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Monday Morning Supermoms (Read 28 times)


    Good Morning Supermoms~


    Congrats to all the racers this weekend, some awesome races ladies!


    RR: 9 with 5 at goal MP this morning. There is some snow in the forecast, so I'm hoping I can get the miles in before the roads get slippery.

    Went for a nice long walk with DH and R yesterday afternoon. It was chilly, but sunny.


    TR: was really fun all weekend, he's getting so big! He's learning how to screw the lids on bottles/jars and it's so cute to watch him. I almost lost my sh*t with him last night though, as he threw food off his higchair for the millionth time. it's sooooooo frustrating! he'll pick it up, and if he doesn't want it, immediately tosses it overboard. I'm trying to teach him to just nicely put it back on his tray. I've tried everything- saying no, slapping his hand, taking his food away. Ugh. If he was older I'd just tell him the meal was over and he couldn't have anything to eat until the next meal, but htat would only punish me as he gets really whiny when he's hungry. Any advice on how to get hi to stop throwing food, NOW?!


    NRR: training clients this morning, back into the regular routine.


    Have a great day everyone!

     5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08


    running eh

      rg - I don't have a lot of advice regarding the food throwing, but that is why DD2 rarely feeds herself.  I just don't want to deal with crap all over the floor.  Hope you have a great run today!


      RR - Did 8m yesterday - it was my "long" run.  All of you racers must have inspired me, b/c I ran much too quickly.  4-5 recovery miles followed by core class.  The only thing sore after my run was my lower back, so I decided I need to strengthen my core.


      RR#2 - EXCITING news!!  DH has requested time off for the Richmond Marathon.  DH says that if he does the marathon training, he's not going to play soccer.  I told him to think on it some more just to be sure, but I am really hoping he picks the marathon.  As much as it drives me batty that he can run so well with very little training, it will be good to have someone in the house with a similar goal to me.


      NRR - grocery day and cleaning - how does the house get so trashed every weekend?


      KR -  DD2 has been awake since 330 - hopefully she will be okay until 11 when the core class ends.


      FR - homemade pizza




        Getting ready for my first day back at work... ugh... feeling really emotional last night about it...


        RR - 5 in the dark... back to early morning runs


        BR - extra cuddling with her last night before bed.  I'm pretty sure she knows what's going on.

        Had a good time at her birthday dinner Saturday and yesterday with my sister... she go books and toys and clothes.

        Skipped her morning nap yesterday for the first time ever... wondering if she's trying to drop a nap.


        Anyways flying by... hooping when things get settled at work i can post more (apparently we have access to all websites at work.. yahoo)...


          rg - We have been dealing with the food throwing too.  J will much food in his had and then throw it.  Sometimes he'll do it with his milk cup too. We, too, have tried everything to get him to stop.  I have ended the meal because that is usually his cue that he's done...but he could careless if he eats or not so it doesn't phase him much.  If you find a magic solution I would love to hear it.  I have a feeling though that we just have to wait it out.  I hope you have a great run today and get out before it snows.


          eh! - Yay to DH taking time off for the marathon.  When is the marathon?  Great job on your fast LR yesterday and I think you were smart to work on your core..I need to do the same.  I hear you on the messy house over the weekend.  J really destroys our place when he is home all day.


          CTimes - Hugs to you on your first day back...I remember my first day back with J and it was soooooo hard.  You'll get through it though!  I hope you enjoy being back.  Glad C had a great birthday and got some nice stuff.  J dropped to one nap around a year so she might be ready.  She'll definitely let you know!


          RR - Hoping for 5 after work.


          TR - Still coughing up a lung but it doesn't seem to be as bad overnight any more.  He only woke up at 5 a.m. coughing for a few minutes and feel back to sleep until I woke him up at 5:40.  Still testing the limits and just does not listen.  He was being naughty going up the stairs and almost fell backward down them....I almost lost it on him.


          NRR - DH is gone again.  He'll be back Wednesday night and then we head to FL on Sat.  I cannot wait for vacation.  Four school days to get through...I can do this...I can do this.  Went to the doc on Friday for my gall bladder.  Still waiting to hear when the u/s is scheduled for.  They did some bloodwork too...I just want this to be over.  I am tired of feeling horrible and hope they can help me.

          running eh

            CX2  - have a good first day!


              RR - 8k recovery


              TR - STTN three nights in a row now, even though she's still teething. Woo-hoo! Awake at 7 am, which is early for her (especially since she didn't go to sleep until 10:30 pm) but very cheerful and zooming her toy bulldozer around.


              FR - Sesame crusted chicken, garlic mashed potatoes and green beans.


              NRR - Friends came over yesterday evening and arrived bearing steaks, mushrooms, asparagus, perogies and chocolate brownie cheese cake. So we fired up the BBQ and had a massive feast. So yummy. I was sooo stuffed when I went to bed, though.




              rg - Have a good MP run! Hope the roads aren't too bad. S sometimes throws food off her highchair, too. If she's smiling when she's doing it, then I know she's done eating and is playing that annoying toddler game of throwing things on the floor and getting mommy to pick them up repeatedly.  If she's fussy, sometimes she just wants out of her highchair and if I sit her on my lap or at a real chair at the table, she will keep eating her dinner.


              eh - So fun that you and DH might be doing the marathon together! Is this your first marathon? My house always seems to end up trashed at the end of a weekend, too.


              cx2 - Glad C's first birthday was good! Hope your first day back to work goes well and C has a good day with the nanny. Enjoy the uninterrupted internet use!

