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    Morning Supermoms~


    Brrr, chilly today with snow in the forecast. The warmer temps were a nice break!


    RR: will run 5-6 on my break at work today. Ran 5 yesterday and it was COLD but not windy. My abs are a touch sore from the HIIT class i taught yesterday. Someone asked...HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. I do lots of body weight cardio moves- burpees, jump squats, etc mixed in with core, some kettlebell stuff too.


    TR: was a bit on the whiny side yesterday when he woke up from his nap, but sat on my lap for 20 minutes and played with a wooden peg puzzle which cheered him right back up. I've been missing him ALOT in the mornings this week.


    NRR: just found out on FB yesterday that my aunt has bladder cancer. I hate finding out important stuff like that via FB. I guess she had a mass removed last week and it tested malignant. She's undergoing chemo and radiation to treat it, rather than have her bladder removed.

     5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



    beskirted & manicured

      ER - SRD, except there will be some foam rolling, my butt hurts.  Hell, my everything hurts.


      TR - yesterday, the smoke detector went off when I was cooking lunch (broccoli bits burning while roasting).  I stood on a chair to reach the bypass button. B: TURN OFF TURN OFF! But when I stood on my chair, he said "GET DOWN, MOMMY BE CAREFUL!" do you want me to turn off that smoke alarm or not, kid?


      FR - japanese noodles



      rg - do resolutionists go for your HIIT class?

      5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26



        zorbs- hehe, no the resolutioners are too busy being cardio bunnies to take a class. though they'd get a MUCH better workout from class than they do walking on the TM holding onto the heart rate handles for dear life. mmm, i love roasted brocoli! what do you season your japanese noodles with? yay for foam rolling- i need to get one for home. i refuse to use one here at the gym. some things just shouldn't be shared...

         5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08



          rg - Stay warm on your run.  Next week here is supposed to be high in the teens lows in the single digits and windchills below zero...so not looking forward to that.  Who has been watching R now that you are back full time?  Did you find a new daycare person?  So sorry to hear about your aunt.


          zorbs - Enjoy the rest and I hope you can roll out everything so it doesn't hurt as much.  Awww...that is cute about B...he is worried about his mommy.  He didn't know which he wanted more the alarm off or mommy to be safe.


          RR - Did 5 yesterday.  Hoping for 4-5 today...I need to run to the store and pick some meds up for J so I have to work that into my day somehow.  I wish there were more hours in the day.


          TR - I picked him up from daycare yesterday and his teacher said he had been wheezing all day.  So I immediately called his doctor since they were closing in 3 minutes.  They told me to come right there that they would wait for us.  SO NICE!  We got there and his cough is now in his lungs but not terrible.  So he had a breathing treatment and they sent us home with some allbuterol just in case he needs it.  He STTN last night and only coughed once so something worked.  He woke up this morning cranky though and had some major coughing fits to the point of almost throwing up.  Poor little guy.  Dr. thinks it could be RSV but did not test him for it since it isn't terrible.  Every stinkin' kid in his daycare has it so I am sure it is.


          NRR - Trying to come up with something creative for DH for his birthday from J and I.  I have been looking at pinterest but not really finding anything good.  We have done pictures way too often and DH has a million so trying to find something else.


          FR - Was going to make tuna wraps last night but with the run to the doctor I didn't have time.  Maybe I'll make those tonight or pick something up when I am out getting the meds.




            RR:  5 after work again today.  Considering a 10 mile race in March.  I've never raced that distance before but it would be good to have something coming up.  I am doing a 5K at the Zoo on Sunday and trying to figure out the best plan for a LR this weekend so I can have a decent run on Sunday.


            TR:  Was fussing at 5:15 this morning.  Is starting to ask for more when you tickle him which is cute.  And he loves to tickle you too.  Gives the best kisses with his bottom lip sticking out!


            NRR:  Going to write the letter of interest.  Just not today...too much to get done.  Will be out of the building tomorrow for a site visit to see a school that is 1:1 with iPads.  Curious as to why we are going since we have not committed to that device...but I'll go.


            FR:  DH made hamburgers last night that were delicious.  That with sweet potatoe tots and we were good to go!

            Upcoming Races: 

            Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



              RR - 5-10k tonight with RP and S in the stroller. We're going to meet RP's wedding photographer before we run, so the distance we run will depend on how long that takes.


              BR - Taking her to a sensory fun class later this morning. I'm not sure exactly what it is, but I'm sure she'll love it.


              FR - Haddock with Szechuan sauce, baby bok choi and jasmine rice.


              NRR - Well, I am officially an idiot! You'd think I would have learned to always put a diaper on the baby, after previous fun encounters of her peeing on the carpet and books. I gave her a bath last night and brought her out to the living room to get her dressed. She was trying to escape, because she's a nudist, and I had to get dinner out of the oven, so I though "Okay, I'll let her roam naked for a couple minutes, what's the worst that could happen?" Well, my friends, wouldn't you know that I came back to find poop EVERYWHERE. Guess who spent her entire evening re-bathing the baby and steam cleaning the carpet. 



