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More Snow on Monday - Preggos (Read 22 times)

MA runner girl


    PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15

    MA runner girl

      Morning! We got about 20+ inches in the storm this weekend... and I woke up to snow falling again! This is crazy...


      RR: Well I only got in 9 miles last week thanks to being housebound for 2 days due to the blizzard! 3 miles yesterday. Today I'm hoping to get to the gym after work, but it's snowing again so who knows!


      PGR: 34w1d. Less than 6 weeks till my due date... wow! I am feeling more and more uncomfortable these days, but that's to be expected I suppose. My shower yesterday was lovely. Despite the storm there was still a good amount of people, though 10 had to cancel. We have stuff everywhere in our house! I can't wait to get it all organized. I started yesterday and I think I pushed myself a little too hard. Suddenly it was 8pm and I hadn't eaten or had anything to drink in about 5 hours.. oops! My feet are still killing me this morning from being on them all day. I need to get started on thank you cards too!


      NPGR: Our office is closed this morning until noon, so I'm working at home again. I was kind of planning on it anyways, so that's good! Not much else to go here.

      PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


        MA - Kind of jealous of all your snow! Glad the shower went well.


        ER - I started to go for a run on Saturday, but pretty early on, I tripped and fell forward. It was okay, but it kind of freaked me out. So I walked to rest of the way. I think I really am off running now Sad I feel like the signs are pointing in that direction...first my ankle, then this. Plus my husband is pushing for me to stop, and he is usually pretty open to whatever I want. Elliptical it is, I guess. Sunday, we went hiking with another couple that is also expecting (she's 25 wks). This AM, bootcamp.


        PGR - 33w2d. My sports bras are uncomfortable now. Not because my boobs are growing much, but because my ribcage is expanding. Ugh. I already bought two more supportive ones at the beginning of the pregnancy, but now those don't fit very well. Guess I may have to get a new one... Feeling generally large + hungry all the time, so bound to get larger.... We did an infant care class on Saturday, along with a hospital tour. They were both good, but kind of an exhausting day.


        NPGR - Hoping this week will be a bit less crazy than last!


          MA: I definitely thought about you a few times as we were watching the news regarding the storm.  Happy to hear that the shower still worked out nicely.  I too appreciated getting the gifts organized and put away.  It just made everything feel more complete I guess.


          Liz: Tripping in my third tri was always my biggest fear.  That is possibly why I was so slow towards the end.  Have to admit that I definitely enjoy my walking these days.  It takes me twice the time to get the mileage in as running but I feel steadier on my feet.  Really impressed you are still doing boot camp.


          ER: Walked 6 mi with the dog this morning.  I am basically switching between walking and swimming each day with a little yoga added to the mix.  Have to admit that the yoga is becoming more intimidating.  I attend a regular, smaller class where the teacher really works to make variations for me as well.  Still feels strange to see others doing more complicated poses that I used to be able to do and I struggle to find room for a simple child’s pose.


          PGR: 38w1d.  Feeling really large these days and sleep has become even more difficult.  I also wish the hormones did not affect my mood so much.  I worry about even opening up my mouth these days for fear of possible offending someone.  DH assures me that it is not too bad but I still feel bad.


          NPGR: Worked this weekend so no real baby-prep progress.  Started a bit on the baby bottle situation.  Possibly need to look at some kind of organizational system for nipples, bottle caps, etc.  Container store maybe?


          Hope everyone has a good Monday!


            MA: Wow! Crazy about all that snow! Do you live near Boston? DH and I lived up there for just 7 months, though I was there by myself for 8 months prior to us getting married, and I remember that the weather was always crazy! It would snow for a couple days and then get really warm, so the streets were always full of slushy, salty mud puddles. Not nice for keeping clothes in good shape, or cars either! I hear you on how forgetting to eat can make you a mess. I tend to do that if I have shopping days. Bad me!


            Liz: Oh dear! Do be careful! I'm glad your DH is both supportive and also good about cautioning you when you need it. Mine is too. I never feel like he pressures me into anything. Just his genuine concern is enough for me to reconsider, which is good. I feel you on the sports bras. I can't breathe in any of my old ones anymore. Of course, I did gain two cup sizes, so they were pretty tight anyway. But now the band at the bottom is way too tight. I got a couple cheaper ones to get me through until I have LO. Then after my body gets back to normal I'll try to find some better fitting ones.


