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Wah Winter Weekend (Over 40) (Read 24 times)

    Snow again really. Ugh.


    should make the FA today fun.


    Have a great day ladies!




      Morning Lisa... we lucked out and so far we have rain, miserable, but at least it isn't snow!





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        Hey Lisa. There is green there somewhere. Heading for around 12. I've convinced dh he can take the dogs to the pool so I can enjoy my run and not feel rushed or have to go back hame too quickly. And I didn't have to leave to run as early so could have daylight. Outwest thanks for the nice words on moms. Even 4 years later it is hard. I didn't know if I could do sugarless either Laura since it is in so much stuff but now it is pretty easy. Tessa sorry the expo was bad. Dad has now said he is looking at getting married in Sept. Okay that preserves my run schedule so I won't mkss outer banks or towpath. Yay. He has also started to tell our other relatives which is good. I will probably go up in April to get the stuff that I want that was my moms or grandmothers. Lisa if you are around we can meet up again for a run or lunch or something.



        Run to live; live to run

          Now I see I'm getting Tessa's paragraph problems. And I'm on firefox. Wth!


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            Morning all,

            I've got marathons on both sides of me this morning (DC RnR about 15 miles to the west and B&A Trail about 15 miles to the east), DH left early this morning for a bike race up in PA, rain is moving in, and......I am sitting on my butt drinking coffee and playing on the internet. I should be out running the 8 easy on today's schedule, but I'm just not feeling it yet. So I'll probably be running in the rain later.


            Tessa, cool you got to meet Damaris.


            Lisa, try to stay warm and upright out there!


            Ginny, we're getting your miserable rain at some point this morning. I do not want to resort to the TM, but cold rain is the worst for running!


            Marjorie, your dad's situation reminds me a little of DH's grandpa. His grandma died and before long he was remarried. Then she died and next thing we knew he was married again! I don't think we've even met this latest one, but I'm told we like her better than the second one. I think men of our parents and grandparents generation have always been taken care of, and when they end up alone, they don't like it.


            Okay, off to do something.


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              Happy Saturday Big grin


              We have about 2 inches of fresh snow argh.  No run yet for me, had DS soccer game early, home for a bit, then taking DS #2 to his game in a few (fortunately, we live about 1.5 miles from the school where the games are held).  My plan is to get in 4-5 this afternoon, we'll see...


              Lisa - I liked your FB picture, have fun


              Ginny - glad you just got rain, I am over this winter stuff


              Marjorie - have a nice 12, thinking of you re: your mom


              Karen - have a nice 8 - I was feeling unmotivated this morning, as well


                Good morning ladies:


                I have been missing checking in. Usually, even when I'm not posting, I'm reading (lurking I guess), but this time I've been truly MIA. It has just been one crisis after another. I have been drained. The last crisis was a leak in my house. We thought it was a pipe, but it ended up being the dishwasher. The carpet and wall were soaked. We had to move into a hotel for a few days. There are still repairs to be done, but we got back in the house on Thursday.


                I am off for a run right now, but I will be back to read and personals.

                Happy running!

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                  Hi to everyone.  Quick check-in before heading out with DH for a short run.  We have a 12K tomorrow and are pretending that we'll run faster if our legs are fresh, so no RC run today.


                  Oh Linda, what  PITA!  I hope the crises are over for the foreseeable future.  I've been MIA as well but just the usual (work) stuff for me.


                  Lisa, enjoy your FA run today!  Who organizes FA runs?  Anyone who wants to?


                  Hi Ginny and Karen, bummer about the cold rain.  We actually could use some rain since it's been a dry winter for us.  Send a little out west?


                  Marjorie, glad your racing plans won't be disrupted by your dad's wedding.  That's nice that he wants family to attend and isn't just rushing off to city hall or Vegas.


                  LC, hope you get in your run, snow notwithstanding.


                  Back later!

                  MTA good luck at LA Marathon tomorrow Demaris!


                  Run to live; live to run

                    Ended up with 12.3. My dad is too religious to go off to Vegas or city hall. Twin and I haven't met this women yet. We shall soon I guess. Linda have you noticed any difference since you had the treatment on your stomach done? Hey Gatsby.


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                      Well, the weather gods were smiling on me and all the marathoners this morning. Most of the rain went south, a little went north and we stayed dry. So far, there is more coming but it looks to be going south as well. I even saw some blue sky during my run! 8 miles done, nice and easy.


