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      Good morning! It's impossible these days for me to get back once I hit the office, so here's a couple personals from yesterday:


      MA- glad you had fun at your shower despite the snow, glad people could still dig out and come!


      Sassy- glad you had a nice visit with your stepmom! I need to watch Downton. I watched Walking Dead instead Sunday night.


      GSD- hope poor M is feeling better today.


      Klmc - wow for 13 on a TM! What is your next race?


      Taylor- oooh a romantic weekend away sounds perfect!


      Meli- what did you change the flower girl dresses to? Fingers crossed on your residency!


      Lizo- hope you and M made up today! Fighting is no fun.


      Monk- congrats on your new car!


      Norcal- how is your calf? Happy birthday L!!


      Tex- congrats to you and DH on your great races this weekend!!


      Athena- your honeymoon plans sound amazing!


      RR- will do 4 today before work, probably on the TM. today I will make hotel reservations for the marathon, April 28.


      NRR- just chugging along. For those who asked yesterday, I got a Subaru Impreza Smile I had a weird conflict situation among my employees yesterday and I feel pretty good about how I handled it. Time will tell if it really worked though, haha. Today I need to work on a project I'm behind on, as well as make sure some changes I've implemented as of this morning to our correspondence goes smoothly.


      Have a great day!!

      MA runner girl



        RR: Planning on going to the gym after work for 3 miles. Yesterday I did nothing, blah. I could probably name a few excuses (34 weeks pregnant??) but I don't really have a good one.


        NRR: Back in the office today. The highways were SO backed up today because there are crews removing snow from the banks, and then there are some lanes that aren't passable. It took me over an hour to get into work. I'm already so uncomfortable from sitting for just over an hour Sad I have a feeling it's going to be a long day! I'm feeling way more tired these days. Yesterday I couldn't get motivated for much of anything. DH made dinner AND cleaned up! At least I folded some laundry... pathetic.


        Jewel - Exciting that you are going to make hotel reservations!! Sorry about the work conflict. I think that would be the worst part about managing people. There is so much other "stuff" to deal with than just doing your job.


        Have a great day girls!

        PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


          Morning Ladies!


          RR: 3-4 miles on the TM after work. The roads are too icy to go outside. Also, I'm going to do some strength training


          NRR: 1 year ago today, I went for the initial MRI that revealed the fluid/pressure on my brain. It's been a CRAZY year, but 2 surgeries later, things are settling down and life is good!


          MA: You are amazing! 34 weeks pregnant and still running!!! You rock!


          OJewel: Enjoy your new car!


            Hot damn, I am terrible about coming to this website.  I'm trying to like it.  Why, PF, why?


            How's everyone doing?  Sorry to have been reading about the health woes on FB.  I share and sympathize your pain.  This probiotic I am on is making me nauseated and . . . other.  I've heard it's a Herxheimer reaction.  Neato.


            MA:  I second the "you're awesome."  Just think how ready you'll be for post-pregnancy running as opposed to people who have to (or choose to) stop!  A Stephen Colbert tip of the hat to you.


            Taylor: Where ya goin' on your weekend?  (eyebrow wiggle from randy old dude PF)


            Jewel:  I understand the whole "never checking back after getting to work" deal.  It happens.  Don't you yawn, missy-- that's contagious!


            Sassy:  I've been told by a couple of people I would like Downton.  But then my best friend was like, "NO.  COULD NOT GET INTO IT."  And we are very similar.  Maybe my issue isn't so much the show as that I am a captive audience at work and now rarely want to watch TV?  Like you asked? No.  Sorry.  Glad you and your stepmom had fun together.


            Klmc:  A 13 miler on a treadmill warms my frozen Midwest heart like you wouldn't believe.  YES.


            Mel:  I think of you every Thursday when we have naturalization ceremonies.  I really do.  Thinking about you.


            NC:  How old is Louie von Dunbar?  Oliver says happy birthday!


            RLTW:  Good call on staying in unless you have Yak Trax or are a masochist.  Wink



            RR:  7 miles yesterday.  Meant to do 8 but felt probiotic-nauseated.  NICE.  This morning I busted out 9 miles at a 7:50 min. pace.  Nicer.


