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Run to live; live to run

    Okay post away. Off to run and take my car in since the check engine light came on.



    Mighty Mouse

      Thursday after a quick grocery run I did 35 minutes  on the track with coach. I’m keeping up my upper body weights with light barbells (3 pounds). In addition, I’ve been doing some early morning cross training…namely, scraping the frosted over car windows. Smile

      Today should be a track run.

      Happy runs, All! :::HUGS:::



        Cindy....I am doing the half and at HM, probably avoiding the big a$$ hill, I will opt for the swinging bridge!


        Concert was wonderful.  We went out to dinner before and something did not agree with me though.  Had stomach cramps throughout the evening and still feel not so good this morning.  I am thinking it was because I had a terrible canker sore right on the tip of my tongue all last week and I was hardly able to eat at all.....I made up for it last night and I think my stomach just rebelled!  Yuck.


        I still have so much Christmas shopping left to do, I know what I am getting, just have not done it.  I wish the time would slow down right now, I love the weeks before Christmas and it is going too darn fast.


        Starting to worry about the Santa Hustle now, I am just so unprepared, having been able to eat right, etc, etc.....I just have to get it in my mind that this one is definitely just for fun.  Kinda wish I had someone to run it with, would it make it even more fun.  Maybe I will latch onto someone prerace.





        6/8 Hatfield/McCoy Half, 8/18 lake Erie Shores and Islands Half, 9/21 Mighty Niagara Half Lewiston, NY, 10/7 Cleveland Rock & Roll Half 10/6 or Detroit Free Press 10/20, A Christmas Story 5 or 10K Cleveland 12/7, Santa Hustle Half Cedar Point 12/15


          Judy...we must have cross posted.  How is work going???  We are still undergoing so many changes and they are still pushing retirement for some of us...it is so obvious.  Makes for an uncomfortable working environment, but thank goodness for my co-workers...we are all in the same boat, it just feels like it is sinking!  Does you library do anything for the employees at Christmas???  Just wondering...we don't even get a Christmas Card, makes one feel real appreciated.





          6/8 Hatfield/McCoy Half, 8/18 lake Erie Shores and Islands Half, 9/21 Mighty Niagara Half Lewiston, NY, 10/7 Cleveland Rock & Roll Half 10/6 or Detroit Free Press 10/20, A Christmas Story 5 or 10K Cleveland 12/7, Santa Hustle Half Cedar Point 12/15

          Mel the Painter

            Hi all,

            It is my first time ever posting a question on a blog, so be kind  Smile I am trying to find a blog that deals or discusses women, over 40 that deal with hypothyroidism, are a bit chubby but still run....we don't tend to loose the weight like the rest of you. I have run 6 or 7 half marathons. I am not fast as I finish under 3 hours..but I finish, have fun and chat with well, many, along the way. I started running about three years ago and have been fighting of some pretty serious health issues by running like the tenacious turtle I am!


            Does anyone know of a group that would be a good fit for me? I am in a funk and need to get on task (running and weights again) and just need to whine with others until I am back into a good mental spot. I just want to drop some fat ( and have wanted to for YEARS, my body just doesn't ...been at 177 for ever!


            Thanks for your support

            LC Runs

              Good Morning!!


              6 miles for me today, repeat of yesterday's route and a bit faster.  No dogs and less ice lol.  A brisk 23 degrees Surprised


              Judy - ha ha, scraping the car is a workout!!


              Marjorie - hope it's nothing major with the car!


              Ginny - hope you feel better!  Glad you enjoyed the concert, my DD's band concert is next Wednesday.  I gotcha on the job appreciation, nada at our agency.  They hold a "Holiday" inservice in January where we have an all day training and team building - wow, thanks Roll eyes


              Hi Mel - Welcome!!  I don't know of a specific group that deals with hypothyroidism, but this group is very supportive, no matter what your level, age, speed. ....feel free to join in!!


              Karen - yep, the dog was very friendly, had on a collar but I couldn't get him to stop moving enough for me to see if he at least lived close by.  No sign of him today.


