Womens Running




    Morning ladies. Quick one from me today


    RR: good speedwork yesterday 7 with 7 x 800M. Today is LR since it will be about 60 degrees out, so I just couldn't not run long. Planning on 14 miles


    NRR: just plugging away at work. going to apply to some summer jobs this week at some community colleges. I looked online, and there are a lot of positions open for exercise science and anatomy teachers, so I am hoping one of those works out.


      Good morning!


      ER: 45 minutes on the elliptical. My hips have been sore lately, especially my right one, so I foam rolled it after my workout. Ouch! Can tell I haven't done that in awhile or maybe thats just how tight my hip is. Only did it for about three minutes, but I can tell it helped. I really need to get a foam roller to have at home.


      NER: Ugggh, feeling cranky because I weighed myself this morning. I guess I just gain weight and get big when I have babies. I might not gain as much as I did the first time, but I may come close. Oh well. I will join weight watchers as soon as I can and make it go away. Tonight after work we're going to go buy a new TV for our bedroom. I wonder how easy it will be to hook up? lol, DH and I are not too handy with electronics. Not much else going on at the moment. My coworkers are throwing my a baby shower tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to that.


        Good morning, ladies!


        RR: Still nothing. I got all the way down to yoga last night, only to sit down and start coughing in the dry hot air, so I left. Boo. Burpees and ST today. Hopefully I can run tomorrow?


        NRR: We got some snow, which is exciting. I'm also on the fence about going into work today. I don't want to, plus there's not a lot for me to do, but if I dont' go it, how will I get more work.  I don't want to sit around and do nothing all day, though. Hmm.



        KLM - Good luck on your new job!!


        Meli - That's a lot of flowers girls - I bet they will look really cute!


        MA - I'm not on salary, which has its pluses and minuses, for sure. I got paid for all the crazy hours I was working, but now I'm light on work, so...


        Lizo -  Good luck on those work interviews!


        Sassy - I was wondering what burpee day it was. Steel cut oats..I love oatmeal!




        Waves to anyone I missed!




          Sassy-I heard good things about the happiness project.  I liked her 5-year one-line a day journal idea. Oatmeal sounds warm and delicious right now.


          Liz-That meal sounds delicious.


          Meli-Whoohoo for volunteering and no PF pain!!


          MA-Sweet gig that you can watch Bones during your late work session. Enjoy the warmer temps!


          Dona-Wow, congrats on the new job! Have a great 1st day!!



          RR-Chest, tris and core ST...hopefully, depending on how much sleep I get. Going to start the burpee challenge on Friday. I'm excited.


          NRR-Tomorrow I have to go to Outwest's former stomping grounds  for the 3rd and final interview for the engineering internship program. Vanpooling with a bunch of folks so I have to be at my school at 6am. I have a midterm and 2 big assignments due on Thursday as well. Last night, I had nightmares about missing my ride to the interview and doing poorly on my exam.....hmmm, I might be a little stressed and nervous.


            Blu - If you get the opportunity to go out to lunch down there, I'd check out Block 15, on 3rd and..Jefferson. Their beer helped me survive the job I had there. Good luck on the interview!


              rltw: yay for you sister having the baby soon!


              gsd: glad you had a great time yesterday!


              dona: good luck with your first day!!


                Thank goodness for medical insurance, ladies. I just got an email saying, "Your billing statement from Brigham and Women's hospital is ready for viewing." I just viewed the bill for my surgery. HOLY SH*T! $57,592. Thankfully though, all I owe is the hospital admission co pay of $250. Smile


                  Hi ladies!


                  RR: 30 minutes of ST/cardio intervals last night. Aiming for a run tonight, supposed to be a bit warmer today, in the mid-30s.


                  NRR: I have been having the worst headaches lately. It is getting old fast. I've had this type of headache for a while and it comes and goes - I'll have it for a week or two, then it goes away for a week or two, then comes back, and so on. Last year I had a CT scan of my sinuses and an EEG and an MRI and other than some sinus inflammation, a deviated septum, and some bone spurs, everything was normal. The neurologist said it sounds like cluster headaches or a migraine disorder, but they can't give me migraine meds because of my blood clotting disorder. ARGH. So frustrating having a chronic headache!!! Sorry, that was whiny. But ugh, it was awful yesterday and it's still there today.


                    Lizo: Dinner sounds like it was good! Sending lots of good luck vibes your way!


                    Meli: Whoot to the half and no pain! I hope it was fun! Oy, sorry about more family drama.


                    MA: Wow, long night last night! I hope you enjoy your warmer 3 today. I’m salary, but we have to track every hour we charge due to govt contract work. I’m going to be missing a lot of work for the surgery, so I figure making up some time for missing more doctor’s appointments looks better at least if I can do it.


                    Gsd: Enjoy your speedwork! I think you’re going to have a great half in March!


                    Klmc: Whoot to a new job! I hoep it goes well.


                    RLTW: I hope SIL has that baby today before it gets any bigger!


                    Taylor: Way to go on the 800 repeats!


                    Monk: Sorry about the weight issues. I hope the tv isn’t too complicated.


                    Outwest: Oh no, I hope you feel better.


                    Blu: Good luck with the interview.


                      MArunner: My boss was just saying yesterday that most people are more productive when they work from home! Although I wasn't very productive yesterday so...maybe tonight I'll be the one working till 8! Chili sounds fabulous, yum.


