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Warm Up Please Wednesday Supermoms (Read 30 times)


    RR:  5mi recovery on the schedule today but may shoot for closer to 10. (10 on the schedule tomorrow but I have class from 8-5)


    BR:  STTN for the 3rd night in a row!!  I hope this is a trend.  Maybe 14 mo was the magic number.


    NRR:  Spilled coffee on my sweater this morning and didn't notice so now I have a big stain on my sweater.  Today is my first day back ay real classes.  We only have class from 8-12 today so it will be an easy day.  I want to avoid picking H up before 2:30 today though because yesterday he was sound asleep when I went to get him.  So I have 2.5 hours to kill which will likely include a run, internet time, and hopefully vaccuming my car.


    RG - I really need to be more like you and do weights.  DH suggested that the other day and I yelled at him.


    eh - What is roasted beets and sweets?


    zorbs - Glad you got him out quickly.


    ernie - Do you have lights on your stroller?  I have been thinking I could use some of those.


    jen - I am impressed with 8 on the TM!!  Sorry you haven't figured out the hitting yet.  H hits a little but I think he is mimicking how he pets the dog.


    bermy - Feeling hot?  Could you be preggers?


    cx2 - Do you wear orthotics when running?


    arm - My kid doesn't like pasta either!  Especially mac n cheese.


    mrszm -Too funny about the skates!

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      RR - meeting RP (YES, RP!!) at the gym tonight, for a TM run (she's doing c25k) and workout.


      TR - slept naked again.  She sleeps in a pullup, but we tape it on bc she gets naked, she was pooing, then getting naked and it was a huge mess.  She's over the pooing thing, but still has a wet pullup most mornings.  I'd like to eventually get her to in a pullup but where she can go potty if she wakes up and has to, but how do I get her to keep it on?!?


      BR - found her voice, she sounds like a dying pterodactyl.  She's teething again... one cheek is red and that eye is watery


      FR - having grilled almond butter and banana sandwiches for breakfast, mmmmm!  I was on an almond butter kick a while ago and got burnt out, but mmm, I think I'll go back on it Smile


      bbl for personals...

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        I figured out there's a direct correlation between posting here and me getting a run in. So I must post!

        RR: 7 miles later

        NRR: After a court hearing in LA yesterday DH and I bought a car. I hate the process but the result is awesome!!

        NRR2: fire alarm beeped every half hour in the middle of the night. Grrr

        TR: woke up at midnight not sure why. PTing is going well. No accidents yesterday when she was at Gma and Gpas. Wink

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          shelby - Yay for STTN.  You deserve that sleep!  You are rocking out some awesome mileage for being a "single mom", going to school, etc.  Kudos to you!


          CAR - Wow!  That is crazy that she is up and going already.  (I know others have done it, and it amazes me.)  So fun that O found her voice.  I sometimes miss those milestones.


          jmmiller - I saw the pics of your car on FB.   Very nice!  I was jealous of the sun and green grass! Smile

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            bermy - Glad the cold is almost gone.  Have fun at the gardents.  Thanks for the time conversion the other day!


            armmama - Enjoy the celebration!  Enjoy your tennis this morning.


            cx2 - How are naps going?  Are they more scheduled now?  Enjoy your time with your mom!


            jen - It is warmer than yesterday, but still pretty cold.  I have run in todays temps, but DH wanted me inside.  If he is going to support me with my running, I can respect him to go inside when he asks.  (I think he likes me and worries abou tme too much!)


            mrszm - He told me that he is resigning...the real story is that they are not renewing him because he is certifiably crazy!  She did have a lot of stuff to show at the party.  I just didn't take the time to look since I just wanted to be home.  Smile


            Ernie - We are on 4 quarters - 2 semesters.  We just started second semester so all of my classes are new.  In 9 weeks I will get 4 new groups of kids since 4 of my classes are only 9 weeks.  Next year we are looking at block scheduling which will be intersting to say the least!

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            Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



              jmiller - Glad you are back here with us!  Hope you get your run in.  Sounds like you have been super busy with work.  Do you work with DH?  Is he a runner too?

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              Honorary Old

                RR: Didn't go last night. I didn't eat enough during the day so wanted to eat dinner asap. DH is picking up R tonight from daycare and watching him so I can run. Thinking 4-5 miles with 2-3 @ tempo pace.


                BR: Was being soooo cute last night. He understands what I'm saying when I say its time to go potty or take a bath and will run to the bathroom. This morning, not being cute at all. Does this lovely whiny toddler move where he comes up behind me and grabs my legs then mushes his face into my butt and whines "Maaaaaamaaaaaaaaa." When he's in a good mood, I'm Mommy, but bad mood is Mama because I think it makes a better whine.


