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    Hey ladies!


    I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



      CONGRATS to Farm and Nai for a great marathon weekend! Especially Farm and her new PR!!


      RR: Can't decide between a rest day and running after work. We'll see! I did my Barre workout DVD last night - I looove it. I can't wait to do it again.


      RR2: I still am feeling super cranky about 30 minutes after I finish my long runs, even when I eat something filling immediately after getting back. Since I only did 8 I didn't take any Gu or Gatorade with me AND I finished really strong so I don't feel like I needed anything. Maybe I need to eat more before, or just take something with me.


      NRR: Another week! I had a good weekend - lots of family time, shopping, relaxing, and a little bit of work. This week I'm wrapping up some experiments (hopefully) to get a paper done.


      Here are personals from the weekend thread, since I never seem to have time to actually post personals during the day ...


      Lizo - I can't believe you are still experiencing such wintery weather! great job on the run.


      OWR - Did you find any races you liked? Great job on 11 trail miles. Fig newtons! I need to get some. Oh! I thought of you this weekend, too, haha. Big D and I were talking about training and I told him I'm trying to build up my weekday mileage and then I told him about your midweek 8 milers.


      MA - I hope you enjoyed your visits with friends over the weekend!


      NC - I cant' believe your race is next weekend! I hope you can find another job soon, but sounds like a good idea to get out of that work environment.


      Seattle - Ah, Cincinnatti is a cool town. I was only their once for one night, but still seems like a good place for people in their 20s.


      Monk - hope the knee doesn't hurt today. Glad that some more of your family got to meet P!


      I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



        Morning divas.


        RR: I didn't run yesterday. I was too lazy. And what did I do instead? I bought my new running shoes. They're a half size bigger though so I'm not sure they'll work but I didn't want to wait to order a pair. I can return them if they don't work. This week I WILL workout on a week day.


        NRR: Put four more meals in the freezer this weekend. I can't put anymore in until we eat some because our freezer isn't big enough. Its a good problem to have I think. We got the swing out for P this weekend and got him to take naps! I've been really pigging out on the weekends for no good reason. I really need to stop that because I'm losing weight in spite of it but I know thats going to stop. Not much else right now and I gotta get going to work. Have a great MOnday!


          hi ladies!


          RR: 3 mile this morning, 2.2 miles yesterday and weights. friday was 14 and saturday was just 1. Two weeks and five days to the half marathon!


          NRR: good weekend. M and I went to the cities on satrurday early morning for our last premarital counseling session. it went really well and was on conflict management. then we went to ikea for some wedding shopping and found some bowls for nuts and mints and caramels that we are going to have at each of the tables.  we only have about 60 guests total, so we only had to buy eight of each, which works for the future and having extra plates and bowls. Smile Then guess what?? we finished the shower. and yes, my bad. I forgot to take a picture. I promise I'll work on that tonight. Need to screw the shower head on but that's really all that's left to do. we were going to move some furniture around in the house because M is moving in a couple of weekends, but we never got around to that.


          sassy: maybe you're going through some hormone change or something that's causing you to get cranky after a run. hope it passes!


          monk: that's awesome about the meals in the freezer! good luck stopping the eating and snacking over the weekend! M and I had a conversation about that this weekend!


          will be back later!


            Good morning good morning!


            Sassy - I get cranky post LR as well. I think taking a nap helps Smile What's your next race?


            Monk - Great job on the freezer meals! I should start doing that.


            Lizo - Congrats on finishing the shower! And those bowls sound like a great find that will be nice for the future as well.


            CONGRATS FARM AND NAI !!!!!!!!!!!!! I want an RR! Pronto! Haha.


            RR - Nothing today. I did about 7 yesterday. Marathon on Sunday!