            ER: Yoga last night, for the first time in a couple days. I'm still super wimpy from being sick this morning. I'm feeling a lot better, but definitely not well enough to work out. I might see if there is an alternate yoga video I can find online to do sometime today.


            PGR: 35w4d. I have been having random nausea the last couple days. Not all day, but I especially notice it at night in bed. I'll be ready to sleep and suddenly feel super nauseous. I haven't thrown up yet, thankfully. But it's an unpleasant feeling. I'm not sure if it's connected to the fact that I've been sick for a week. Thankfully I'm finally getting over the sickness. I feel exhausted this morning, but most other symptoms are disappearing.


            NPGR: The house is such a disaster with my being sick for so long. DH has not been feeling well either, but he has also been working. So between the two of us, not much has gotten done around the house. I'm planning on taking it easy today, but also tackling the laundry that is piling up like crazy. DH got called in to sub this morning. It was hard getting up to iron him clothes, but I'm thankful that he got the call. Extra work is good.


              Cross post with Yogi. I didn't realize you were so close! You must have joined the group closer to the end. I feel you on enjoying the walks. I don't mind that they are long because I feel much more comfortable, and mentally I am easier as I have many fewer BH when I walk. Sorry about the hormones! You are really close to the end though, so hopefully your mental filter will come back soon. Smile


                Morning all.


                ER - Saturday I did 6 miles on my parents exercise bike in a half hour. Then Sunday, though I wasn't planning on it I was able to get to the gym and did half mile intervals of walking and running to 3.1 miles. Definitely need a rest day today. I took a nap after my workout yesterday and I woke up with some RLP even with stretching, so rest I will.


                PGR - Almost 21 weeks. I went through DS's newborn-3month clothes but since he was born close to October and this one will be born close to July, there's not a lot of overlap. I was able to get the little top to the outfit he wore home from the hospital, a few plain white onesies, and a few other outfits that should work. I had a Kohls giftcard to use up, so I bought the new baby 100 dollars worth of clothes for 20 something dollars. Shopping for girls clothes after shopping for a boy is like being put on Mars. The clothes are so much brighter lol. And the ruffles. And the bows. And the pink! And the neon trend!


                NPGR - We had a fun time this weekend at our friends' for dinner. The deep fried turkey was good. Their son said it looked like a deep fried monkey cause it was all dark and crispy on the outside.


                MA - I have some friends who live in Western Mass and they posted pics of what their surroundings looked like. Lots of snow! Glad you had a good shower!


                Liz - Sorry it sounds like you're reaching the end of your running days (for the moment), but I'm sure you'll find ways to keep active in the meantime.


                Yogi - I used this for bottle storage. Sorry for the non-pretty link.


                Sasha - Sorry to hear about the lingering illness. Hope you feel better soon.




                  ER: Nothing today, was just too tired last night to set my alarm for that early this morning. And my legs and back hurt.


                  PGR: 37w3d... 18(ish) days to DDay. As much as I'd like him to be here now, ideally I need to work another week and a half to two weeks to earn a bit more paid leave. But I want him to get here so we can slow down a bit! Not that we can necessarily slow down but at least we won't have to be so busy preparing for his arrival once he's here! Busy busy busy weekend! In baby prep this weekend, I got some more work done organizing the basement and closets, finished the baby laundry (still need to put the last of it away though) and DH and I set up the pack 'n' play and tried to install the car seat. The car seat isn't in right though, we need to make an appointment for DH to get it inspected this week. We're using the on my sister gave us but unless they can fix it at inspection to make it more user friendly, we might still go buy a new one. I got too busy on house stuff so didn't get around to making dinner last night. We ate out way too much this weekend! And my body is sore, which is a shame because I had an amazing preggo massage on Saturday and my body was feeling better than it had in awhile!


                  NPGR: So Saturday we ended up buying the car that I mentioned last week. Its a 2004 Mazda 6 with 118K miles on it. Its three years younger than our Nissan Altima and about 110K miles less (we definitely beat the altima far into the ground!). Its got some rust in weird places, but overall its a nice looking car and we got a great deal on it. Its a better car than we thought we'd be able to get for what we wanted to spend. Its smaller than the Altima, so I'm hoping that will help with fitting into the garage with our gigantic Journey. I'll post pictures eventually. Today DH is busy meeting with our insurance agent on some life insurance stuff and for the new car then transferring the title of the new car and coordinating the pickup of the old car, we're junking it for a couple hundred bucks. He's a little cranky from being so busy! I'm a little sad to get rid of the altima, it was a good car and we thought it would last a few more years. But now hopefully we won't have to buy anymore cars for awhile!


