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Wah Winter Weekend (Over 40) (Read 24 times)

    DH and I had a nice foggy run to our favorite cafe this morning, downed some coffee and oatmeal, then rolled home.  Also took care of house and garden chores, dealt with a couple of work issues, baked brownies, and finally finished my taxes.  HELLO tax refund!  ... and good bye tax refund when I pay property taxes and other bills next month...


    Looking forward to the 12K tomorrow.  Yes, it's around 7.5 miles, including a run across the Golden Gate Bridge (after an uphill climb to get there, ugh).  DH usually starts out faster than I do, which means he burns out faster if it's a marathon, but since this is a shorter run I'm going to try to stay with him.


    Karen, glad the rain spared you today for your 8.


    LC, sometimes tempo runs just happen. Your legs must have been in the mood.


    Lisa, I'm getting ahead of myself but FA 50k sounds fun, even though I'd be well behind everyone else.  But hey, who cares if it's out on the trails and unsupported?  Maybe later in the year.  But if you're bad luck, will steer clear of any that you're doing, haha.


    Carol, have a great 5k tomorrow!


    MTA: And good luck to everyone else who's racing!


    Happy St. Pat's day eve


      Ginny:  I was so excited to see that we were reading the same book at the same time-Beautiful Ruins.  Can you write a review?  You are fast.  I’ll finish in a couple of days.


      Are Tessa and Demaris running the LA Marathon?  Good luck ladies.


      Marjorie:  I have to say, I do see a difference.  It is pretty subtle, but it is worth it to me.  I have probably lost .25-.5 inches off my waist.  It has all come from one spot about the size of a stick of butter.  If you have a little pouch you want to work on, I think the procedure is great.  The difference can only be seen in tight running clothes or a bathing suit.  On the internet, there are all these horror stories about pain.  I had no sensation I could really describe as pain.  I think some people have little tolerance for pain and are exaggerating, and I think others have some weird nerve reaction which is excruciating to them.  I was fine.


      Lisa:  I know that snow is a pain in the ass, but it sure is beautiful!

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        Good evenin' ladies!


        5.5 for me today... woo hoo!  Soooo close to that 10K!  And, I had another milestone yesterday... 26 full out "guy" pushups.   I had only ever done one or two true pushups at time, although I do lots of planking variations and such.  I told core meister that I wanted to work toward being able to a set up real pushups.  So, of course, he took me up on that.  We worked on technique first.  Then, between every exercise, he had me do two "perfect" pushups.  I did that 13 times.   I couldn't believe it when he told me how many I had done.


        This winter is really getting to me.  Did you know that you can buy a private island in the U.S Virgin Islands for a mere 1,200,000.   Just sayin'


        Marjorie - yikes, the paragraph problem.  it's contagious!!    WTG on the 12!


        LC - that snow is headed this way.  *whine*


        LInda - sometimes I wish I had a Landlord!   Home ownership does have it's issues!


        Damaris - best of luck on the 12K!!  Go get 'em with those fresh legs


        Karen - Yay for the dry 8!!


        Lisa - LOVE the picks.  You are one tough chick!


        Carol - all the best on your 5K.  I look forward to your RR.


        Ginny - Hey... if you see spring out there, send it east, okay?  Wink


        I'm a tired, stiff, puppy here.  That long run did me in. (and I was a good girl and cooled down and stretched too!)  I hear my bed calling my name!   Y'all be well!


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          Gatsby... my cover story is that I'm the sweeper on the trails.  I am usually the slowest.  Today the condition of the trails and the condition of the runner put me at a 14:50 pace.  Granted on that same trail in good conditions I'm happy if I can do anything under 14 min/mile pace so I suppose not that bad, especially being all by myself for the. entire. 4. and. a. half. hours. But with as hard as I was breathing I wouldn't have been a conversationalist for anyone.  How fun to run across the Golden Gate Bridge!! Can we do that when on the Sunday when I arrive in June?


          Linda-It is beautiful to run in.  Especially when it outlines every branch of every tree as it was today. At times it reminds me of running in some sort of abstract charcoal drawing. The pics below weren't taken today but were on same trail as I ran today and pretty much what it looked like today. It is fairly magical because sounds are muffled.  Add to that the sounds of birds starting to act spring like.  The chick-a-dees were especially vocal. And there were a few spots with cedar trees that smelled lovely to run though. Granted, climbing over trees with snow on them isn't that fun. Your butt gets wet.




            Hi ladies-


            I ran a 10K this morning and it went really well! It's a local race that supports a Catholic school and it is well-run and attracts a good crowd - about 300 in the 10K and about 700 in the 5K. I had an A goal and a B goal and wound up beating my B goal by 20 seconds with 52:22. It makes me feel encouraged for my 10-miler next month. Plus, I wound up second in my AG! But it was a slow field - the same time last year would have gotten me 6th. Apparently, the fast 45-49 year olds stayed home today.