                      Laura, the snow needs to end! I keep thinking it's way too late for snow, but it was only a few years ago that the B&A Trail Marathon was almost canceled for snow - they had to get a bunch of the cadets from the Naval Academy to shovel the 2 feet of snow off the trail! And that would have been this weekend, so I guess I should be happy with our 40-50s we've been getting. Hope this is the last of it for you!


                      Linda, good to see you! That sounds like a nightmare.


                      Gatsby, "pretending that we'll run faster if our legs are fresh", okay that made me laugh out loud. Have a great race tomorrow.


                      Damaris, good luck tomorrow!!


                      DH's race should be over, waiting to hear how it went. He may have lucked out with the weather, although I've seen a couple facebook friends in PA post pictures of snow.

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                      Upcoming Races: 2016: BCS Marathon. 2017: Houston Marathon, The Woodlands Marathon, Oklahoma City Marathon and Missoula Marathon (50th one on my 50th birthday). After that, who knows?

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                        5 miles done, ended up being a tempo run, even though that wasn't necessarily what I was trying to do lol.


                        Marjorie - nice run there!


                        Karen - I know, I am over it.  However, I do remember last year it was in the mid 80's this weekend, so I will take this over that.  I just want 40-50 degrees Smile


                        Linda - oh boy, sorry to hear of your troubles.  Hope you are on the upswing now....Smile


                        Gatsby - enjoy the run with DH.  Good luck tomorrow, 12K sounds like a fun distance (7.5 miles or so?)

                          Most of the participants in this morning's Pot O'Gold Fat Ass.  This was the only time I saw them although I did follow in their foot prints. Darn fast people.  LOL  I hung at car for about 15 minutes longer to see if anyone else came...which there were a couple.



                          A lovely mid-March morning in Michigan.  Ugh.  Trails closed to bikes because of the mud.  "Lucky" for us the snow covered the mud.  Sort of created a surface of packed slush for the most part.  18.5 for me in "ideal" conditions. There were 4 downed trees that we had to climb over. This was just the first.  It was pretty but I'm getting PRETTY tired of snow.



                            Ginny-spring? where is it?


                            Marjorie-I'm in and out in April but hopefully we can meet up.  sugarfree? wow. that would be tough for me.  Wednesday was a bummer day for me as it would have been my mom's bday.  I miss mine too.


                            Karen-glad you had nice weather for your run.  Even though I didn't really feel like I was running in wetness my feet were soaked from the sticky wet snow and underlying slush. At times the snow would get packed under shoes so I felt like I had platforms on.


                            Laura-we really need winter to just be done with.  I dont' think that there will be a more appreciative audience for spring this year than us runners!


                            Linda-my sister had similar happen to her condo.. they had to move out to have flooring all replaced; sis-in-law had a hose come off of a washer and flood their first floor buckling all of the wood floors.  Amazing what water can do in a fairly short amount of time.  Hope the crisises are done.


                            Gatsby-love the "fresh legs" comment.  anyone can "organize" an FA.  Lord knows that if I am than truly anyone can.  Just be clear with it being unsupported. I have the wording down pretty well on the event page on facebook.  Although I don't think I'm very lucky with mine. Last year's Pot O'Gold had temps in the mid 80's.. crazy.  This year's had snow/ice/slush.  The February Island Fever one (at a park called Island Lake) had temp at start of -3.  Maybe it's me?


                            Damaris/Tessa-I did repeatedly think of how opposite my running conditions were to those experienced in LA.  Solo for over 4 hours, snow, climbing over trees, no aid or spectators.


                            Going to see Bye Bye Birdie at a local high school tonight.  Very far off  Broadway but will be fun.




                              Lisa - Nice job on the 18.5 in the snow/slush....I agree, getting really tired of this....


                              KarenAG - Glad you got our before the rain.


                              LCruns - Good luck tomorrow!  Have a fun race.  Kind of wish I was doing something different.  They are saying 5,000 runners/walkers for tomorrow...lots of people!


                              Linda - Nice to hear from you...sorry on the stress, hope it is getting better.


                              Gatsby - That's a fun distance to run!  Good luck...do you and DH stick together for the race?


                                Ugh - hit the reply button before I was done...


                                Ginny - I know a week seemed long not to run, but I was suprised that I was sort of wiped out afterwards.


                                Marjorie - Nice that you could enjoy your 12 without having to hurry.


                                Went to packet pick up today for 5k tomorrow.  Was busy!!!  Did get a couple of new shirts/and pair of shorts.