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Wake up Thursday Preggos (Read 247 times)




      37 weeks and 6 days!


      PGR: All those contractions on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning were again teasers.  I see the OB today around noon so I will ask for a cervix check to see if anything is happening.  I will try to remember my questions to ask. Tomorrow is my dh PhD graduation so if little boy can wait to initiate labor after about 2 pm I would be appreciate it. Now what to wear is a HUGE question with it being so cold right now...


      RR: I like to run before my appointments, but it is only 20 degrees outside right now.  The treadmill is downstairs which is where the in laws are sleeping, so I will have to see if I decide to run before they get up.


      NPGR: I am too sensitive, sigh.  I was talking to my mil and said my parents want to get me a warm winter jacket for Christmas.  She made the comment that it would be a good 3-4 months if I'm lucky before I would know what size to get.  I realize I am HUGE looking (22 pounds up!) but that really doesn't make me feel better. I am very anxious about losing weight but also fearful of crossing the line and returning to my ED tendency.   She also made it sound like I couldn't work out for months.  I am pretty sure I will be able to workout shortly after (obviously slowly listening to my body) since I am currently running 5 days a week and doing yoga and strength training on a regular basis.  I know she doesn't mean harm, but I am so sensitive about my body right now (and was pre-preggo too) that any comment makes me feel very self conscious.  Need to work on that, haha.

      MA runner girl

        RR: Nada yesterday. Hoping for 3 this afternoon.


        PGR: 25w4d. Midwife appt tonight, hoping the scale is kind to me, though I feel so much bigger than a month ago. Feeling better throat and energy wise but I just started feeling super nauseaus. So weird, haven't felt that since September! I need to make a better effort to cut down on sugar, it's making me feel gross.


        NPGR: Finished addressing the xmas cards last night so I need to get some stamps for them. Other than that just waiting for the weekend.


        Terri - Seriously? That comment was unnecessary from your MIL! You have only gained 22 pounds, you can't be that big! It's not like you have all this unnecessary weight to lose.  Hugs! I hope you have a good appt today and baby waits until after 2pm tomorrow!

        PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


          Ugh, Teri, that would drive me nuts, too. TOtally bracing myself for similar comments over the holidays. I'm sure you will be able to get back to working out much more quickly than most people. I think it will take some time for all of use to get back to our normal bodies, but who wants to be reminded of that? And who knows? It's different for everyone. People suck sometimes. (Unintentionally, but still...)


          MA - good luck with the mw appointment. I've tried to keep sugar down, but i do still crave chocolate or something sweet at the end of the day. Sucks about the nausea, but I have heard that keeping sugar more level can help.


          RR - thing today might be an off day, or maybe a walk later. My foot is hurting a bit - not my usual plantar fasciitis foot...the other one. seriously? Why? Hate off days, but feel like I probably need it.


          PGR - 24w5d.


          NPGR - Not much.


          Have a good one everyone!


            Tiny: Aww, sorry about the body issues, I think most people are told to wait 6 weeks to workout, but I'll probably be walking as soon as I can! 22 pounds is NOTHING, since the baby is around half of that!  CONGRATS to your hubby on the phd, seriously, I cannot WAIT another year and half till mine is done and can get a JOB  (not bitter.. haha) 


            MA: Ugh, hope you start feeling better, no one wants first tri all over again! 


            ER: just going for my 3k walk/speed walk, if it's warmer maybe i'll do 6, haha.. who am I? I didn't bring my serious winter gear so am wimpy here..   PRobably do some hand weights (my mil has one pounds. hahaha ) but she has one of those elasticc band things so I can use that when I get back. 


            PR: didn't get out of bed for a snack last night, but woke up starving. and my tummy was rock hard, is that a contraction? I get it all the time so not sure. 

            Ok better go!




              RR - Probably nothing today. Last day of the semester though, so I'll be able to get back to a normal routine soon.


              PGR - Also nothing going on.


              NPGR - Steak dinner was awesome last night. The rep we meet with is a really nice guy and we have a lot of things in common, so it's never a bad dinner when he comes around. Sometimes insurance people can get really full of themselves or just share stories about how much money they make, which I find awkward.


              Teri - It's not you. That comment was ridiculous. My mom used to make similar comments to me after my first was born, and you just gotta roll your eyes and let it go off your back. Everyone loses weight at their own rate, but it WILL come off. And you've kept in such great shape that I think you'll be able to pick up your usual routine fairly quickly. I still recommend walking those first few weeks before you start running again.

              Congrats on your DH's graduation! That's quite an achievement.


              MA - Sugar also made me feel gross with nausea too. Sad Hope your appt goes well. Glad the throat thing settled down, now if nausea could take a similar hint!