                FR: Last night was roasted squash and stuffing. DH had opened the package of stuffing before we went on our trip because he thought it would taste like croutons, but after I cooked it I realized the bread cubes kinda tasted rancid. I might have to throw it away.


                NRR: I bought some fabric yesterday and am going to make R a little hooded cuddle blanket that looks like a Lion. DH has FD training so I will be working on it tonight after my run. Already got the fabric prewashed. I need to swing by walmart and see if they have any yarn appropriate for the mane.  DH and I talked for hours last night about whatever, it was fun and before we knew it, it was 9 pm. Glad he's feeling better.

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                running eh

                  ernie - Hope the 10k went well.  I don't want to go outside either!  It does look so pretty though, doesn't it!  Hope you have fun at sensory class.


                  jen - Drive safely!  Enjoy your run.  We had a hitter too.  Looking back, it passes quickly, - I think what worked for us was ignoring it - though it sounds like a terrible idea.


                  mer - how fun watching them learn!  I am always amazed when they figure out something new.  Hope your new kids are good.  Yum on chili - we are havng chili tomorrow, but I think I am going to try a sweeter chili - kind of a cross between chili and baked beans.


                  bermy - Enjoy the botanical gardens - Hope the speedwork went well!  Sounds tough, are you taking BOB?


                  arm - Sounds like you had a good amount of working out yesterday.  Funny about DS and pasta, he'll probably change his mind soon.  Hilarious that DD likes Sushi - I haven't even tried it myself.  I made a veggie burger out of chickpeas on the weekend and I almost told DS not to eat it b/c he probaby wouldn't like it. How dumb woulld that have been - turns our he liked it.


                  cx2 - hopefully some rest will help you kick this virus!  That is really crummy!  I am sure DD will be fine with your mom - and if she is not, you won't be around to hear it Smile


                  mzm - For some reason, I can't stan Pinkalicious, I do however LOVE Fancy Nancy.  So funny that they coloured their skates!  Can they actually skate?  DD goes skating 5x per year with school.  She can get around the rink without falling, but just barely.  I love watching those kids that play hockey fly past her as she crashes to the ground Smile


                  beskirted & manicured

                    alison - does your gym have spinning?


                    ernie - probably going to the AYCE sushi place at the corner of leslie & davis.


                    jen - i have a horrible habit of tossing the keys into the front seat when i'm in the back wrestling B into the car seat.  I accidentally press lock when tossing the keys, so I finish buckling B in, close the door and try to get in..


                    rg - yes lunch with C.


                    mer - no thankfully the door wasn't damaged.  I guess they make cars that are not completely like Fort Knox, because occasionally you do have to break into them.


                    bermy - only 4 boxes of worldly possessions?!


                    arm - you'd be amazed at the things B will not eat. pizza, burgers, hot dogs, spaghetti, lasagna...thinner is NOT the same as remover!!! remover..removes colour...thinner thins.  You can buy it from Sally Beauty.


                    cx2 - that almost sounds like an urban legend.


                    mrszm - for some reason the sharpie coloured skates reminds me of this picture of a yellow lab that i keep seeing on pinterest, obviously kids had "decorated" the poor dog with sharpies..


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                    beskirted & manicured

                      shelby - why did you yell over doing weights? i do not get why runners are so averse to strength training.  it is good for you! it helps you run stronger! what's not to like?


                      ca - lmao @ dying pterodactyl.


                      jmm - enjoy your new car!


                      spike - ha at his different names for you..that's weird, you can totally turn a bag of croutons into stuffing but not vice versa?

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                      running eh

                        shelby - Beets and Sweets is just roasted beets and sweet potatoes.  Hope you have a good run today.  Don't worry about the stain, just blame it on DS!


                        CA - YAY for RP being back!  Have a good time with her.  No advice on the pullup...


                        jm - I found the same thing.  I have to post - these ladies are a kick in the pants for me.  When is your big race?  50k trail, right?!?  Yay on potty training.  I just found our potty seat and took it our for DD to sit on.  She will be 2 in May, so we won't start for quite a while, but I thought Id see what she thought.  Congrats on the beautiful new car!  Where you looking, or was it spur of the moment?


                        spike - that blanket sounds so cute - you need to post pics when you are done.  Hope your run goes well.  DD does that whiney business too - either hanging on my legs or throwing herself on the ground - it's lovely.

                        running eh

                          zorbs - they do have spinning - would you reccomend it?  I usually don't do classes b/c I need to be home at 6am for DH to leave and the first class doesn't start until 6.  Sometimes I will go during the day with the kids, but I do try to avoid it, if I have enough energy to go in the morning.


                          Bad Ass Mother Runner

                            RG - bummer on spending so little time with DH. I love that you're so excited for your LR, I do like it, but also dread it.