                  Sunday we took A to Chuck E. Cheese. We definitely weren't the only ones with the idea to head to Chuck E Cheese on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Yikes it was loud and crowded. A had a really really good time. It was totally a hot and cold day with her, we had a lot of fun but then also a lot of conflict. I think she's starting to react negatively at times to all the baby preparations but unfortunately I don't really know what we can do about it at the moment other than to try and be more patient with her (which I wasn't too good at yesterday). So yeah, this is another Monday where going to work feels like a break!

                  Laura G in Idaho

                    MA:  I thought about you a lot this weekend with all the reports on the news.  I'm so glad your shower went well.  I often do the same with not eating or drinking when I get busy, and then it hits me suddenly that I am very hungry, tired, thirsty and need to get off my feet NOW.


                    Liz:  I've been down this road a few times, so I knew that my band size goes up and when it goes up, my cup size goes down (really, it stays the same, because a 34C is the same cup size as a 32D) so I have two good sports bras in the bigger band size.  You might try one of those bra extenders if your bras have hooks.  My favorite sports bra for nursing moms is the Moving Comfort Fiona Bra.  It has a velcro shoulder strap that you can undo as soon as you get back from a run and nurse your baby without having to take your entire bra off, or compressing breast tissue by wrangling with almost any other sports bra.  Sorry about the forward belly flop.  That has to be disheartening for you to feel that your running days are over for the pregnancy.  Hope you can find some awesome music while you are on the elliptical to keep you from boredom.  Great job on the hike and bootcamp.


                    yogi:  Last pregnancy, I tried to attend regular yoga classes and felt really awkward, and it seemed to take from class time to have the instructor looking for alternatives for me.  I haven't found a good prenatal yoga DVD yet.  Some of them are really goofy.  I'm wondering if the Perfect Pregnancy Workout yoga DVD will be good.  I hope I can buy it next payday and give it a try.


                    sasha:  Yay that you are getting well.  Boo on the house cleaning catch up.  I was way behind on laundry, too, about 15 big loads in my HE washers when I got over the worst of the flu.  I'm nearly caught up again.  I hate feeling like I'm drowning in laundry and dishes, and those are always the first things to slide when life throws me a curve ball.


                    schmett:  The season and gender differences is why I don't keep baby clothes that are under 2T in between kids anymore.  I keep a couple of special, nice things, and coats/bunting that are more expensive, but one stop at a thrift store and I can outfit a newborn for less than $50.  We have a pretty nice thrift store here for baby clothes, and so that's where I get most of what I need.  When I tried to keep stuff between babies, I ended up with a monument to Rubbermaid containers, lol.  Plus, even though I tried to keep an inventory system, I would forget what I had where, and end up buying doubles anyway.  So, for me at least, it's better to just send those cute baby clothes to the next person who may need them.  Besides, being that we have so many, it gives us something to do to prepare for the baby.  We already have so much of what we need, and have really whittled down the non-necessities, that I feel there's hardly anything to do besides washing all the newborn diapers.


                    monk:  Nothing is more annoying than carseat installation, and I'm anal about it.  I won't let anyone else install the carseats for me, because no one else bothers to read the instruction manual or get it tight enough.  Sounds like you and your husband are more patient than that, even going to have it inspected.  We did that once and ended up with all new carseats because ours were getting too old.  I hope your "new" car (ours are always well-used, too) gives you years of reliable use.




                    PGR:  29w3d.  Sort of getting annoyed with people asking how much longer I have, as if it should be right around the corner.  It's not, people, I have tons of time left.  When I say that I have 11 weeks to go, they say, "Ah, so you're six months along."  Well, no, a woman is actually pregnant for 10 months, if you go by the weeks, you dork!  It's 9 calendar months, not 9x4 weeks.  See, I'm not very patient with idiots these days.  I didn't sleep well on Friday or Saturday night.  I woke up too early (3 AM) on Sunday morning and couldn't fall back to sleep.  I hate pregnancy-induced insomnia.  It's probably why I'm being so impatient and grouchy.