                      Lizo: Best of luck on the project interview!! I am sure it will go well. Your dinner last night sounds yummy!


                      KLMC: I didn't know you had a new position, you will have to fill us in, now I am very curious! I hope it's going well!


                      Sassy: Hmmm steel cut oats...sounds good. Prepping breakfast ahead is brilliant! It always takes me so long to put my food together in the morning, maybe I'll have to start doing the oats. I think you can do them in the slow cooker? CRF would love that too.


                      Outwest: Sorry you still aren't feeling well. I hope that nagging cough goes away ASAP.


                      Meli: Sorry the family drama continues. How frustrating. I think it's adorable you're having so many kids in the wedding!


                      Taylor: Wow 60 degrees? Lucky! That's shorts weather! I hope you find some promising summer jobs. Good for you looking ahead!


                      Monk: Based on your pictures I think you look smaller all around than when you were pregnant with A though! Slimmer face and arms and such. Sorry you're cranky though.


                      RLTW: Holy expensive surgery! Glad you don't have to pay all that! I hope your niece makes her appearance soon. My sister was told that H was over 7 pounds a week before she went into labor and he came out at just over 6 pounds so I don't know how reliable those things are.


                      Blu: Fingers crossed the 3rd interview goes well! I know it will!


                      POrun: That was so sweet of P to throw you a surprise party! Glad you got a lot of rest last night.


                      GSD: I think you'll do great at your half! Running with the stroller will make you faster I'm sure! Requires lots of extra strength!!!


                      OK sorry if I missed anyone...gotta get going!


                        Lucy: I'm so sorry about the chronic headache. Sad I can certainly relate, my dear. Have you tried Excerdrin Migraine? I've heard that some people have luck with those. I also know that any changes in barometric pressure can really affect anyone with headaches. I wonder if maybe the snowy weather has anything to do with your headache? Just a thought.... <3 you! oh, and I miss you!


                          Morning ladies!


                          RR. 5 miles tonight with a friend, slow and flat. My leg was a little sore yesterday, so I'm going to keep a close eye on how it's feeling.


                          NRR. Grocery shopping this morning, then working this afternoon.

                          Still dealing with work issues. My boss is the worst communicator. I want it all done via email, since then I'll have it in writing, and also since my hours are varied and she leaves super early, I don't see her all of the time and this needs to get finalized.

                          Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon 10.20.2013 

                          Tiburon by the Bay Half Marathon 11.3.2013 (My Birthday!) 

                          Napa Valley Full Marathon 3.2.2013



                          Half: 1:48

                          Full: 4:34



                            Jewel - when do you get to go home? I imagine it is boring. Big D finds it boring when he travels to clients for work - he just sits in the hotel room and goes to dinner alone.
                            Lizo - we just keep it in a tupperware container in the fridge, and scoop out servings when we want them. I heat for a minute in the microwave, then add some milk to soften it up and heat it for 30s more.
                            Meli - I do cold overnight oats in the summer (they are great after a hot run, right?) Have fun volunteering tonight. What kind of drama are you dealing with? Love the idea of flower kids - it's like the royal wedding!!

                            PO - glad you got some sleep! have a good run.


                            MA - I missed out on burpees last year. As G's first birthday approaches I'm getting so excited for you. I love Bones, but the current season is a little boring. Enjoy your run outside


                            GSD - we're still at 4 feedings, I have a feeling the mid-afternoon one is going to drop next. Glad you had a nice day in Raleigh. I think your stroller miles should count as speedowrk, or at least a hard run, because they are probably making you stronger than you think.


                            KlMcD - I hope you have a great first day and look forward to hearing about it when you get a chance.


                            RlTW - yay for baby day, hopefuly .. haha

                            Taylor - where do you get your speed workout ideas? All I do are mile repeats and tempo runs .. but I guess that's a good place to start.


                            OWR - I am loving the burpees!


                            Blu - that diary idea is nice in theory but I know I would never finish it Smile don't be too stressed about all this stuff, just enjoy it! Woah, are you going to catch up to us on friday, or just start at 1?


                            Lucy - sorry about the headache, I remember you talking about this last year. There are diets you can follow but they are tough (like limit salt and nitrates). I've heard you can make those oats int he slow cooker overnight! we just do a big batch (8 servings) on Sunday for breakfast and save the rest for the week.


                            NC - glad you are back running and I ope the calf doesn't become an issue again!


                            I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



                              Lucy - Sorry about the headaches. I've been dealing with some myself, before this cold. Like being stabbed with an ice pick right above my left eye..never really went away, just got dulled. I think it was from the weather changing so often.

                              MA runner girl

                                Lucy - +1 to RLTW, Excedrine Migraine was my savior when I got migraines. I think they were caused mostly by my BCPs (yaz), as I haven't had them nearly as frequently sicne going off it 1.5+ years ago now. Though I know you don't take BCPs... I am definitely more likely to stay logged on later when I'm working at home, specifically if it's not Friday, though that's when I mostly do WAH.


                                Sassy - I just finished season 4 last night.. I think.. whatever season Booth has brain surgery at the end.. DH and I couldn't not watch the season finale episode even though it meant bedtime after 10pm LOL I'm sad that the current season is boring!!


                                Monk - No more scale!!! You are too close to the end to stress about that (easier said than done I know!!) Smile

                                PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15