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    It is cold cold cold (the way I LOVE it)....and its Friday! woo hoo!


      RR: Ah, its cut back week so I am looking at 7 or 8. I have winter gear for M so hopefully  outside! I gotta get back to doing some speed work. I have been running my easy days faster (its still an easy pace) But I really want to cut some time down.


      NRR:  I can't wait to try M in her winter gear. She is doing so well. We both got into the crank pants mood last night. So, I am glad we both got a full nights rest.  I have been working diligently on my NY resolutions.  I got a few in good shape but a few that I really stink out. The stinky ones I getting extremely frustrated with. I will probably FB it and see about getting some suggestions.


      Sassy: I forgot you mention when we make the meat/meatless balls, we put in veggies. The same thing with the hash and fruit for pancakes. She is so into crunchy finger foods that I am looking at making homemade crackers this weekend. Has G had some breaded chicken? We use panko crumbs, chicken cacciatore is a good one too.


      Have a great day everyone!

      MA runner girl

        Morning ladies!


        RR: 3 miles last night, 3 more today. Not sure whether they will be outside or inside, depends on that darn wind chill Wink


        NRR: Midwife appt went well last night. I'm measuring perfect and all is well. I gained 2 pounds in 2 weeks, which I am happy with! If I can keep that pace then I'll meet my goal of 35 pounds or under... just barely! Also, last appt my blood pressure was high (for me) at 124/80, last night it was 108/70, so yay! I am much less stressed at work, so I'm positive that was it. I'm very excited for the weekend. We have no plans other than to work on the nursery. Smile


        GSD - Hope you can get outside for a run! Good luck getting some speedwork in. I'm sure pushing M in the stroller while running can be considered speedwork too! Good luck with the resolutions!


        Have a great day! Yay Friday!

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          Morning Ladies!!!

          It's been so cold here in NY (still staying with my parents). I head home to MA on Sunday! YAY!!! It's been SO COLD (like windchills below zero) there. I normally LOVE the cold, because I love skiing. However, Dr. Hottie said I need to take the season off of skiing. I can ski next winter.


          RR: Last night I ran 3 miles!!! Took a 2 minute break to stretch after 1.5 miles. I felt really good! Although I am completely out of shape, I felt this strange sense of "amazing." Without the increase in pressure within my brain, I feel great! YAY!


          NRR: I'm going to dinner tonight with my mom, my aunt, my mom's best friend (who is like another mom to me) and her daughter. I get to choose where we're going. I'm thinking Chinese food. Smile


          I'm SO EXCITED to go home on Sunday!!!!!!! It's been a really long month and I'm anxious to get back to a normal routine of working and living! Smile


          Gsd: Stay warm!!!! Smile


            I think we're on our last cold day here.... i hope I hope I hope....


            RR: did 1 mile in 8.45 then a cool down and some strength training for 20 minutes. felt pretty good.


            NRR: had a board meeting for habitat for humanity last night and then went and had a massage. talk about crazy stress around my shoulders, chest, neck area. Warmed me right up, then I went to church, to check on the slide presentation for sunday to make sure it was right. then off to groceries. Finally got home at 8.30pm ish. Not too bad for the night. Didn't do any work, just ate and went to bed. Felt pretty relaxed by the end of the night which is good. Tonight going to try and get to menards, buy some treated lumber for our shower project (never ending) and then home to clean bathroom and veg for the rest of the night. I'm supposed to be joining my coworkers to do a snow sculpture tonight, but temps are in the single digits and I have a bad circulation problem. thinking not at this point.


            Learned today that my project deadline is February 21. so.... hoping I don't have to do the 60 hour weeks the next "almost month" don't think I can... At least the deadline slid a little!


            back soon for personals!