                    NPGR:  Made our last batch of pizzas for our fundraiser last night.  Going to deliver them today.  Stayed up until midnight with the pizza making, so between the too-early morning wake up and the late night, I was being a real b**** to my family, especially my teenage sons.  They are so full of lip these days.  It really gets under my skin, and I have no patience for it.  Got about 7 hours of sleep last night.  I hope to get a nap today sometime.  Anyone want a couple teenage boys for a few days while I try to remember how much I love them?


                    RR:  I posted my race results on FB.  5k in 37:57, so a 12:15/mi pace.  Good run.  Good race.  Today, I'm planning 4 miles.  Usually I feel pretty desperate for a walk break about 2 miles into a run, so I'm going to plan to take a walk break at 1.5 miles, hopefully before the pubic bone pain and pressure hits too hard.  I don't know if I'll need a walk break on my shorter runs, but my 4 mile is my long one (I know it's really quite short, ha ha!), so I'll just try doing the walk breaks on the long run and see how it goes.  I hope the run, and then a nap, will set me in a better mood.


                    ER:  Did my sculpting DVD yesterday.  Funny how sometimes one exercise is fairly easy for me, and the next time it's hard, while a different exercise goes from hard to easy.  It changes every time.


                      MA - Crazy snowfall- and can't believe your due date is approaching so quickly! I'm glad you had a good shower.


                      Liz - Glad you weren't hurt in your fall - great job on still toughing out the bootcamp.


                      yogi- 6 miles walked is great - that takes some time! I think if you are aware that the hormones are affecting your mood, that probably helps keep it in check Smile


                      sasha - Boo to random nausea. I hope you and DH both feel better.


                      schmett - Sounds like you had a busy weekend - glad you enjoyed the turkey.


                      monk - Congrats on the new (to you) car! Always nice to find a good car buy.  That's brave of you to hit Chuck E. Cheese on a rainy weekend - but I'm glad you guys were able to spend some time with A.


                      Laura - I hate the month to week conversion involved in pregnancy.  My mom keeps asking me because she decided to make these pregnancy books that go by month for me.  Great job on the race!


                      PGR: 25w6d.Had a ton of RLP Friday night while trying to sleep, and I feel like my belly grew a lot this weekend. My hip is finally starting to feel better, as long as I am very careful rolling over at night - if not, it pops in the joint and gets reaggravated.  Also, dr. called, said I still have borderline previa, said no air travel for me from this point (I had a potential work trip next week, that I already lined up someone else to go) and put me back on pelvic rest.  Boo. First childbirth class tonight - how is that possible?


                      PGR2: I'm having what seems like a ton of BH, enough this morning that I got a bit worried and wrote down the timing to see if I was hitting four in an hour.  So far I think I'm okay, but it has me a bit worried.  Sucking down the water.


                      ER: Probably nothing today - Working ,then going to drop in on my vball team before their game tonight, just to say hi, then heading over to birth class from there - probably won't get home until 9:30 pm.


                      NPGR: Tournament this weekend was a bit frustrating - my girls showed some great improvement in some areas, but also seemed to check out a bit in others.  One last tournament this Saturday, and I'm ready for the season to be done - it's a big time commitment and I'm ready to focus on other things.  Sunday we were supposed to have blizzard conditions, but the weather sort of petered out - but we used it as an excuse to have a movie marathon, and I made a lot of progress on baby blanket No. 1.


                        PG: 28weeks!  Wow time is moving faster and faster!  I have a very productive baby weekend.  Cleaned out 5 closets (everyone in the house except my own….lol).  I have a car load of stuff to take to goodwill.  Picked nursery colors and bought bedding.  Finally progress!


                        ER: Sat gym class was cancelled because the air wasnt working and people were complaining it was too hot.  It wasn’t that bad but management came in half way and told everyone to get out.  I was not happy.  Sunday 7 mile walk at a 17:12 pace.  I started off at a much faster pace but at mile 4 I got a side cramp that took about 20mins to light up so I walked very slowly the rest of the way but still within target of making a sub 4hr HM.  I still cant believe that is actually my goal especially since I got my PR on this course last year.  Funny how you’re your goals change.  Bodypump class tonight.


