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running eh

    ernie - NASTY, NASTY, NASTY!!!  Did she paint with it?  Way to go on the workout yesterday!!!  That is a tough one, you've inspired me to give it a go - I think that might be my intervals for next week (or maybe I'll ease into it with 800s...)  I love bok choi, enjoy it!


    arm - you are one tough mama running in the rain for 8 miles!!!  Way to go!  Boo about the deer, hope the damage isn't too bad.  Enjoy the snow!


    shelby - Please take care of yourself.  Try not to worry too much about the miles right now.  You've got a lot on your plate, and you can't do everything - Sleep is very important too!!  2 more sleeps till DH comes home - YAY!!!


    cx2 - You are a great mom!!   You know your girl, so try not to worry about other moms!  How'd you like the night run.  I usually skip a run if I leave it until the night Sad


    mzm - are the girls home b/c they are still sick?  I love having the kids help make mini pizzas, they love it too.  We have DD1 off dairy right now, so we are avoiding pizza for a while.  Great finds at the thrift shop, I love those places!


      RR: nada. Looking forward to going home to run tomorrow and getting back on track. Looking forward to coming back here to run when I can buy suitable gear. I went to lululemon and a mountain high outfiters yesterday and there is plenty of lovely stuff but there's just no point splurging right now as I don't know what I need and I will have to take it back to bermy where it will sit and then bring it back etc. I am going to be patient and wait.


      NRR: we're going to take some pics of house today and get some more shoes for DS. Going to take a drive around country lanes to get our bearings.


      BR: still asleep at 9am. I am going to wake him up. OOh, he is up.


      FR: probably eat out. I think DH is craving mexican.




      ernie - I had a thought yesterday that you were going to come back and say you ran 10x1000m in 3mins 20 seconds each and you were going to call me a fraud and ask me to leave this board. I feel reassured from your similar experience that the 6 months I have spend killing myself slowly were for progress' sake. You ran your first 3 faster than I did. I did 3.52, 4.25, 4.45. It took me a lot of time to learn about consistency in pace and stamina. What is your 5k PR? Mine is 23.55 although I haven't raced since October.

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        FLyby- I did my post on FB this morning:

        Jen, what about this for DH: http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/kid-designed-custom-ceramics-small-friendly-182623

        2 Mile: 17: 11   5k PR: 27:45    5 Mile: 44:11    10K: 59:01    Half: 2:15:59     Marathon: 5:50:07




          rg - That sounds like a great workout.  Sometimes J needs a few minutes of cuddles after waking up.  We normally sit in the recliner and when he is ready he gets down and starts playing.  That is the best transition for him.  Will you be outside or on the TM?


          zorbs- That is cute that he told you to get down.  Enjoy your foam rolling.  Time for a massage?!


          jen - Tuna wraps sound really good.  What all do you put in them?  (Besides tuna, of course!)  The talk did go well.  Writing the letter means that I am intersted, but thats about it.  I know another teacher in my building is intereted as well and very qualified.  You don't know if you don't try, right?


          ernie - Yuck on the poop and pee mess.  Have fun at the sensory class.!


          arm - Your FR sounds delicious.   Sucks about the deer.


          shelby - Yay for DH arriving.  Sorry about the wake ups and the bummer run.  Weird about the cramps.


          cx2 - It is so hard when your kid is screaming and someone is watching you.  I always question my parenting skills, especially when I am trying to discipline J in front of my MIL and he doesn't listen.


          mrszm - You always find great stuff at resale shops....maybe I need to start frequenting those.


          eh - Great job getting out there so early.  That time doesn't exist in my world unless J is crying!

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            RR - 8k on the schedule today.  I'd like to run outside but don't think that's gonna happen.  I'd have to push O in the stroller and maybe I'm too lazy for that, but I'm telling myself that with all the sore legs and arse stuff I shouldn't push things during my base building.  So it'll probably be the TM, the good news is that I have a BL episode to watch.


            TR - slept over at gmas!  She was sooooo excited to go, it's awesome.  I love how easy going and flexible she is to sleep elsewhere.


