


                              K I'm up early nursing O whose fallen back asleep. I'll probably just do personals after my appointment.

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                                ernie - I think it's hilarious, you refer to "the mall" and I know exactly which mall you are referring to.  Around here, if you say that you're going to the mall, people say, "which mall?"


                                jen - I think he thinks that the proper place to go is his diaper and going anywhere else constitutes an accident.


                                shelby - yeah we're running the same marathon in May.


                                cx2 - I went to HK for the one and only time in 2005 and loved it too, couldn't buy enough fake Rolexes and designer purses.


                                mrszm - when I get my full body tuneups, he usually forgets one body part, I guess I am so messed up that he can't remember to do everything.


                                mer - love scalloped potatoes and ham but that is a Sunday dinner kinda thing.


                                rg - if you click through the picture to my flickr, there is a link to the recipe.  It is not veg (contains ground meat, but you could leave it out, or substitute TVP)


                                arm - on vacation, I try to limit myself to one treat meal/item per day.  Maybe one day there will be a treat breakfast + the other treat.


                                CA - B looooves to help put groceries away and put clothes in the washer/dryer.

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