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Wintery Thursday PREGGOS (Read 307 times)


    PGR update: ultrasound was great. Had a student technician who kept saying "aww, so cute!" Still due on Jan 20 (that hasn't changed since the beginning!). She's weighing at about 5lbs. I was up a pound and a half from last week. Belly measuring 35" - in all, still good!


    CJ: I'm a consultant. I didn't end up buying the BOB for my stroller - I think I'll look for a used one in the new year after everyone gives up on their resolutions. I'm happy to hear the acid is gone!


    MA: Thanks for sharing the story about your dad - yeah, it can get frustrating. especially when the big companies often demand the most time from me!  Nice job on finishing the christmas shopping in record time.


    TNesq: I hafta tell you - the prenatal massage is THE BEST. How was the reaction on Facebook to your announcement?


    Schmetterling: when you say Pinterest workout, I imagine a lot of sitting and clicking Smile


    Sasha: Thanks for sharing that story about your dad. 90 days to pay is redonkulous. I guess the only benefit for me is that if a client tried that, I would charge WAY more an hour. THat's awesome your midwife recommended more runs Smile 


    Ozzy: Ooooo. Apps! There's one called contraction master that my doula uses and recommends. And because I love dogs, I downloaded "weather pup" - i used it more to check the weather than the weather channel app (though that's a good one too).


    Monk: So happy to hear your vacation is going well!


    Dr. T: Just a regular ultrasound for me. We got to see a squished up little face with big cheeks, so that was adorable. 11 days off sounds AMAZING!


    Mannluna: good luck at the u/s this aft!


      Sorry - just have time for a quickie and it's going to be a late work night, so probably won't be back Sad Thanks everyone for feedback on the pubic bone stuff...feels a bit better today.


      RR- just walked this AM to take it easy. Yesterday just couldnt' make it to prenatal yoga at night after also doing early AM bootcamp. Have to find a better option for yoga. Feel bad because I wasted some money on a month trial membership at the yoga studio...oh well. Made it twice :/


      PGR - 25wks5days. Feeling super bloated post-lunch now. Ugh.


      NPGR - Lots to do before we leave for CA on Saturday! Have most of our presents en route to MIL's since we bought online and shipped to her house. Just need to figure out what I need to bring for myself. We'll be in two climates - So Cal for a few days then up to Mammoth in the SIerras for the rest.


      Have a good day everyone!


      Oh, any word from Teri? Is it game time for her or did I miss a post?

      Laura G in Idaho

        Good morning, ladies! 


        RR:  Did a 2 mile run today.  The wind was 30 mph sustained and 40 mph gusts.  Temperature was 33F, but with the wind chill made it feel like 21F. The first mile I did fartleks with the wind, about a 10 min mile.  Felt awesome.  Second mile, I trudged back to where I started, against the wind, about a 14:30 min mile.  Ha ha!  It was awful, but I feel like a superstar now that I'm finished.  Using a maternity support belt is making it possible to run at all.  Without it, I'm sure round ligament pain would stop me.  Slight shin splints in both legs, but mostly my left leg.  So, I guess I need to avoid hills, uneven ground, and speed work (like fartleks) until it feels better.  Planning to stretch the calves, point and flex toes, all day today and all of tomorrow.  Hubby ran with me again.  He did well the first mile and walked the 2nd mile.  His knee is healing slowly.  He's frustrated, but I'm trying to encourage him.


        PGR:  21w6d.  Ate well again yesterday, but should have eaten a second egg and skipped it.  I'll try to fit in an extra egg today or tomorrow, if I can.  Feeling good, but I really like to take a nap in the afternoons when I can.  Even a 15 to 30 minute nap makes all the difference for me.  Not sure if running is helping me feel more energetic or using up any energy I have.  I think it is helping me with digestion (if that's TMI, I'm sorry!), and I think I can attribute my sleeping well to the running.