            BR - only up once last night!  What a good baby Smile  Oh and yesterday when gma was here and M was getting ready to go, O was giggling out loud at her sister - first time she's done that, it was so stinking adorable though!


            FR - having coffee and french toast for breakfast, MMMMM!  I loooove breakfast but w/ two at home I'm usually rushing around.


            FR2 - our primerib last night was amazing, mmm, and we had a wine that we bought in Napa on our honeymoon, we were going to have one of our honeymoon wines on our 5th anniversary but I was preggo, so we had it last night.  I have a slight headache this morning, but it was sooo worth it.


            NRR - I think I fixed our treadmill!  Yay, it had been ok, just noisy for me, but it would just die for DH after 15-20 minutes.  It didn't take much - just needed the belt to be lubed, but I really didn't want to have to buy a  new TM.  We will get a big new fancy one one day, but I want to be in a bigger house when we do that, our little old crappy one fits perfectly in the little corner in our TV room.

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              RG - we must have sent you our winter, because it's above freezing and slushy here! I had to lol at your comment to zorbs about the revolutionists, the TM's at our gym have been crazy busy! Sorry to hear about your aunt, I hope the treatments work and she doesn't have to lose her bladder.

              zorbs - yeah my body hurts too... ART/massage tomorrow! Did you ever find a MT after yours moved to Italy?

              Jen - so nice that your dr got him in so fast! So frustrating that everyone is sick right now! I agree, there isn't time in the day to get everything done! I hope you can run today.

              mer - I've only done one 10 mile race (well two - but one was a trail race), and I was 4 mos pp from M, and it was crazy insane hilly, I almost died. Exciting about the job!

              Ernie - OMG, eewwww!! I was very thankful to have no carpet in my house when we were PT'ing M!

              arm - I actually like rain once I'm completely soaked too. It's hard to get the mental courage to go out there, but then it's fun. I hit a deer once super close to home - we live in the city also, it was right next to a big park though.

              shel - take it easy, don't stress over the miles!! Hopefully you can get some good runs in while DH is visiting.

              cx2 - booo at the judgie moms. Don't question yourself, you know your kid and what she can or cannot take. Nice job on the evening run, it's so hard to get modivation as the day wears on.

              mzm - how much slower is rp? I think really slow can sometimes mess with your gait. Can you meet to do speed or hill work? And just do the recovery and warmup/cooldown together?

              eh - nice work getting out the door so early!

              bermy - just think how rested your legs will be, ready to kick butt when you get home! Good plan on waiting for the fun shopping trip, hard though I'm sure, I love shopping for running gear!

              5k - 22:56        10k - 46:13          HM - 1:45:39          FM - 3:57:03

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                Mrszm – LOL!!!!  We are doing the pizza but the only BJ DH is getting is the one that comes in a shot glassWink


                Ctimes – Your year went sooooo fast!


                Eh – You are my hero of the day!!  I can’t believe you were out of your warm bed and into the cold air at 4:15…much respect!  Glad DS liked his martial arts class…that’s what matters.  Boo for being back to work…hope it goes by fast.


                Bermy – Have a safe trip home.  Are you going to share pictures of this house?  Did you put an offer in?  I bet it will be nice to be back to a normal routine and get your runs in…in warmer weatherJ  Enjoy your last day there.  Sounds like you really like the area and are good with the move.


                Spike – That is awesome.  I want to do that now.  DH always has yogurt and granola in the morning in a bowl and shares it with J.  That would be so cute!  Have a great trip!!  Let us know how the fanny pack worksJ


                Mer – I think you are qualified and like I said before…people already use you like that is your role so you have to try!  I was going to make tuna wraps with stuff I have left in the house…onion, green pepper, mustard (I  hate mayo), spinach, cheese, pickles….whatever.


                CA – Have a good run.  I am glad you could enjoy a good breakfast.  Glad M had fun at grandmas too and that O was so good last night.  Sounds like your day is off to a great start.  Enjoy watching BL while running!


