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    Shelby - So sad to hear that DH was crying.  I am sure it is so tough to be away from each other for so long.  He got a taste of being a real family again and that had it taken away.  I hope the next 3-5 months fly by for you.  How much longer will you be living apart?  Nice job on the run after traveling yesterday!  Yay for H STTN...that had to be a relief after his rough sleep on vacation.


    Bermy - Have a great 12 mile run.  I knew you would be a speed demon without the stroller.  It is HARD work pushing a 25lb toddler in a stroller...I don't know how you do it so often.  Sorry that DS was up so much last night.  I hope you get some time to nap today.  Have a great interview today with the mommy group.  I can't wait until summer when I can do more things with the mommy group in my town.


    zorbs - Enjoy your rest and Vietnames food!!  Ugh to B waking up and wanting the book read to him.  You are too nice for getting up and doing that.  I guess if it gets him to stop screaming it is worth it.


    mrszm - I hope you and RP have a good run with no necessary bathroom stops!  How long has it been since you've been able to run.  LOL to you guys dancing together to JT!  We definitely dance around the house too.  J loves to dance!  He waits for DH and I to dance with him!  LOL to the Grey's episode...I told DH...maybe I have gallbladder cancer...he wanted to smack me right there.  Luckily all of my bloodwork came out normal so now I just await the u/s.  At least your mom had hers...I haven't even heard when mine will be yet.  UGH!!


    Honorary Old

      RR: 1.25 miles on Saturday (headed out for a run, but wasn't feeling it so we did a walk instead) and 4 miles yesterday, both with stroller.


      TR: Loves "Cars, Trucks, and Things That Go" by Richard Scarry- on Saturday we probably spent almost 30 minutes looking at that book. Say "elephant" and it sounds like "Elbunt," so cute. Started yowling right as I was stepping into the shower so I ignored him. He was very upset when I finally went to him because he had to go potty and went in his diaper. I got him a foam donut potty thing that goes on the toilet and a folding stepstool for washing his hands and he LOVES it.


      FR: Leftovers last night, thinking enchiladas tonight.


      NRR: My car has a flat tire so I'm driving the truck today, I kind of intended to drive the truck anyways because I have it loaded with crap for the storage unit and need to go empty it so I can fill it again tonight. We have most of our stuff that is going to the storage unit there already, we are down to random things like the stuffed deer head and my food dehydrator then just big furniture needs to go. I need to do massive cleaning in the evenings and rent a carpet cleaner, I might see if my friend who cleans houses wants to make a few bucks and help me out.

      2 Mile: 17: 11   5k PR: 27:45    5 Mile: 44:11    10K: 59:01    Half: 2:15:59     Marathon: 5:50:07




      Honorary Old

        NRR2- I'm expecting a call from that company I interviewed with 10 days ago. They tried calling me on Friday but I had left my phone on my desk at work and didn't realize it until 7 pm on Friday. Unless they make me an offer I can't refuse, I probably won't accept a job offer.


        I think all you people with crappy weather need to move to my neck of the woods, it may be windy but the temps have been over 50 and all the snow has been gone for a few weeks now! Remind me I said this when I start whining about our 100* weather in the summer.


        runnergirl- sorry about R throwing food. Reid does it too, but he does it when he's done eating or bored so I hand him the dog dish to throw the food into. I've noticed that sometimes R just wants attention, whether its positive or negative attention.


        cx2- have a good first day at work. The first two weeks are the hardest and then its just routine.


        Jen- R was farting around on the front steps (concrete) and fell backwards this morning-I was lucky enough to catch him once his butt hit but before he fell back another step onto his head. Yay for vacation, I need one so badly! I'm so over moving and I haven't even done it yet LOL


        Ernie- now those are my kind of friends, send them to my house next!


        Mer- Your dad's response was rude. My dad asked me if Reid was an accident when I told him (granted we had been telling our families that we might not have kids for a long time to get them to stop hassling us).


        armama- I hate having houseguests for a long time, I know that's going to be in our future with building our new place- there will be a dedicated guest room because DH's parents have to stay in a dingy motel when they come to visit now.


        Shelbyjo- so sorry you have to go so long without seeing your DH. Its really hard on me when men cry, I remember a few times when DH did and when my dad did. DH didn't even cry when R was born- how cold is that?! LOL


        Bermy- no idea on your QOTD. What do you mean by pusher?  Like someone who is really judgy and militant about BF? I don't like the housewife term either, I would prefer SAHM or Homemaker.


        zorbs- I would have read the book too. Great job on your race, you killed it!  Haha, after my marathon, I went to my friend's condo on Queen Anne hill in Seattle to shower and I had to walk up several flights of stairs- oh the agony! I had to go up sideways with both hands on the handrail and did my stairs at home backwards for a good 3-4 days.  I've done whole days on my feet after halves before, so those complainers are woosies!


        mzm- JT is sexy. I used to hate him when he was in NSync, but he's so talented, he's hard not to love.