            NRR - Just working and maybe some laundry later on. Hopefully not going to have to work too late tonight. I need to do some stuff around the apartment. I need to start getting all my stuff organized and washed and decided what I'm packing for marathon. We're leaving for Gettysburg on Saturday! That was mostly RR, haha. Not much else going on. Went to see DBF's dad and stepmom yesterday, since they are up from Puerto Rico. They sold their house, crazy. I feel kind of bad for DBF since he's clearly going to see his dad a lot less. I think they are planning on getting a condo at some point in NY, but that isn't final yet.


              Good morning, ladies!


              RR: SRD, I guess. I pushed it back to tomorrow at the last minute. Yoga tonight.


              NRR: Regular work week, as far as I can tell. I made some "healthy" cream cheese frosting last night from a recipe on Chocolate Covered Katie, and let me just say Blech! I should have known.. it's made with silken tofu and tofu cream cheese. That is too much tofu. Plus I think cream cheese icing is like ice cream.. you need the real thing. I will keep looking for a healthier recipe, though.



              Sassy - Having the higher weekday mileage has really worked out for me. That's what kept me up on Saturday night (no lie) about one of the races I'm interested in.. it's a 20 miler and it's the one with the 4000+ feet of climbing. I'm not sure I have enough time to prepare for that. I need to do some scribbling to figure things out.  Not sure about your situation..Maybe it's still taxing on your body and you just need that time to yourself?  If it makes you feel any better, after my run on Saturday, I came home, drank some chocolate milk, took a shower, and passed out for 2.5 hours.


              Monk - Ooh, new running shoes! I think it's time for me to get some, too.  Re: the snacking, I've found if I have healthy snacks around, I don't feel as bad about munching nonstop.


              Lizo - Congrats on finally finishing the shower!  :P


                Morning ladies


                Sassy-probably a good idea to eat something before the run. I usually can't stomach a full meal, but a banana or few handfuls of cereal usually does the trick for me


                monk-way to be productive with making the meals this weekend


                lizo-glad the shower is finished and glad the premarital counseling went well


                RR: 5k race yesterday. Well it was actually a charity run with no bibs or official times, but it was still fun. I got 4th place OA and 1st women. There were only 25 people and 4 women in the race though lol. This morning i was going to run, but see NRR. Might try and squeeze in 3 tonight


                NRR: moving in with DBF from now until I leave for Indiana. It's nice, but his roomies are awful. They stay up late and are incredibly loud. and they are suuuuuuuper messy with the common room. Sigh. It's only for 1 month and then DBF and I are moving to a new place


                  jewel-yay for marathon week!


                  outwest-I agree. Those two things need to be the real stuff


                    Jewel - Aren't most NRRs really RRs?


                    Taylor - I know, right? I really like cream cheese frosting, and I thought if I could make a healthy version, I could eat more of it, but gross.


                      Morning Ladies! Happy Monday.


                      RR: Um, no.


                      NRR: so this past week has been a complete let down. I went to Boston on Wednesday for a scheduled 3 month post op follow up. I had a mass/bulge on my belly. I asked Dr. Hottie about it. He took one look at it and sent me to have a CT scan. Scan came back and the tubing had dislodged itself from my abdomen. It was burrowed under the skin. I was admitted to the hospital on Wednesday night and given anti-biotics and fluids. They were worried about the possibility of infection. Dr. Hottie did what is called a shunt tap to test for infection. Basically a needle is inserted in the valve in my head and fluid is taken off and tested. It came back clean. Thankfully! Anyway, Thursday morning he operated on me to reinsert the tubing where it needed to be. Shunt malfunction are very common, unfortunately. Sad I was supposed to be discharged Friday, but obviously with the entire city of Boston in lockdown, they wouldn't let me go! I was so happy to be home on Saturday. 3 nights in the hospital was awful! I have to go back next week to have my stitches out. This though, was a minor procedure in comparison to the first 2. Thankfully there was no brain involvement! Dr. Hottie cleared me to come back to work as long as I promised to take it easy this week and teach from a sitting position. Smile


                      Gotta run ladies. My kiddos will be back from gym class any minute!