        TN asked yesterday about cloth diapers... I have used cloth diapers with all of my babies.  When they are washed properly, the diapers AND your machine are sanitized.  I recommend www.greenmountaindiapers.com to buy your cloth diapering supplies and they have an excellent guide on how to take care of the diapers.  Situations where cloth isn't as desirable: camping, traveling, emergency situations.  So, keep a stash of disposables set aside.  While baby is exclusively breastfed, the poop will wash out fine, and not be offensive.  When baby starts solids, you may want to keep a dedicated rubber spatula next to the toilet to scrape off solids, and I have one of those potty pail sprayers, too.  They are really fantastic!  I never can seem to use liners.  I always forget to put them in, and then baby poops, but when baby doesn't poop, I remember them easily!  :P 

        Laura G in Idaho

          Forgot to say... flushable liners are nice when you are out for the day, so you can just dump the poop and not have to scrape it off when you get home.


             Was just thinking about you ladies and thought I’d pop in and say hi.

            My LO is now almost 4 weeks old. I can’t believe how time has flown. BFing is our biggest struggle – I had some oversupply issues and LO kept spitting up a ton and it was just not cool. We are under control now but I’m still having pain, so we’re working on it. My DH has been FANTASTIC and I wish that for all of you – he will watch M so I can go to the gym or shower or take an hour nap. He’s just the best daddy! I am slowly recovering from my tear and am easing into working out – running .5-1 mile at a time within some walking now. We’re getting there and every day is a new day!

            YJPM – You are so close! I have the breast friend and the Boppy – to be honest I haven’t been using either one, but you may find you like it! I thought for sure the Breast Friend would be my best friend but it’s just not working for me (sorry, don’t mean to discourage you!). Glad the U/S went well! Will be thinking of you in the next few weeks.

            Jazz – Uh oh, the waddling Wink I think (hope?) I sort of escaped that (DH says I waddled though, I disagree&hellipWink. I’m glad your LO is wiggly in there – always reassuring.

            MA – 26 weeks already!?!? Where has the time gone. Glad you got some good sleep and the shopping done. I hate Christmas shopping. I don’t know why… Way to keep up with 12 mpw – that was about my goal too (or more like 10).

            Ozzy – You need to post a new bump pic on FB! Hope you had a nice swim. So cute about the bunny hat – I hope it is super cute! You are getting so close too – your LO is starting to run out of room in there and might be changing how you feel movement. You will still feel it, but to me it was like “rolls” rather than jabs at that point. Way to keep up on the workouts!

            TN – I got massages almost weekly after 34 weeks or so. It was SO worth it. I felt so much better. YAY for movement. I sent you a PM on FB about the diapers, but we’re doing cloth and I am really happy with it so far. I don’t know if you’re doing BFing or not, but breast milk is water soluble so it just sort of disappears in the wash – we rinse our dipes but you don’t really need to (and your washer won’t be poopy). I’m not sure how overwhelming cloth would be with twins – talk to GoTaraGo – she’s doing cloth and loves it I think. She’s a super woman! And cute with the stockings!

            Schmet – Boo on all that teething. Hope you got some rest today.

            Sasha – I agree – elliptical is way better than nothing. Can you bike? Glad the MW appt went well – Yay for that U/S too!

            Monk – ((Waves)) – hope that trip goes well and glad you could escape the snow.

            DrTre – (that is like Dr Dre – love it). We haven’t “met” but wanted to say hi! You will get to the “pop” stage soon enough – I remember the awkward in between stage where you’re PG but no one can tell and you just feel blah. Enjoy the 11 days off!

            Mann – Hope the cake turns out super cute. Hope the xmas shopping is a success too.

            Liz – 25 weeks already for you too!?! You ladies are trucking right along. Hope you get all the stuff done for CA – sounds like a lot of planning! Good luck finding that yoga.