        2 Mile: 17: 11   5k PR: 27:45    5 Mile: 44:11    10K: 59:01    Half: 2:15:59     Marathon: 5:50:07




          spike:  This is terrible and I shouldnt admit it but I rarely cry.  I was very emotional when H was born but I didn't actually cry.  Dh did though Smile


          jen:  You are so right about the taste of family and then it being taken away.


          mrszm;  Mmm tater tot casserole sounds so good!  DH will be in the field for most of the summer doing training which means no visits, no phones, no computers, etc.  Hopefully we can write letters but I doubt it.

          5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


            Mer - Great running this weekend! Ha, the short toddler span is awesome for buying them gifts right in front of them. Ugh, very disappointing reaction from your Dad. Hopefully he'll have something more positive to say once it sinks in. Did you at least get a good reaction from DH's parents?


            Arm - It's always nice to have your house back to yourself no matter how helpful and great your guests are. My freezer is much the same...full, but not necessarily of anything useful. No chocolate on the Easter Egg hunt? Unacceptable!


            Jen - You will make it through this week! Just 4 work days! I am very jealous of your Florida trip. I hope you the gall bladder stuff figured out soon. Are you feeling any better?


            Shelby - 13 on the tm after that long day of travel? Hardcore! Glad ds STTN even after the travel and being in a toddler bed! Aw, that is so sad about your DH crying. 3-5 months is a long time...is there any chance you'll manage to get a bonus visit in there? If not, hope it goes fast. I didn't cry either when S was born. I just kept saying "Wow" like a dork. My DH was all weepy, though. Smile


            Bermy - Great tempo run yesterday! No advice on the marathon plan since I've never done a fm. Sometimes I call myself a housewife as a joke. I can't imagine using that term seriously, though, it sound so old-fashioned! Hope you like the group otherwise!


            Zorbs - Enjoy that rest and Vietnamese food! Yes, I must do ATB. I was having serious ATB envy yesterday when I saw people posting their updates on fb after the race. I would have totally given in and given him the book at 1 am, too. The middle of the night is time for sleeping, not for taking a stand.


            Mrszm - Well, I dance and sing like that even though S is too young to really join in, so if you are crazy, I am right there with you! I hope your tummy holds up during your run tonight.


            Spike - Sounds like R is really getting the hang of potty training! I plan to use one of those doughnut rings and step stools for S when it is time to PT her, too. Something about having to clean out an actual potty makes me want to gag, even though it shouldn't since I change diapers all the time.

            5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      


            Honorary Old

              Ernie- the one I bought is DreamBaby brand and is comfy molded foam. Its really stable and doesn't slip. I just bought the white one so its unisex. I started putting R on the potty immediately when he started walking (16.5 mos).

              2 Mile: 17: 11   5k PR: 27:45    5 Mile: 44:11    10K: 59:01    Half: 2:15:59     Marathon: 5:50:07



              running eh

                ER - did the core class at my gym.  the regular instructor was on vacation and I did NOT like the replacement.  I did learn that my abs are in TERRIBLE shape.  There were a lot of exercises I couldn't even do b/c I know I would hurt my back.  Guess I'll be going back next week.


                mjen - hope you get some answers about the gall bladder soon!  Yay for vacation, are you gone for the whole week?  Are you flying?  The marathon is November 16 - it's the weekend before DH's bday, so I am trying to sell it to him as a bday getaway.


                ernie - nice friends!  send them over my way, would you!?  this would be my first marathon.  I have only ever done 4 races, the longest being a 10k - maybe I should try a half first...


                mer - sorry about your dad's reaction - maybe he's like my dad, kind of awkward in those situations and doesn't know what to say.  Yay for date night.  DH and I should do that soon.


                arm - are the easter egg hunts public things or was it put on by friends -- sounds fun!  enjoy the rest day.


                shelby - aww - that is so tough for DH, and for your whole family, I hope the time goes by quickly!  You are a machine - getting those miles in there.  I don't know how you do it.  The plan would be for DH and I to run Richmond together (though not together, together...)


                bermy - hope the interview goes well.  that seems crazy to me, to have a playgroup interview... Smile   Enjoy your 12m!  I ordered the clean eating cookbook this morning.  Let me know your favourite recipes.  I went to order Advanced marathoning and then it was free shipping and $5 off if I spent  at least $30, so I decided to get your book.


                zorbs - enjoy your rest, you deserve it!  enjoy your lunch too, sounds good.

                running eh

                  spike - good idea on hiring a cleaner to give you a hand!  nice that you are leaving such a clean house too.  Cutte about DS and his potty stuff.  I need to get in the habit of putting DD2 on the potty more often.  Is your race on Sunday?