              Oh, one weird thing this morning, I ran by a guy walking on the other side of the street, he yells out, "aren't you freezing your a$$ off?".  I replied, "oh, I'm fine" and thinking, 'um, you're walking in the same temp that I'm running, so technically I would be warmer.  Just weird - we were in a fairly lighted business area and I was quite a distance.  Guess he just thought he was funny.


                Hi Mel - No problems with the thyroid here but certainly all of us at times need motivation, compassion, support, and a place to vent. And a place to go where life's problems seem a little less frightening when we find out everyone else has them too! Why not join us?


                No run today until after school with DD; that will be a three miler or a little more. She knows the laps in the park are 1.5 so I may not be able to slip in another mile!


                Chorale concert tonight and tree buying tomorrow, and back to running with a few friends on Saturday mornings. That should make things feel a little more normal for me! No run on Saturday means I'm kinda lost how to start my day.


                I hope you are having the sunshine we have here, and happy runs to everyone!




                Fire Jumper

                  Well... I've lost my mind.     I wrote this yesterday in the midst of getting ready for the airport, but forgot to hit enter.  So.... now I'll post it... LOL


                  Good morning, Ladies!


                  Ran fartleks yesterday evening on the indoor track with RB.  It is so cool.  She loves the "speed play."  I have longer legs, but she's a bit quicker.  So, we even out pretty well!  It's finals week and the students have almost cleared out.  So, we changed up our direction several times.  We both agreed that our hips were happier.  


                  I am leaving for Georgia today.  DH will take me to the airport for my 1:30 flight.  60's and sunny for the next several days.  Sounds like heaven. 


                  Camille - I got your PM's... woo hoo!  Maybe at our FE you can give me some tips/pointers on how to build distance.  Right now, 3.4 is my longest run.  I'm pretty well spent by that time.  The heart is willing, the body... well.  


                  Carol - I'm a big fan of weight training.  Working out is a fairly new addition to my life (the last few years).  I told my doc I was really focusing on my fitness and when he did an abdominal exam (pushing and poking) his eyebrows went up and said, you really DO work out, don't you... LOL   I loved that.  I wanted it on tape!   As for weight loss, minute for minute, building muscle is the jackpot of calorie burning.  I'm ALL in favor of that.


                  G'morning Marjorie!  


                  More to come when I wake up!



                  5K's and Obstacle Runs

                  Goal for 2013:  10K


                  Icebreaker Challenge 5K, Girls on the Run 5K, Friehofer's Run for Women 5K, Hero Rush, Warrior Dash Florida, Warrior Dash Eastern NY, Turkey Trot,  Mud Mania, and yet-to-be-decided goal 10K.



                  Run to live; live to run

                    Hi guys. I did 11. It wasn't as cold as it was supposed to be just lolw 40s versus the 30s so it was nice.


                    Waiting on my car. I doubt it is anything major. Last time it was a fliter so we will see.


                    Ginny you'll do fine.


                    Mel come on in! We have a variety of runners at all levels and differing weights etc.  I don't have a thyroid issue but we can understand.  I think we had someone here with some thyroid problems but I can't remember who it was or if they are still around.  But really, we are here for everyone.


                    Julie haha on forgetting to hit enter! Have fun in Ga Waves to everyone. I'll be back.


                    EDIT:  Car was fine.  DH didn't put the gas cap on tight when he filled it over the weekend.  It has to be clicked 3 times.  I thought maybe this was it but you never know.  He says we can replace the gas cap but I don't see a need to unless the light comes on again.  So it was no charge for the car.  I'm happy with that for sure.  They ran the diagnostics and it was a minor very very small leak which is indicative of the gas tank not being able to pressurize correctly.  


                    Judy of course doing car clean off and scraping is cross training.


                    Laura that is weird with that guy.  But I get weird comments all the time when I run.  No one was out at ALL today when I went but that was fine with me.  I usually see a few people.  Guess no one wanted to run or walk this am.