            Laura – we haven’t “met” either, but hello! Nice job keeping up with the running too. Naps are always good – if you can fit one in it’s so worth it. I second the GMD website – very helpful. We didn’t buy our materials from there, but I use it to get information a lot.


              Swim: missed you!! glad you're doing well, and I hope BF gets better for you. Hubby sounds like wonder man! Thanks for stopping by again - I've been creeping the new mom's over on RW so I can join in soon!

              Laura G in Idaho

                Thanks for the welcome, swim.  About the BFing and oversupply.  I sometimes have that problem in the beginning, too.  What has helped is nursing on just one side at each feeding rather than both sides.  The more times you switch, the more times your let down reflex is stimulated. As for pain while BFing, check latch if you haven't already.  Some general tenderness is normal, but no chaffing or rubbing sensation.  Have you seen a lactation consultant or visited with a LLL Leader?  Lansinoh can be very helpful in healing if you are cracked/bleeding.  I'm a retired LLL Leader, so feel free to PM me about the BFing and I'll do my best to help.


                It must be nice to have baby on the outside.  Smile 


                  Jazz - Loved that pic that you said you copied from Pinterest. Cute!


                  Laura - I have had some help from other ladies re: oversupply. I did some block feeding (feed 2 times on one breast, then switch) and that seemed to help a lot. I stopped it and now I"m wondering if it's coming back as an issue... I block fed for a few days and it seemed to regulate but now I'm SO full after just a few hours. And M tends to pull back, unlatch, and cough like he's choking on the fast flow. Poor guy. I went to see an LC and have called a few times - the issue is shallow latch/lipstick nipple (maybe b/c he had to stop that flow early on?). Thanks for the offer to help though - do you have a Facebook account or are you on the group that these ladies have set up?

                  Laura G in Idaho

                    Swim - Yes, I'm on FB.  Search for Laura Grout  If there is more than one person with my name, my profile pic is of my toddler son, about a month before he died, and my cover photo is of me and one of my little babies.  I have long dark brown hair with bangs.  


                    Sometimes babies just have to grow up a little so they can handle the fast flow of us "jersey milkers," ha ha!  So if the block feeding is causing you to become painfully full, grab a cloth diaper or hand towel and tuck it under your boob so it'll be ready to "catch" the flow when baby pops off.  After a few seconds when the flow slows down, latch baby back on and hopefully enjoy the rest of the nursing.  Let down can happen several times throughout the session, however, so be ready.  You may even hand express a bit while the flow is going crazy so there is less milk to deal with during the nursing session (but understand this could increase supply).  I wouldn't be surprised if M gets very frustrated while you wait for your flow to slow down, so be expecting some fussiness. 


                    Some babies get a greenish tint to their poop, and it becomes watery when the mother has such an overabundance of milk.  Some experts believe this is because they get a lot of the foremilk that comes at the beginning of the nursing session and don't get much of the rich hind milk.  I don't know why it makes the poop green and watery, but I just wanted you to know that's a normal side effect of the over supply issue, and not to worry.


                    Latch may be impeded by the flow, because just as you said, baby doesn't really want to have that nipple all the way into his mouth for fear of choking to death on the fast flow.  Just continue insisting that M does it right, or you'll continue to be in pain.  You can keep doing the block feeding if you aren't too full/lopsided.  Some mothers have pumped one side with the electric pump while nursing on the other side.  This does nothing to reduce the supply or flow, and actually encourages it.  However, if you are wanting to build a stockpile of breastmilk in the freezer, this is not a bad way to do it.  You may only have to pump while nursing once or twice a day to get the desired effect while nursing throughout the day.  Some mothers have found milk banks or donation coordination websites online where they have donated their extra milk. 


                    It's a balancing act between figuring out how to deal with the fast flow and extra supply and also trying to discourage your body from producing enormous amounts.  I hope something I've said is helpful.  Keep at it.  The rewards of breastfeeding successfully last a lifetime!