              Canada - BH contractions feel like your stomach got hard for a minute, and then it goes back. Try upping the water. Enjoy your walk!


                Good morning!


                RR: 3 miles this morning. I shortened my running intervals and that definitely helped. I think my big issue right now is I feel like I have less lung capacity, which makes sense since P has moved upward in the last week. My back was/is really sore this morning and my foot is randomly sore but that didn't affect my run. Hopefully with the new intervals I can sqeeze in a few more weeks running before I give it up.


                PGR: 28w6d. Between acid reflux and the lung capacity thing, breathing is such a process now. Ugggh. I'm feeling huge, but that may or may not be because I totally pigged out at the party yesterday. I'm hoping my size goes down a bit today and glad I didn't have my appointment this morning! I think I need to start going to the chiropractor more frequently. My next appointment is next Thursday but I think I'm going to move it up to this weekend. I'm having an ergonomic assessment this afternoon, so hopefully I can get some solutions to be more comfortable at work the next three months.


                NRR: DH and I both went to sleep before 8:30 last night. Wow, that was nice! Hmmm, I got nothing else today. Our program is behaving weird, so I might actually get back for personals today if I can't get any work done.  


                  teri - I agree with everyone else, you need to not worry about that comment, because first, you haven't gained that much weight, you're active so it will probably come off easily, and also, it's a winter coat. It's not like you're buying a slinky evening gown or something.  I'm up 12 lbs right now, and my very fitted wool winter coat still fits, although it's snug in the waist area.  Sheesh.  She's probably basing your experience on her experience.


                  MA - I hope your appt goes well, ugh to the nausea.


                  Liz - hope the foot feels better!


                  Canada - enjoy the walk! No advice on the rock-hard tummy, though.


                  schmett - I had to laugh at your comment about the rep - my husband is in insurance and I go to a lot of his work functions, and it certainly can be an interesting bunch - but I think all sales people are somewhat like that - I think they think that talking about how much money they make conveys to their potential client that they are successful and good at what they do, so you should go with them, too.


                  monk - You've been doing a great job with the running! A nice long night of sleep sounds great..


                  PGR: 17w2d. Not really anything new. Keep feeling sensations that I think may be babies, but don't feel sure enough to definitely call it babies...


                  RR: Lots of walking while shopping last night?  Probably nothing tonight - see NRR


                  NRR:  - bball practice then I have to clean house. DH offered to hose a poker party Saturday night for BILs bday and our house is not in any shape for guests right now.


                  QOTD: chid care?  DH and I are in a bit of a disagreement about this.  DH talked to someone we know who has twin toddlers and a 4 year old, and they have a nanny right now, and DH is all gung-ho on a nanny now because he thinks it will be cheaper plus they could also do some cleaning.  I am not sure I'm comfortable with a nanny with two infants - I just don't know if I feel confident in one person that I barely know, especially a college-age person, taking care of two small infants - we don't live in a big metro area so there isn't a total nanny culture/referral system like in some metro areas. My work has a child care facility, so I could theoretically pump/BF during the work day if they are in the child care facility. DH thinks it will be fine with a nanny since the babies will be like 4 months before we need child care. Thoughts?  We'll probably put them on the list for daycare either way and make the decision as it gets closer, but I'm interested in other opinions.


                    forgot to add - DH would want the kids in daycare once they are 2-y-o or so anyway for socialization, so he's not totally opposed to daycare.


                      Teri: Oh dear, please don't let those stupid comments get you down. I think everyone here has had someone say something stupid to them... people are just so clueless what their words do to us at these times when we're so sensitive anyway! You are doing so well and I'm sure you'll lose the weight in no time. I'm also in awe of you still running five days a week! Wow, I'm still trying to keep running three! I hope baby waits until after 2 tomorrow! Congrats on the PhD!


                      MA: The sugar is making me feel gross too, but I'll probably make more cookies this weekend, lol. I just need to quit eating so many at one time. Cool I need to get my Christmas cards going to get them done before we travel next week.


                      liz: I keep getting random pains too, like I've been having shin pain in just one shin, but I can tell its not an sfx or anything.


                      canada: Did your tummy stay rock hard? Or did it go soft in a minute or two? If it didn't stay hard, yes that probably was a contraction. Hope you had a good walk!


                      schmett: Yummmm, steak. I wanted to go to a steakhouse for my birthday dinner last weekend, but even getting there at 5:30 we would have had to wait 45 minutes... not happening with a 3-year-old! I hadn't made up my mind until we were leaving, I need to remember we need to make reservations to eat on the weekends, esp a restaurant by the mall!


