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Wintry Wednesday - Preggos (Read 22 times)


    Looks like we got some snow yesterday after all. Post!


      ER - Was hoping to preview my ballet exercise DVD but my package is held at the post office. Probably a good thing with the storm we had yesterday. Otherwise it's a rest day.


      PGR - I'm noticing more defined kicks/punches, like DH might be able to feel them if they happened when he was around.


      NPGR - Today is a complete tossup. I didn't sleep well last night, so I gave up at 5:30. We're supposed to go and have an indoor playground playdate at 10 which DS really needs, but now I have no idea if we're going to be napping then instead. And oh does this kid need to go back to regular naps. I don't know what his deal is the past few days, but he sleeps great in the car or for Grandma, sadly not for me. No snow though that I'm aware of. I just want spring already!


        Hi all-


        Man, I can't believe all the snow people are getting! Here it's supposed to go up to 57 today...


        ER - yesterday did 4.5 miles on the elliptical. Today, couldn't get up for boot camp. Ugh. I went to bed too late and have just been feeling a bit wiped out. Maybe will get out for a walk after work.

        PGR - 35wk4d. Are we there yet?

        NPGR - Busy at work, but have trouble focusing for the entire day. Can make it about half way through, and then I start to drift...


        Schmett- Hope things get on track with DS. Fun about the kicks and punches!

        MA runner girl



          RR: 2 mile walk yesterday. It felt really good because it was about 40 degrees and I dressed perfectly. Today I am planning on a 3 mile "run", probably at the gym since it's gross out. Also going for a walk with coworkers later today.


          PGR: 36w3d. Not feeling that great this morning, kinda nauseaus. Blech. I also woke up ridiculously thirsty this morning, chugged water for about a minute and couldn't get enough. Weird. I will say that I am SO thankful to still be sleeping as well as I am. I have NO trouble going back to sleep after getting up to pee at night, which is awesome. Fingers crossed that sticks!


          NPGR: Last night DH completely spoiled me. And I loved it. He made dinner, cut my toe nails and rubbed my feet. Smile Today I'm in the office, and hating it already. SO uncomfortable...


          Schmetterling - We didn't get any snow! It's just raining now, too warm. I can't wait for the spring too, this winter has been nuts! I hope you can get DS to sleep for you, that's frustrating!


          Liz - haha, I like that: Are we there yet? I feel the same way! Try not to be too hard on yourself for missing out on bootcamp, obviously you just needed some more rest!

          PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


            Schmett: Oh, a ballet exercise dvd! Sounds interesting. You'll have to let us know how it is. DH probably would be able to feel the baby. I think my husband felt it at 21 weeks, however, it seemed like a bit of a coincidence. Like he put is hand on my belly and the baby decided at that moment to like turn over or something. Fun to be feeling more!


            Liz: I feel you on work. I am so ready to start my leave. I have held out so far because I don't feel like I'm uncomfortable enough to justify quitting yet. Also, I would feel bad if I stopped and then the baby was super late and I just sat around the house for weeks. Good job with the eliptical. Don't feel too bad about bootcamp. If your body needed rest, then you did what was best for you.


            MA: It's great that you're sleeping so well still! Also, your DH sounds so wonderful! I'm sure you needed all the pampering. I know I love it! Sorry you have to be in the uncomfortable office. I think you've had a worse than usual time with the whole "belly burning" thing. It's good to be getting close I'm sure!


            ER: Well, today I am for sure going on a walk: 3 miles this morning before I go to work. I need it. I'm a little concerned that it will cause me a really uncomfortable rest of the day (BH have been much more regular and seem especially bad after a walk). But I need to get out and move around.


            PGR: 37w6d. Almost 38 weeks! Midwife appointment yesterday was good and bad. The good thing is that, though I am still measuring just 35cm, the midwife told me that after 36 weeks, the whole measuring the same as your week no longer applies b/c the baby starts settling downward. So it is more important to her what she can feel about the baby through palpating the belly. The baby is perfectly positioned for labor, so lets hope it stays that way. On the bad side is the fact that I gained 5 lbs in a week!? WHAT??? I have had only one time that I can think of where I gained more than a lb a week. I was pretty depressed. However, I have had some swelling in my legs and my breasts decided to grow... again... So I'm hoping that most of it is preparational fluids and baby, and not fat deposits in my hips.


            PGR2: Trying to nail down a pediatrician and get the a bag packed. I feel way behind now! This baby could come anytime and the car and bag are nowhere near ready. Hopefully the baby will not come before Sunday, so I at least have Saturday to go shopping for the other stuff I need. Um, wipes for instance... Like I said. Behind.


