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Race shirt Tuesday (over 40) (Read 26 times)


    I saw this an another thread. It seems a good idea if you can.


    A movement is sweeping across social media - to show your support, wear a race shirt tomorrow. Let the world know, we stand with our runners, volunteers, medics, supporters, race directors and anyone else who is a part of our great support. While it will not change what happened today - we can rally together


    Mighty Mouse

      I don't have a race shirt but I do have a shirt in support of police/K9 officers and I will surely wear it. One of my runs this week will be a memorial run for Boston.


      My prayers and comforting thoughts are with all who were in Boston, especially the families of those who were killed and wounded. How frightening and terrible it must have been for all who were there.


      Yesterday was a 25 minute run and 35 minute cardio dvd.

      Today will be a track run, then cardio DVD.

      Peace  :::HUGS:::



      Fire Jumper

        I will be wearing a shirt today.  My heart is broken.  I go back and forth between sadness and anger.




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        LC Runs

          Hey Ladies,


          Sad sad day...thinking of everyone in Boston today

          Bad Ass

            Morning.  Sad day indeed.  I cannot run with a race shirt because it's too hot down here but I'll be running my 7 with 2 @ MP in Boston blue and yellow colors.


            Hope everybody has a nice day.  Runners are amazing and I'm very sad our world has been rattled once again by people without love and a conscience.



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            It's always fucking hot in Miami!

              Just horrible.  The LRS is hosting a prayer run tonight.  Think I will go.


              Back is doing better.  At least I could sleep last night.  I am such a lightweight.


              Run to live; live to run

                Too warm for race shirt on my run today. I did 11.5 at marathon pace. Amazing what you can do when you are upset with what happened yesterday. I have packed yellow shorts and a blue sports bra to wear on a run this week in honor. I will also try to print the bib posted on line forthe remembrance    event.  It will probably be in black and white as the center I will be at doesn't have a colored printer. But that is okay. I wonder if I have any pins in my suitcase?  I usually do. If not a trip to the store to get some is easy enough.


                Tar Heel Mom

                "When I'm 63!"

                  8 miles this morning with 4 at my goal pace for Saturday's 10-mile race in Chapel Hill. I found it difficult to do. But we have to keep running.



                    Yellow and blue? Let me see what I have for Saturday. I know I have a LS yellow shirt from Ridgecrest a few years ago. Royal blue probably not, would navy be OK?


                    Labor of Love has announced a minute of silence at the start of the race on Saturday and has asked runners to wear Boston gear if they have it.


                    And I have a race shirt for my lunch run since that's about all I wear.


                    Has Julia checked in anywhere?


                    Susan, glad your back is feeling better. The NSLRS (not so local running store) that running neighbour is part of a group at is having a 3 mile memorial run tonight also.


                    The usual 4 this morning with RN. More at lunch and I think I'll wear that bib.


                    DS's economic summit is tomorrow. He is representing Ukraine. I baked whipped shortbread cookies (basic shortbread dough that you then take the mixer to so it's all fluffy rather than flat) and adapted a peanut butter cookie recipe to use sunflower nut butter and sunflower seeds since Ukraine grows a lot of sunflowers. Bread tonight. I don't think Ukraine would be a good place to try to follow a gluten free diet!

                    Anonymous Guest

                      Running 11 (including 4 x 1.5 miles) after work. Wearing the shirt I got at the Army 10 Miler a few years ago that says "I will never quit" on the back. I may wear it also to my 10K on Sunday.


                      This made me cry (in a good way) this morning: http://www.buzzfeed.com/erinlarosa/boston-marathon-tragedy-met-with-amazing-acts-of-kindness


                      I know I need to stop reading facebook and twitter and all the news stories, but it is tough.

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                      Tar Heel Mom

                      "When I'm 63!"

                        Tessa, we heard from Julia on FB yesterday. She and her brother are both fine. It was scary, as you can imagine.


                        I don't know what to wear to the 10-miler Saturday. I don't think I have any yellow and/or blue anything. Just being there is important. Just all of us getting out there as much as we can and showing the world that we will keep running is really important.


                        Let's do it, ladies.


                          karen.....I can't stop looking at FB etc.  either.  I know I need to stop.


                          I am quite touched by how many people contacted me last night to make sure I was not there running.  Non-runners do not understand that you have to qualify to run Boston.  My sister-in-law, almost cried when I answered my phone last night.


                          Did not run this morning.  I took a vacation day tomorrow so hoping to get in a longish run then.


                          Such a sad day.





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                            Such a tragedy for all....and such shock and sadness.  But there has been such an overwhelming show of support by runners...several groups around here are doing runs tonight of either 2.62 miles/or pausing at 2.62, even some of the local's that were at Boston are posting that they will attend....I think it shows how resiliant runners/American's and people really are when faced with horrific things.....


                            Ginny - My MIL called to check if I was running there....it was sweet of her, but you are right people don't understand what it means to be able to RUN Boston....


                            I think that I will run a local 5k on Saturday, I am sure there will have some type of mention/memorial for Boston....just feel the need to do a race....


                            Have been in touch with my friend...she says today it is " sinking in" more to her how close she was - and she says trying to get to her BF after she was diverted was horrible....states she is afraid of crowds and doesn't think she wants anything to do with a big race....so sad...I am hoping this will subside for her...




                            Run to live; live to run

                              Ginny I've had a few calls and emails etc. people seemed relieved and they do notngetbthe qualifying for Boston.


                              I have a pair of yellow shorts and a blue just lIke the Boston blue to wear. I'm glad to wear it to show support.



                                I'm another who has spent too much time watching the news or FB. I wore a tank from NYC for my run. Did 8 with 2  2 mi intervals at (hoped for) MP. Went OK.


                                I also feel it's important for me to get out and run.  I never thought I'd consider buying my way into Boston, but can't qualify so am thinking of running for a Boston charity next year, just to show the cowards that do this type thing that we are a resilient people.