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    Morning Supermoms~


    Another weekend that went way too fast!


    RR: recovery run today, probably right around 5 miles on my break at work. Also teaching spin class at noon, boo!  I dont' enjoy spinning, and feel like i suck as an instructor. Ran a  hilly LR of 11 yesterday, and felt great. The temp dropped 10* while I was out there, and the windchill was in the 20's by the time I finished. Glad I don't have to deal w/ the 27mph headwinds again today!


    TR: Was good all weekend, I'm going to miss him this morning. Tried to bring his blanket with him when we sat down for dinner last night, and sighed when i told him he couldn't hvae it in his high chair. haha. Pretty sure he's going to be left-handed, as he colors, picks up most things, holds his fork and spoon, etc with that hand. DH is a lefty.


    NRR: had a quiet day at home yesterday, just did some cleaning around the house and relaxed with DH and R.


    Have a great day everyone!

     5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



    beskirted & manicured

      ER - ST and stretching at the gym.


      TR - not exactly TR,  but we bumped into my midwife at Home Depot yesterday.  Of course, she hadn't seen B since he was 6 weeks old.


      FR - pissketti and meatballs.


      NRR - ridiculously excited to get this polish in the mail today!



      rg - I am a lefty and my mom said it was very obvious early on that I was.  She didn't know where the gene had come from, and it turned out to be grandfather on mom's side, but she never knew it, because it was/is traditional to beat lefties into submission until they became righties.  I don't enjoy spinning either, I loved it when I didn't run, but when you talk that big motivational talk during a class that I normally save for myself at around mile 24 of a marathon..and you realize you're inside riding a bike to nowhere, it seems really dumb.

      5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26



        RR - As soon as the sun comes up, my 24k long run I didn't get to do yesterday. It is much colder out today but not windy and ice-covered at least. Bermy, you asked on fb last night - yep, this will be my longest run ever, not just longest run this training cycle!


        BR - She can reach the top of the kitchen table and my desk now, so looks like we have a bit more baby proofing to do!


        FR - Chicken, quinoa and sauteed red and yellow peppers. That reminds me, I need to take the chicken out of the freezer.


        NRR - Some serious house cleaning. Our house got so freaking messy in one day. On Sundays, I am usually thinking "Dh is home, I don't have to do as much around the house because he's here to help" and he is thinking "Ah, it's my day off and I'm relaxing" So the house ends up a total disaster.




        rg - You got a good run in despite those awful winds! I only ever tried spinning once and my butt hurt so much after that I never wanted to do it again!


        zorbs - That polish looks awesome! That's kind of fun to bump into your midwife randomly. I ran into a midwife from the clinic we used at a race this summer. I didn't recognize her at first because it was so out-of-context. We saw the midwife who delivered S at a reunion picnic last spring when S was 3 months old.

        5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      

        running eh

          RR - just finished 5.75miles on the TM with 4 miles tempo.  It was supposed to be 6 miles, but I had some bathroom issues (this is also why my tempo was broken into 2 x2miles)Embarrassed Did my longest run in years on Saturday (14k - I know, just an average run for many of you...)  my legs really felt it.


          NRR - was supposed to have a friend's two little boys over today, but she told me they have bad colds.  I feel  bad not to take them (she just had her 4th child last week) but no one is sick here at all and I'd like to keep it that way...


          FR - quinoa stuffed squash and pork roast


          KR - library program and / or indoor playground today.


          RG - DD2 is going to be lefthanded too.  I am lefthanded, and I kind of wish my kids were all right handed.  It was fine growning up, but it made some sports a little tough.  Most teachers and instructors only know how to teach one way.  Great long run!!


          Zorbs - fun to bump into your midwife!  Did you have B at home?


          Ernie - My schedule rarely has me working Mondays and I love that.  I find the house is such a disaster after the weekends - I love that I can get a bit organized.  Hope your LR goes well.  I have never run that far either.  I was thinking of you yesterday morning - glad to hear you put that run off until today - it was crazy weather!!


            rg - Great job on your long run in the cold and hills.  Why don't you like spinning?  I love it and really want to find a class around me to take.  I bet you are a great instructor!!  So glad R was good all weekend...cute about the sigh.


            zorbs - I love your fun nail polish colors.  Do you do your own nails or get them done?  I am horrible at polishing my nails so I don't even bother to buy nice polish since it would look like sh!t if I did it anyway.


            ernie - Good luck with your longest run ever!  You can do it!!  LOL to your house cleaning and DH....that sounds like us.  I am busting around Saturday during J's nap to get some cleaning done and DH is napping in the recliner...he knows I will worry about house cleaning so 1/2 the time he doesn't bother to help.


            eh! - Great job on the runs.  Don't feel bad about not taking your friends kids when they are sick.  She would feel worse if she sent them and got your kids sick.  Have fun at the library and indoor playground.


