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Warm Up Please Wednesday Supermoms (Read 30 times)


    Brrr, it's COLD!


    RR: teaching circuit this morning (aka the cardio/teeny weights class) then running afterwards. 5-6 miles. Really looking forward to the weekend and another LR!!!


    TR: wanted to color yesterday afternoon, so he pulled his little rocking chair over to the coffee table, got out his drawing book, and ran into the kitchen and opened the drawer where i keep his crayons. so smart. he's 17 months old today. it's crazy!


    NRR: not too much going on...staying busy at work which is making the time fly. i miss DH- we see each other for 20 minutes tops on weekdays right now.

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      sort of glad I'm not running today, -26C windchill out right now.


      RR - SRD.


      TR - wasn't terribly upset when he was locked in the car, just looked at me funny, like "Mommy, why are you out there staring at me?"  He screamed when the towing guy jacked the door open and the car alarm went off though.


      FR - japanese noodles.


      NRR - ernie - today I am having lunch with a friend in Newmarket.



      rg - we have sort of stopped saying "WHERE did he learn that?" B is a little sponge.

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      running eh

        RR - strength training w. elliptical warmup (2miles).  I thought I should try to elliptical to give me legs a bit of a break from running, but I almost fell off the machine twice.  Last time I tried that thing I knocked my water bottle and it spilled ALL OVER the floor.


        NRR - staying home all day today, I think!


        FR - tilapia, roasted beets and sweets, salad


        KR - DD2 woke up screaming at 3, no idea why...


        RG - My DH and  I had weeks like that too, it can make things tough!  Hang in there mama, you're half way there.  DD2 loves to colour too, she has coloured on almost every piece of furniture we own, most of our board books, and many toys.  I am always trying to keep any sort of colouring device away from her, but she seems to  have a special talent in finding them!


        Zorbs - glad B was okay with being locked in the car!  Enjoy your rest day!


          RR - Will do 10k this morning and ST tonight. It's even colder than yesterday: -30C (-22F) with the windchill. Normally I run with RP on Wednesday evenings when she gets home from work, but I don't want to drag S out into the cold, dark night for a stroller run. Even though she would probably be warm and cozy in her snowsuit and with the weather shield - ha ha, it's probably really me that doesn't want to run in the cold, dark night.


          BR - A little stuffed up, but otherwise feeling fine. She gets a gazillion colds but, thankfully, they are always quite minor and clear up quickly. The unspoken rule around here is that you still bring your kids out to play if it's just a cold, so it's inevitable that all these babies pass their germs around!


          FR - Shrimp with honey mustard sauce, mixed sauteed veggies and jasmine rice.


          NRR - Taking S to sensory fun class later this morning and otherwise not too much going on. We got a Tassimo for Christmas and I loooove my new afternoon ritual of having a latte during S's nap!




          rg - Happy 17 months to R! It sounds like you get to run by yourself on your break today, but have you even run with R in temps this cold? I'm trying to decide for future reference whether S would be warm enough out there with the weather shield on.


          zorbs - Glad B got rescued from the locked car quickly! I'll bet the towing guys get calls like that all the time. Hope the roads are good for your drive to Newmarket today! Where are you going for lunch?

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            rg - Too funny that you are excited about another LR...I like them...but LOVE when they are doneSmile  Happy 17 months to R.  It is rough not seeing DH...I hope you guys can make the most of your weekends together.


            Zorbs - I think I missed something...How did B get locked in the car?  Enjoy your rest day and lunch out!


            eh - The elliptical gets easier...keep with it.  Sorry about DD2 waking up screaming.  Enjoy your time at home.


            ernie - Good luck with your run in the cold.  Glad S seems to be doing better with her cold.  have fun at sensory class.


            RR - Did 8 on the TM yesterday and hoping for 5-6 today.


            NRR - It is still snowing and the roads are rough...not as bad as Monday though.  It is still supposed to snow all day today so the drive home could be interesting.


            TR - Was good last night for the most part and then this morning decided to throw his milk cup 3 times and sock me in the face once.  Ugh...this hitting thing is killing me.  I have been telling him no and then walking away and ignoring him and that seems to end the behavior quickly at the moment.


              RR: 5-6 on the TM after school.


              TR:  Can recognize so many pictures and say the words.  We had fun reading books last night.


              NRR: submitting my letter today.  All it means is that I have submitted a letter.  Six groups of new kids yesterday made for a lot of talking on my part.


              FR:  DH made chili last night and it was delicious.


              Personals at work soon.

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                Jen- nice job on the TM runs. i wish i liked running on the TM more, i dont' know what it is, but it jacks up my stride and i look awful. ha. i hope you guys can find a solution to stop the hitting with J! be safe driving today. the roads were really bad/icy this morning.


                r-eh- have fun with the ST today! sorry, but i lmao about the elliptical. i need to try beets again sometime. i never liked them as a kid, but it's probably because they were pickled...i like alot of roasted veggies! hope DD is ok!


                ernie-good luck with your run today. R was only 6 months old this time last winter, and it wasnt' quite this cold out, so i still took him out. i had a bundle-me in his carseat, along with his fleece snowsuit, and i made sure to put both the carseat an stroller canopies up to block the wind. right now i'm running from work on my lunch break, so i dont' take him with me. And with it beign this cold, I probably would leave him home with DH.


                zorbs- glad B was ok in the car yesterday. enjyo your RD. lunch out with C?

