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    Good luck to our Boston Marathon Supermoms!!!


    RR: recovery run of 5-6 miles today, at a really easy pace. My 21 went great yesterday, felt good throughout and finally had decent weather!


    TR: Correctly identifies different colors when i ask him to pick up and bring me certain things. He's loving the train table we got last weekend, too!


    NRR: working 6-12 today, and hoping for a nap after work. Five minutes afer I laid down yesterday afternoon after doing some house cleaning, R started chattering. No nap for me!


    Have a great day everyone!

     5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



    beskirted & manicured

      RR - SRD.


      TR - was up until 10 last night, screaming, pointing to a spot in his mouth and saying it hurt. His usual 'cure' for everything is to put cream (Aveeno) on it, but of course that didn't work with his mouth, I had to pretend to put cream on it and I don't think I fooled him either.  I couldn't see anything wrong, hopefully nothing is wrong.


      FR - fried noodles, veggies, tofu.


      NRR - discovered that 3 ibuprofen, not 2 is the secret for making a dent in the hormonal headache.



      rg - glad R likes the train table.  I have heard so many parents say their kids loooove the train table set up in toy stores but when they sprung for one, the kid refused to play with it.

      5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26


      running eh

        RR - rest today.  did 17ish kms yesterday.  7 w. the stroller and then met DH, and the older 2 kids on their bikes at the trailhead.  Did 7k down the trail at a decent pace and then DS ran out of energy.  There was quite a bit of stopping and starting on the way back and my hip and knee complained about that.


        RR#2 - starting to wonder if a marathon is just too far for DH and I.  He's complaining of sciatic pain and my left knee and right hip are sore.  What a bunch of old farts!


        NRR - my younger two kids and I are heading out for a walk with SIL and 4 of her kids this morning, then it's off to the accountant and the bank after that.


        FR - kale and potate soup


        KR - DS moved into his big boy bed on the weekend (from the toddler bed) and he fell out the first night - he has a sad looking bruise on his face from the fall.


        rg - glad your LR went well, hope you can sneak a nap in today.  Good job identifying colours with DS!  I haven't even started trying to teach colours to DD, maybe I should do that!


        zorbs - hope DS's mouth is better today.  glad you could get that headache under control!


        YAY go Boston Runners - you ladies are so motivating!




          RR - 11.3 on Saturday (one day I might actually do 12... 11 is a weird number)... 5.5 today... only saw bunnies and a couple stray cats but the cat looked ready to pounce..


          BR - Nap strike.  Seriously runny nose.  Weird eating.  Crying at bedtime.  My guesses are she's trying to transition to one nap, teething (can't feel anything b/c she clamps down when I put my finger in her mouth) and separation anxiety, especially at bedtime.  But like everything else, it could be anything, right?


          NRR - got my tax refund... yay!



          eh - ouch, hope your KR is ok!   was there a rug on the floor to soften the landing?


          zorbs  - hope that headache goes away.. i used to get really bad hormonal headaches too... i would take execedrin migraine and that sometimes worked...


          rg - great job on the 21!


            RR - 10k easy. I ran 64 km last week, which is pretty high mileage for me. My legs are feeling it. Need to dial it down a bit this week as I have a 10k race on Sunday.


            TR - Dressed her in pajamas with cats on them last night. She was lying there grabbing her shirt and repeating "cat, cat, cat" over and over until she fell asleep.


            FR - Chicken tetrazzini, broccoli.


            NRR - I finally made a quick visit to the new Target this weekend. It looks way better than the ghetto Zellers it replaced. I was really excited about the clothes section but then the jeans I tried on were huge in the waist and skin tight in the calves and the sports bras failed the jump-up-and-down test. So there were no purchases and I didn't have time to browse the rest of the store.




            rg - Yay for a great LR in good weather! Ugh, nothing worse then getting all cozy and ready to nap and then having to get up again. Awesome that R can identify colours. I was doing colours with S last week. I think she is too young to get it, but I cheered and pretended she knew what she was doing every time she happened to pick the correct colour.


            zorbs - Is B's mouth better today? I love that Aveeno cream is a cure-all for everything else. Glad you finally got some headache relief - do your hormonal headaches normally last several days like that?


            eh - Oh no to you and DH feeling the aches and pains! Hopefully they're nothing serious and will go away if you ease into the marathon training. Are you going to the accountant for taxes? I just picked mine up from the accountant on Friday. I felt like a real go-getter for actually having them done in the first half of April for once.

