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Run to live; live to run




    Run to live; live to run

      For those that didn't see or may need new shoes, Runningwarehouse is having a big sale on their most popular running shoes 2012.  And free shipping etc.  I'll try to post the link. Edit  Firfox won't let me post a link.  I will try later.



      Off to run.  Didn't sleep well.



      Mighty Mouse

        MarjorieAnn3137, sorry you didn't sleep well and hope tonight's sleep at least helps.

        I always or never need shoes. Big grin I do run in several pairs.

        Tuesday Fast Buddy and I did 40 minutes on the track. When I got home I did another 30 with another cardio DVD borrowed from my library.

        Today will be another track run. Fast Buddy may attend all week. Not sure. I will go out to eat with friends tonight so will not plan a *double*.

        Happy runs, All !  :::HUGS:::



          Good morning!  Hi Judy!

          Marjorie, thanks for shoe info. They don't have my Cumulus, but have my DD's Kayano's and those are 150 normally now-sale 99. Emailed her.  Sorry about your dad.

          Lisa, loved the pic! I signed up for Chattahoochee Challenge on Feb 2 as my run.

          Tessa, glad I could give you a laugh!  You've given me enough-I love your humor.

          Weigh in Wed-up half lb. from last week so still just 1 down.  Yesterday it looked like I was up TWO and I knew I hadn't eaten 6000 cal more than I should-was ready to pitch the scale!  Had only had 1 piece of pizza at party and <2 oz wine.  Guess the icing sampling got me though. It alwasy fluctuates a lot. No baking on horizon so should be OK next week.

          Sue, congrats on AG win!


          Debating what to do today...had planned another easy recovery week, but legs feel OK so I'm thinking I may ease into speedwork with a few 400's on TM at gym this afternoon.


            Good morning!


            4 miles on the TM this morning and I struggled.  Have not had a good run in a while, oh well, I will attribute it to the cold weather, why not?


            Camille...I did not read the article yet that you linked to, but I will.


            Damaris...I love cats too.  I only have one now, but we have had as many as 3.  I am a dog lover too.


            Marjorie...so sorry you are going through this with your Dad.  It is so hard to know what to do.  As far as apologizing, he sounds like my DH, I think, in 42 years of marriage, I can count on one hand how many time he has apologized to me.  It is so rare, that I can remember every single time.  Sigh.....he does have other qualities, thank goodness, that make up for the lack of apologies.


            Lisa...nice pic of you and your daughters.  I have to get on the stick and figure out what I am going to do for the amazing run.


            Work tonight, so I need to get busy and do a few housewifey things this morning.





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              Morning Ladies,


              Quick post this am, sorry, have not even been able to get on to read during the week.....busy, busy, busy, here in Orlando.  The Give Kids the World Village (Aly and family are staying there) is amazing....staffed almost all by volunteers.....just awesome!!!   I have gone out for 2 nice runs so far this week, however the last 2 days have been at Sea World and Epcot/Hollywood studios - so no runs...but plenty of miles on my legs LOL!


              Today is an "off day", DD#2 is coming in tonight, and thursday/friday will be crazy, busy, Disney days.  So will get a run in today/plus some chillin' out time.....



                Good morning!  Yesterday afternoon went to a new swim fit class.  Supposed to be a tune up for triathlon season.  I was worried it would be a "learn to swim" class, but looks like Jim will work us pretty hard.  Did stroke and speed drills.  I was so wiped out I fell asleep in the chair at 8:15.  Woke up and went to bed.  Group power class this morning.  I feel like I am in high school again with these two a day workouts.


                Marjorie--sorry about the dad troubles.


                Tessa--It is hard to watch people you care about not taking care of themselves.  Must be frustrating.  "Single blue digit"  .....hahaha ...


                Have a great day!!

                Bad Ass

                  Morning!  My 10 (instead of 13) were too fast, so a very slow recovery run tonight.


                  Marjorie, I saw the email about the House.  Thanks for reminding me.

                  judyruns, you're on fire with 40 minutes of track and a cardio DVD!

                  camille, enjoy the speedwork.

                  Ginny, sorry you struggled through the TM miles.  I am an animal lover and network a lot of abused and shelter pets.

                  Carol, I've never heard of that hotel.  Sounds nice.

                  Crazy, I need to do something like that (go to bed by 8pm)....



                  "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                  It's always fucking hot in Miami!

                  Tar Heel Mom

                  "When I'm 63!"

                    Good morning, all. Gym day today: elliptical and abs (again).


                    Carol, is that Village in Disney related to Aly's heart condition? I may have missed when you posted anything about that.


                    Marjorie, your situation with your dad sounds so frustrating. I am so sorry you have to go through this.


                    Lisa, love the pic of you and DDs. I am certain I will run on Feb. 5, so will take my pic with the heart leaf then.


                    Camille, no I am not even thinking about Tobacco Rd. I haven't even registered for the 10-miler yet, I guess I'd better get on the stick but I wanted to make sure I had a hotel room first.


                    Run to live; live to run

                      Did 10.5 and it was a great run.  Can't get to my personal email on this system so can't post the link but they do have some great shoes on sale so worth look


                      Thanks for the wishes on me dealing with my dad.  Funny thing is he does know how to apologize.  I told Damaris this am he is acting strange so I'm not convinced this is over and I'll try to call him later. May have to totally separate myself from him for awhile.  I don't know what he is thinking


                      Have to go do some training with new folks. Will try to check in later.


                      Anonymous Guest

                        SRD here!!! Legs are a little tired from yesterday so I'll take it. When I look at speedwork and what I'm supposed to do I freak out a little and think there is no way I can do that, but once I've done it, I feel pretty freaking awesome.


                        Tessa, you crack me up! single bluish digit..... Sorry for the problems with DH. That sounds so frustrating, aka typical with him.