            RR - Did 12 on Sat and 8 yesterday.  Hoping for 5 today but I am not sure if I will be able to due to weather and PT conferences.


            TR - I won't see him todaySad  I kissed his cute face and daycare and told him I would see him in the morning.  Had his 15 month check up Friday.  He is a smidge under 20lbs (10th percent) and 31 3/4 inches tall (75th percent).  Other than being tall and skinny he checked out well with the exception of his right here.  There was a small amount of fluid but the dr. said it should drain properly but if not he will get an ear infection.  He has seemed ok.


            NRR - My drive to work was HORRIBLE this morning.  We are getting 3-6 inches of lake effect but heaven forbid they cancel school...nope...we have PT conferences so we can't. Ugh...I am cranky and this is going to be a long day.  I seriously hope I have time to get to the gym for a run between school and conferences.


            FR - Forgot to pack a dinner...oh well.  I'll scrounge for food.  Make broccoli chicken cheddar pie for dinner Sat, breakfast casserole yesterday, and prepped some vegetable barley soup and froze it for later.  I was productive.


              jen- ugh on your drive into work today, sounds awful! do they not salt/sand the roads? i hope the PT conferences go well, and you're able to get out for a run. sounds like you're going to need it today! i just don't enjoy being on the bike- i get bored really easily and am not comfortable riding it. But it's only 45 minutes, so i can suck it up for that long. Bummer on not seeing J very much today, it makes the day seem so long.


              r-eh: nice job on the TM speedy run! sorry about the bathroom issues. ooh indoor playground sounds like fun. we have a small one at the mall, but it's disgustingly dirty, and i refuse to take R there. too bad about your friend's kiddos, hope they're all better soon. nice job on your 14K this weekend, too!!


              ernie- ah, the growing baby! i remember watching R reach things one day and thinking that i was really in trouble!!! he's been able to reach door handles for several months, but can't quite turn them yet. good luck with your LR today! i'm sure you will rock it.  yeah, my butt is usually ok, my upper body just feels awkward. haha.


              zorbs- cool about bumping into your MW! i saw my delivery nurse a few months ago, it's kinda cool. oooh, like that polish!!! enjoy your ST workout today! spinning makes me go nuts, you hit it on the head...riding a bike to nowhere.

               5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



                Morning team!


                RR: 7m with stroller. This will be my 31st mile, in a row, with the stroller. I could be a Bob commercial.


                NRR: off to docs. DS still has a wanky eyelid. The wonder-breastmilk worked temporarily but I think it’s something else. It’s not serious but I spoke with nurse and they want to see him. He is itching it. Then I am going to close bank accounts at one bank. Oh the joys of moving countries. I also reached out last night to the Nashville babywearing group and the La leche league leaders in our new county to say hi and that I will be new and looking for like-minded friends and I got emails galore with very sweet offers of help. I am the kind of chick who never needs to call in those offers, but still, it’s nice to have them.


                NRR2: the dock workers are on strike – that’s all the unloading of the groceries which are shipped in once a week. Sigh. The shelves just may be bare. Thank goodness for freezer stash. Hopefully they will resolve soon.


                NRR3: had a very long conversation with DH last night about oxygen enhancing blood. When I had my blood transfusions after DS was born I went from being near-comatosed to feeling like a complete rockstar, like I had had an overhaul in 30 mins – the difference of 2 units of blood was incredible.


                DS: eye thing. And DH bought him the chop sticks that zorbs’s mom recommended for B. He is walking around holding them. Not quite right, but not bad. Oh, he has sub-ed those out in favour of the Swiffer right now. And then DH downloaded him Elmo Skype app for his ipad mini and he calls elmo a lot. It's hilarious and gets us through some car seat moments.


                FR: baked a gardener’s shepherd’s pie last night. It has tons of veggies in and my wrist was sore from all that chopping and I had a big sharp knife too. It was awesome and DH asked me to pack some in his lunch today. DS even ate collard greens which I had slipped in there. Those faro-corn cakes today although I couldn’t find faro so I will have to sub-in rice. I can’t wait to live in a country where I can buy stuff.

                5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


                  RR: SRD.  Had fun at my 5k on Sunday.  Took4thin my AG.  Will be signing up for a half in April.  I've never been so excited for a race!


                  TR:  same old.  Love hthe and his silliness.  He loves going in the car.


                  NRR: Meetings all day.  Boo.


