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Marathon Monday Supermoms (Read 32 times)


    RG:  Awe, what a big boy!  C still gets his colors wrong...


    Zorbs:  I'm sorry but that is funny.  I wonder what was wrong?  Does he have all his molars?  Or maybe he bit his tongue?


    Eh!:  LOL, that's how I felt trying to train for a marathon!  I will make it one day, it just may take awhile and some narcotics may be involved.


    Cx2:  We apparently have coyotes on our trails right now, I won't go up there alone!  Hooray for tax refund.


    Jen:  Jealous of your weekend with Mer!  LOL on being pretty bratty, C is compared to some kiddos  but then I have lunch with my lake friends and he is back to being an angel Smile


    Mer:  Hooray for such a wonderful weekend!


    Arm:  So it is official?  I love moving but it makes me so nervous to think about it.


    Stroller:  Wow, I feel like a bad mom saying that it doesn't really bother me to be away from C for a night....or a week.  I miss him but I enjoy sleep and getting things done efficiently.


    MrsZM:  Hooray for some nice weather! it was beautiful here this weekend, maybe a little too warm for my taste but don't want to rub it in Smile


    Bermy:  Boo on the conference.  I was an EPer for the first 3 or 4 months....I really beat myself up on not being able to get DS to latch properly and was super depressed.  Took me awhile to get over it, and then C got the idea one day Smile


      Mer - Glad you had a fun weekend with us.  DH was telling me that he really likes hanging out with your DH...way more than any of my other friends DHs...he said your DH is just very low maintenance and so easy going.  You guys are welcome any time.  LOL to busting out the belly band.  Maybe that was due to our stellar weekend eatingSmile


      arm - Have a great 12 miler.  Sorry to hear L is sick.  Hopefully he will feel better today.  Glad you had a nice/quiet weekend with 2 kids gone. How long is DH gone for?  I think breakfast for dinner sounds great!


      Stroller - I think 43 miles is still great!  You definitely have a lot going on.  I think I would let your parents take H for 2 nights.  It would give you some much needed time to get things done and you know that he is in very good hands.  You deserve a little break!  Good luck with your exam tomorrow!


      mrszm - Glad you had a fun weekend.  Sorry C was acting up in church...J acted up every single place we went for the most part.  Although some kid in the mall play area hit him...lol...he got a bit startled by that but the kid didn't hit him hard.  Now he knows why he shouldn't hit.  Enjoy your run OUTSIDE.  It is supposed to rain here...it has rained/snowed every day here for so many days straight I can't count.

      CTimes - More kids in your future?  I am ready to be done and get back to marathon training too.  I just hope my body holds up.  I love halfs and that is why I always choose those over other races.


      Bermy - Looks like you had fun out to dinner with another supermom!!  Sounds like a great weekend complete with a massage.  I hope you have a good 12 miler today too.  How exciting that it is the last double digit run...when is your full?  Glad DH and DS got to spend some quality time together so mommy could have some much needed pampering time.  I hope you have fun shopping and can find DS some shorts.  I had to make a run when we were in FL to get J some as the 2 pairs I bought him were falling off his little body.  He is too skinny.


      Ernie - Yes, you still get the WOW...I knew it was in km and I am still impressed.  I haven't been able to get that many miles in for awhile so I am impressed!  Good luck with the 10K.  I also suck at 10K and frankly I hate them.  I always run them wrong.  I try to run them like a 5K and then burn out early.  I like 1/2s because I can find a groove and stick with it for awhile.  Great idea to sign up for 2 10Ks...maybe I'll focus more on speed after baby.


      Becky - Great job on the 11 miles!!  Ugh to the missing wallet and keys though.  I really hope you find them or that some does and turns them in.  What a pain.  Did you already call and cancel everything?  Sounds like a fun and busy weekend for C's birthday...enjoy it.


      Spike - Great job getting out for the run but icky on the quick change of weather.  Glad R was being so cute/good this weekend.  Cute about the dandelion.  Yay for the last day of tax season.  Hopefully things will start to slow down a bit for you.


      TR#2 - Had his 18 month well check on Friday.  He is still small 21lbs 11oz...only in the 10ish percentile.  Doctor wasn't worried and said he should start to gain more quickly again.  His height was in the 75%.  Dr. said his chronic coughing could be asthma but they won't treat it now and will just monitor him over time.


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        RR - SRD, ST'ing at the gym.  Ex-RP bailed, she's sick.  She lost 4.5 lbs last week and thanked me for the butt kicking workout last week.


        TR - has a cold and a cough, hopefully she can act mostly healthy at the gym daycare.