                  Honorary Old

                    Running eh- its on Saturday (moving day) hopefully I can still do it.

                    2 Mile: 17: 11   5k PR: 27:45    5 Mile: 44:11    10K: 59:01    Half: 2:15:59     Marathon: 5:50:07




                      Spike - Thanks, I'll see if I can find that brand or something equally comfy. I was thinking it would be a long time before I needed to buy it, but when you put it that way, there's no reason not to get one soon and let her try it out. It's often very obvious when she has to poop, so plunking her on the toilet would save me from having to change a few diapers at least!

                      5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      


                      Bad Ass Mother Runner


                        RR - took the girls to the gym this morning and did ST'ing. Felt good!! I feel like I'm getting my strong body back. I saw a couple of pgr women working out... almost missed my pgr days, just bc I enjoyed being the hardcore pgr chick at the gym. I think I'd rather be the hardcore skinny chick now though Smile

                        TR - slept in again, I guess that's the exchange for not napping.

                        BR - was entertaining our friends last night w/ her mad eating. She ate a full spoonful of sheppard's pie plus a bunch of M's leftovers.

                        BR+TR - both have well visits tomorrow, 3 yr and 6 mos. I'm curious on O's stats, she's grown, so I'm curious if she's moved up in %.

                        FR - panko porkchops, should have bought mushrooms for the sauce... doh. I have some dried ones, maybe I'll put them in water and use them.

                        I'll brb and do whatever personals I can get done quickly.

                        5k - 22:56        10k - 46:13          HM - 1:45:39          FM - 3:57:03

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                        Bad Ass Mother Runner

                          RG - we always ended the meal when food throwing started. I'd say to her, when you throw your food it makes mommy think you are all done. I'd take away her tray, and if she freaked out I'd explain again, and then give it back and say if you throw your food again, I'll take it away. Then I actually would take it away. They won't starve from a few shortened meals, plus I'd then always offer healthy snacks before bedtime so she didn't go to bed hungry.

                          eh - YAY for dh training too!! My house is always a bit tidier on Mondays cause we have our small group here on Sunday nights, which means it's clean, it doesn't last long though!

                          cx2 - hugs! I hope the day goes well for you and C. Yay for internet at work though, I always have way more time to post when I'm working Smile

                          Jen - I hope you hear back on the u/s quickly. I totally understand the feeling of just wanting to know what's wrong so that you can fight it! I think they can tell some stuff from bloodwork for gullbladder.

                          ernie - yay for STTN!! YUM your chicken sounds so good! YAY for friends who bring steak!

                          mer - poor kid Sad I'm glad he finally was able to go. YAY for a surprise date! I'm sure your dad is happy, if he's like my dad it's just a male expressing emotion thing.

                          arm - I hope DS's sleep gets back on track! Yeah I can't stand my mom in my house for more than a couple weeks. Enjoy the 3 weeks of having your house to yourself!

                          shel - holy cow on the TM run, after travel, you are amazing! YAY for STTN! Sad on your dh crying, so sweet and so sad, I hope the time goes fast for both of you.

                          bermy - amazing run yesterday! You are so strong right now!! If you are feeling uninjured and strong, I'd repeat the last week, one more 20 (or bump it to 22) can't hurt, right?

                          zorbs - congrats on the PR yesterday! LOL if one book got him quiet, sounds worth it to me.

                          mzm - I should have planned a route yesterday w/ bathrooms! I hope the run goes well.

                          K, gotta go see what M's up to, bbl.

                          5k - 22:56        10k - 46:13          HM - 1:45:39          FM - 3:57:03

                          Blog: http://terryruns.wordpress.com/


                            back for personals...


                            r-eh: that's my biggest thing, i HATE cleaning the food off the floor, plus i dont want to be the mom w/ the messy kid. nice job on your long run. work on that core, it pays off big time when the miles get longer! that is so awesome about your DH training for Richmond!


                            Cx2- aw, i've been thinking about you all day, and hoping your first day back is going well! R transitioned to two naps right after he turned one. it was an interesting week until we figured out a new schedule, but i love just one nap a day! you can get so much more done. do you run with anyone early in the mornings? I'm way too chicken to go out in the dark by myself. last time i did that, i almost ran a PR on a 5K trainign run, lol.


                            jen: ugh, it's sooo frustrating! sometimes he throws the first piece of food, so i know it's not the end of the meal yet. it actually never snowed this morning, so i had clear dry roads the whole time, it was great! ah, the stairs scare me sometimes! YAY for FL!!!!!! it's been a long time coming, huh? Boo on the dr, hurry up already!!!