                  FR: eating out tonight after art class.


                  Be back later for personals.  Have 2 hours to work/eat today.

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                  Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



                    rr: hitting the tm at some point today.


                    br: looked at him yesterday and can start to see what he is going to look like as a little boy. He got another haircut and looks so handsome!


                    tr: dd2 has cabin fever but it is 0F right now so we are staying put.


                    nrr: got together with my bff from high school and another one of my good friends on saturday. it was so much fun especially the pitcher of margaritas.


                    fr: steak sandwiches last night.  So good! Maybe meatballs tonight.


                    rg: right now c uses his left more when eating but both equalky on other things. my brother is left handed but that's all in either of our families.


                    zorbs: love that polish! the girls like to have polish on but right now i only use the ones that dry in 50 seconds. Smile


                    ernie: yup i have some major cleaning to do today as well! Good luck with the run!


                    eh: bummer on the sick friend kids but i would be the same as you though. ugh on the bathroom issues. I feel your pain!


                    Jen: great job on the runs and cooking! My 15 month old's stats are similar for height but weight wise i think c could eat j for breakfast Smile bleck to conferences tonight. We always had monday ones too and a lady in my department was always "sick" the next day with lesson plans waiting on her desk. Hmmmmmm could she have been more obvious?!


                    bermy: holy stroller runs! Does your dh work crazy long hours or is it easier to go during the day?


                      Bermy - Wow to the 31st mile with the stroller you are a supermom!!!  I HATE pushing the stroller too far on my runs.  I bet that makes you so strong though.  I hope DS's eye is ok.  I love DS's name...I guess I never realized I didn't know what his name was until I saw it on FB...too cute.  I hope your dock workers get back to work so you can get your groceries...you won't know what to do with yourself on the mainland where it is so easy to run out and grab stuff.


                      Mer - DH looked at hotels and said marathonjen Inn is the way to goSmile  I hope your presentation goes well today.  I hope your coworker bucks up and does her part too.  Glad you don't have kids today though and I am praying you have a cold day tomorrow. I could have totally used a snow day today but no...I had to drive in crappy weather and it took me 2x as long to get to work this morning as it usually does.  Add that to the fact that I have conferences until 9 p.m. and I don't get to see J and DH is gone...This is a bad day/week.


                      mrszm - So glad you had fun with your bff!!  I hope you have a good TM run...smart to stay inside.  I heard the windchills by you guys are well below freezing.  Yep J is small...I wish I could eat like him and he could eat like me...then maybe I would be small and he would gain some weight.  DH and I were commenting how we can see all his ribs when we had him in his diaper at the dr.  The Doc said he is ok and growing fine it is just that he was so little when he was born.  I am sure he will be plump as a toddler as I was extremely chunky when I was 2-4 years old and I was born at 5lbs 2 oz.


                        RR - meeting with personal trainer this morning and plan to run up to the gym and back afterwards.  Ran 12 miles Saturday and went for a 14 mile bike ride Sunday.  It was such a beautiful weekend.  This week I am starting to get back to tennis and lunch plans plus it's DD's birthday Wednesday and b-day party Friday night/Saturday morning so I'm just going to fit in runs when I can and maybe call it a cut back week if I can't run much.


                        BR - woke up at 2:15 overnight for the first time in ages.  When I went to get him he was so stuffed up and could hardly breathe.  Poor guy.  I just held him upright and rocked with him for a while.  I love my sleep but I don't get to snuggle with him too much anymore since he's always on the move so it was kind of nice.


                        KR - no school today for MLK day.  DH is off work but will go in for a little while when I get back from the PT.


                        FR - delicious pork tenderloin on the grill last night, DH picking up steaks to grill tonight.  Yum.


                        NRR - We finally got the rest of our outside Christmas decorations down this weekend, but I still have a few things inside the house I need to put away.  I don't know why I'm procrastinating on this so much this year.


                        back for personals after I get back from the gym if the kids allow it




                          RR - 4.5 before DH went to work... it was cold, "feels like 9F" but the wind wasn't too bad..


                          BR - C actually took a few steps while holding onto the couch yesterday!  First time she's shown interest in moving, rather than just standing and sitting.  She was super tired after that though and went to bed early... she also woke up a lot earlier than normal.. bummer...

                          Spoke to another potential daycare person Friday... this was out of the blue but already DH likes her more than the other woman we have lined up... she's cheaper and is 5 minutes from our house as opposed to 5 minutes from my work.  Will be meeting her next month...


                          NRR - still not 100%.  my voice is partially back, but I'm coughing up gross stuff and blowing my nose a lot.  I really wish I could taste my food.... and less than 2 weeks until my sister gets married, and I haven't written my speech yet.