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                  runnergirl - Cute about R getting all set up to color.  Bummer about the short time with DH.  The weekend will be here before we know it!


                  zorbs - Did the towing guy damage the new car at all?  This cold weather sucks.


                  eh! - Those ellipticals are dangerous! Wink  Have a great day!


                  erine - Have a great time at sensory class.  You said she really enjoyed it last time you went.  How was the library yesterday?


                  jen - I can't believe how much it has been snowing by you.  I hope you enjoyed your day off yesterday!  What a nice treat.  Now you have a short week after a long night of conferences!


                  mrszm - From  yesterday, I did feel like I had to buy something at the 31 party.  I really didn't want to, but did.  It didn't help that the lady running the party is one of my students parents.  Although, I KNOW I didn't spend nearly as much as some of the other ladies.  I just hope I like what I bought!

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                  Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



                    mer- x-posted with you! good luck with the job. how soon will they be setting up interviews? hope your run goes well today. new students sounds like alot of work! i hope they're all a good group of kids for you.

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                      RR: 5x800s. Feel like my legs have finally recovered. Took yesterday's recovery run really super easy and it paid off. I think I am finally over my cold now. Glad I ran through it. I just feel super hot all the time. Odd.


                      NRR: just had the international shipping company over to talk about shipping stuff to our new house. I think we're going to go with just irreplaceable items and about 4 medium sized boxes in total, as well as some pictures. I am going to have another huge house sale and just sell every single other piece of crap that we have accumulated.


                      BR: enjoyed playgroup yesterday. He spent most of it sat in a blue car driving. It was great to chat to my friends and catch up. I also played with 4 boys DS's age for about an hour in the plastic kitchen. Then had a blast playing nicely together. Today we might head to the botanical gardens to get out of the house.


                      FR: corn cakes were a complete hit last night. They were a lot of work though as I made wehini rice and kamut berries as I couldn't find farro so that took 50 mins which then had to cool before I added corn (which was pre-cooked), egg whites, breadcrumbs etc. Tonight is pasta lentil bolognese. DH and I are enjoying our vegetarian phase - thanks Spike!




                      spike - this might sound a bit creepy but I wondered where you were this week on the forum! I thought we had lost you to a new 'living-it-up' Vegas lifestyle...

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                        ugh just lost my post.  that happens to me a lot on this site!


                        RR - I will not run today. I will not.  I had planned on it but my friend really wants me to play tennis and then I thought it would be nice if I showered before going to DD's school lunch so instead of running after tennis I will come home and do that.  I did have tennis clinic yesterday - 3 of us showed up - and then ran 5 miles afterwards.


                        BR - will not eat pasta.  What kid doesn't like pasta?


                        KR - I have a 10  year old!  I feel old.  She wanted to bring donuts to school for her birthday treat so I picked up 3 dozen and we had some for breakfast and then I'll bring the rest to school for her class and teacher to have after lunch.


                        FR - letting DD decide since it's her birthday but she keeps changing her mind.  I think we have settled on sushi.  I still need to pick up a cake.  She wanted ice cream cake today and I'm supposed to make a mermaid cake for her party on Friday.  Need to figure out how to do that.


                        NRR - I have been really short on patience lately.  I don't know how to snap out of it.  4 weeks until my parents come and DH and I go to Orlando but that still seems like forever away.


                        rg - lol at teeny weights.  Is circuit class like Body Pump?  that class is popular here.


                        zorbs - is nail polish thinner the same thing as  remover?  I have a couple polishes that are clumpy that I wouldn't mind resurrecting.


                        eh - I haven't done cardio machines (treadmill, elliptical) in so long and now I feel SO awkward on them.


                        ernie - if I kept my kids home for every cold they'd never get out!  I used to think my DD had a permanent runny nose.  She got better as she got older, thankfully.


                        jen - L thinks it's hilarious to kick me while I'm changing his diaper.  I yelled once because it hurts but I try my hardest to ignore it.  Ignoring the bad behavior has worked the best for my kids.


                        mer - love it that he can recognize pictures.  L just likes to keep turning the pages right now.




                          RR - nothing planned.


                          BR - hanging with my mom for a couple hours this afternoon while I go get fitted for new orthotics.  Not sure how that'll work out b/c C likes to be nursed before her afternoon nap and I won't be around for her nap...

                          C is 10 months today.  Wow.


                          NRR -  day 8 of being sick.  I was coughing a lot last night, couldn't get to sleep ... this must be a crazy virus since I'm already on antibiotics for my sinus issue and not getting better.

                          DH got an offer on one of his rentals.... we countered, so hoping the buyer takes it.


