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(Over 40) Winter Wednesday (Read 27 times)

Bad Ass

    Arimathea, I help network the kitties using FB and other sources.  The ones at home are all mine, haha!


    BBL when I have run.



    "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

    It's always fucking hot in Miami!



      Ginny, I did it on Weight Watchers. They have a good program for the rest of your life. I wasn't thrilled by Nutrisystem or Jenny Craig or the other methods that want you to buy all their stuff. And I tried a shake/bar program and lost a lot on it in 2002-03 but then gained most of it back again.


      So I track what I eat and limit the portions. And I weigh in religiously every week. (Almost literally, since I go from WW to church on Sunday mornings.) Typical day would be:

      Breakfast: cereal mix (TJ's bran cereal, Kashi, puffed wheat), vanilla soymilk, 2 tangerines

      Snack: carrot

      Pregym: whole wheat sandwich thin, whipped cream cheese, sliced tomato and/or cucumber, apple

      Postgym: veggie burger patty, vegetables, a fruit (often berries or another tangerine)

      Dinner: I vary this quite a bit, last night it was homemade pizza with onions, tomatoes, feta, mozzarella, pizza sauce on thin crust. The night before it was tacos. The night before that, a bean and kale casserole. I think you know I'm vegetarian, I do eat eggs and dairy.


      Marjorie, I hope it works out and your dad does not get hurt.


      7.01 on the TM at lunch. Much as I hate the machine, at least it keeps me on pace.


        Karen, thanks for looking at that beginner program.  They do say in the text if you have been doing more than the  miles in first 5 (very easy) weeks, let the program catch up. When it gears up though, it's quite the gear up, both in miles and intensity.  I decided to start with a modified week 6 for 2-3 weeks to ease into the intensity and days/wk.  Good luck on your boat!  We sold a boat many years ago for same reasons-lots of expense and little use due to the location, our short summers and other interests.  We only missed it a few times-turned out to be a good, though difficult, decision


        Ginny and Marjorie, my dad was also one who never apologized. My parents were married about 70 years (he was 20). I don't believe he ever said, "I'm sorry" to my mom, though he'd turn on his charm when he wanted to patch things up-his way of saying sorry.

        Marjorie, good luck. Good there's an adult in the family. Also thnks for shoe info again. I did order pair for DD


        Tessa, great job on 7 on TM! Hope hubby is better today.

        Demaris, 10 miles is pretty darn good.


        I did 6 400's (really .25 mi') with 400 recovery also on treadmill. They weren't  bad. It was also good heat training-gym is  quite warm. Also did my upper body and core while I was there.