        BR - slept till after 5 before she wanted to eat.  I should call today and book her 6 mos shots since MIL is coming home this week.


        FR - corned beef and cabbage in the slow cooker.


        RR2 - Boston isn't broadcast here till 11am Sad  I have my DVR set and will watch it after I go to the gym.


        be back after the gym for personals.

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          Ernie:  The sports bras at Target used to be much better, I had to trash the ones I bought recently since they were not doing the girls any justice.


          Spike:  Awe, I love when C picks flowers for me.  Our backyard is full of wild pansies right now Smile


          Ok, now I really am going to get to work....after this cup of coffee.


            cx2 - He is 17 months... I shouldn't be so sad about it.  I am a little pathetic.


            mrszm - I wish I could sleep in till 9am!  Dang school and exams.

            5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


              CA - Sorry M is sick. I am watching the marathon live online!!!  Enjoy your rest day.  yay for O sleeping until after 5!


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                TR2- forgot- when we went to the grocery store, I let him walk into the store holding my hand and then he insisted on taking the cart with the plastic car in the front so he could drive. However, he is very impatient and got mad that I kept stopping the cart to get groceries and he just wanted to cruise around. He kept yelling, gesturing, and trying to climb out if I stopped for more than a few seconds. Baby road rage.


                Runnergirl- Good job with the colors, R! When is your marathon?


                zorbs- sorry about your headache. I get ocular migraines that are hormone related- I have to go home as soon as one comes on because my vision gets so many black spots in it I can't drive.


                eh!- DH claims to want to run a marathon, but he whined so much during the half that I don't know if he has the cajones.


                Cx2- that sounds like teething to me. Have you tried giving her tylenol or ibuprofen to see if it helps?


                Erniegirl- I wear lots of target clothes- if you go on the Target website it explains the different fits of pants. I think the ones I wear are fit 2. I don't mess around with sports bras- I go ahead and buy expensive heavy duty ones.


                Jen- funny how we see ourselves- I looked at your pictures and thought "you can't even tell those skinny girls are pregnant!"  And BTW your PW is about a million times faster than my PR Smile. Cut yourself some slack, it does no good to compare yourself to others. And J is a different kid than Mer's J- and we all have our days.


                Mer- this pregnancy seems like its going fast! Glad you had such a fun weekend. How far apart did you and Jen live before she moved to MI? I need a fun girl's weekend. I'm thinking about running Bloomsday, I have until tomorrow to make up my mind.


                Strollermama- I think that it will be easier being away from him than you think. I was really anxious about going away for a night from R and when I actually did it, it felt really relaxing and indulgent even though it was a business meeting. I had a harder time with being away from him for 4 days when we went to vegas, but I didn't really miss him much til the 3rd day.  Where in the mountains are they going? MIL/FIL like to drive up to Vail.


                armama- I hate being up in the air. How soon would you be moving? Sorry about the sicky kiddo.


                mzm- I can hardly take my kid to the grocery store, I don't know how people manage church. Especially mormons since they go for 3 hours!


                Bermy- that is ridiculous- did it have an attachment parenting lean? I mean, not being able to pump just doesn't work for the majority of women these days and it seems like a detriment to the cause to try to push 100% direct from the breast.  Yay for taper!   MIL loves to buy R Sprockets brand clothes, but I've heard Crazy 8 is good too. I rarely have to buy R clothes LOL but I have found good stuff at Old Navy and Target.


                Becky- that really sucks about your keys and wallet. Hopefully they aren't lost together that way the person doesn't have your address and your keys.

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                  Jen- I suspect that R has asthma too with his breathing episodes this weekend. I kept the inhaler we were given with his RSV and it cleared it up after we gave him a couple doses.  Does J have allergies, maybe? I've been giving R a dose of claritin in the morning and it seems to be helping with his itching and runny nose.


                  CA- good job on your RP working out again. Hope O does well with the shots.

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                    Spike:  Yes, the keys were attached to the wallet.  DH already rekeyed the house though.