                      Hey I just remembered someone asked about bodyflow yesterday... I'd done it sporadically before pregnancy and really enjoy it. Its a combo of yoga, pilates and tai chi. I started doing it consistently once a week right after I got my BFP. I wanted to keep some kind of cross training/toning in my routine. You could probably try starting it during pregnancy, you can look up online the pregnancy modifications (its a Les Mills class). Let the instructor know your pregnant and she can help you with them too. Main thing is the moves where you stand with your feet together, you stand with feet wider. Moves where you lay on your belly the instructor can show you modifications, usually on all fours. I still do the ab track, just not any of the "crunching" motions. I usually lay on my back and move my legs up and down and stuff, I can still do the planks, gives the core a good workout still! I've maintained much better core strength this pregnancy. Plus the standing strength tracks I think are helpful prep for labor (theres a lot of standing still in a squatting position, tough!).


                      OK, well the computer program is working now, so I better get moving. Have a great day all!


                        TN: We use a home-based daycare that has four kids right now. Believe it or not, we found her on craigslist and only interviewed two, and she was the first! We love her and A loves her. A's definitely getting good socialization and we haven't felt it necessary to do any kind of preschool just yet (since thats just more $$!) Its been great for A and we'll put P in there when DH and I are both back to work. Unfortunately the price will almost double! I think with two kids right off the bat, it might not be a bad idea to look into prices for both options. Check out web sites like care.com and sittercity.com. I'd recommend craigslist too since thats what we used, but you obviously have to do more careful screening for anyone you find there. You may be surprised by what you find!


                          Good morning!


                          Teri - Congrats to your DH on the PhD! Um, 22lbs up is kind of on the "small" end of pg weight gain so methinks the "hugeness" is all in your mind and you will be back to your pre-preggo self as soon as LO pops out! Go ahead, enjoy some pre-emptive clothes shopping!


                          MA - I hope the m/w appt goes well, tough season to cut back on sugar... Smile congrats on finishing your xmas cards, i am way to late to get my o/s ones done so...I'll just make Christmas phone calls instead i guess....


                          Liz - I'm the same, a complete off day seems to make me feel MORE tired and off my game! Hopefully the feet are okay and they were just having an "off" day too. Chocolate is my biggest weakness...


                          CJazz - enjoy your walk, and indulging in some midnight snacks!


                          Scmett - enjoy your last day of semester.


                          Monk - nice work on still getting in some running, and on early bedtimes Smile  Hopefully you can get that chiro app moved up.


                          Laura - Hi and congratulations! NUMBER ELEVEN???? Wow. You could give us a lesson a day on pregnancy Smile  I hope this pg goes well too and you continue to enjoy your running!




                          PGR - 33w4d.  Picking up a stroller and some cloth diapers i sourced from CL this morning, yay. Baby shower  with the outdoor club ladies tonight. Feeling pretty good still though it feels like baby is paying more  attention to stretching out and pressing on my bladder sometimes! We had the hospital tour on Tues night - and I really disliked it, mostly because I have an aversion to hospitals in general, i am really hoping my homebirth eventuates but DH is trying to make sure i am comfortable with the idea of going to the hospital if needs be (which i am as long as my midwife and doula are there to fend off the doctors and nurses - sorry but call me a cynic).


                          ER - Rest day yesterday, the first one in a month (mind you, my minimum is a 30min walk to count as "exercise") but I really had zero time to get one in after rising at 5am to get a ferry; today a longer swim (hopefully 3km) and a walk or water run.


                          NRR - househunting for a rental place yesterday resulted in one "far from perfect" maybe...so we are headed BACK to the island early next week to take another look in some suburbs further south than we had been planning. DH and I are constantly getting doubts about this move but we do have lots of possible options up our sleeve if things don't work out which is fine.


                            Morning all!


                            RR: Nothing yesterday. DH has a cold and was writing all day and gets pretty wimpy, so I just came home from work to take care of him. I think I am done with Ultimate frisbee for the rest of this pregnancy. When I tried on tuesday, I was just too uncomfortable. Too much stopping, starting and quick turns and directional changes. So sad! I love Ultimate! Going to the gym shortly for 30 min on the eliptical.


                            PGR: 27 weeks! I just can't think where the time is going! I looked at the pic I posted on facebook two weeks ago and was like, "OMG I am so much bigger already!" It's so crazy. I totally agree with some of you who were saying that you can't believe you will keep growing for a lot more weeks. It is a scary thought!


                            NPGR: Work this week is busy. Two 12 hour days, Friday and Saturday. DH is also finishing his final paper, so we haven't had much "us" time at all. Looking forward to Mon, and Tues when we will both be off and he will be completely done. Planning lots of movie watching, cuddling and general relaxation.