              5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      




                RR:  SRD.  Did 5 on Friday, 4 Saturday, and 10.5 yesterday.  My tailbone is really killing me right now.


                TR:  Was really whiny yesterday, but part of that was because he couldn't poo.  When he finally did, it hurt so bad he cried.  Poor guy.  I almost puked while changing one of his diapers.  We got him a big ball from Target for Easter.  Thats all we heard in the store was "ball, ball, ball".  He quickly forgot when we got home and it is now riding with me in my car!


                NRR:  Had a decent weekend.  DH surprised me with a date Saturday night so we saw Admission with Tina Fey and had dinner at a place we knew about but just never went to.  It was nice.  We also told both sets of parents Saturday night.  I am disappointed in my dad as he didn't give me a hug or anything.  His comment was "Well, there goes our boating season."  Love ya too dad.  Whatever.


                FR:  Grilled hamburgers last night with sweet potato tots.  Yum.


                I have 4 new groups of kids coming in today...will be back for personals during my 1st chance to sit.

                Upcoming Races: 

                Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



                  good morning!


                  RR - srd.  May do some weights at home since my personal training got moved to Wednesday.


                  BR - his sleep has been all messed up lately.  Sleeping in really late, napping late, won't go to bed.  MMO today so I'll have to get him up at a decent time and hopefully we'll get back to a regular schedule.


                  KR - egg hunt in our neighborhood was postponed since yesterday was so windy, so we ended up going to another one.  Hardly anyone was there so we got tons of eggs.  Lots of candy but no chocolate, boo.  Although, that's probably good for me.  My diet has been less than stellar the last month.


                  FR - need to dig through out freezer and figure something out, it's getting stuffed full of I don't know what.


                  NRR - As much as I've loved having the help with my mom here I'm getting more and more ready to have my personal space back.  She leaves Friday, then I have 3 weeks until MIL comes.


                  rg - I have a food thrower too, but no advice on how to get it to stop.  I try not to draw any attention to it and just give him one piece of food at a time.  If he throws that I don't give him any until he asks for it, then I feed it to him.  Usually getting the dog out of the room helps too!  He loves to feed the dog.  Smile


                  eh - I hope he picks the marathon!  Even though DH and I don't get to run together very often it's nice when we're both training for the same thing.  I had to laugh though, I get frustrated with DH for the same reason.  I keep telling myself men generally run faster and if you look at how we place in races I do better overall.  Wow 3:30 is an early morning!


                  cx2 - good luck with going back to work!  I hope it goes quickly.  L dropped his nap just before he turned 1.  The plus side was I felt like I had more freedom in the morning, and he took a longer afternoon nap after that.


                  jen - I just hard L coughing in his room too.  Hopefully once this weather turns around we will stop being sick all the time!  I hope you get something figured out with your gall bladder!  Yay for vacation coming up!!


                  ernie - wow!  I need friends like yours!  Smile  hope the STTN continues!


                    ernie - Can you friends come with food to my houseSmile  That is so nice.  Yay for S STTN...maybe you are on to a pattern!  Have a good run today!


                    Mer - Sorry about your dads reaction...hopefully that was just a thinking out loud moment and not his real feelings.  After he has time to process it he will realize that he is happy.  Glad you and DH got out for a date night.  LOL to riding around with a large ball in the car!


                    arm - Sounds like the kids got a lot at the egg hunt.  Too bad your neighborhood one was cancelled and boo to no chocolate.  Easter chocolate is only out once/yearSmile  I hope L is able to get back on his regular routine soon.  I am sure the travel has thrown him off.  Enjoy the last few days with your mom.


                      RR:  Srd today.  Ended up doing 13m on the TM yesterday after my travel day.  Was hoping to get a few more miles in for the week but I will take it!.

                      TR:  STTN in his crib.  Nice to be back home.  Apparently DS is going to have a new morning daycare teacher which makes me sad.  His class is expanding by a few kids Sad.

                      NRR:  Saying goodbye yesterday was tough.  DH cried wh
                      ich breaks my heart (it is a rare occurence).  It was really really hard on him.  I think he was still crying when I called him 20 min after he dropped us.  Poor guy.  We will see him next in 3-5 months.  I just hope it goes by super fast!

                      NRR2:  Back to snow and school...




                      cx2:  Good luck today!  Sorry you have to go back but hoping it goes quickly!


                      RG:  No advice here.  H is in a throwing everything phase right now.


                      eh:  Yay, that is exciting.  Are you running Richmond too?


                      jen:  Exciting vacay is so close in sight.  Hoping you get some news from the doctor soon. It would be nice to get it taken care of before you leave.

                      ernie:  Woohoo for STTN.  H started STTN the night about the same time and I was sooo happy.  Now if he doesn't STTN, I feel out of sorts.  And send you friends over this way next,  Sounds yummy!


                      mer:  Your date night sounds wondeful.  Glad you told your parents.  Maybe your dad was just trying to be funny.  DH's parents had a very odd reaction when we told them which really hrut my feelings.  They basically were like "Oh, thats nice".


                      arm:  What an easter egg hunt without chocolate?