            Julie - yay on the long run! And I'm very impressed on the push ups. I can't even do one.


            Gatsby - nice run with DH. Good luck tomorrow.


            Linda - ouch, sorry about the leak. Water can be so destructive!


            Lisa - as always, I love your pics. I don't think I could be as hardcore as you - that's a long time to run by yourself in the snow.


            Ginny - I hope you are feeling better. I just found out I have to have a root canal - I have the consult on Tuesday.


            Marjorie - I hope things turn out ok for your dad.


            Karen - glad the rain held off!


            Laura - starting next week, I'll have to wedge my runs in around soccer and baseball games.


            Carol - good luck tomorrow.


            Off to bed - I was up early for the race this morning, then spent the day running around to kids' activities. I'm beat-



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            Bad Ass

              Hi, girls.  Still on vacation and getting ready for the marathon tomorrow.  I managed to meet Tessa and she is so nice!  After we parted ways, I forgot to take a picture of us, bah!


              Hope everybody is doing well and good luck to the others racing this weekend!  I'll be back to posting by Monday.  For better or worse, ha!



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              It's always fucking hot in Miami!


                Lisa....okay the pics look pretty, but I really have had enough!  No more snow, no more snow!  I really do need to do one of those trails with you to keep you company.  I have no problem with at 14.50 pace!


                Karen...glad you escaped the rain, nice 8 for you!


                Julie...good job on the push-ups...I can only do the wussy ones on my knees!  If we ever get any Spring I will surely send it your way, but don't hold your breath!


                Cindy....good run for the 10K.  Great time!  Sorry about the root canal.  I still don't feel myself from the tooth pulling and still swollen some, should have had this done when I was in my 20's!


                Gatsby...good luck with the 12 K today, may the wind always be at your back!


                Damaris...enjoy that vacation.


                Corned beef in the slow cooker, will make soda bread a little later, DD and her family are coming over.  Unfortunatly the grandkids are not too fond of the corned beef, so will get something else for them, but will be a fun time.





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                  Oh my gosh, you guys, I have had the worst morning.  DH left about 7:30 this morning to go meet a friend and ride an hour to their group ride (which is then 2-3 hours, then they will ride home). He's a bit nuts. I decided I would sleep in, so was lying in bed a little before 8 when the dog started barking. And wouldn't stop. I finally got up and looked out the window and didn't see anything. He was still barking so I went out to the stairs and looked down and saw a guy looking in the window by the door! We get a lot of people trying to sell us new windows, religion, etc., so I figured it was one of those and went back to the bedroom. Then I though it was weird because I didn't hear the doorbell, so I went downstairs. No one at the front door but I heard a scratching noise. I followed it and he was in our back yard trying to pry open a window to the house! So what do I do? He looks at me and I yell at him to get the f--- away from my house and out of my yard or I was calling the cops. He gives me this look like "what? why would you do that?" so I go to the kitchen, grab the phone and walk back in there, where the guy is still prying away (!) and yell that I'm calling the cops and dial 911. He jumps over the fence and runs off. The cops got here pretty fast (like 5 minutes) but the guy was long gone. They found a guy and took me to ID him, wasn't the same guy. An hour later I'm finally calming down, but geez. I know it could have been worse, he could have had a gun, in which case me yelling at him was not the smart thing to do, but you don't really think in those situations. There has apparently been a string of burglaries in our neighborhood lately. Just great.


                  Gatsby, I finished our taxes yesterday too. Slight payment to federal, but $100 more than that refund from state. Have a fun race!


                  Julie, congrats on the pushups! I think that's 26 more than I can do.


                  Cindy, great race and time! Congrats on 2nd in AG!!


                  I have a long run on the schedule today - 16 miles. Anyone that thinks the Hanson plan is "easy" because the long run tops out at 16 miles can come talk to me. I am beat and I haven't even run yet.


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                    Karen-how scary and maddening! guy must have been on something that he kept trying to get in after seeing you there and with dog barking on him.  Makes you wonder if he'd been (hate to freak you out) watching your house and knew that you and dh work out for hours on end.  Likely not as that requires some brain matter and clearly he had none. I would never say Hanson is an easy plan.  I've read and heard much of it since the group is local.


                    Cindy-awesome 10k!  Congrats!  excuse me. But not ALL of the fast women stayed home.  you were there.


                    Damaris-hope the LAM is going well for you. Lucky you hanging out with Tessa!


                    Ginny-yes, we do need to get out but we'll pick a trail and conditions that are more conducive to first time experience.  There are some really pretty and tamer trails.  I just need to hit that Poto one with all of it's steep hills.


                    Happy St Patrick's Day!



                    Anonymous Guest

                      That thought crossed my mind too Lisa. Don't really want to go run for 2.5 hours now, but think I need to. And I don't want to run in my neighborhood today either becasue of it, but maybe I should. It was like the guy had some sort of mental issue or was on something.