                        RR: I bought a brand new BOB Ironman of Craigslist.  You could tell by the tires that it had never been outside. The guy was going through a divorce and his wife hadn’t used it so he sold. I know I wont be able to use it anytime soon but I got excited just testing it out.


                        I’ll try to be back for personnals later today.  Have a good Monday!


                          Schmett: Great job on the workouts! Sounds like you earned your rest day for sure. I am crazy about Kohls' sales. They are wonderful! I need to sign up for their newsletter so I know when they are having the best sales. I'm waiting to buy most of my baby clothes until afterwards since we don't know what we're having. I'm crazy for little girl clothes. I really hope that we have a girl, but I'll be happy with whatever.


                          Monk: Try to take it a bit more easy this week. Sounds like you've been going like crazy and could really use a bit of a break. Especially since you already wore of the amazing preggo massage! Nice that you got a "new" car for a good deal. Sounds like the timing was perfect. Maybe try some yoga at night for relaxation and to help you sleep better. It works wonders for me.


                          Laura: I have found that people get very confused about the whole weeks thing too, unless they are younger and have had a baby in the recent past. Maybe the months thing was more popular in my parents' day. I thought that maybe my mom always said 9 months to make it easier to explain to us kids, because surely, her doctor must have been counting by weeks? I don't know. Teenage sons! OMG, I have so much reverence for my Mom for the way she handles my brothers. I told my sister (who has two little ones) "I remember being a teenager and being so terrible to Mom. And then I think, 'why am I having a baby?'" My sister was like, "Oh yes. I think about that a lot and I try to enjoy them while they're little and still love me." Hahaha! Well, the good news is, my Mom and I are super close now, as all my siblings are who have grown up. So there is an end in sight. Boys just need to go off to college so they can see how good they had it at home. Smile


                          TN: At your stage I had a lot of BH too. They actually have lessened in the last few weeks quite a lot. But I did have a period where every time I changed position I would have one. I talked with my midwife and she said more than 5 in an hour might be cause for concern. I told her I might have like 20 in a day and she was totally unconcerned. She just told me to stick with my fluids and include more electrolytes. Sorry about pelvic rest. At least it's not full-on bed rest.


                          Mann: Nice job on the cleaning! Wow! I'm super impressed. I love the feeling to de-junking and taking a bunch of stuff to Goodwill. It's so cool you got started on your nursery too. Fun! Congrats on the great BOB find! I know how you feel. I tested mine out at like 27 weeks and got super excited. Now I'm just waiting to use it. 7 mile walk! Impressive! Can't wait to start walking again, once this cold leaves for good!


                            I slept hard for an hour and now I have to get back up and go because I forgot the drycleaning to drop off and I hate going just to pick up or drop off. I think I need to up my cal/mag supplement, the forgetfulness has really ramped back up in the past few days.


                            Monk - I always feel like I've been productive til I read your weekend posts. Your DH is a busy bee today, but it's all kinds of good busy. Hope you can figure out the car seat issue.


                            Laura - Good to know about baby clothes. It's hard for me to let go because I'm always thinking...I should save this for the next one...and then also guilty I'm not passing the clothes along to kids in need. I think you struck the right balance.


                            TN - Bummer about the pelvic rest. I hope your previa resolves itself. I had marginal previa at 20w last time and it resolved itself by 33 weeks last time. No pelvic rest or anything, though I'm sure it's different with twins.


                            Mann - Awesome score on the BOB! That's how we scored our Schwinn jogger. It was a little older, but the couple we bought it from only bought it for babysitting their niece and walking on a bike trail behind their house. Great for us.


                              sasha - thanks for sharing the info on your BH - that totally makes me feel better, because mine are pretty much as you described - whenever I change position.  Get up in the morning, BH. Get up from my desk, BH. With a few random ones sprinkled in for good measure - I'd say I'm at about 20 a day, too, but haven't hit 4 or 5 in an hour yet. Maybe I need to add some gatorade to my fluids consumption...


                                TN: Oh yeah, I remember one night I had a friend over and we were drinking coffee and I was having water too (trying to be good) and I kept having to pee. And every time I stood up to pee I had one. I was feeling quite concerned, but when I mentioned it to my midwife, she said that if a baby is head down (like your baby A) then you are even more likely to get them because of the baby's head pushing against the cervix. I guess that's what essentially happens during labor to stimulate contractions. So, yes. I wouldn't worry too much.