              Bermy - The 1k repeats were so hard! I thought I was going to die. I wondered why on earth I would ever want to run a 5k again. I did three in 4:12, 4:23 and 4:19. With 2 min walking/jogging between each. I wanted to quit halfway through the third one but thought "Bermy will ask how it went and you don't want to have to tell her you wimped out!" Thanks for inspiring me to do such a wicked hard workout. I'm going to try to make it a regular part of training, depending on snow cover.


              rg - So sorry to hear about your aunt. The return of the cold temps is hard to get used to after the few days of warmth. It felt sooo cold when I got out of bed this morning.


              zorbs - I love your stories about things B says. I can't wait until S starts talking. Remind me of that when I complain that she won't stop talking Smile


              Jen - That's great that the doctor's office stayed open for you guys. Glad ds had a better night of sleep. Definitely pick up something for dinner while you're out - you must be exhausted from dealing with all the sickness and deserve a break from cooking!

              5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      


                Mer - I guess the talks went good yesterday since you are interested in the job?  Sorry you have such a busy day.  I hope you can get things done.  Cute about J and his kisses.  Have a good run today.


                ernie - OMG to the poop.  I thought of you the other night.  We have J a bath, put his towel on him and let him run around.  Well...wouldn't you know he decided to pee on the carpet. Luckily DH was there to catch some of it...lol...and then clean up the rest while I got J dressed.  Your FR sounds great.  Come cook for meSmile  Have fun at the sensory class and with your run today.  Do you have a weather shield for your stroller?  I never got one but think I should've since it is hard to take J out when it is too cold.




                  RR - supposed to do some interval workout as per the personal trainer so I'm hoping for a run with some speedwork.  I'm not sure it is ever going to stop raining.  Although I had a blast running in the rain yesterday.  I didn't like it at first, the rain kept getting in my eyes and I was wishing I had worn a hat, but then I went on the trail instead of the road so the trees helped shield some of the rain.  I felt like a kid running through the woods splashing through the puddles.  I was soaked from head to toe and cold (it was in the 30s) but I made it 8 miles and felt great.


                  BR - keeps crying at night when I try to lay down and read with DD.  We bring him up on the bed, give him toys or snacks and he still just wants mommy's attention.  Grr.


                  KR - wondering if they will have school tomorrow since we are supposed to get some snow overnight.  They will be super excited to wake up to it though!


                  FR - maybe another rotisserie chicken since it's so easy on Wednesday nights.  DD has dance from 4:30-5:30 and I usually kill the time with L at the grocery store.  Chicken taco meat in the crock pot yesterday was yummy too though and we have plenty leftover.


                  NRR - DH called me after he left this morning to tell me he hit a deer not even a mile from our house.  It was too dark to get a good look at any car damage, but I'm sure we'll have yet another car repair bill in our near future.  Sucks.




                  rg - how many more weeks of full time do you have?  My abs are pretty sore from all the planks the PT had me do Monday.  It feels great!  I'm sorry about your aunt, weird finding out about it on FB though.  I hope all goes well for her.


                  zorbs - cute that he is concerned about you.  Smile


                  jen - poor J, hope he starts feeling better.  There are so many girls with my DD's disorder that are hospitalized with pneumonia so I worry about that.  Good luck finding a good gift for DH, gift giving seems harder as we get older!


                  mer - I love when L sticks his foot out for more when I tickle it.  So cute.  Your dinner sounds good!  I don't usually crave burgers at home but the last time DH made them they were SO good, might have to have them again this weekend.


                  ernie - oh no!!  I let L run around naked sometimes because he loves playing with himself so much.  Last night after bath I let him be naked while I got DD ready for bed and all of a sudden he got in his poop position (think down dog yoga) so I scrambled to find a towel to wrap him up in and then got him dressed.  No accident though, thank goodness.  I hope you got it all.  Wink


                    Good morning.  Quick post before H wakes up.


                    RR:  4 on the schedule for today.  I was so disspointed because I had 10m on he schedule yesterday.  Woke up at 5 and rsn 4.5m and then planned to do the rest later.  I put H in the stroller and started running but about 1.5m in I got these horrible cramps and couldn't go on.  I tired sitting, walking, everything.  It got to the point where I couldn't take steps.  The cramps were unlike anything I had experienced, way up high in my stomach.  I ended up having to call my dad to pick H in the stroller and I up.  I was so bummed I only got in 6 for the day.  Today I may attempt to do another 6 just to make up for some miles.


                    BR:  Somewhat better.  Only up twice, which is big improvement.  I still didn't get to sleep more than a 3.5 hour period but I'll take it.  Going to check his ears when I get home from school to make sure he doesn't have an ear infection.


                    NRR:  2 more days of school until DH gets here.  Unfortunately he gets in Friday morning and I just found out I  have something to be at from 1-4 but that just gives DH more time to play with H.


                    bbl for personals

                    5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                      Ugh had a post typed up and my laptop crashed...