                      Also, Jake got 3 milk bones this morning instead of his usual 1. Because he did good. And he is now snoring on the floor. Apparently that took a lot out of my 12-year-old puppy.

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                      Upcoming Marathons: December 2017 - Mississippi Gulf Coast Marathon, March 2018 - The Woodlands, April 2018 - Boston


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                        Linda that is great that the procedure helped.


                        Ginny so sorry the mouth is still swollen.

                        Gatsby and Damaris hope your races go well.

                        Karen how scary!  Good doggy!  I know my 2 would have gone ballistic if someone came to our house like that.  At least I have a cop next door so that does help.


                        23 miles for me.  Another great long run with no stops.  And much warmer than usual as it was 75 when I ended.  I'm very hopeful for my races since I was able to do this without needing to stop.


                          Marjorie-please clarify "not needing to stop"... no refilling of water, no potty breaks, no walking, no street lights?  I ask for those who are maybe adding distance and feel the pressure to run continuously or feel like they have failed in someway.  Or maybe remind us how long you've been running and how you've built up to no stopping.


                          The coworker from New York is like that with feeling pressured to never stop during a run.  3 weeks ago she did her 12 mile run and said it was horrible.  When we ran together in NYC she confided that she felt like a failure if she stopped running for even a few seconds.  When we ran in Central Park within the first 10 minutes she had dropped something, thus having to stop pick it up and then readjust things.  I told her "good we got that stopping thing out of the way and the world didn't come to an end."  She told me that the following weekend she walked for 3 minutes every 5 miles and did her 14 mile run feeling great, plus recovered much better and did an overall slightly better pace than her 12 mile run.


                          I'm probably not the best influence when it comes to speed but I do seem to help people smile more.




                            KarenAG - UGH...that IS a horrible morning.....thank God for Jake!!!  Does sound like the guy was either chemically or mentally in an altered state...sounds pretty brazen to me.


                            LisaMMR - Your ability to make people smile is PRICELESS....who needs speed Wink


                            Marjorie - WTG on your 23 miles, glad there were no GI issues!


                            Did the St. Pat's run...5,000 people....yikes, was it crowded, lined up by the 9:00 pace sign.....but spent some time just avoiding people weaving in and out like lunatics....it is really a "festive" type race, so the goal is to "go with the flow" and just enjoy.  Not sure my time, it started and then stopped and I had already hit my Garmin.  I'm thinking high 27's...




                            Run to live; live to run

                              Lisa it was continuous running.  No stops for bathroom, fueling, traffic etc  For me that means a lot as I really like the ability to go continuous without needing to use the bathroom.  I didn't need water this run but I also can run and drink so it would have been okay.  I'm trying the no fuel which I know is odd but I have to with my weird stomach issues.  I don't have anything against stopping.  But if I can do it without a stop I'm happy


                              Julie the paragraph issue seems better.  We will see.  Good for you on the push ups.  I can do some.  Not tons but all the Pilates has paid off for sure.


                              Gatsby ah great on the tax refund.  We got money coming from state.  We do a quarterly pay on the federal but it isn't a lot.


                              Carol glad the 5K went well! (or it sounds like it did)


                              Cindy glad the race went well.  I'm hopeful that the stuff with dad will go okay.  He is sounding pretty happy so I hope that continues.


                              Laura hope spring is there soon!


                              Anonymous Guest

                                So I was looking at paces in my training plan on Tuesday because the speedwork changed. I thought I'd read that the long runs were just to be done at an easy pace, which is somewhere between about 9:15 and 9:55 for me depending on how I feel, so that's what I've been doing. Well, when I looked at the pace chart for my Tuesday run, I noticed there was a long run pace column, and I was supposed to be doing my long runs at 8:53 pace, not the 9:35-9:55 I've been doing. I was a little apprehensive and didn't know if I'd be able to do that, especially at the end of my highest mileage week in months, but got the 16 done at an 8:51 pace! I didn't get out the door until noon, because I just didn't want to leave my house after what happened this morning. Finally convinced myself that I was going to have to leave eventually, since tomorrow we both have to go to work, so I might as well just go. With about 0.3 miles left, DH texted me with "where are you and why is there a policeman's card on the counter?". Got home and told him the whole story, he's pretty freaked out about it.


                                Still don't understand it - who sees a house with 2 cars in the garage, 1 in the driveway and a large dog barking angrily at the window and STILL tries to break in? Well, I guess if you're going to have burgleries in your neighborhood, having stupid burglers is about the best scenario.


                                Marjorie, nice long run. Glad the stomach has settled - bodes well for getting back into racing.


                                Carol, nice time for such a crowded race.


                                Anyone hear how Damaris did at LAM?

                                Since everyone else is blogging: http://karenrunsfar.blogspot.com/
                                Upcoming Marathons: December 2017 - Mississippi Gulf Coast Marathon, March 2018 - The Woodlands, April 2018 - Boston