              GSD-that's great you love running in the cold. I love it too (as long as it's not toooo cold). Hope you and M have a good time running outside


              MA-glad the appt went well yesterday. That's an awesome blood pressure (yes, I am that weird science nerd who loves to look at and know everyone's blood pressures and heart rates lol)/ Enjoy your 3 today


              RLTW-enjoy your last days at your parents', but I totally understand wanting to go home to your own place


              RR: tempo run yesterday was awesome. 6.5 total with 4 at 7:32 pace. Today is an easy, longer run about 8 or so. And it's snowing, so I can run in the snow! I don't like doing faster runs in the snow, for obvious reasons of the potential to trip and slip, but I love doing easy and longer runs in it


              NRR: long day of work and then hanging out with DBF tonight. Not sure what we are doing tonight. I am just going to meet up with him in the city and we will walk around, grab some dinner, and then maybe hit up a bar. Not sure what the rest of the weekend holds, but I am looking forward to relaxing a bit


                lizo-glad you were able to relax last night. I am the same way with cold and bad circulation, so I don't blame you for not wanting to go out tonight


                  gsd - love that you and M get out even when it's cold out, love the idea of you both happy and bundled up


                  rltw - yay for a good run and a happy brain!


                  lizo - sounds like you've been super busy, glad you were able to work a massage in there too


                  taylor - running in fresh snow is my favorite too!



                  RR: circuit/interval training yesterday, probably just dog walking and yoga tonight because DH and several other from our softball team are starting training for a half marathon tomorrow and I might tag along and whatever walk/run that I can for the day


                  NRR:  I've got a big presentation coming up for work and the data isn't coming together just yet, so I'm a little frustrated and need to put in some more time.  In positive news, I'm 20 weeks into the pregnancy and I'm feeling good and I've starting feeling the baby move, which is exciting, and we're just one week away from the big ultrasound.  So, I feel like our lives are going to get much busier soon!


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                    Good morning!


                    ER: Had my alarm set to head to the gym this morning, but when I got up to pee in the middle of the night, I knew my body was too sore from yesterday's activities. So nothing today.


                    NER: Took yesterday off for a "sick" day to celebrate DH's birthday and also to get some work done. DH and I went out to breakfast, I got A's new dresser put together (minus the drawers), got to see variance and meet Baby S (adorable!), had birthday dinner and then got A some shoes for soccer. When I list it all, I did get a lot done yesterday, but I was hoping to get more done as always... But hopefully I can get the dresser drawers done tonight and tomorrow, then start moving A's clothes and washing/organizing P's clothes this weekend. A starts soccer tomorrow and my new stove is coming tomorrow! So it will be a fun and hopefully productive weekend. Unfortunately I won't know until this afternoon or tonight if the stove delivery will conflict with taking A to soccer. DH and I would both like to go to soccer but one of us will have to stay home if soccer is during the window they might deliver the stove.


                      GSD:  Enjoy cut back week while it lasts! though 7 - 8 is still a lot! love how you're thinking of making home made crackers! that is sooo cool.


                      MA: glad you're on your weight goals!  and glad your BP is down. that has got to be a relief.


                      rltw: so glad you're feeling good! way to go on the miles!


                      taylor: dang girl, you're fast!


                      dr Tremendous: enjoy yoga! sounds like something I could use right now... that's awesome about being at 20 weeks and feeling the baby. Good luck with the presentation prep!


                      monk: productive day for you yesterday! way to go on putting the dresser together! hope the productivity continues into the weekend  for you!


                      going to see M's parents tomorrow. It's his dad's birthday and he's also going through chemo and radiation so we're going up to cheer him up a little.



                      c a s s i e

                        GSD:  Enjoy your cutback week. Cool that you have warm gear for M!


                        MA: So glad to hear your BP and stress levels are down (I accidentally typed "BO" haha).


                        rltw: Glad you're closer to a normal schedule! Great job on the run.


                        taylor: Nice tempo run! I hope you have a great, relaxing weekend.


                        dr T: I totally missed that you were PG (and that you were Glass from RWOL, haha). Congrats, and I'm so glad to hear it's going well!


                        monk: I bet at this point your body just needs some extra rest!


                        lizo: You're so productive in the evenings! I'm impressed.


                        And as for me...


                        RR: Plyo class left me pretty sore, so I'm hoping an easy run and some stretching and foam rolling will loosen me up tonight. 18 on tap tomorrow. I had dreams about Boston last night, haha.


                        NRR: So DH was washing dishes last night, nothing was near his face, and his glasses just broke in half! What the hey? So we're going to sneak out of work a little earlier than usual to go order him a new pair. So random!


                        Have a great Friday!

