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Clueless about pregnancy & running (Read 31 times)


    Howdy all.  I'm hoping I might be able to get some advice/direction from some experienced moms on the forum.  My partner & I are having our first child.  She is just 5 weeks pregnant, and as this is our first, I am completely clueless and nervous about everything.  Prior to becoming pregnant, she would run a few times a week, anywhere from 3 to 7 miles at a time.  Now that she is pregnant, I am nervous that she might fall on the ice (we live in MT) or trip over a tree root (we frequently run on trials), or just plain over-do it.


    I definitely want her to stay happy and to continue to get outside & be active, but neither of us are sure what activity level is a good idea.  If you could share some of your experiences of running during pregnancy, I would really appreciate it.  Thanks so much!

    MA runner girl

      First, congratulations! It's perfectly fine to continue running while pregnant. I would just encourage your partner to do what feels good. If she feels good continuing the same mileage, then that's fine, probably wouldn't increase mileage though! Definitely cut back on the high intensity workouts, but any advice on keeping your heart rate down while pregnant is outdated. The most important things are to keep well hydrated and to not get overheated. Overheating shouldn't be a problem in MT this time of year!


      I am 33 weeks pregnant, and I have been running throughout my pregnancy. Before I got pregnant I was running 40-50mpw. Once the first trimester fatigue and nausea hit hard my mileage dropped really low because I wasn't eating enough to justify burning more calories, and I felt so awful that I wasn't really motivated. Once the second trimester hit, I increased my miles to about 15 mpw with a LR of 6 miles and have been holding steady there since. After this past Sunday's 6 miles though I finally feel like it's too much for me, so I will probably just stick with 3 miles here on out. My pace is dreadfully slow (2-3 min slower than prepregnancy), but it feels good just to keep moving at this point.


      My husband has some of the same concerns you do, but he knows how important running is for my sanity so he mostly keeps his mouth shut Wink Also, I take it REALLY easy, don't run when it's icy and stick to mostly sidewalks.


      Good luck!

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        Thanks.  That's great advice.  Congratulations to you, too on your new little one!


          I am 37 weeks along with #2. I ran up until 30 weeks. What MA mentioned is all the general rules. As far as the hazards of where your partner runs, I might consider either moving to the treadmill or areas where you are sure are ice free and maybe not trails right now. Especially as she gets bigger and her center of gravity changes, she will be more prone to tripping and falling.


            There's also a daily on the forum for preggo runners, she should join if she has questions and concerns, I learned a TON on there!

            (Hi MArunner!!)


              Congrats to you and your DP! So exciting.

              If you haven't already, I'd purchase and read Dr Clapp's "Exercising Through Your Pregnancy." It's got loads of helpful info, about exercise and pregnancy in general.

              The rule of thumb is you can continue with your current exercise routine, of course listening to your body and not being afraid to slow down/modify/take rest days as needed. Since you are both runners, stick with it, knowing that she will have days where the pace will be close to normal, and others where it will be much slower. I loved being able to get out and run while I was preggo- I had a built in running partner. I'm sure people thought I was crazy, because I used to talk to the baby and describe things while I was running.

              For me, I was hit pretty hard with first trimester fatigue and had to adjust my mileage from 55mpw down to about 30mpw, and switch one of my running days to a cross training day. Once I hit the second tri and felt my energy return, I added that 6th day of running back in and worked back up to 40mpw, which i was able to maintain throughout my pregnancy, even running 4 miles the morning my son was born at 37w4d.

              What helped me was setting the goal to just do something active every day, and not worry about miles/racing/training paces. I just went out to enjoy running and feel good.

              Use common sense when it comes to running surfaces. For me, I avoided the treadmill while preggo, but then again i'm not really comfortable running on it when not pregnant!

              Congrats again, and as others have mentioned, check out the preggos thread- lots of great advice/support on there!

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              Laura G in Idaho

                Hi neighbor, as my screen name says, I'm in Idaho.


                I second the recommendation to read Dr. Clapp's book.  It explained very well what guidelines I need to follow while pregnant and running.


                I'm 29 weeks along and still running about 9 miles a week.  I also bike, swim, and strength train.


                In addition to the guidelines already given to you by other posters, I would also add that she needs to be aware of the symptoms of overtraining, and be sure to get enough rest.