                            zorbs - brrr! I will do LR's in that temp but not mid week runs... it just isn't worth getting all geared up for anything less than an hour.

                            eh - I do elliptical when I'm on running rest days. You could always try a different one, there are many different models that are slightly different.

                            ernie - are you running outside this morning? We've always brought m out when she has a cold also, just not if it's a fever or flu.

                            jen - I hope your drive home is ok, be safe! booo for the hitting Sad Keep at it, He'll get it, eventually....

                            mer - good luck with the letter. Hopefully whatever happens you're happy with it.

                            bermy - what is your goal time for 800? What did you put as your sea wheeze estimated finish? I'd really like to be running fast again by then, but it feels like a lifetime away as basically all my runs are at a sub 10 min mile right now. I'm sure it'll come back once I do some speed work.

                            arm - I lost so many posts on RW, but haven't on RA, I always write my personals in notepad though out of habit from rw. I was in a grouchy funk this morning, but am feeling better with coffee, and DH out of the house, lol.

                            cx2 - hopefully she does well for your mom... she's gonna have to figure it out soon with you going back to work!!

                            mzm - yep my girl is in the naked club. especially at night, I don't know how she stays warm.

                            shel - yay for STTN!! 1 year was magical for my DD... she was 12 hrs a night every night unless she was sick. Hopefully your guy keeps it up!

                            jm - yep, there is totally a correlation between posting and running! The new car looks very nice, my DH is buying one one day soon when he gets organized, the process does suck, I agree!

                            spike - after work runs are always hard for me, deciding to eat before or after, neither works well.

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                            Honorary Old

                              FR: does anyone know if I can roll sushi without one of those little bamboo mats- or will it be a total disaster?


                              Runnergirl- its supposed to be warmer this week- the high today is 30* woot! 40% chance of snow though, blerg! Reid has about a 30 second attention span for coloring. He would rather load up the crayons into his firetruck toy and drive them around.


                              zorbs- glad you were able to get your car unlocked. In high school I once locked my keys in my car when it was running and had to let it idle for about 3 hours until I could get DH's shady friend to come jimmy the lock.


                              eh- when we were little my mom left us in charge of my little brother and sister who were probably 2 or 3 at the time making me around 8-9. We were watching a movie and fell asleep and when we woke up my little brother had drawn castles and ghosts all over the carpet, sofa, coffee table, and another piece of furniture with a sharpie. My mom had wool carpet in the house which miraculously we were able to scrub the sharpie out of, but the other furniture had John's artwork on it forever. He once did the same thing to the walls in the office at my mom's store and my little sister pooped all over the room at the same time. Never trust a quiet child.


                              Jen- sorry about the hitting. When R starts doing that or pinching my face, I know its naptime/bedtime. Nothing else will fix it.


                              ernie- my kid gets a cold at least once a month.. so frustrating.


                              mer- good luck, I hope that you get an interview! I hate home sale parties and I never go to them. I went to a scentsy party back in november that benefitted our FD banquet and I still haven't gotten my stuff because my friend that did it is a flake. My sister does home sale parties- she sells Pure Romance (sex toys, lotions, "marital aids," lingerie, etc) LOL.


                              Bermy- LOL no, my toddler was just being clingy and would shut the laptop on me Smile I can't wait to show you pictures of my sewing project when I get it done- should be a one evening project.  I think I'm going to finish my biscuit quilt next. Glad you are liking the vegetarian thing. I will for sure keep it up for another 10 days or so, but I might do like 2 days a week with meat dinners after that. DH hasn't really been following along all that well.  I thought you guys were going to keep a place in Bermy for a while and that's why you moved a couple months ago?  I'm excited to meet all you guys at SeaWheeze!


                              cx2- have a nice time with your mom.


                              armama- R likes spaghetti but doesn't really like macaroni. Happy birthday to your DD!


                              mzm- that is cute about the colored ice skates!


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                              Honorary Old

                                shelbyjo- Sorry about the spill, its probably right on your boob, too? LOL   Yay for STTN! R has good days and bad days, either way I don't go into his room because it just pisses him off.


                                CA- LMAO at the dying pterodactyl! Hmm.. maybe duct tape mittens on her so she can't undo the duct tape on her pullup?


                                jmmiller- your new car is pretty! I love Jeeps.


                                Re; pinkalicious- I'm going to have to google that because I have a boy and have no idea what you are talking about.


                                zorbs- the stuffing mix had a really strong sage flavor and the bread cubes were really hard instead of delightfully crunchy. Must use a denser kind of bread I guess?


                                CA- I've always been an after work runner. I only run in the morning out of necessity in the summer to avoid 100*F heat.

                                2 Mile: 17: 11   5k PR: 27:45    5 Mile: 44:11    10K: 59:01    Half: 2:15:59     Marathon: 5:50:07