            NPGR: Not much to report here. DH and I went out this past weekend. We saw "Wreck-It Ralph" at the $1.50 theatre and then ate at Chilis. I am loving their steaks right now. They have a mushroom, pepper and cheese smothered steak that is to die for! It was a nice night. Who knows how many more times we'll be able to do that before the baby comes.


              schmett - Boo to the bad sleep - I hope your day goes smoothly, whatever you choose to do.


              Liz - Sounds like you may have needed the rest? I already have trouble focusing at work - and I'm sure it will only get worse.


              MA - Your DH is so sweet! My DH is the primary cook in our house, but he usually doesn't get too into the pampering thing...which is okay, because I think I'd be weirded out by him cutting my toenails.


              sasha - time is flying for you! Sounds like your 5 lbs were some water weight/retention, and maybe a baby growth spurt?


              PGR: 28w1d. Woke up starving at 4 am and had to get up and eat.  Haven't had that happen in a while. DH also proclaimed that my belly was bigger this morning than yesterday. Looking forward to the u/s tomorrow and finding out whose body parts are where...


              ER: yoga tonight.  Looking forward to it since I had to skip last week.


              NPGR:Spent a couple hours filing documents and compiling tax stuff last night - I hadn't done any filing of anything since like May 2012, oops - it just goes in a "to file" basket.  But now we are pretty much prepped for our tax appointment except I have to finalize the income/expenses for our rental house...ugh.  Also cleaned outdated documents out of files - I keep utility bills, EOBs, etc for a year, then toss, so I had to purge the files.  Need to do some cleaning tonight - SIL has requested that DH and I host a family meeting at our house on Friday - we suspect she wants to have the meeting to let everyone know that they are returning some/all of their adopted children to the county's custody...long story.


                TN: I can't believe you are in your third tri! You have to feel like time is flying for you too. Wow! Yuck, taxes. We have most of our paperwork and could technically do it at any time, since DH usually files online himself. I think he's going to wait until after the baby though. Enjoy the yoga! I will probably have to do my video tonight.


                Wow, the preggo post is slow to start this morning. I was hoping to catch more personals before I left for work. The walk went well, though I felt really slow and had some SI joint popping towards the end. Yoga is in the plans for after work, otherwise I may not be able to sleep. Sorry to all of you who I will miss because of work. Hope to catch up with everyone more tomorrow.


                  I can't believe it's been 6 hours since I first posted this morning. The good news is, DS is sleeping! Yay! Choirs of angels! Yaaaay!

                  Of course I type that, and now I'm just asking for trouble. Skipped the playdate in favor of the nap.


                  Liz - I wouldn't feel bad about taking a rest day. Trying to work out when you're wiped out is no fun. I hear you on the driftiness, twice now I've almost driven away without strapping DS in the carseat. Yup, brain gone.


                  MA - Great job on the workouts and sleep. What a nice DH you have!


                  Sasha - I can't believe you are 38 weeks almost. I remember when you posted that pic of you back at 25ish weeks. Where did the time go. Sorry about the weight gain surprise, I have a feeling my next appointment will be similar. Hoping to get to the post office this afternoon so I can report back on how the DVD goes.


                  TN - I hear you on eating all the time, I'm there too. I've even been eating higher protein snacks and those seem to last 5 minutes. Good job on sifting through paperwork, one of my least favorite chores. Hope the family meeting goes well, considering.

                  Laura G in Idaho

                    Has anyone heard from yogi lately?


                    Sorry I'm late today, but really, it's not that late in Idaho.  Wink  I wanted to do some chores and exercise first.


                    Schmett:  I want spring, too.  Your DVD sounds interesting.  Do tell us if you like it.  It's fun when hubby can actually feel the baby move, isn't it?  I'm way in favor of a nap over a playdate.


                    Liz:  Lucky spring weather for you.  We are supposed to get some warmer weather on Saturday.  I can't wait!  Sleep is a good thing, so I'm glad you chose it over bootcamp.


                    MA:  Yay for being able to fall back to sleep after nighttime potty visits.  I get super thirsty like that sometimes, too.  I do the same as you, chug water until I'm almost nauseous, lol.  Nice that you got some pampering from your DH.


                    sasha:  Good about the measurements, and sorry about the gain.  Hopefully it was just a scale fluctuation.  Don't worry if you don't have EVERYTHING ready for the baby.  You can always send DH or a friend to go and get whatever you missed.


                    TN:  Tee hee he, my husband always declares that my belly is bigger since the last time he saw me, ha ha!  Blegh to taxes!  I hope the family meeting goes well.  Sounds complicated.