            5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      


              GOOD LUCK IN BOSTON!!!!


              rg - AWESOME job on the 21 miles...and even better than you had good weather and felt great...you are going to kick butt in this marathon.  I hope you get your nap in today!


              zorbs - Boo to B being up and screaming last night.  Hopefully he doesn't have a sore throat or anything.  LOL to putting cream on everything to cure it.  Glad you figured out how to find a little relief from your headache.  Enjoy your rest day...hopefully you can get a nap today.


              eh - Great job on the 17K yesterday despite the starting and stopping...I hate that too and it can do a number on the body.  Hopefully the rest day will help it all feel better.  OH no to DS falling out of the big bed...hopefully he doesn't do it again.  Have a great walk this morning.  And I think you and DH can do the marathon...we all go through aches and pains training for the first....especially if you aren't sure exactly how to train your body.  You just need to work through those aches and pains and figure out how to not make them happen again.  You can do it!


              CTimes - C is the same age as J was when he went through all the seperation anxiety stuff and weird napping, etc.  It is that general age of transition...she'll work through it and you'll all figure it out.  Great job on the runs!!  Any marathon plans in your future.  Yay for the tax refund.


              Ernie - Too cute about S and her cat pjs...she is so funny.  WOW on the mileage...great job.  Good luck with your 10K...did you train for the 10K or are you just running it?  I don't usually train for 5 or 10Ks....I seem to just sign up randomly.  Boo to not finding something good at Target.  I agree with the jeans...big in the waist and tight in the legs.  I love the sports bras though but I don't really have any boobsSmile


              RR - 1/2 marathon on Sat was good.  A personal worst but that was expected.  Still decent for 12 weeks pg.  Did 5 recovery miles with Mer yesterday and it was so nice to have an RP again...so miss it.  Probably a SRD today as I need to do some things.


              TR - Realized this weekend that he is pretty bratty in comparison to Mer's son.  LOL!  Oh well...he can be sweet.  He loved to flirt with Mer and wanted her attention all the time.  She left and he was calling her name...lol.  He actually STTN without waking up and coughing.  When I woke him at 5:45 he coughed up a lung but at least he STTN.


              NRR - I STTN too!!  It was nice.  Had a great weekend with Mer and her family.  Standing next to her in a picture though makes me look 10x fatter than I thought I was...ugh!  It was fun to run a preggo race as I wasn't allowed to race when I was pg with James.  The finisher award was a silver charm and they sports store that sponsored the 1/2 was engraving them for free yesterday.  So I waited in line for an hour to drop off the charm for engraving.  It was worth it though.  Today I need my bangs cut, eye brows waxed and to go pick up the charms. I am ticked though because I forgot my race bib at home and I could have gotten $10 off a purchase at the LRS where I need to pick up the charms.  Grrrrr...I don't have time to drive all the way home either.  Oh well.  But I really wanted to buy some socks and stuff.




                RR:  SRD.  My knees are a little sore still.  I had a blast at the half.  Probably one of my most favorite races.  I will take ice pellets over heat any day.  I looked at my splits yesterday and they were pretty inconsistent during the race, but thats okay.  I felt good the entire time and that is waht matters.  Did 5 recovery on Sunday with Jen.  Its amazing how fast miles tick by with a RP.  I had forgotten about that.


                RR#2:  Pretty sure I am not going to run the half in May.  I am going to bandit a leg of it and enjoy the malls!


                TR:  Really, was very good over the weekend but up to his usual antics once we got home.  Ordered his big birthday gift last night after some weekend inspiratioin.  I hope it is here in time!


                NRR:  One of the best weekends I have had in a LONG time.  Very little could have made it better.  DH was awesome with everything he did to make the trip happen and I wish I could show him how much I appreciate that.  He is such a trooper!  The only good part about leaving was being able to tell Jen that I would see her in a few weeks!


                NRR#2:  I am slightly addicted to this song.


                FR:  Tons of junk but thats okay.  DH is grocery shopping today.


                PGR:  16 weeks tomorrow.  I was just telling Jen how surprised I was that my pants were still buttoning.  Yeah.  Welcome belly band this morning.  I had a dream about seeing babys profile through my belly and feeling kicks.  I hope the kicks happen soon.  Can't wait to hear the heartbeat Friday and schedule our 20 week ultrasound.  Yes, we are finding out the sex.


                Be back later for personals.  Gotta clean up from the sub.

                Upcoming Races: 

                Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



                  RR - planning on 12 today.  Had wanted to get it in over the weekend but tennis ruled Friday and Saturday, and Sunday woke up to 40mph wind gusts and rain and thunderstorms.  No thanks.  Thought about getting it in while L napped and DD1 was home (DH is out of town) but DD wanted to play Life so I decided to be a good mom instead.


                  BR - diarrhea and awful diaper rash.  Poor guy.  Hope he is better today so he can go to MMO.


                  KR - basically was down to 2 kids this weekend since DD1 and 3 had other stuff going on.  Feels so easy when we're not outnumbered!


                  FR - something quick, easy and kid friendly.  Breakfast for dinner?


