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    Weekend is over, is everyone ready for the week??


    I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



      RR: I did a ten mile progression run on Saturday and a 4 mile stroller run yesterday ... plus 37 burpees.  Today is rest except for 20 burpees and abs!  I can't believe I was able to run that much - you guys know I'm not a fan of running after long runs but it went well.


      NRR: Had a really nice weekend. My stroller run yesterday ended up being a nice social event, as my friend invited her husband and Big D came too, then we got brunch. The kids (both are ~10 months) were great and friendly towards each other. Then we had friends over for the SB last night.  It is my friend A from high school and her husband who moved here around the same time as me.  I felt bad because G was in a terrible mood and crying like a newborn after we put him to bed, so we got him up (we htought maybe he was upset about missing the 'party') but he was pretty inconsolable. Still don't know why.  He pretty much didn't fall asleep til 10. I hear him chatting now so I'm gonna go get him up and see how he's doing.




      MA - I sometimes had cramping (almost like Braxton Hicks' contractions) after runs ... my midwives just told me to drink a ton of water and rest. It could be from dehydration.


      I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!


      MA runner girl

        Morning.. Monday already!?


        RR: 6 miles yesterday... had cramping at the end and then my pelvis ached the rest of the day, and still just a little today. I think my 6 mile run days are over Sad Hoping my shorter runs are still good! Swim after work today.


        NRR: The weekend went by way too fast. I'm very tired this morning. Pretty much over work at this point, I'm already uncomfortable and it's not even 8... We had a good weekend. The nursery is painted and the trim is almost all done too. I looove the color, it's a pale baby blue color. We will be picking up the crib and dresser one night this week. Yay!


        Sassy - Sounds like a nice weekend! So fun that you have a running buddy, whose kid is the same age as yours!


        Have a great day girls!

        PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16


          Happy Monday Ladies!!!


          RR: Hoping to get some mileage in tonight. I've been of the mindset of if I am not completely tired and exhausted when I get home then I'll run, otherwise until after surgery I'm not going to get too down about anything.


          NRR: Pretty lazy weekend. My body has been fighting me and I'm back to no energy at all. I'm just ready to get rid of these thyroids so I can start moving on with my life. The surgery scheduler is supposed to call today. Other than that had a good time out at our friend's huge cookout on Saturday. Yesterday got all her invites for her baby shower done (she wanted coed, and there's 48 people invited!). Yesterday watched the Superbowl with DH. It ended up turning into a good game in the 2nd half, but I wish the 49ers could have come back to win it!


          Sassy: Great job on the mileage and burpees! Glad the Sunday run went well after the progression run! I hope G is in a better mood today!


          Have a great day ladies!


            MA: I'm surprised you're still doing 6 mile runs. My other pregnant friend here is 2 weeks behind you and switched to only 3 mile runs and lots of swimming. I hope you have a great swim workout today! Yay, way to go on about finishing the nursery.


              MA - I just checked my log and my last 6 mile run when I was preggo had been in December (when i was 6 months or so?), so you are doing extremely well! glad you got your room painted this weekend!


              PO - I hope that the surgery is scheduled soon and that you get back to feeling better!



              I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



                Morning ladies!


                RR: Yesterday was 45 mins of cardio/ST intervals. I am sore today. Hoping for a run tonight, but I don't really commit to these things in advance anymore. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn't, there's always tomorrow! Big grin Oh but CRF commented yesterday that I was looking toned, so that was nice.


                NRR: It was a weekend full of chores and family. Saturday was laundry, dinner with my parents, and playing Wii with them (we got them one for Christmas and they love it!), and yesterday was cleaning and then dinner and board games with my younger sister and her DH. I slept really late both days and it was sooo nice. Now it is back to another work week, blah. I need to get some more wedding stuff done this week, too. Oh, and I'm currently sitting here with a package of frozen blueberries on my hand because I accidentally poured boiling water over it this morning. Ouch! Undecided


                Sassy: Wow, that's great mileage! Wasn't one of your New Year's resolutions to be more social? Looks like you nailed that one this weekend!


                MArunner: Sorry about the cramping and achy pelvis. Sooo what are you going to cut back to, 5 miles now? Sorry you are so uncomfortable at work. Maybe time to start working from home more often? You'll have to post a picture of the nursery!


                I am sure I cross-posted with people as I've had this window open for a long time now...


                  Morning girls.


                  Sassy, great runs for you this weekend!! Sorry G was fussy last night.


                  MA, I'm In awe you're running 6 mile runs!!! Hope your pelvic pain goes away.


                  PO, coed shower? Wow!!! My friends are hosting a shower for me and they told me to limit the invites to 15. Any idea when the surgery will e?




                  TriR, running and ST with trainer tonight. Probably only 4 mile easy run then working out with PT.


                  NtriR, today is my mother in laws 70th birthday so we had celebrations all weekend. I had major anxiety attack that was just a buildup from all of last week. I came Friday night after work and I just nearly exploded. The pup could sense I was not ok and he cuddled next to me, he was so sweet and he just made everything all better.


                  Threw up yesterday after having a vegan protein shake that C made for me. I think Im allergic to powdered protein. Same thing happened last year when I ended up in urgent care a few times after having my electrolyte mix with protein. Weird.



                  have a great day girls!


                    Sassy: Sounds like a great running outing. Way to go on both runs.