                            Ernie- enjoy your recovery run today. yay for STTN!!! Ooooh, friends that bring yummy dinner are always welcome, no matter what time they show up, awesome! Sounds like a fun time.


                            Mer- Aw, yay for a date night with DH, how sweet! It's great that you guys got some time together. LOL on the ball in your car. I feel so bad for them when they can't poop! Yay for telling your parents, but what a bummer on your dad's response. I probably would have made some rude comment. Good luck with all the new students today!


                            arm- have a great RD/ST workout! R had a weird napping/sleeping week last week. He napped really late (like didn't go down til 1PM) and slept in til 7-8AM most mornings. He was back to being up early today though, 6AM! Boo for no chocolate, that's the only reason to egg hunt, right?


                            Shelbyjo- good job on the run yesterday, esp with all the traveling! YAY for H sleeping in his crib all night, whoohoo! awww, a new teacher is always tough, i hope she;s just as good as his current one. aww, so sweet/sad about DH crying, that makes me tear up!


                            Bermy- great job on your tempo run yesterday, you were flying mama! i always felt so much faster and stronger on my solo runs after so many miles of pushing the stroller. What do the rest of your weeks look like for trainign? i might add in another 17-18 mile LR, along with one other quality workout that week (tempo or mile repeats or a hill workout). Aw, sorry DS is waking so much, hope he gets relief soon, teething is so awful


                            zorbs- great job on your PR yesterday!!! a book at 1AM?! i probably would have done the same as you, just to get the kid back to sleep! rest up and enjoy your morning off! oooh, good idea w/ the curtain...


                            mrszm- hope you're feeling better and the run goes well today. LOL on DD2 and JT, that's sooo hilarious! and yep, i dance around with R all the time, he loves bee-bopping to the tunes in the car. I'm totally that crazy person driving around and car dancing, ha! yeah, the dog is getting fat from R's scraps...


                            spike- my mom just gave me Richard Scarry's big book that used to be mine when i was a little kid, and i've been having sooo much fun reading it to R! it brings back memories. Good luck with the rest of the packing, moving, and cleaning!


                            CA- nice job getting the ST on this morning! do the girls like the gym daycare? the kids always cry when they leave the daycare at the gym where i work. Miss Tina is soooo good with the kids, they all hate to leave! Yay for M sleeping in, but no nap is a tough trade-off sometimes. R throws food at the start of the meal sometimes, so i know he isn't doing it b/c he's full/done. I might just have to go back to feeding him one piece at a time, which is annoying. He only does it at dinner though- b'fast, lunch, and snacks are usually good.

                             5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



                              rg - Sorry about R dropping the food.  J did that for a while, but not long.  Now, he drops his food purposely to feed the dog!


                              eh! - That is great about your DH!  What toppings do you put on your pizza?


                              cx2 - I hope your day went well. Who is C with today?  Definitely don't feel bad for calling every once and a while!


                              jen - We are in the same boat with Spring Break, although we don't have a sunny destination.  Everyone here is SO ready for break...makes it hard to start new classes. I hope they get things figured out with your gall bladder.


                              ernie - MMMMM....garlic mashed potatoes!  Yay for STTN.  That is great.


                              armmama - I could never put up with my mom for very long.  MIL on the other hand would get annoying, but at least she would clean up after herself!  Surprisingly, chocolate really isn't appealing to me too much lately.


                              shelby - You are one strong woman.  I would be lost without DH for 3-5 days nonetheless months!  No, my dad was serious.  Boating is big in our family over the summer.  He lives for it and thinks I will be crippled or something...but then he commented that I could still ski.  Um, no.


                              bermy - Enjoy your LR.  Let us know how the interview goes!


                              zorbs - Did you enjoy your anniversary dinner last night?  Its pretty horrible of my dad.  I consider myself closer to him than my mom.  I think he was caught off guard...we have a way of doing that with our announcements.


                              mrszm - The game on Friday sounds like fun, go for it.  We are meeting moxie and her DH down there in a couple weeks.  J and I dance all the time!  (Mostly when DH is gone though!)

                              Upcoming Races: 

                              Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



                                mer - I come from a sailing family and can't imagine that being able to do that while pregnant.  Maybe not going balls out after 8-9 months.  What kind of boating do you all do that your dad thinks wouldn't be ok while pregnant.  LOL about skiing being ok though.


                                Ernie - regarding PTing...we got a PT donut thing to go on the toilet from target.  It suction cups on and doesn't slip or slide.  And you can easily remove so you don't have to designate one toilet the potty training toilet.  We also got a little potty for each of out upstairs bathrooms.  One of them turns into a step stool when the lid is down.  I figure if I want my kid mostly PT by 2 y.o. or so (when daycare starts PT them), then I better start at home a few months early.