                      RR - 5 last night... my first evening run in a long time...


                      BR - play date yesterday w/ other mat leave mom's from work... it was fun until C had another massive meltdown from being over tired, over stimulated and not wanting to nap (understandable since she was in an unfamiliar place).  The host mom looked at me like I wasn't doing a good job at consoling C, who was shrieking and wailing no matter what I did (held her, walked her, put her in the car seat, laid her down, etc).  I felt embarrassed and for the thousandth time questioned my mothering skills.


                      FR - one of the moms made a baked bluebery french toast that was sooo good.. but obviously unhealthy since she used a whole brick of cream cheese in it..


                      ermie - wow sorry about the poop ... yikes!


                      rg - sorry to hear about your aunt.. i agree, some things are best to be told in person, not on FB..


                      shelby - hope these next few days fly by for you and DH will be here before you know it!


                      Waves at everyone else... need to change a really stinky diaper...


                        rr: not sure. Either i will hit the tm for a few miles or rest. Afraid running slow with rp is messing things up with my body.


                        tr: both girls are home today.  dd1 made pictures and then picture frames for them yesterday. So cute.


                        br: started saying "mmmm hmmmmm" for yes. so stinkin' cute.


                        nrr: went to the local resale shop yesterday and got 4 tops and 2 pair of jeans for $14. All were name brand mostly gap. The jeans aren't perfect but will do for now.


                        fr: chili last night was delicious. thinking of havng the girla help make mini pizzas tonight.


                          arm - Glad you enjoyed your run in the rain.  Boo to DH hitting a deer.  Gotta love that.  We live in a dark wooded area with tons of deer and people hit them by us all the time..I just don't want it to be me.  I hope your kids stay healthy!  I am thinking about the same dinner as you.  Not sure what to get to go with it.


                          Shelby - Sorry H is still waking and night and you are not getting great sleep.  You are a busy lady and need your rest.  I definitely wouldn't beat yourself up about the mileage.  Don't try to push it as you could overdue it and end up injured.  A few missed miles will not derail your training.  I forgot, what are you training for?  So happy your DH is coming in 3 days!!!  So nice for you and H!

                          CTimes - Ugh...don't let some mombie make you feel like a bad parent.  Every child is different...you are the only one that knows C and what works for her.  Don't let some outsider make you feel like a bad mother.  You are doing great.  Just wait until her kid has a meltdown in front of you...you can give her that disapproving look...lol.


                          mrszm - Have fun with the kids today...I think they would love to make mini pizzas.  Nice score on all the consignment stuff.  My mission is to find a good consignment place here where I can buy stuff and sell stuff.


                            rg: i don't have fb but my mom gets so angry when she goes to tell my sister something serious and she had already found out on fb. Hope things go well for your aunt!


                            zorbs: too funny about B. that sounds exactly like how dd1 was.


                            jen: so glad you got j into the dr yesterday. i told dh if mere is coughing through the weekend i am going to take her in next week. yah i am no good at coming up with birthday ideas for dh! could you use spike's suggestion to uphill yesterday?! Wink


                            mer: c signs more when you tickle him too. i saw that race too and my cousin asked if dh and i would run it with him. My two concerns are that it is the first one and likely unorganized and it starts at 8am.


                            ernie: ugh to the poop! lesson learned this time? Wink


                            shelby: yikes to the cramps! How did they finally go away? Yay for dh coming to town and getting some bonding time with H.


                            arm: great job on the 8 in the rain! Snow and deer?! You would think you were in Wisconsin!!


                            cx2: that french toast sounds amazing. When is your maternity leave over again?


                              mrsz - i go back at the end of March... less than 10 weeks to go... Sad

                              running eh

                                RR - so pumped that I managed to fit in 6k before heading to work this am (out the door at 415!).  Tried my trail shoes on the road just for fun.  They are minimalist type shoes, definitely a different feel than the regular shoes I have.


                                NRR - back to work for two days


                                KR - signed DS up for martial arts yesterday.  It just an 8 week intro type program.  Seemed kind of boring to me, but he said he liked it.


                                FR - this week's meal plan is all messed up.  MIL was supposed to bring pea soup yesterday, but she said it didn't turn out, so she brought trout, sweet pot, broccoli and a great salad instead.  We will finally eat the red lentil and squash soup tonight.


                                rg -wish I could come to some of your classes!   sorry to hear about your aunt - hope everything goes well with her tx.  I always love watching my kids do puzzles.  Even my older ones still enjoy puzzles.  We got some larger ones for them as Christmas gifts - we do them as a family - it's fun!


                                zorbs - our smoke detector is super sensitive, it goes off all the time - I hate it!  Hope the rolling helps you feel better, I need to get a foam roller.


                                mjen - hope DS gets back to normal soon, you've had a rough few weeks!  Take care of yourself too!


                                mer - enjoy the trip to the ipad school - crazy how far things have come since I went to school!  We had typing class in grade 9 and that was it.


                                bbl for more!