                    RR:  Nothing today.


                    ER:  Did elliptical for 10 minutes and my foot didn't fall asleep, yay!  Then I did weightlifting with cardio bursts of running on the Y's indoor track.  Back to the elliptical for 10 more minutes, and my foot started to fall asleep.  According to my HRM, I burned 415 calories.  Wow, it's so easy to burn calories when I weigh this much (162.8 lbs this morning).  That kind of effort wouldn't have burned near as many calories non-pregnant.  My shin splints don't seem to be getting any worse, not sure if they are getting better, though.  I am pretty inconsistent on icing and wrapping, because I'm so busy living my life!


                    ER2:  I did get yesterday's 30 minute walk done, yay!  Hope to walk 30 minutes again this afternoon/evening.


                    PGR:  31w5d.  Some muscle-head at the Y was watching me do assisted chin ups and tricep dips on one of the machines, and so I thought he was waiting for the machine.  I hurried right off, and he commented, "You're going to throw yourself into labor!" I replied, "Not likely, I have over 8 weeks to go."  I supposed it's not something you see everyday... a very pregnant woman weightlifting.


                    NPGR:  I got up late this morning.  I woke up at 2 AM for a potty visit and couldn't fall back to sleep.  Finally fell back to sleep around 4ish.  Then hubby's alarm went off around 5:45 AM.  So, instead of getting out of bed and letting me sleep, he started playing with my boobs, because he wanted some action.  Seriously, I jumped out of bed and yelled, "THANKS!  I was SLEEPING!  But now I'm AWAKE!"  Went to the bathroom again.  Came back and said, "It's not that I'm not interested, but I woke up at 2 AM and finally went back to sleep.  Next time, would you please make sure I'm awake BEFORE you touch me?"  Sorry if my story is TMI.  Poor fellow.  I never did actually fall asleep again, but I finally got myself out of bed about 8 AM.  I usually like to be up around 6:30 AM at the latest, so I now have a lot of catching up to do here.  I wasn't able to get everything done that I like to do before my workout, so ta ta, ladies!

                    MA runner girl

                      Ahh, good point Laura... wonder if Yogi had her baby yet!? I don't think she's in our FB group.


                      Laura - I am REALLY glad my DH is a zombie in the morning and almost never wants any action. That would really drive me insane as a pregnant woman needing her sleep! Ha, funny about the gym comment. I haven't gotten ONE comment at the gym about being pregnant. Probably the only place I go that I don't hear anything, which is really surprising to me! I don't go that often though.


                      Schmetterling - YAY for DS napping!!!


                      TN - Actually it was kinda wierd to have DH cut my nails, but it would have been much worse if I tried to do them myself... so I was thankful. Good job getting the tax stuff done. I really need to get on that! I usually do it myself, so I don't want to leave that until after baby comes.


                      Sasha - I still need a pediatrician and to pack my bag as well... oops! I had gained 7 pounds in 2 weeks at my last appt, and yeah it's not fun! I literally could not believe it. Impressive that it was the first time you've had a big gain like that... not so much for me!


                      One hour until I can leave...

                      PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


                        sasha - I am just as shocked as you are that I am in the third tri - only 8-10 weeks until I meet these little buggers! In the past few years, DH had started a business, sold a business, changed jobs, changed reimbursement criteria for business expenses, we both have some unreimbursed business expenses, and we have the rental property, so we have been going to a CPA - I think we're going to seek out someone else next year,though, as I have a sneaking suspicion we are going to owe a good chunk on our taxes this year, and we had asked for her assistance in not having to owe at tax time - I'm fine with paying in what I'm required to, but I'd rather spread it out over the year than pay a huge chunk at once. Boo. Listen to me whine about my first-world problems.


                        schmett - I've been trying to reach for high-protein stuff, too -had cottage cheese for my 4 am snack.  The family meeting is not surprising - I predicted this when they adopted these kids (4 siblings) a little over a year ago - I don't think they fully thought through the decision.


                        Laura - Luckily, my DH is completely uninterested in action early in the am - which was a negative when he had to make his "contributions" at 6 a.m. for our IUIs.  Although he has told me once or twice that he woke up in the middle of the night and was feeling me up - but no worries, I usually have slept right through his subconscious attempts to get some Smile Great job on the chin-ups and tricep dips - that's great that musclehead thought that alone would trigger labor...


                        MA - I think I'm going to try and get in for a pedi this weekend so they will care for my feet.  DH was taking pictures of me trying to get into my snowboots this past weekend - I havent had too many shoe issues yet, but I was trying to sit in the front seat of the car while I put them on/tied them - it was entertaining.