                      This is a good video...worth the 3 minutes! Smile


                      rg - Bummer about the nap, that always happens to me!  Great job with the 21 miles!  That is awesome!  J is starting to identify colors.  Everything is blue for him right now!


                      zorbs - Enjoy the SRD.  Sorry about B's screaming.  I wonder if he bit himself on accident.


                      eh - You always have such busy days!  You will do great with your full.  Take it easy and I am sure your body will adjust.


                      cx2 - Yay for the tax refund!  Those are always fun.  I used part of our state refund to buy myself and J Toms!  I have mat pants from J, but they are big right now so it will be a belly band


                      ernie - I LOL'd with your jump up and down test!  I like the Target C9 Sports Bras, but I don't have much to contain!  I feel like I was in belly bands earlier with J, but I don't remember and didn't write it all down.  Could be the pants as my jeans still fit.  I was looking at pics from J and think my belly is bigger now, but will have to compare when we take the pics tomorrow.


                      jen - You should have seen J when we got home.  Back to himself with meltdowns and constant "no".  He was up early this am...too early.  BTW, you don't look fat...at all....or ever!  Oh, and you weren't there for my 2 McDonalds stops this weekend.   Yep.  Good eats.  I was craving ice cream last night BTW! Smile


                      arm - I hope you get your 12 in today!  Playing Life was an awesome choice!  I think that makes you a great mom for doing that.


                      strollermama - I think you should let your parents take H.  You, of all people, deserve a break and some help.  It is tough being gone, but thanks to technology you can talk, skype, face time...  And I think 43 miles is awesome!


                      mrszackmorris - I saw that it is supposed to be decent today and crappy the rest of the week.  Figures today would be my SRD.  Your girls are too cute.  Glad you had a good time with Cousin Cards.  I listened to that song 3 or 4 times on YouTube before work and will be downloading it as soon as I have money on my iTunes account!


                      bermy - Enjoy your last LR!  That is awesome!  You have worked so hard.  I am glad you got some time to yourself.  A massage sounds heavenly right now!


                      becky - J's bday party is Sunday!  We were going to do it Saturday but IL's dumped that plan for us.  Glad your 11 was good.   You will get there with your times!


                      spike - Yay for a sweet little boy.  Pizza casserole sounds good.  Can you share the recipe?  DH says things go faster for other people...I think he is right.  I am just anxious for my appt on Friday and then to find out if it is Baby Girl or Baby Boy!  Jen and I were about 10 min from each other before she left me! Wink


                      CAR - O is such a good sleeper!  Bummer about M being sick.

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                        Pizza Casserole


                        Preheat oven to 375*


                        12 oz pasta (I used corn rotini)

                        1 32 oz can pasta sauce (I used Hunt's Traditional)

                        1 16 oz can tomato sauce

                        1 lb italian sausage (I used Isierno's chicken italian sausage)

                        1 lg can sliced olives ( i think its 8 oz?)

                        1 lg can sliced mushrooms ( i think its 8 oz?)

                        16 oz cottage cheese

                        1 cup shredded mozzarella or italian cheese blend

                        1 package sliced pepperoni (i used hormel turkey pepperoni)


                        Boil pasta until slightly underdone. Mix with pasta sauce in 9x13" greased casserole dish. Brown sausage and layer over the top of the pasta. Layer on mushrooms and olives, mix cheese and cottage cheese (reserve a little cheese or use some parmesan to sprinkle on top). Spread over the top. Pour the can of tomato sauce evenly over the cheese layer. Place pepperonis on the top and sprinkle with reserved cheese. Bake 20-30 minutes until bubbly and the pepperoni are crisped.

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                          I NEED this SRD, but it is gorgeous outside and with Boston fever, it is making me want to run!


                          eh - I know that when I increased my mileage (going from 3 to 4 to 5 days as well as distance) I always felt beat up for awhile and then my body adjusted.


                          cx2 - why not try 1 nap? as i've said before, B was on one nap by the time he was 6 months old.


                          ernie - Sam is doing the "other" 10K race this weekend in Oakville and I forgot about the Yonge St. 10K..I love that race but I find it hard to fit in with spring marathon training.  Yup, my headaches follow the same pattern, I get it during work on Thursday, Friday I'm in agony because I never run (no endorphins) and then I chase ibuprofen with coffee on Saturday morning, run long and it's usually gone.  But I was dumb last night and got drunk, woke up with another headache this morning but the hangover headaches are very easy to get rid of.


                          jen - yeah B wants cream on bumps, bruises, cuts..even mommy's kisses better aren't as good. will you post a picture of the charm? I'd like to see it.


                          mer - your preggo half is way faster than I could ever dream of being non-preggo.


                          arm - I am afraid of getting "accustomed" to 3 ibus when 2 will do, but I took 2x pill doses Thursday-Saturday, so I would have been better if I had just taken 3 to begin with.


                          stroller - fake patients? are they teachers? or actors?


                          mrszm - I had the worst hormonal headache of all time after B was born, I would take 3 and 4 pills and nothing.  Finally exercise + drugs is what fixed it.