                            Teri: Congrats to DH! That's such a big step! LO totally needs to get the labor timing right in that case. Smile I'm sorry about the insensitive comments. I totally understand. And 22 lbs is nothing! That is such a doable weight to lose, especially since so much of it is baby anyway.


                            MA: Sugar gives me horrible headaches, so for a lot of the pregnancy I stayed away from it just because I knew I couldn't take any of the normal stuff (excedrine or ibuprophen) but lately I've been craving it like crazy. Trying hard to cut back again. Good luck with the appointment. I always dread the scale...


                            Liz: Don't feel bad taking it easy for your body's sake. Sometimes it's hard, but usually it is beneficial as well.


                            Canada: Sounds like BH, not a full-on contraction, as long as it wasn't painful. Hope the family drama gets better. I was reading up yesterday, and I feel bad for your DH. Drama is unfortunately more of the norm in my DH's family as well.


                            Schmett: Steak sounds awesome! In regards to homeschooling, I was homeschooled and the oldest of 7, so my mom has used a lot of different stuff. She started with Calvert, which is great if you are just starting out b/c they give you everything you need, plus a Teacher's manual, so there is really no pressure to lesson plan when you don't know what you are doing. It is a good classical style cirriculum, but it only goes to 8th grade. Now she uses Veritas Press, which she is crazy about. From what I have seen with my younger siblings schooling, I think it is superior to Calvert. It does depend on your religious beliefs. Calvert is nonreligious. Veritas Press is Christian. I used to be against overtly Christian schooling, (though I am a Christian) but since seeing the high quality of Veritas Press I will probably be using it with my own children eventually.


                            Monk: I have to be careful these days how much I eat b/c if I eat too much I can't breathe properly for hours! It's awful! Glad the interval running is helping. Maybe you could try swimming if you get too uncomfortable? That all depends on if you have a gym with a pool though.


                              teri - congrats to your DH and I hope baby boy cooperates well with the plans for tomorrow!  sorry about the comments from your mil, but to me it sounds like you know yourself very well and she's being a bit insensitive  ((hugs))


                              MA - boo to feeling yucky again Sad  I've noticed that really sugary foods bother my stomach too, boo


                              CJ - enjoy your walk, nice to get out in a new place with new scenery?


                              schmett - interesting, is this insurance rep a friend or someone you do business with?  if it's business, DH and I need to find a different company/rep (though I'm a vegetarian, so maybe not for steak...)


                              monk - glad you figured out a new running scheme that is working and yay for a long night's sleep!


                              TNesq - I was just talking about the daycare issue with a friend the other day; not that she technically has any say in it, but my mom is totally against daycare and I had a nanny until I went to preschool and kindergarten, whereas DH was always in daycare/afterschool programs... so, no advice, but I'm pretty sure this is something I will be researching extensively in the near future so I'll be interested to hear what everyone else has to say



                              RR: went for a short run yesterday, took the dogs for a nice walk today, might do a little yoga before bed tonight


                              PGR: 14weeks, now that I'm feeling like eating again, I'm trying to get better control of my appetite and how much I actually want/need to eat, it's surprisingly tricky


                              NRR: Uneventful week so far, but tonight we're going to a hockey game.  The home team is terrible this year, but going with friends from our softball team that we haven't seen lately so it should be fun.  Then we need to figure out how to make our FB announcement sometime soon because my extended family on one side is getting together for Christmas this weekend and though we won't be able to be there, we'd like to be able to "tell" them and FB is the most efficient way with 32 cousins.


                              Have a great day ladies!


                                Monk - Hope you get the ergonomic thing resolved at work so you can be more comfortable and find ways to breathe easier (better said than done, I know).


                                TN - My husband is in insurance/financial advising and it's actually the worst when agents talk to other agents, like industry events. In our particular business, we don't brag about how much premium we write to our clients. It just seems...not proper. But you get a bunch of agents in a room and oh my god, all you hear are numbers, cases, policies, how big their yacht is if you know what I mean. Wink 


                                Ozzy - You are just scoring on the CL finds! Best I ever did was find a jogging stroller for super cheap. Hope house hunting continues to improve.


                                Sasha - Ooh thanks for the homeschooling rec. Sorry you've had to end frisbee but I bet you're looking forward to spending time with DH. 


                                DrT - The dinner was with a rep from one of the companies we write some of our policies with. Actually, he's the only rep from any of the companies I remember going out to dinner with, I'm surprised it's not more common. Ah the FB announcement. We're holding off (rather, I'm holding off since DH isn't on FB all that much) for New Year's Eve. I'm doing that 30 days of gratitude status update thing people were doing in November and I figured the pregnancy announcement would be a cool way to end it. Plus, we'll be in FL. So scenic backdrop! Smile