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Trump Thursday (Over 40) (Read 18 times)

    For the Euchre players out there.  or the Donald lovers.


    Had it in mind based on the event I posted on yesterday's thread that trumps all others in jaw dropping style.


    Texted you Ginny...up and at 'em!




    Run to live; live to run

      I see Judy started a thread too but after Lisa's so I picked Lisa's thread.  Hope the weaather is okay for you guys


      Good morning!  Like thr title Lisa.  Waiting for a little light as the wind  was bad and lots of rain at 2.  Even with street lights I don't want to miss any downed limbs or small tree things and end up falling.  So just waiting a bit longer.



        Good morning!

        Karen, haven’t read that book

        Lisa/KQ, so sorry about the tooth. Sorry about the run, too, but some days are just sucky and tomorrow I'd bet you can do the whole loop.

        Julie, hope you have a great Warrior Dash! Enjoy that pool.

        AnnieSusan, so cool to see a Cooper's Hawk! I mostly spot hawks when I'm on a busy road and can't get a good look. : )

        Ginnie, you're hanging in there this winter. We're over half thru it, too!

        Marjorie, I hope he took his meds. Good luck.

        Cindy, I enjoyed your dialog with yourself. : )  Whose program are you using?

        Tessa, what time do you get up?  When I read you were waiting for the bus at 530 after a morning run…wow.

        Lisa/MMR, have you signed up?  : )

        Laura, bummer on the water.

        Hi Judy and Demaris!


        I stayed home  due to tornado warnings/watches yesterday. One hit 30 to 40 min west and caused extensive damage. The TV stations stopped regular programming for hours to track the storms and that saved many lives. The tornado destroyed a factory with workers huddled in bathrooms-all survived! : )  I'm feeling amazed and grateful more weren't killed considering amt of destruction. Here-just wind and  occ. torrents of rain.


        I had to run, so I added 2 extra min to my usu mi time and ran by time in place/on stairs.  I'm counting it as 5.  : ) It actually wasn't bad. Need 5 again today, but can get outside. : )


          Lying comfy in bed this morning, minding my own business, when my drill sargeant sent me a text!  "Good Morning"  from Lisa, 4:30am....I have to say it got me up and out and I did go to the gym and ran 5 on the TM, how could I not?.  Snowing and blowing like crazy and very deceptively slippery this morning.  Thanks Lisa!  You never do say to yourself  " Gee I am so sorry I got up and ran 5 miles this morning"  Still not the greatest run, but I did it.  Gym was crowded this morning when I got there too, all men.  It is a small gym, only 5 TM's, 3 were in use when I got there.


          Well better get going, be back later.





          6/8 Hatfield/McCoy Half, 8/18 lake Erie Shores and Islands Half, 9/21 Mighty Niagara Half Lewiston, NY, 10/7 Cleveland Rock & Roll Half 10/6 or Detroit Free Press 10/20, A Christmas Story 5 or 10K Cleveland 12/7, Santa Hustle Half Cedar Point 12/15


            Woke up to rain water on my kitchen wall and counter; glad we haven't scheduled the faux painter yet. We'll have to try again to look for where on the roof that comes from. Glad we paid for all the other "repairs" that obviously didn't do the trick.


            Damaris - I read your RR last night; I think I'll use it as my visual next time I debate getting out for a run. Congrats on all your efforts. Thanks also for linking to Beginner's Forum; I was wondering what Forum the RW posters went to. Lots of familiar faces over there.


            Ran yesterday and then wore heels into work. Ouch, my achilles and calves hurt today. Lesson learned. Shoe shopping this weekend? Flats?


            Root canals don't sound like fun but as I get older, I am so thankful for dentistry; I can't imagine being only 50 and missing teeth!


            We have a hawk watch in town that's open during the fall months. Have to say they are impressive birds. Just don't like seeing them with lunch in their mouths. Poor mice.


            Ginny - What a cool wake up call! But do you sleep with your phone? Glad to hear you got the run in.


            Lisa - That's some event you posted about lat night! I think if I jumped out of an airplane I would have enough adrenaline to run any distance after that.


            No run today; stretching instead. I've decided my memory run for Karnel will be next Monday night's Pub Run. May not be the most picturesque, but I will be surrounded by runners and good times. Good food, good fun, good friends. Also plenty of photographers available. Printing out my leaf now.


            Enjoy the post-storm day, and if you have the sunshine we have here, that should make everything a little better!




              I do have my phone on the nightstand.  Our landline doesn't work upstairs anymore....my son is a police officer who works nights and I am always afraid I will miss a call if something should happen.  I know that sounds very pessimistic of me, but it has happened in the past, he wasn't injured badly, but still......I need the security of the phone...