                          back for more later...

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                            bermy - I find BF preachiness to be such a turn off that every pro-BF issue (nursing in public, etc) I am against.  I didn't try very hard to BF at all, and I definitely got judged for it.


                            becky - is there some lurid backstory about the inlaws that we should know about?


                            spike - AGH ice while in a tank! that's horrible!  B is really impatient while in the stroller - if I'm browsing at the mall and stop for a second to look at something, he'll thrash around.


                            CA - what, boston wasn't broadcast live?  it seemed to be on the main sportsnet page, not the regional ones.

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                              Bermy - That breastfeeding conference sounds like it was really obnoxious! I'm not sure why some people don't realize that being militant about bfing and making people feel bad for not being "perfect" at it is not a good way to promote bfing. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend - I'm glad you got to enjoy a massage. It was well-deserved!


                              Becky - What happens at animal day? What a hassle about your keys and wallet! I hate that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you realize you can't find your wallet anywhere. Hopefully it still miraculously turns up. My DH left his wallet on the hood of my car overnight once, for reasons unknown, and I drove away in the morning. Lucky for him, it was pouring rain so the wallet got all water logged. I'd been driving for about half an hour when suddenly a soggy, leather wallet flew up and hit my windshield. Scared the crap out of me. Great job on your speedy 11 miles. I'm sure those stairs are making you physically and mentally stronger!


                              Spike - Ew, sounds like a very unpleasant run. Way to go on toughing it out for 4.5 miles. Thanks for sharing the pizza casserole recipe - sounds like something I'd enjoy. Hope the bulgolgi turns out for you! Thanks for the tip about the Target website. I can't remember what fit number I tried on, but the jeans were a size 2 and ridiculously loose in the waist. I am not that tiny, so the sizing seemed really whack. I ended up finding what I wanted at H&M but next time I need jeans, I'll give Target another chance, maybe I just need a different fit.


                              Jen - That is exactly what happens to me in 10k races, too! I blast out like it's a 5k and then spend the last 5k dying. I've been doing some 10k race pace workouts, so hopefully I can keep it together this time. J is tall and thin! Hopefully his cough clears up on its own and ends up being nothing.


                              CA - Wow, impressive weight loss for RP. I need you to kick my ass at the gym, too! What's the policy for sickness at the gym daycare? It seems to me that little kids constantly have colds, so hopefully they'll let her stay.

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                                RG - awesome job with the 21 yesterday! Bummer on missing your nap yesterday, hope you get one today.

                                zorbs - nope, no live coverage here, maybe out east there is a Boston channel w/ coverage. I was at the gym anyway, so it wouldn't have mattered.

                                r-eh - I think that you might be cut out for a full, but that it might be smarter to ramp up slowly and do some halves first. I think it just takes time of consistently running more distance for your body to get used to it. Part of me wants to run a full this fall but I'm trying to hold myself back so that I ramp up slowly and smartly....

                                cx2 - yup sounds like teething. I'd try some advil and see if that helps. YAY for a tax refund, we have to pay Sad

                                ernie - wow, nice mileage!! I need to check if any of our Target's are open yet... I don't have high expectations. They let her stay at the gym, the signs say no kids that are sick at all, but I always take them as long as it's just a cold.

                                Jen - You looked great in that pic, and I also thought, neighter of those girls look pregnant at all. AND that is a stinkin fast time for anyone let alone a pgr!

                                mer - amazing race this weekend!! You are a speedy mama, and so fun that you got to hang w/ Jen!

                                arm - yikes on the weather, yeah not good for running. Poor baby, I hope he's feeling better!

                                stroller - That's great mileage! You are going to rock your marathon! I'd let your parents take him and take advantage of some time alone. It is hard to be away from them, but also nice to do something for your self.

                                mzm - I'm sure my kids would be rotten in church also, I drop O off straight in the nursery and M has her class during the adult service.

                                bermy - You are going to do great in your race! What did Advanced Marathoning say that made you feel better? I should read that book - I am hoping next spring that I'll be in shape for a full. Ugh on the bf'ing conference. I hate when people are so passionate about a cause that they exclude and hurt others. it does nothing to help your cause - I am the biggest bf'ing fan you'll find, but would never insult or hurt, or judge those that it doesn't work for.

                                becky - nice on the 11 mile run!! YAY stairs Smile Ugh on the keys... so frustrating!

                                spike - I remember a run w/ dh when a hail storm started when we were just a km from the car, I literally had welts on my legs, and there was a river of water flowing down the hill on the path. MMMM pizza casserole sounds yummy!

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