                  NRR - Hopefully this move thing will be final after today so we can start telling people.  I have tons of nervous energy about it though so I'm taking advantage and getting lots of deep cleaning done which feels great.


                  rg - yay for a good 21 miler yesterday!  Do you have on more LR left?  R sounds like a smart little guy!  Hope you get your nap in today!  Sounds wonderful.


                  zorbs - hope nothing is wrong with B's mouth!  I always take 3-4 ibuprofen when I need it, 2 never seems to do anything for me.


                  eh - On one hand I like it when my girls want to ride their bikes while I run, but on the other it usually means a lot of starting & stopping which gets frustrating for me.  I like half marathon training because it's generally pretty painless but once I get up to marathon miles all these aches and pains start coming on.


                  cx2 - it's so hard to know what's wrong with these babies sometimes!  I hope she starts sleeping better.  Yay for a tax refund!  We had to pay in, boo.


                  ernie - great mileage last week!  What's your next big race?  Target clothes are really hit or miss.  We will be moving to Target headquarters though so I'm hoping for better Targets and better clothes selections!


                  jen - you are such a speedy lady, congrats on your half!  And you so do not look fat!  So fun that you two got together.  I hope the LRS will take your word for it and give you the discount anyway!


                  mer - congrats to you too on your half!  You guys are awesome.  It's supposed to be 87˚ here today.  Right now 30˚ isn't sounding so bad.  Ok well maybe it is, but somewhere in the middle would be nice.  I love that long!  Maybe I will put it on my playlist for my run today.


                    Good luck Boston mamas!  You are going to kick some butt.


                    Jen and Mer - I am beyond impressed by your times.  I would be psyched if I ran a HM not pregnant that fast!  I only I wasn't afraid of the HM distance.


                    RG - Do you always do a recovery run after your LR?  When do you take srd?  I am maybe going to run today because the weather is supposed to turn to crap.


                    zorbs - Glad you found a solution to the HA!

                    eh - Could you guys maybe do the half instead?


                    cx2 - 11 is my lucky number so I am ok with it Smile


                    ernie - yep, Target jeans are not made for runners.  I have to squeeze them up past my calves.


                    RR:  Ended up getting in 43 mi for the week.  Definitely not what I was hoping for for my last week before taper but I will take it.  Saturday was the only day I cut my run short - but I cut it in half.  Srd today unless I decide to run later before our nasty weather rolls in.

                    TR:  My parents and I are going to the mountains this weekend to celebrate both of my mom and my birthdays and relax.  My parents want to take H 2 days early now and I am not sure if I can do it.... I have never spent a night away from him.

                    NRR:  Class today and then more studying as usual.  The first exam is TUesday and is a clinical exam, ie simulated patient scenarios.  I hate fake patients because they make me so nervous.  Especially since I know someone is watching me!

                    5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                      rr: 4m tonight. Maybe more since it will be 50+degrees today!!


                      br: was not so great in church yesterday. We sat in the back pew which has more space which is nice but also means more space for him to run around. Never again.


                      tr: told dd2 i had to go to the chiro today. She asked if auntie amy could come watch her. dd1 goes, "no, she lives in milwaukee!" Too funny.


                      nrr: cousin cards was so fun. sleepover worked out too and we stayed up until 1:30 playing games and drinking.


                      fr: leftover bbq chicken sandwiches and italian beef sandwiches.


                      rg: yay for nice weather! We have some too even if it is only for a day and there is snow in the forecast later this week. Boo.


                      zorbs: i never take less than three ibuprofen. i figured after you give birth they tell you to take 4 so i know it isn't hurting me.


                      eh: yup i am pretty sure i will never run a full marathon. my hip is too wonky.


                      cx2: we got our tax refunds too! i asked dh how much we were going to pi$$ away and how much we were going to save.


                      ernie: so cute about the cat pjs!! i just realized that the tiny strapped sports bras from target work great for me bc i have no boobs thus need no support.


                      jen: a PW for you is faster than i will ever run in my entire life so be very very proud of that! very cool about the charm!


                      mer: that song has been a favorite in our house for about a month. I am pretty sure the girls know all the words to it! So glad you had such a great weekend!


                      arm: it is 48 here at 8am but there is snow in the forecast for later this week. we have been doing breakfast for lunch on sundays. So good!


                      stroller: i had never been away from the kids except when i was in the hospital having another baby until c was 10 months old. it was weird but i did what any parent would do any slept in until like 9am.


                        jen - so glad you were able to STTN.. .and you totally DON'T look fat in the picture!  I've never had my eyebrows waxed.. i'm pretty good at plucking but maybe having them neatened up properly would make them look better.  Oh and no marathons yet...  I already told DH once we're done having kids I want to start training again... looking at a half in July and one in Sept though..