            NRR:  It's week 2 of a fabulous, scandalous civil trial.  Five affairs.  Misuse of company funds.  Pervy old dude.  I'm in heaven.  Yes, sirree.


            NRR2:  I'm reading The Executioner's Song.  Um, wow, it is long.  Good thing I enjoy it!


            Gotta trek to work.  I think of you all often despite my slipshod posting efforts.


              hey ladies!

              RR: Did 3 miles + burpees last night and felt great! I'm glad I took the four days off, I have no shin pain. My new shoes were pretty swanky, too. Today is burpees + abs + buns. I'm feeling a little self conscious about the derriere lately.


              NRR: Work is so busy, and I'm feeling frustrated about not having enough time in the day for everything. Big D doesn't help by always wanting to hang out in the evenings, so i usually only get about 30 minutes to do work at home and it is not enough time to do anything substantial. I need to figure something out. I'm just not dealing well because I'm also exhausted becuase G hasn't been sleeping well. I know it's just a phase and we'll make it through but I'm not my normal easy-going self today.

              jewel - great job handling the work situation, I hope it stays resolved! I've had trouble popping back on lately, too. Downton was so good this week and I'm super sad that this coming Sunday is the last episode!


              MA - rest up, and you are not pathetic! Some days it toook all the energy I had just to make it to work.


              RLTW - Im so glad you are feeling better now!


              I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



                On the bright side, I did eat pancakes this morning. Since we all were up at 5:30 I made them in honor of Pancake Day/Fat Tuesday/Shrove Tuesday ... my little family does not celebrate Lent/Easter but we can appreciate any excuse to eat pancakes.


                I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



                  Morning Ladies!!


                  Jewel- I am training for the NJ marathon. Wow, I can't believe I put it in writing! I signed up, but have kind of been seeing how training is going before fully commiting, but I am feeling pretty okay...knock on wood. Good job on working out the conflict. How is the new job going? Are you enjoying managing people?


                  MA- cut your self some slack lady Smile I let my DH cook and clean some nights and I have no excuse what.so.ever! The storm was eally crazy for you guys!


                  RLTW- what a difference a year can make, right? It sure was a long trip for you, but I bet you are so happy that it is done and solved!


                  Pumpkin- I miss you!!! I was just thinking about you the other day and wondering how you are doing!! Glad to see you. NIce job on your runs! when are you moving?


                  Sassy- Great job on your run. Happy to hear that you have no pain! I have been a little focused on my bum lately ... or, should I say, lack there of! Sorry about not having enough time in the day. I have no idea how you do it because I feel like I have no time, and I only have two kitties to worry about!


                  RR- woke up this morning to get my run in. My legs were sore when I got out of bed, but I felt great after my run. I have become 100% with Mumford and Sons and they get me through all of my runs lately. I followed my run with some squats and abs.


                  NRR- we are going to a crazy dinner tonight. The Italian soccer team that we love signed a player who grew up in the US but it is Italian and tonight he is coming to dinner with all the fans who live in NY. It would be like going to dinner with Derek Jeter for Yankees fans so needless to say, we are pretty excited (DH a little more than me Smile). Should be a fun night!


                    Jewel-glad you were able to work through a conflict at work. Those are sometimes the hardest with finding the right words to express your feelings


                    MA-crazy about that traffic backup. That would make me stressed too. Hope you can get in your 3 miles tonight


                    RLTW-happy 1 year from finding out what is wrong! And I am so glad you feel a ton better now. You just seem so happy now Smile


                    PF-it's a hotel chain called Sybaris, where the hotel will have a whirlpool. Our plan for the weekend is to spend it mostly in the room relaxing, only going out for food and for a run (there's actually some really nice trails right next to the hotel)


                    Sassy-I have a similar dilemma with DBF about wanting to hang out in the evenings. I usually compromise with him saying that if I get X amount of work done, then we can watch a show or do whatever. seems to work pretty well. Glad the shins are not hurting after the 4 days off


                    klm-that's awesome about your dinner tonight! Sounds like a blast. Also I love Mumford and Sons too.