                    MA:  Can you break up the runs with a few minutes of walking? At 7 months, I moved my runs indoors to a treadmill. It helped by putting less stress on my body and I had water right there all the time. (And the bathroom was closer!) My dr suggested it said it would make a world of difference mentally boring but better on the body.


                    PO: When is surgery? Hope you aren't feeling too tired so you can get a little something in.



                    As for me ---


                    RR: Saturday was off, Sunday was a very very nice 6 miles outside without M. Wow, I have dropped some seconds off my mile speed. I forced myself to hold back but at 835 mm were actually easy. I did end up with some GI issues by mile 3. (I have not been eating well for all the training I have been doing) Today is another 5 to 6 outside pushing M at the park.


                    NRR: Well, we have a NEW toilet in our downstairs bathroom and its nice. DH did a great job picking it out and putting it together.  I think we will replace all of them with the new one.  Went out for lunch with a friend I had not seen in a while. It was greta to get a little break from M. And give DH and M some time without mommy around. It was great to have her miss me, too!  M is doing great. Sleeping well and developing well. We are almost walking without help. She gets so excited to do it I think she loses her balance with all the laughing.


                    Gotta run... Have a great Monday!


                      POrun: I'm so sorry you've been feeling so run-down. I hope the surgery gets scheduled ASAP so you can get back to feeling like yourself!!


                      Meli: Aw, I'm sorry to hear about the anxiety attack, but maybe it was better to get it out and over with if everything was building up? Strange about the protein powder...I'd steer clear of that from now on if I were you!!


                      OK, time to get my rear in gear...I've got a woman and her therapy cat coming into the office later for an interview...yep, a therapy cat Approve...should be interesting!


                        Morning Ladies! I am ready for rhe week..I think!


                        Sassy- awesome job on your runs and burpees! sounds like you had a great weekend! Poor G.. hope he is doing okay today.


                        MA- running 6 is super impressive, but way to go on listening to your body and not pushing yourself. Glad to hear that the nursery came out nice.. send some pics!


                        PO- hope you get some good news today about your surgery so you can start feeling better. the game did turn out to be a thriller at the end!


                        RR- had a great 11 miler on sat. I am happy so far with my training... hope that I didn't jinx myself saying that. Tonight will be the bike and weights.


                        NRR- had a good weekend. My friend came in and stayed with us on Sat. We had a nice dinner and drinks so it was fun. Yesterday DH and I made some nachos and sliders for our own little superbowl party. We were supposed to go to a friend's, but DH wasn't really feeling up to it.


                          I missed a lot of you!


                          Lucy- wow, looking toned is a great compliment! Hope your hand is okay!! Sounds like you had a nice weekend, but they always go by so quickly!


                          Meli- sorry about the protein shake making you sick! and an anxiety attack on top of it! Sounds like a rough weekend, I hope that you enjoy your birthday celebration tonight


                          GSD- great job on having to hold back on going to fast! I too need to work on my eating. I would say I am doing okay 85% of the time, but i need to get that to 95! Glad to hear that M is doing well!!


                            Lucy- I am SO interested to hear about this therapy cat!! My cats are definitely therapeutic for me, but I think they would traumatize anyone else!


                              Morning Ladies! Happy Monday!


                              RR: heading to the gym right after work--plan is 3 miles and some weights


                              NRR: I'm an aunt! My niece, Kay Elizabeth was born yesterday at 10:55 a.m. My brother and SIL couldn't decide what to name her. He liked Margo Elizabeth and SIL liked Cozette Marie (Cozette from Les Miserables.) Kay Elizabeth was their "back up" and they decided to go with that, as they both were okay with it. She's very cute! I can't wait to meet her this weekend! Smile SIL had a bit of a rough delivery. Kay got stuck in the birth canal and then swallowed the meconium. They had to use the suction vacuum thing to get her out and then they had to suction her nose and mouth because of the meconium. But she's here and she's perfect! And it was perfectly fitting that she arrived on Super Bowl Sunday. It's my brother's favorite day of the year. Smile


                              MA: I'm sorry you had some pain after your run. I'm so impressed that you've been able to run so strongly up until this late in your pregnancy.


                              Sassy: Nice job on your run!


                              PO: best of luck with your surgery


                              Lucy: Hi, I miss you! Smile


                                Good Monday morning!


                                ER: Nope, between staying up way too late last night and having to leave early for work this morning, not in the cards.


                                NER: So sad its Monday already. Went to my brother's house an hour away for the Super Bowl last night. It was fun, A really liked playing with her cousins and DH and I sure love going somewhere where we don't have to watch her super close. But with the game going late then we didn't leave until about 10:20 and then it was snowing so we didn't get home until after 11:30, bed at midnight and ended up with less than six hours of sleep... this is going to be a long day! Then we've been getting snow every night the last few and another snowy week on tap... great, so now I can get all nervous about going into labor in a snowstorm after having almost no winter to speak of so far! But I digress... my doctor's appointment got canceled on Friday so I'm going this afternoon instead. DH was supposed to get his severance money Friday and didn't, so now we're trying to get to the bottom of that (Friday was a bad day). This company has been so inept through the whole layoff process. A got a toddler bed on Saturday and its been so entertaining to see her excitement, which only increased when we got her My Little Pony bedding for it yesterday. Got a few things done for baby this weekend, but not as much as I'd like. I'm at least to a point where I'd say I'm ready enough if he decided he wanted to come out today (though we still haven't gotten his bed or car seat set up, but those won't take super long as his bed for now is a pack 'n' play).