                    Carolyn it is sunny here today.  Unlike yesterday that it was cloudy all day long.  We will get to mid 60's today and back to 70's tomorrow


                    Anonymous Guest

                      Hooray Friday!! This workplace is becoming toxic and I need a couple days away. Next swim lesson is tomorrow and I'm kind of excited. I found a sprint tri I'm going to do. It's not until July, but the swim is in a pool. That is only 4 feet deep. Seems perfect for someone likely to panic swimming with a bunch of people around. A chance to "get my feet wet" both literally and figuratively! And the bike and run are the same course as the duathlon that I did in 2010 (and plan on doing again in April next year).


                      Ran 6.5 last night. Probably harder than I should have, but I needed to blow off some steam after seeing a coworker get demoralized and screwed over by her horrible boss yesterday afternoon. I left here wanting to cry for the unfairness and the way this very hardworking, very caring person is being treated. I'm still going back and forth on whether to take off between Christmas and New Years. It would probably do me some good to have an extended period away from here.


                      Judy, I'm sadly getting that morning XT as well. Don't want to be scraping my windows already!


                      Ginny, I think the second half of HM was prettier than the first. Less time on two-lane highway type roads. And the swinging bridge, while scary, is not that bad if you walk over it. You will miss the world's smallest horse, which apparently lives at the bottom of Blackberry Mountain, but I missed him this year and apparently ran right by. I wonder when they will start the second half, and if maybe that will make it a little less lonely for the full runners.


                      Cindy, as far as I know, me, Tessa, Lisa, Marjorie (but don't tell her stomach) and Zipper (from runango) are planning on the full. And the rest are planning on the half - correct me if I'm wrong all. I don't know about others from runango and what they're planning on running. 


                      HI Mel, and welcome! Can't help with the hypothyroidism, but as for the rest, I think you'd fit in great here. Come hang out for awhile!


                      Laura, another "me too" here. Last night I'm running and this guy is walking his dog and says to me "awfully cold night for a run, isn't it?" I just told him it wasn't so bad once you got moving and kept going. It was maybe upper 30s at the coldest, and it wasn't any colder for me than it was for him.....whatever.


                      Carolyn, sounds like a nice weekend on tap. Holiday stuff and back to regular running.


                      Julie, have a great time in Georgia - enjoy those warm temps!!


                      Marjorie, nice run. Hope the car is nothing major.


                      Since everyone else is blogging: http://karenrunsfar.blogspot.com/
                      Upcoming Marathons: December 2017 - Mississippi Gulf Coast Marathon, March 2018 - The Woodlands, April 2018 - Boston


                      Run to live; live to run

                        Karen cross posted I was editing my post since no one else ha posted from when I had posted.  Car is totally fine.


                        The sprint Tri sounds good for you.  Remember Sue got her ribs cracked doing one in a pool when they were trying to help her out so be careful!



                          Well, today's drama is a puking child. DS3 woke up this morning throwing up. It throws my whole day into a tailspin - I had a ton of things I was going to get done today, plus we had already purchased tickets for DH and I to go see The Hobbit this evening. *Sigh* Oh well, at least we found someone to go with DH and use the other ticket.


                          For those of you who missed my late post yesterday, I twisted my ankle and am babying it for a few days, so no run for me today.


                          Ginny - I think I would lean toward the second half as well. And if Amy does it, I bet she'll choose the same.


                          Karen - sorry about the toxic work environment. That's what my job was like just before I left to stay at home with the boys. It helped make the decision much easier.


                          Marjorie - glad it was nothing serious with the car.


                          Mel - welcome! I think you would find this group very supportive.


                          Laura - I find that the non-runners in my life think I'm thoroughly insane for running in the cold, rain, etc. But they would go and sit out at a football game in the same weather!


                          Julie - the best way to build up your mileage is s-l-o-w-l-y. Bump it up a little at a time. That reduces the risk that you'll wind up injured.


                          Carolyn - enjoy the run with DD. I need to get DS1 back out there!


                          Off to do some domestic XT. Have a great day-



                          2017 Races: Turkey Strut 5K 11/23, Mistletoe Half Marathon 12/2


                          Run to live; live to run

                            Cindy how is the ankle today?  Boo to DS being sick!  I bet not propping it up added to it while at practice.  Ace wrap it or do some taping and that should help too.