              6/8 Hatfield/McCoy Half, 8/18 lake Erie Shores and Islands Half, 9/21 Mighty Niagara Half Lewiston, NY, 10/7 Cleveland Rock & Roll Half 10/6 or Detroit Free Press 10/20, A Christmas Story 5 or 10K Cleveland 12/7, Santa Hustle Half Cedar Point 12/15


              Run to live; live to run

                Did 10.2 so ended the month with 357 miles  Yay me.


                Ginny perfectly understandable with the phone.  I'm the same with dh and his job.  You don't ever know.  Yes no one will usually say they are sorry they ran 5 miles.  Good for you!


                Carolyn boo to the water!


                Camille waiting to see on dad.  I'm optimistic!


                Anonymous Guest

                  Lisa, I have no intention of ever jumping out of a perfectly functioning airplane, so that event will not even make it onto a list to be crossed off. My dad is scared of heights and hates flying, my mom thinks she would actually like skydiving (they used to have an annual convention in my home town and she would go out to the airport every year to watch). I take after my dad on heights and the thought of jumping out of a plane.


                  Marjorie, sounds like cautiously optimistic news on your dad.


                  Lisa/KQ, rough day for you yesterday! Hope things get better. And you will get back into the run much more quickly than someone starting from scratch - just get out there a couple more times. You've get the fitness from cycling, your running muscles just need to remember what they do.


                  camille, I was thinking of you when I saw pictures from the storms that went through Georgia. Glad you are okay! We just got rain and strong winds overnight, which I slept through.


                  Ginny, good job on the 5! I leave my phone downstairs at night for two reasons - 1) we still have a landline, and 2) my boss will wake up in the middle of the night and send/respond to emails. I do not want to hear a ding at 2 in the morning, and then curiosity will make me check and then I'll be awake and thinking about work. I totally get why you would though.


                  Carolyn, bummer on the roof leaks. We were having the same problem - leak, get it fixed, still leaking, repeat. After the derecho came through last summer we got a huge leak in the roof over the garage (you could hear the water coming in) so DH called our homeowners insurance and they ended up paying to replace about 2/3 of the roof. We went ahead and replaced the whole thing and paid the difference. Expensive and kind of a pain, but we don't have any more leaks, at least! Probably not what you want to hear.


                  I like your idea for Karnel's run.


                  6 mile tempo run for me tonight, so about 9 total. Will probably do on the TM - it's easier to regulate speed and the winds outside are still pretty strong. Developing my mental toughness, I guess, running 6 miles at exactly the same speed on the TM. A necessary evil I guess.


                  Ha. My boss sent out an email to a group about getting together in Chicago for a two-day meeting. His options were W-Th or Th-F of one week or T-W or W-Th of another week. We would end at noon the second day. Which would mean no earlier than a 2:00 flight out. We get off work at 12:30 on Fridays. But I didn't say anything. The first response back was from my former boss (who is on this committee) saying she could do any dates except the Th-F. I replied to her saying I didn't know what her schedule was, but thank you because I didn't want to be trying to fly out of Chicago on a Friday afternoon in March. She replied and said her "schedule conflict" was that she didn't want to fly out on Friday afternoon. Working for her was soooooo much better than the total idiot I work for now.


                  Since everyone else is blogging: http://karenrunsfar.blogspot.com/
                  Upcoming Marathons: December 2017 - Mississippi Gulf Coast Marathon, March 2018 - The Woodlands, April 2018 - Boston



                    Lisa, I think they should make it a shorter event, since the skydive means one has already covered 2.5 miles of distance. Admittedly straight down, but it's still distance. But an ultra on a 1 mile paved loop? No thank you.


                    Lisa/KQ, sorry about the tooth.


                    Damaris, ugh on work issues.


                    Marjorie, I wish I could wait for light. I'm at work just as it is starting to get light this time of year.


                    Camille, the alarm is set for 3:30 and I aim to be on the road by 4. Back by 4:45 to 5, quick shower and dress, out the door at 5:20 to get to the park & ride for the 5:36 bus. That means I'm at work by 6:30.


                    Ginny, yay for you! Drill Sergeant Lisa can be very persuasive.


                    Carolyn, ugh on trying to find the leak. And honestly I am not usually sorry for what the hawk has in its mouth. We have hawks that hover over the bank in back of us waiting for the gophers to emerge. I cheer the birds on. I will even buy the hawk its choice of condiment if it wishes!


                    And I think Karnel would have hooted about the pub run!


                    Karen, I am with you (and Barbara Bush), I can't imagine why anyone would jump out of a perfectly good airplane. But if your mum wants to try it, more power to her! Does she have a big birthday coming up? You and your sibs could club together and get her a GC for a tandem jump.


                    Your boss. Idiot.