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                          Good morning ladies! It's still super chilly here, it's 9 degrees right now, with a "feels like" temperature of -1! Yikes!


                          RR: Did 30 minutes of ST/XT yesterday, today will be a rest day. Tomorrow is supposed to be a bit warmer, like in the high teens or low 20s, so I'm hoping to get out for a run!


                          NRR: Tonight is Operation Meet the Parents. Well, I mean, our parents will be meeting each other, we've both obviously already met each other's parents. We're doing dinner - I'm cooking! I hope everything goes smoothly. I woke up with a horrific headache this morning, but I just popped some meds and hopefully they'll kick in and I won't have this PITA headache all day, ugh.


                            GSD: I wish I liked the cold as much as you do! I hate going outside in it! Sorry you have been happy with your New Year's resolutions. You should definitely post on FB - we all help keep each other accountable there!


                            MArunner: Hooray for a good midwife appointment! Oooo working on the nursery! I hope you'll post pics when it's done, I love looking at that stuff!


                            RLTW: You're less than a month out from brain surgery and already running more than me. I am pathetic, LOL. Have fun at dinner tonight. Chinese food sounds yummy! Hmmm it's been a long time since I've had Chinese food...


                            Lizo: That massage sounds heavenly! I also tend to hold all my tension in my neck/shoulders/chest. I think that was part of my headache this morning, it went up my neck into my head, ugh. I hope you get to have a super relaxing tonight! You deserve it as it seems you're always on the go!


                            Taylor: Awesome tempo run! There is something about running in freshly falling snow that is so peaceful and relaxing. Sounds like a fun night in the city with DBF, enjoy!


                            DrT: 20 weeks, halfway, woohoo! Are you excited to find out what you're having? You should post on bump pic on FB. I bet you're an adorable pregnant lady!


                            Monk: It sounds like you were very productive yesterday and you will have a productive weekend too! Are A and P sharing a room?


                            Cassie: That is so weird about DH's glasses! Did a ghost come up and break them? LOL. Have fun sneaking out of work early though!


                              Good morning, ladies!


                              RR: Not sure if/when I'll run today. It's getting up to 41 so everything is going to be super sloppy.. It's like the spring thaw. ST went well yesterday - starting to bump up my weights again.


                              NRR: Sore throat + headache = grumpy. Working from home again and it's hard to stay motivated.



                              Lucy - Best of luck with the parents! I'm sure it will go well.


                              Lizo - I hope you can relax more at work, too. Long weeks like that are not sustainable.


                              Taylor - Dang, nice tempo!



                              Okay I need to start work before I dilly dally too long.


                                GSD, Enjoy your chilly cold run with M. How cute! Wow she’s developing so much as well! I can’t believe all the things she’s doing already!!!


                                Lucy, that makes two of us that woke up with headaches. I hope the family meeting each other goes well tonight! What are you cooking? Are they all meeting at your place?


                                Dr T Is the big ultrasound the gender one? I don’t know why I thought you were having a boy?


                                Taylor, so jealous of your longish run in the snow! I wish!!


                                Lizo, I’m sure you and M will cheer your Father in law up. Happy Birthday to him!!


                                Cassie. 18 miles! Geeze Louise you’re a rockstar!!


                                Rltw, Awesome job with the 3 miles!!!


                                Monk, Glad you had a good day with DH yesterday!!!


                                Sassy, love the latest pics of G on FB!


                                Ma, Glad you had a great MW appointment! Great job with your BP dropping some!!



                                Tri R: ST plus a shortish 4 mile run tonight. I’m doing a ½ this Sunday. Local Race. Slow. I’ll be picking up the cones, haha. Seriously! I’ll finish around 245. My longest run has been 8 and I’m finally recovering from PF. The more Tri training I do the slower I get running.


                                NTriR: Therapy last night was needed and good. Talk about all the family drama wedding stressors. That. plus work stressors. Just glad it’s the weekend. And it’s about 70 degrees. I wish I could open the windows at work. It’s a gorgeous day. DH and I signed up for the marriage retreat thing yesterday with the Catholic Church for next month. Wow, 120 something days before the big day. I have to start working out on the wedding party. Everyone that’s in the wedding wedding is under 10. Ha!


                                Have a great day!!