                  Good morning.  Actually, not.  I feel like seriously cr@p.


                  RR: HA!


                  NRR: Was up until 1am on the bathroom floor.  So miserable.  If I ever complain about being worried what a few hours of feeling good can mean, slap me.  This is torture.  Now I'm at work and I just want to be in my sweats at home.  And today is DH's birthday and I have a mini thing planned for him tonight.  Would it be bad if I brought in the pizza and cake, left it on the table and went to bed?  Seriously that might happen.  I am tempted to tell him to make plans to go out with his friends because I am going to be useless.


                  TR: Still has a super raspy hoarse voice.  Seems a little lower energy than usual but no fever or cough or anything.  Hopefully he doesnt come down with anything.  Especially because we are supposed to go skiing this weekend and cant get our money back if he is sick and cant go.  We are going to be quite a fun family this weekend.  In a cabin on a ski trip with mom puking and moaning on the couch and ds sick with something else.  Sweet.


                  Runnergirl: My dad had bladder cancer a few years ago and he had his bladder removed and a new one built using part of his small intestine.  It is pretty amazing.  Now that cancer is 100% gone but everything still functions as normal.


                  Bermy: Still sleeping at 9am?!  Does he always sleep that late or is it the jet lag?


                  CA:  Ooh french toast sounds good.  Pretty much anything carby is all my stomach wants right now.  Too bad my mom isnt here to make me french toast!  (Or maybe you want to come over? : ) )


                  That's all I have the energy for.  I will be back!


                    Good morning!!!


                    RR: Hoping for 6 miles later.  Missed yesterday's run to take DD to the doctor


                    NRR: New sitter is at our house today. I stuck around for an hour or so. Both kids are trying to impress her so its going well so far.  She's young but studying to be a nurse so that's encouraging.  I'm going back at lunch/nap time to show her the routine.


                    FR: Got our organic fruit and veggie delivery last night.  The tangerines are so yummy!!  I just hope we have the energy to cook the veggies in the next few days.

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                      Uphill - I am so sorry you are feeling miserable.  Hoping you can some relief soon.  Were you sick like this with your DS?  I am sure DH would be understanding if you cut his bday short.  I hope you are feeling better for your trip and that DS doesn't come down with anything.  Take care...HUGS!


                      jm - I hope you get your run in later.  Glad you found a sitter and are easing her into it.  Sounds like a promising person.  Yum on the fruits and veggies.  You have all made me start investigating something like that around me.


                        TR - got two molars in the last few days.  Fever is down.  I'm sure the two were correlated.  Can't believe she skipped straight from front teeth to molars though?!  I'm have the baby book out to update.  Mine is woefully under filled-out and it annoys me to no end.  I'm trying to be diligent about milestones, etc.  Except I missed, first laugh, first bath, first smile, haha.  Oops.


                        ER- just walks with Em and the dogs.  That's good enough.I feel like the sciatic hasn't bugged me in the last day or two so I may try for some yoga tonight.  Or ice cream.  It's a toss-up at this point.


                        NRR - Just trying to keep up with the house.  Can't find time to vacuum though, but did yesterday a little.  I love clean carpets.


                        PGR - appointment this Friday!  Hoping we can schedule a csection date.  May be too early for that though, we'll see.  I feel like having a date will get DH into gear.  He hasn't done anything on the room yet and since it involved more than just painting I really do need him to get his toosh in gear!  Hoping for a trip to IKEA soon to get all of Emily's big-girl bedroom furniture.  Can't imagine her in a regular bed but I'm sure it'll be fine.


                          Uphill:  I'm so sorry you are so sick. I hope it stops as soon as you are out of the first tri!


                          Bermy:  Sleeping till 9 is amazing!!  Post the pics of your house on FB.


                          Ernie:  I'm so sorry about the poop!  I would have gagged.


                          Arm:  I hope the damage isn't too bad.


                          Shelby:  Yay for DH coming home!  How long will he be there?


                          Ctimes2: great job getting the run in. If I miss it in the morning my odds of getting it in in the evening are slim to none.