                      5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                        RR: 12m LR cut back. Did a tempo run yesterday without stroller and it was very encouraging. Running so much with the stroller has given me a nice strong base. I enjoyed reaping the benefits on the hills.


                        QOTD: I have an extra week (a spare week) in my marathon plan. how should I fill it? Repeat the last week prior to taper? Add in some more speed workouts and tempos now? No idea what to do with it.


                        NRR: So, I got an email from my co-leader at LLL who suggested I joined a baby group called "Housewives and babes of Williamson County" - I have never described myself as a housewife before... anyway... she thought it would be a good match and a great way to meet other moms. So I wrote to them and they 'vet' everyone. I have my playgroup interview at 10.30 this morning. I am dying to ask them what their thoughts are on pushing and how they discipline given my pusher-experience at bermy playgroup.


                        BR: definitely teething. Has lost his appetite and was waking every four hours last night. This mama is tired!


                        FR: cheesy butternut bake with almonds and raisins.

                        5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


                          Back for personals later - but just a quick internet hug for cx2 - hope your first day back at work is ok. Hugs xx

                          5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


                          beskirted & manicured

                            RR - SRD, obviously.  I will try to write a race report today.  My calves are a bit sore, but nothing like marathon sore.  The people I see on FB complaining about stairs are people who haven't yet run a marathon.


                            TR - was awake at 1 am screaming to be read a particular book. DH tried to ignore it, as it was an unreasonable request..I went in and read him the damn book.  yes it was unreasonable, but it was also a simple thing to do to get the screaming to stop!


                            FR - going for vietnamese this morning, as I didn't get to have it post-race.  Fried noodles, tofu, veggies for dinner I think.


                            NRR - took the morning off from the gym to sleep in.

                            5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26



                              rr: attempting a run with rp tonight. i told her that we have to run a route that is easy for me to go to the bathroom if need be (it could be real bad).


                              tr: dd2 is in love with justin timberlake. coincidentally, so am i. as we danced around and sang along to jt's new album i wondered if 1. i looked crazy or 2. other people did stuff like this with their kids.


                              br: loves pointing to everyone and saying their names. hilarious especially when he looks at meredith and says "ra ra." (for mer ra)


                              nrr: contemplating buying tickets to an mlb exhibition game on friday night and taking the kids even though it's at 7:00pm. if we don't go we're going down to hang out with friends we've had to cancel on the last couple weeks becuase of the virus we had.


                              fr: tater tot casserole.


                              rg: yup, c throws food, but only when he is done eating, so that's usually  our cue. it would drive me nutso if he did it all meal long. our dog would have a field trip.


                              eh: i love that dh started running, but i get annoyed when he works all day and then comes home and wants to run. 99% of my runs i do when my kids are sleeping so i wish he would do the same. when he runs at night i feel like we don't see him at all. i just told dh that him and i should join an indoor soccer league since there's a place not too far from here.


                              cx2: good luck at your first day back!!!


                              jen: hope you get some news on the gall bladder today. my mom had her u/s friday too and she's waiting to hear back. i'm freaking out after watching this week's episode of grey's anantomy. i am SO completely jealous of your spring break. can you sneak me in your luggage?!?


                              ernie: your friends are awesome!!!! we do steak night with our friends too occassionally. we'll see them friday, maybe i'll suggest that! yay for STTN!


                              mer: bummer about your dad's reaction. i would have expected something like that to come from your mom Wink good luck with all the new kiddos today!


                              arm: wondering how the city egg hunt is going to happen this weekend since we have tons of snow yet. i think they do it in the local preschool building which would be so boring!


                              shelby: so sad to leave dh! why so long in between visits? will he be on location somewhere else?


                              bermy: my mom hated the term housewife, she typically referred to herself as a homemaker and i've found that paperwork nowadays lists it as a homemaker. good luck with the interview; i'm sure you'll nail it!


                              zorbs: enjoy the rest and food today!


                              beskirted & manicured

                                rg - B threw his food a bit, as with any toddler, but I didn't think it was an out of hand problem.  Honestly, I 'd just put an old shower curtain down on the floor.


                                eh - run with me, I'll slow you down.


                                cx2 - wow, still napping twice a day? B dropped his morning nap before 6 months.


                                jen - hope you feel better soon..Florida will help for sure!


                                ernie - I want to come to your house for dinner every night!  You totally have to do ATB next year.


                                mer - that is horrible of your dad. Is that typical of him?


                                arm - why so many visits from the grandparents?


                                shelby - the only time DH cried was when B was born.  He sniffled on and off for about 3 days and by the 3rd day it was driving me insane.


                                bermy - ugh, I agree with mrszm, I would HATE to be called a "housewife" - I think SAHM is much better.


                                mrszm - I hope your run goes well, without the other kind of runs!

                                5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26