                        camille, after reading your comments I went back and looked at the Hanson's beginner program. That is weird the way they have that huge mileage jump in there. In the advanced program the mileage doesn't vary much from week to week. If I were doing the beginning plan, I think I would try to add some extra miles those first five weeks instead of having such a big jump in mileage the same time you start doing the speed and strength workouts.


                        Marjorie, ugh! Your dad! Maybe he's just embarrassed he got taken in on the scam and is hoping by not talking to you about it or admit he made a mistake or apologizing, it will just go away? I am so sorry you have to deal with it.


                        Morning Judy, I think an evening out with friends trumps a double - have a great time.


                        Ginny, a struggling four miles is better than no miles. The TM makes it hard, the weather and the lack of sunlight makes it hard, but hey, at least it's not November!


                        Carol, sounds like you are having an amazing trip with Aly. I know I don't have to tell you, but enjoy every minute.


                        crazysue, cool on the swim workouts. I wouldn't call what I do "swimming" yet, but it does wear me out.


                        Damaris, 5 cats? Okay, I might not show up at your door after all. 1 or 2 I can usually handle, but then allergies show up. Have a good recovery run. I struggle with making my easy runs truly easy, but am getting better at it with this 6 days/week plan. If I don't make myself do my easy runs easy, it makes the other workouts almost impossible.


                        We countered on the boat offer, just because that is what you do. If they come back with the same number, we will probably accept. It's more than we owe on the boat loan (I think, can't find the paperwork anywhere!) and will probably also cover the broker fee, so we should be able to walk away without any remaining debt. If you have any spare good thoughts to making this deal work out, send them my way.


                        Since everyone else is blogging: http://karenrunsfar.blogspot.com/
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                          Marjorie, thanks for the link. I could use new shoes but I don't want to spend money right now, that reinstatement of previous (higher) tax rate is hurting our budget.


                          Sorry you didn't sleep well. Worrying about Dad?


                          Camille, if you had pizza, I'm guessing that the increase on the scale is water weight because of the sodium. It will go down again. (We had tacos on Monday night and I had a couple of Crystal Light margaritas and that salt really showed up yesterday.)


                          Judy, I assume you mean that you rotate several pairs, not that you put one pair of shoes on over another!


                          Ginny, we all have bad runs sometimes. And the TM is boring! I hear you on the apologies. DH does apologise on occasion but usually he is so convinced that he is right that he will not apologise. Pigheaded man. (Is that a redundancy?)


                          Carol, glad that the trip is going well! I'm sure Aly is having a blast. Enjoy the run.


                          Susan, I'd hope they would label a "learn to swim" class as such. Is this a strokes and speed class?


                          Damaris, slow recovery run sounds like a good idea. So you foster cats or arrange fostering/adoption?


                          Amy, in case Carol doesn't see this, yes, they are there with Make a Wish or a similar group. Aly was asked where she would like to go and she said "Disney World or the Dollar Store". While the latter would have been inexpensive, the former is more what the foundation had in mind, I think...


                          Karen, glad it made people giggle. Yes, you've met DH so have an idea of the situation. It's getting worse, too. Last night I came home and he was taking a nap. I changed into shorts and T shirt and went into the kitchen to start dinner. He woke up, came into the kitchen, looked at me and said "You're cooking. And are you going to work dressed like that? You're not going to work today?" He thought it was 6:30 AM rather than 6:30 PM and was all ready to take DS to school. This is not good if he's this disoriented.


                          And I agree. Make the workouts more even rather than having a big jump in mileage. Is that plan designed for someone who has never run at all and needs to start out very gently?


                          Good thoughts on the boat deal working out!


                          3 easy this morning, will do more at lunch.


                          Run to live; live to run

                            Oh Tessa I'm sorry! I would be scared if my dh did that.  Sleep probably was because 1. DH got up at1:30 to use the bathroom and made all sorts of noise.  2. Hammy then was pacing around and 3. putting dad on top of it, I've been fully up since 2 am for good and finally got out of bed at 3.


                            I don't think dad is embarrased.  Really think he thinks because he asked us to help last monday it was fine. But some of his comments are suspicious. DH agrees with me. Something is still going on.  One email he told me he thought it was okay to mess with her since she had scammed him and that she was sending him all kinds of emails calling me all sort of names and blaming me. Just some other comments are off.  We thought maybe his email had been hacked and it wasn't him but then he left me a voice mail with much of the same stuff. He is using me on this and it is not right. I'll try to call him later. Just cannot deal with him right now.  Apparently he is dating 2 other women he met on line that are local and his age.  He said he'd send me their picture. No idea why as I do not care if he wants to date15,000 people.  The comments are just off in some of his stuff. Not sure what I will do.


                            Camille good the legs feel good!


                            Back to training


                            Tar Heel Mom

                            "When I'm 63!"

                              Disney or the Dollar Store! LOL!!


                                What are all of your opinions on nutrition for running?  I know that I do not eat right or enough for running, especially the longer runs.  I have read books and tried to follow, but I end up gaining weight and I do not want to do that.


                                Especially Karen and Tessa who have lost a lot of weight in the past year or two.  What do you eat????  I know this sounds weird coming from someone who has run for over 30 years, but I have never gotten it right.  I am thinking this is why I do not do all that great with my halfs and I would really like to do one more marathon at some point and get under that 6 hour mark.



                                6/8 Hatfield/McCoy Half, 8/18 lake Erie Shores and Islands Half, 9/21 Mighty Niagara Half Lewiston, NY, 10/7 Cleveland Rock & Roll Half 10/6 or Detroit Free Press 10/20, A Christmas Story 5 or 10K Cleveland 12/7, Santa Hustle Half Cedar Point 12/15