                          Shoot, I have to run.  I hope to get back for more personals.

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                          running eh

                            bermy - Mexican, yum!  Are you going to post house pics on FB?  So excited for you, that you find your place already.


                            spike - HI!


                            CA - well, look at you handy-dandy supermom, fixing the treadmill.  I think that means you should give it a go while watching BL Smile  So glad M was excited to go to gmas - my kids love going too - though I'm not sure my mom likes the 530am wake up time.  Did you make the primerib?  I tried it once, it didn't go well, I'll try it again someday when I get a new meat thermometer.


                            uphill - Are you going to ski?   Does DS ski?  Hope you survive the day, take care of yourself!


                            jm - hope the new sitter works out!  Your kids must not be shy!  What other fruits and veggies did you get?  Is your next big race a trail race?  Do you do many of your runs on the trail?


                            rocky - how about ice cream and yoga together - eat some while holding some of the upright poses Smile  I have found with each kid we have been less "ready"  I am sure you will get everything done that needs to be done.


                              Mer - Good luck with everything you have to do to apply for the new job! Sweet potato tots & burgers sound really good.


                              Jen - Lol, I'm glad I'm not the only one whose baby likes to pee on the floor. I have the BOB weather shield. I've only used it a couple of times so far and have found it to be kind of a pain to get on the stroller, but it might be just because I'm not used to it. I'm sure I'll have to use it a lot more now that it's cold again.


                              Arm - Wow, impressive cold weather rain! Yikes on the deer. We're surrounded by a lot of country roads with no lights, so I'm always afraid that's going to happen to me.


                              Shelby - Aw, sorry about the cramps last night. Maybe your body just needed a rest. Hopefully the next 2 days fly by for you and then DH will be here!


                              Cx2 - Do you like evening running? I like it in the summer but not at this time of year. I used to feel the same way when S would freak out in public and nothing was consoling her, but now I've seen it happen to so many other parents that I know babies just lose it sometimes. It has nothing to do with your mothering skills!


                              Mrszm - How often are you running with the slower RP? Wow, what a great haul from the resale store!


                              Running eh - I am so impressed at how early you get out for a run some days! Ewww, S was not painting with the poop (so I guess it could have been a lot worse!!) but she was stomping around in it. Yuck!


                              Bermy - Nice little sleep in for ds this morning! Good to know that you started with 3 intervals. Now I can work on building up my stamina, too. I will pretend you and your coach are watching me train so that I  really push the pace and don't wimp out. My 5k PR (from September 2012) is 22:10. I am hoping to go sub-22 this spring. You are going to absolutely destroy your PR in the next 5k you do, with the great training and intervals paces you've been doing.


                              CAR - I think it's good idea not to wear out your legs too much during base building. Love the baby giggles! I was really happy to have carpet when S was learning to sit and pull up and kept falling on her head, but I'm sure re-thinking that now!


                              Uphill - Hopefully everyone will be busy skiing all day for your cabin weekend and you can stay inside, sleep all day and eat lots of carbs to settle your stomach.


                              Jmmiller - Glad the new sitter is working out. Mmm, I want some tangerines now!


                              Rocky - I am terrible about recording things in the baby book as well. And then there's some thing that seemed to happen gradually, rather than on any particular day, like when the baby first holds up their head. Go for ice cream AND yoga tonight! Why choose just one? Smile

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                              Bad Ass Mother Runner

                                uphill - your dh should be happy with anything Given how you feel. Maybe dh and ds could go out for some birthday bonding and you could go to bed? Will your dr prescribe anti nausea meds?  It's very common here.


                                eh - I did make the prime rib. Having a good thermometer is key.


                                Jm - hope the new sitter works out!! Awesome that your kids don't make strange, mine are both great with anyone so far also.


                                Rocky - ha! my mom sucked at the baby book also and I'm following in her footsteps. I did do a book for M but it mostly has pictures and not milestone dates. I made the book online, so I didnt have to do any actual writing or glueing.

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