                        Monk - i always overeat on the weekend, no matter what I do.

                        Lizo - that's a lot of running this weekend!

                        Jewel - not sure about next race. I'm thinking about a 10K on june 1 but other than that, just my full in November. I can't believe your marathon is already weekend is already here!


                        OWR - chocolate covered katie recipes are hit or miss. I love the chocolate chip cookie dough hummus (seriously I made it weekly when I was pregnant) ... everything else is BLECH! For my crank - I think I do need some time to decompress after the long runs and I'm always getting back just as G is getting up from a nap and it's like, eat, drink, shower, get ready, then I have to immediately dive into playing, errands, or an excursion and I never get time to just sit.

                        Tyalor - I usually eat a bowl of cereal and banana and some coffee, but maybe a bigger meal before. Sorry about hte roomie situation!


                        RLTW - so glad you got that taken care of quickly!


                        I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



                          Morning ladies!


                          Way to rock that marathon, Farm and Nai We need a race report and pictures, STAT!!!



                          RR. Ran 8.75 yesterday mostly at a strong pace and it felt amazing. Just one of those perfect runs where it feels so easy. When I was done, I felt like I had ran 4 miles only! haha. today is rest day.


                          Getting SUPER DUPER excited for marathon weekend! My friend will be here Friday night and then we head down Saturday morning and come back Monday. It will be a nice getaway too! And the weather is looking just about perfect!


                          NRR. We had a great time sponsoring the local earth day event yesterday. It was in the 80s so people were really thirsty so we were much appreciated! We got a lot of interest and 5 new customers signed up on the spot. Plus a few promised to call today.

                          Today, I'm getting a mani-pedi this morning, then grocery shopping, then working this evening. Also job hunting...

                          Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon 10.20.2013 

                          Tiburon by the Bay Half Marathon 11.3.2013 (My Birthday!) 

                          Napa Valley Full Marathon 3.2.2013



                          Half: 1:48

                          Full: 4:34


                          MA runner girl

                            Hi ladies!


                            ER: walk today with my mom, going to try a run/walk tomorrow! I feel great so I'm going for it. I haven't run for 5 weeks and its killing me!!


                            Diva moms - when did you first run pp? How did you know you we're ready?


                            NER: had a great weekend. I feel refreshed and ready for another week. Spent time with my parents, in laws and friends throughout the weekend, definitely much needed for me. I'm determined to do more things this week. I've been a little anxious to take C out by myself but its time to get over that. I need some storage bags for my breast pump so that will be a good first errand to target. I might go to the chiro too, i have hads a daily headache for the last 2 weeks. Ugh!


                            sassy - aren't you hyperglycemic? I think eating something before you run will help!


                            monk - Nice work on the freezer meals!


                            Liz - sounds like you had a good productive weekend!


                            jewel - marathon week! So exciting!!


                            outwest - sorry that just sounds gross! Lol going to make that yogurt for a snack later... Can't wait!


                            taylor - ha that sounds awful with your dbf's roommates! hopefully you can get some sleep In the next month.


                            rltw - so glad you are safe and ok! I hope your recovery is quick. Hugs!

                            PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16

                            MA runner girl

                              NC - in the 80s? Im so jealous! Yay marathon week for you too!

                              PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16


                                Ladies, guess what???


                                Its SNOWING!!!!!! GRRRRRRR....... did I mention that it's snowing??


                                jewel: hope you don't have to work late tonight!


                                outwest: sorry about the cream cheese frosting bust. I can't imagine making it out of tofu. haha about the shower completion. I know, I know. Now on to the next project!


                                taylor: way to go on your finishing fourth!


                                rltw: so glad you're checked out and back home!


                                norcal: yay for new customers!


                                MA: sorry about the headache the last two weeks! hope the chiro helps!


                                ok. must be productive.