                        mer - great you had such a good weekend!   The Belly Band saved me from having to buy new pants ... i held out until 27 weeks before caving and switching to maternity pants which, i admit, were pretty comfy... i just hated buying mat pants b/c IMO they were so over priced...


                        arm - breakfast for dinner used to be my favourite meal...  but since I met DH, haven't had it much b/c he doesn't like breakfast foods.  His idea of breakfast is Coke and leftover chicken.


                        ernie - it's sad that the only tetrazzini i've ever eaten was a frozen meal... would love to see how it REALLY tastes... our Zellers was really trashy too... i can't wear Target pants, only tops, b/c their sizing is so weird..


                        stroller - how old is H?  We've never been away from C overnight either...the longest for me was 6 hours I think...


                          RR: 12m lr. Last double digit run before fm. I read the taper section of Advanced Marathoning last night and it made me feel better that I am actually getting stronger through taper instead of that feeling like I am doing no running and sitting on my arse all day.


                          NRR: mall to get some summer clothes for DS. It’s 79 today, 80 tomorrow and he doesn’t have any shorts. Oh and breastfeeding conference was a bit shocking. It was really preachy – as in against not 100% nursing at the breast 100% of the time. It really offended a lot of women in the room esp those who pumped.  I left half way through.


                          BR: Dh spent loads of time with him at the river playing with sticks and rocks and they were hours whilst I had my massage. It was very nice to have some time out and not be needed!


                          FR: chicken, quinoa, broccoli. Feel like I need to cut back now as I am not running 50+mpw.

                          5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


                            cx2 - At least the bunnies on your run route haven't become menacing...yet Joking. Ha, I blame all fussy baby behaviour on teething even though, you're right, it could totally be anything.


                            Jen - My mileage last week was 64 km, not miles, so it probably doesn't deserve the WOW you gave it Smile I suck at 10ks so I really want to run a good one this spring...I'm basically doing the Hal Higdon 10k advanced training. I have one 10k race this Sunday and then another on May 12th so I have two chances to get a good time. Way to go on your half - you are a very speedy preggo! Glad you had a great weekend and got to STTN last night. And you looked great in the picture, not fat at all!


                            Mer - Great job on your half! You and Jen totally rocked that race. Even though I am so anxious for warmer weather, I have to say, I would probably take ice pellets to the face over heat during a race, too. I loved the belly band! Did you find you had to bust it out a lot earlier with this pregnancy?


                            Arm - I hope you can get your 12 in today! Will you do it while L is at MMO? I have a 10k race this Sunday and then another 10k on May 12th. I can't remember - do you have another half coming up?


                            Stroller - 11 is my lucky number, too! I played baseball growing up and that was always my number. Having never run a marathon, I am definitely no expert, but I think you have done a great job training so far and it's better to have a little less mileage pre-taper than to be overtired by race day. Good luck with your exams this week - nice to have the mountain weekend to look forward to after!


                            Mrszm  - Enjoy that long awaited nice weather! I am about to go out for my run and it has warmed up to 45F and sunny now, so I am debating wearing shorts. Cousin cards sounds like a blast! Hopefully you got to sleep in a bit after staying up late. Does C normally sit still during church? I have never taken S to church because she is so crazy I don't think she'd last more than 2 minutes.

                            5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      


                              Good luck today ladies!


                              RR:  SRD - Legs are so sore but I think the stairs are working.  11 miles were pretty speedy for me yesterday.  Not quite to my goal pace yet though Smile


                              TR:  Animal day at school, he is so excited.


                              NRR:  Good thing about the missing keys is that my house is clean and so are both of the cars.  No one has tried to use the cards in the wallet so I think it is just missing, not stolen.


                              NRR2:  Inlaws AND my parents will be here for C's birthday party on Saturday.  Should be fun, haven't all been in the same room since our wedding.


                              Honorary Old

                                RR: did 4.5 miles  yesterday, had planned to do 7 but a storm came in over us and pelted us with rain/snow/hail while we were in tanks and shorts then the wind kicked up and froze us. I would prefer the calm winter weather we have here to the psychotic spring weather. Usually the weather evens out by May, so I'm holding out for a few more weeks.


                                TR: Was a sweetheart yesterday, lots of cuddles and kisses. Only one time out. When we came back from the grocery store, he found a dandelion in the yard, picked it, and gave it to me. Totally melted my heart. Hope this sweetness lasts a while.


                                FR: Last night was pizza casserole- yum. I bought the stuff to make bulgogi, not sure if that will be tonight, or if I'll wait until DH goes on nights.


                                NRR: Last day of tax season. WOOOOOHOO!

                                2 Mile: 17: 11   5k PR: 27:45    5 Mile: 44:11    10K: 59:01    Half: 2:15:59     Marathon: 5:50:07