                          zorbs - i read a story once where 2 elderly women were trapped in their car on a hot summer day and passerby called police... turns out they didn't know how to unlock the doors from the inside b/c it was a newer car where there weren't buttons to pull up to unlock the door...


                          rg - yep, it's cold!


                          arm - C doesn't like pasta... she's only 10 months so i hope she eventually learns to like it...


                          ernie - yea, i could run in the cold too but i'm worried about C being too cold and not handling it well... she wears those thick one piece outfits plus a blanket and hat and the weather shield, but she won't wear mittens so her hands are constantly exposed...


                          hey everyone else, have a great day... must get laundry and other things done before I head out ...


                            mer - OMG to the letter that D sent you...that is just beyond words.  I hope your letter leads to good things since you do a lot of that work anyway.  I hope you get a good run in today.  How are the temps by you now?


                            Bermy - Do you ever sit down to relax?  You always have so much stuff going on and cook like a beastSmile  I wish I had that talent.  I hope you have a great run and are able to organize all your moving stuff and sell the "crap" you have.  You have a mighty big house to fill...it's too bad it is so hard to get your stuff to the new place.  Are you ready to move?  I bet you will miss the warm temps of BermySmile


                            Arm - Happy 10th birthday to your DD...that is odd that she likes sushi...most kids hate it.  What a great mom for getting all the kids donuts.  I hear you on the short of patience lately. I have been like that lately but that is because I have been tired.  I hope you can find a way to snap out of it.  I am glad that ignoring works for you guys...seems to be the only thing that gets his attention.  I think he does it for attention and then when he doesn't get it he realizes he needs to do something else.  Someday he will realize he gets the most attention when he is being sweet.


                              rr: 4 miles yesterday on the tm. wish it would warm up so i could run outside.


                              br: add him to the "love to be naked club"


                              tr: my mom bought them ice skates so they insisted she get them sharpies so they could color them since that is what pinkalicious did to her boring white skates. needless to say they are no longer boring nor white.


                              nrr: was supposed to go to a 31 party that mer spoke of yesterday but it got moved to friday so now i can't go. May order a few things though.


                              fr:  enchiladas were delicious. chicken and noodle stir fry tonight.


                              rg: i would need teeny weeny weights class. In hs swimming my coach finally realized that my arms made no improvements from arm weights and had me concentrate on my legs. also why i was a backstroker.


                              zorbs: glad b didn't freak out.  i thought i locked 2 of the kids in the car at dd2's school the other day. Fortunately my door was unlocked.


                              eh: we are staying home all day too i think!


                              ernie: we have a keurig and i now have coffee every morning. I think it makes me happier Smile


                              jen: great job on the run! I decided my limit for the tm is 4. I just can't keep going after that. Drive safely later!!


                              mer: so is the tech guy getting fired/get fired or did he resign? Did the party have lots of stuff out for you to see? I can't really tell sizes online...


                              bermy: i would love to sell everything and start fresh! Definitely not in the cards for us but fun to think about.


                              arm: 10 year old!I was thinking the other day that i am going to have a kindergartner next year!  We also have chunky nail polish!


                                Running eh - I haven't been on an elliptical in a long time, but I always found them kind of awkward. Yum, I love roasted beets.


                                Jen - I hope they clear the roads before you have to leave work if it snows all day there. Sounds like you guys are getting a lot of snow right now. Sorry about the hitting...sounds like ignoring him seems to be working, so hopefully he will decide hitting doesn't work and stop altogether soon!


                                Mer - Six new classes sound like a lot! Is your school on a two semester system? It must be fun reading to DS now that he is recognizing so many things! S was not her usual self at library yesterday. She was very lethargic because of her cold and just wanted to lie around on the floor. Everyone noticed because she is normally a total maniac. She is tearing around the house right now, so I think she'll have fun at sensory again.


                                Bermy - Those corn cakes sound complicated! Glad they were a hit after all that work. The packing and shipping sounds like a lot of work, too. You are very busy right now, that's for sure. Great job keeping up with your running.


                                Arm - Happy birthday to DD! Making a mermaid cake sounds impossibly complicated to a terrible artist like myself, but I'll bet you can find a you tube video that shows you how to do it. Yep, I feel the same way, that I would never get out of the house if I stayed home for S's colds. And with more than one kid, I'm sure someone has a cold on any given day. One mother stopped coming to the community centre here because people were always bringing their kids with colds and she did not want her son to catch one. I thought, "okay, good luck with that...."


                                Cx2 - I really feel for you with that non-stop virus you've been battling. Hopefully you can get some good sleep this weekend and that will be enough to finally kick it. I can't get S to wear mittens either. Sometimes I try stuffing her hands in socks but she always pulls them off. I think CAR posted a link to mittens that stay on. I am going to look into those.


                                Mrszm - Lol on the nudity loving baby. Too bad about this whole winter thing, or else we could all just send our nudist babies out to frolic in our yards. Yep, having a delicious cup of coffee definitely ups the happiness factor!

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