                          mer - great race!!


                          jen - hope the day flies by for you, it must be so hard not seeing J at all today... DH has gotten up early a few times when he knows he'll be gone all day so he can hang out with her for a little bit...


                          ernie - yep, that's why my house is a mess too.. i think DH will help but he wants to sit around and move at his own pace!


                          bermy - I work as a Business Analyst at a software company.. it's not the most exciting job but I work with great ppl so that makes it bearable..


                          mrsz - i don't want to have to go back out again but we need groceries and tomorrow is supposed to be our really cold day... so I think tomorrow will be our turn to have cabin fever!


                          Everyone else, have a great day!  Gotta get some house stuff done while C naps!


                            RR:  SRD.  Ran 14 mi yesterday and it went pretty well, despite feeling crampy (O cramps) and a little sore.  I ran solo with the dog the first half and then DH met me with DS and the stroller for the rest.  It was nice to have an RP again.  The weather was abolutely perfect, high 40's with perfect blue skies.  I love Colorado weather.


                            BR:  STTN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This has not happened in ages.  I actually woke up this morning worried something was wrong.  Fearing it may all go downhill again once DH leaves.


                            NRR:  Taking DH to the airport this morning.  It was a wonderful, but short, trip.   Can't wait for the next time (mid February)!  I have an orientation at a hospital this afternoon so that will keep my busy.


                            RG:  I bet you are a great spin instructor!  And brrr, your run sounds like it was chilly.


                            zorbs - I saw something on pinterest yesterday for nail polish organization and it made me think of you!  Where do you keep them all?


                            ernie  - Good luck on the LR this morning.  Hope it warms up a little for you.  I don't know how you CA ladies do it.


                            eh- Great job getting your run in this morning.  I guess if you are going to have tummy troubles, you want it to be the day you are using the TM.


                            Jen - Great job on the weekend mileage.  Are you following a training plan?  Good luck with your conferenced today.  And glad to hear the appointment went well...you have a tall skinny guy like me Smile


                            bermy - I am super impressed with your stroller miles.  Last marathon I did about 75% of my miles a week with a stroller but this time around I haven't been doing nearly as many, mostly thanks to the TM.  I think stroller pushing makes you so much stronger and faster.


                            mer - Great job on the race!  Glad you went ahead and did it.  Sounds like it went much better than you were expecting.


                            mrszm - Mmmm margaritas.


                            arm -Great job on the miles and bike ride this weekend.  Did you go solo or take the kids?


                            cx2 - Sounds like she just may skip crawling altogether.

                            5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                              arm - Great job on the run and bike ride.  I love when it is nice out...makes doing those things easier and so much fun.  Sounds like you have a busy week planned.  Happy early bday to your DD.  Sorry L is all stuffed up but glad you got some snuggles in.  That is about he only positive of them being sick.  I hope he feels better quickly.  Enjoy your day with all the family home.


                              CTimes - DH and I were both trying to soak up time with J this morning because DH is leaving today and gone until Friday afternoon.  MIL and FIL are caring for him tonight.  Glad you got a run in before DH went to work...ugh...it is so cold...tomorrow will be worse.  I hope this daycare person works out for you guys...sounds promising.


                              Shelby - I am sorry your weekend with DH is over and you guys won't see him again until mid February.  I hope DS does ok with it.  I was thinking about you this weekend.  Did DS warm up to DH right away.  I will be curious to know how he does once he's gone again.  I worry about J with DH leaving every other week.  When DH is gone and comes back it sometimes take J a little time to warm up.  Then when he goes and J realizes he is gone again he starts to get really defiant.  Great job on the 14 and glad DS STTN!  I bet you feel good after having gotten some sleep!


                              Bad Ass Mother Runner



                                RR - SRD.  I usually meet my old RP at the gym on Mondays but she's working today, so I'm just going to do a Nike workout, or my worn ST'ing during the girls  naps this afternoon.


                                TR - need to start to look into preschool/childcare for next year.  I think MIL will watch them a couple days a week and I'm hoping that her days can coincide with preschool so she can do pickup / dropoff if we need it.  I was thinking of our church preschool but it doesn't start until age 4.


                                BR - oddly fussy last night.  She didn't go down for the night until 10 and then was up twice.  She's happy enough this morning so i'm not sure what was up.


                                FR - I need to count leftovers and see if we have enough for tonight.


                                NRR - played a game with friends last night while distracting the toddlers with Netflix, it was a bit of a fiasco but we got through it, and I won, despite having a fussy baby trying to nurse on my lap.

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