                            Gatsby yes if you use IE as the browser on your phone it doesn't do paragraphs.  Even if you put a zilliion spaces it doesn't.  I've tried a few browsers and the one I can use on my phone and get paragraphs is Opera but it is finicky and won't always let me do numbers. 




                              Cindy, ouch, sorry about the turned ankle. Yay for Hatfield-McCoy, I hope Amy can come too! (Hmm. Maybe AmyDel could swing a weekend away with enough notice?)  On the which half to do, I would say walking across the swinging bridge takes a lot less time than walking up that hill.


                              Lisa-Marie, you might consider asking Santa for nighttime gear....


                              Marjorie, hope the car is not a problem today. (Check engine lights seem to come on for reasons that don't really matter in many cases. And if you disconnect the battery, wait a few minutes, then reconnect it, start the car, and the check engine light does not come on again, chances are it's not important. I think the car manufacturers make the things go on at random so you go to the dealership and they get a chance to find pricey things wrong with the car.)


                              Judy, don't you have a special day tomorrow...? Cool


                              Ginny, that canker sore sounds miserable. Good luck with the shopping. I lucked out and ran into SIL and Dear Nephew in Barnes & Noble, took DN and said "show me what you would be pleased to find under the tree", and by the time we left I had gifts for Sis, SIL, Dear Nephew, and Dear Niece.


                              And this race is just for fun, there will be tons of people doing their first race I bet, go out there and enjoy yourself!


                              Hi Mel! Can't address the thyroid issues, however, I'm guessing some of this group have thyroid problems, and I can certainly relate to the weight issues. I was somewhere between 160 and 180 for many years (I'm only 5 feet tall), took nearly 50 pounds off on a shake&bar diet, gained it back, then finally managed to get it off using Weight Watchers. Which halfs have you done? And feel free to join this group!


                              Laura, glad you did not have any unwanted canine encounters this morning. If you get another comment like that, you might respond "Yes, I am freezing my ass off .... and what a coincidence, I see an ass right over there!" and point at him. Wink


                              Carolyn, maybe see if DD will do a little more out and back, rather than having her commit to another full lap? Or if you are driving to the park with her, deliberately park as far away as you can get away with to add mileage.


                              Seems like we're all going to concerts this month! DS's is next Tuesday and Wednesday. (Yes that is finals week. Grrr.)


                              Julie, fartleks are fun inside, and I think even more fun outside because there are so many opportunities for changing it up. "Make the light before the don't walk sign starts flashing". "Race that pigeon as far as possible." "Sprint to the second light pole!"


                              Have fun on your trip to GA!


                              Marjorie (again), glad they did not charge you. DH has done the same thing, his gas cap needs to be screwed on tight also. (Um, I mean his CAR's gas cap needs to be screwed on tight...)


                              Karen, sorry work is not that great. I thought you liked your bosses? Nice for finding a sprint tri! (July? I hope it is not connected with Devil's Lake...)


                              Cindy, ugh on the puking child, hope he feels better soon.


                              2.8 this morning, more planned for lunch. Our company holiday "party" is today -- showing of the movie "Elf" (yes, the one from about 2002) at the theatre down the street. And the company is buying each employee a hot dog OR a popcorn OR a nachos plus one candy plus one soft drink.

                              Explain to me how sitting in a dark theatre watching a movie is supposed to promote colleague congeniality and networking.

                              I am not attending. I would rather go to the gym. I believe a great many coworkers have responded "yes" but are planning to stroll straight past the theatre and head home for an unsanctioned afternoon off.


                              Run to live; live to run

                                Tessa the beauty of AAA is that ours doesn't charge for simple stuff like this.  They hooked up the car to get what the error was that caused the light to go on, saw that it wasn't anything but the gas cap had caused it because DH didn't put it on to 3 clicks, reset it and I was out in like 15 min.  Dealership would have charged I'm sure but or AAA guys are awesome and so far very honest.  They didn't try to make me get a bunch of filters or have other diagnostics done that weren't needed etc.  Unhooking my battery is not easy so I just let them do all that for me.  The wonders of having a foreign car (it is a Jaguar) so I don't touch anything under the hood.