                    4.3 with running neighbour this morning. Think her run was better than mine, but we made it through. (She saw a shooting star and found a quarter. I tripped and had GI issues. Not fair!)


                    Happy runs, everyone.

                    Bad Ass

                      Hi, girls.  Working from home today and I'm glad because the drama at the office is worth a reality show today.  5 miles later tonight.

                      Lisa, morning!

                      Marjorie, hope your run went well.  Edit to say, yay!

                      camille, ugh at the tornadoes.  Glad you guys are OK.

                      Ginny, LOL.  Lying comfortably in bed at 430 is not like me.  I would be passed out with two cats on top.

                      Carolyn, that sucks.  Hope the kitchen is not damaged.

                      Karen, your old boss sounds awesome.  Glad you won't get stuck in Chicago on Friday afternoon.

                      Tessa, sounds like a nice run with stars and all.


                      Have a nice day!



                      "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                      It's always fucking hot in Miami!


                      Run to live; live to run

                        I'm glad I had the option to wait for a bit of daylight when I ran.  There were a lot of little sticks and the little seed pods from some trees all over the place so I could have easily fallen or tripped or twisted an ankle if one of the pods was still hard.


                        Tessa when I travel I don't have the option but at home sometimes I do.  I'm very glad for that for sure.  Yikes on the tripping.  How are you after the tumble during the race?


                        Karen I'm optimistic but realistic too.  My dad still has a lot of issues.  He is still talking to the scammer.  He is overly flattered how many women are wanting to date him or showing interest.  I get it but he has to be careful.  He has had a few others asking him for money.  He is a grown up so I can't control it all but doesn't mean I won't worry about it.



                          Tessa, new question.  How did you ever find a running buddy who would wake up at 3:3o?

                          Carolyn, I'm with Tessa on the hawk diet.  Let them catch all the mice!  They keep wanting to set up house in my car. A couple years ago, one had babies in the air filter. As hard hearted as it seems, I have NO sympathy for them.

                          Back to work...



                            Camille, I'd been seeing this woman running with her DH every so often for the last couple of years, they were usually heading out on the out and back as I was coming back. I didn't know who they were but we'd exchange "good morning" as one does when one meets another runner in the very early morning. Then at Leona Valley she was working the check in table and recognised me. We compared notes and found that a) she lives a few houses up on the street that runs into mine, b) we both ran very early in the morning because of commutes, c) her DS1 and my DD were in the same graduating class and had been right through school together, starting with first grade, and d) she wanted a running buddy because her DH didn't like to get up early all the time and she is not comfortable running alone in the dark. So we agreed to try meeting for runs to see how it went. She's faster, I'm steady paced, but as long as we make the Tuesday/Thursday morning runs her easy and my tempo we do fine. Sometimes her DH joins us but he likes to run faster.


                            And we have done a few Saturday long runs together, I know more routes -- I tend to look at a map and then go out and run what looked possible, she doesn't experiment or explore that much. So I've shown her some areas she hadn't ventured into before, especially out in the rural areas around us. And her DH came with us for a mountainous 22 a few weekends ago on a fire road through the national forest they hadn't known existed. She runs on the TM at the gym on the days she wants to go faster, or talks her DH into going with her so she can run longer/faster.



                              Marjorie, fine, thanks, bruises are slowly disappearing, still have scabby knee, hands, and elbow but those will heal.


                              If your dad knows that these women are interested only for his money and he's not losing money he needs to live, i.e. if he's spending on/sending to them money that he might otherwise use going to movies or buying lottery tickets, I'd say it's his choice. Paying for flattery from a girlfriend, paying for attention from a casino dealer, no difference if he can afford to spend it. If paying for flattery from an online girlfriend means not paying the utility bill, then there is a problem.


                              On the mice, wasn't it Susan who used to live trap them, take them down the road to the marsh, and release them until she found out that the mice usually made it back to her house faster than she did?


                              Run to live; live to run

                                Tessa that is the thing he is way overspending outside his budget. He has enough to live on and do some thing but not be all extravagant.  Sending the scammer $600 and doing a $3000 cash advance and buying $3000 worth of jewelry is not in his budget.  The local dates to go to the movies or to a casual dinner he is totally able to do.  So now he has large credit card bills and does not have the money to pay those off.  It is hard because DH and I know what we can and cannot spend and what we need to put aside responsibly to save for later.  My dad knows this but suddenly seems to be all about spending everything.  He has not saved any money in the last few years but hasn't gone into debt either.  In one month he is now thousands of dollars in debt for things that he had total control over. The women asking him for money are out of the country or out of state etc and want him to pay their bills.  That he cannot do.     I just hope when he does his taxes he doesn't owe a lot or we will have to take way more out of his IRA than is budgeted for and could cause an issue.