                    RR: planning a tempo today. was going to do it yesterday but it was gusting up to 50mph, so didn't want to do it in that. Weather is a lot better out today


                    NRR: short day for me. so I will hopefully get in some errands and get caught up on work. Then tonight I am going to a bar/restaurant where my friend works. It's the bar's 4th anniversary, and they are raffling off some prizes and have a lot of food and drink deals, so it should be a good time


                      ER: I'll admit... this morning I was lazy. And tired. So that would be a no.


                      NER: DH just called and told me they came and took the altima. Cry I'm a little sad. That was my car that I bought myself and paid off. The tow truck guy said the problem sounded like the fuel pump, which I guess would have only been $900, so not too astronomical, but the car also needed brakes and two more tires, so I'm sure fixing it could have totaled around what we paid for the new car, and who knows how long that would have lasted. Still its a little bittersweet. DH was all cranky last night because when the towing was set up, they just told us it would be between 8 and 5. So it was a pleasant surprise that they came so early, but I guess the tow truck blocked in one of our neighbors trying to take his kid to school. Oops. DH is still a little cranky because of all the stuff he has to do, says he doesn't have any time for him... when he'd just be at home anyway! I'm trying not to say anything even though I'm the one who does all the work in the house on the weekends while he watches TV... I keep asking if he wants me to take a day off and do some of this stuff and he says no. Anyway, this afternoon my mom is bringing the new rocking chair for the kids' room! I had mentioned to her back in January that we were moving the couch out of the room to make room for the second bed and wouldn't have anything in there to sit on and she reupholstered an old rocker for us! She works for a friend who does upholstery and all our living room furniture is stuff she did. Its the old really good constructed furniture thats going to last forever. I am sooooo excited to see it! I will post a picture when I can.


                        Morning ladies!!


                        RR: Nothing yesterday because my groin was sore from my race. Feeling good today so I'll do 3 after work. Looking forward to a trail run this weekend. I have a trail race in three weeks so I need the practice.


                        NRR: Got a call over the weekend from another local photographer. She wanted to refer some business to me on a weekend that she's busy. The lady called me this morning to book me for an awards banquet. So excited to have some business!


                          MorNing girls! Happy Tuesday!!


                          TriR, 30 min arc trainer last night. 30 min ST with my trainer then one hour inpromptu spin class. Great workout last night. Good thing because today is an UNRD.


                          NtriR work volunteering then home. It's my long day. C and I watched Walking Dead last night. Great show. I have to watch Downton Abbey too!


                          Elevator at work not working and A/C not working. Luckily we have two little fans that are keeping us cool.


                          back on a second for personals!


                            Good morning, ladies!


                            RR: Got in 6.2 on the hotel treadmill. Yes, that's right, I ran on a treadmill and watched tv on mute for an hour.Got in some ST last night, too, so I'm starting to feel like a normal person again.


                            NRR: Soil crust workshop starts today.  Soil crust = lichens, moss, algae that live in the desert; very cool!!  /dork off


                              jewel I hope work issues goes smoothly. I am not good at managing other people especially people that are twice my age.


                              MA good for you for taking an evening off!!!! How exciting you got a jogging stroller!!!


                              Pumpkin, almost a resident then I can get naturalized in 2015!! I've been thinking of you. I'm reading Round House. Have you read it ?


                              Sassy it's hard to fit everything in the day I feel you! I usually wake up earlier during the week to have my me time.


                              KLMC enjoy crazy dinner! yay for your spring marathon!!


                              Monk congrats on the car!


                              Taylor have a great weekenD with DBF!


                              Tex awesome to DH on his BQ time! Yay for another photography venue!


                              NC happy birthday to L!!!


                              athena congrats on weight loss! I've been doing great with the ST twice a week!!!


                                Pumpkin - for Downton ... if you like period pieces and family dramedy, you might enjoy it. The first few episodes are slow, though. I am having a hard time feeling like I want to watch TV lately, too, mostly because I am focused on work, so I understand where you are coming from!


                                Meli - your workout sounds intense!


                                Alright I'm busy girls Sad no more personals time!


                                I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!