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    Post away!


    I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



      RR: Just did 3 miles with HIIT. I think my legs are working again!


      NRR: Grant writing and party prep. Rinse and repeat.

      Meli - congratulations on your green card!


      Nai - Little C is lucky to have your family as a support system, and I'm glad he has a place at school that can help him.


      I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



        Whoot for Thursday (my virtual Friday week).


        RR: Nothing tonight. Will aim for miles, any amount, each day of the weekend. It's too tough for me to do anything on work days since I have no energy and will not have a fix for any of this until after radiation next month, so I don't want to keep beating myself up about it. I'll just be happy when I can do anything until I can get back on meds again.


        NRR: The ILs come back tonight through Monday... I'll get tomorrow home while they fish, but I'll be writing the 60 page paper I have due next month. Not sure what else they want to do this weekend. Then we get most of next week off and they come again next weekend. I really do like my ILs, but they drive me insane with overstaying their welcome and not having any plan, so we never know when they'll show up during the weeks they're down here or when they'll leave, or really how long they plan to stay in general (they drive down from PA).


        Meli: So glad the interviews are over for you!!!!


        Sassy: Way to go on the miles!


        Have a great day ladies!


          Morning ladies. Up early for me


          RR: Since I am up earlier than normal, I might eat then head for a pool run or might just take today off but just do a short ST session. Don't quite know yet.


          NRR: two days until I see DBF! Yahoo, and the week is almost over too yay!


          Sassy-what did you do for the HIIT?


          PO-hope the visit with the ILs isn't too bad

          MA runner girl



            ER: 45 min walk with DH after work yesterday. It was really nice to spend that time just chatting with him. I told him we will have to do that with the 3 of us in a few weeks Smile


            NER: Yesterday was a much better work day, and in turn my mood was a million times better! I even had time to clean the kitchen midday. Today I am going to tackle the laundry. I have a midwife appointment tonight, was really hoping that I didn't need to go again! Oh well.


            Sassy - I cannot wait to do tough workouts like HIIT! My SIL's gym has an amazing class that I used to go to... I'm anxious to get back!


            PO - So do your inlaws know other people down there? Or do they just travel aimlessly around the state while they are down there? LOL I hope it's not too bad!


            Taylor - Yay, glad you only have 2 days until DBF is back! Have a good workout, whichever you decide!


            Have a great day girls.

            PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


              Morning Ladies!


              RR: I'm really wanting a rest day today--but I think I'll run today and rest tomorrow instead.


              NRR: I'm so excited for Saturday. I'm going to my parents for Kay's "Welcome to the world" party. Equally as exciting is that I have an appointment to have my hair cut on Saturday morning. My hair is so out of control these days. Still trying to grow back my hair from my first surgery 10 months ago. Not having much luck there. I think at this point, it's gotten as long as it will get. I'm going to give it some more time, and then eventually look into an extension for that stop. My hair is growing like a weed where I had my second surgery. It's getting rather crazy! and in addition to that, my hair is just overall way too long and it's getting really hard to manage. Can't wait for a nice cut and some sort of styling to cover the crazy hair that is sticking up everywhere! Some mornings it looks like I stuck my finger in an electrical socket. Smile


              Gotta run ladies. No time for personals. Hope everyone has a great day!


                Morning Ladies!


                Sassy - glad to hear your legs are working again! that is impressive that you are already back doing speedwork after you half. how is the party prep going? I feel like it is something fun in theory and quickly could get overwhelming!


                PO- it must be tough to be so tired all the time... at least you know that you have an end in sight, but man you must be so ready for this to be over! I hope the in laws aren't too taxing!


                Taylor- yay for two days unitl you see DBF! I am counting down for the weekend as well!


                MA- glad to hear you were able to get a walk in last night...I bet it was so nice to spend that time with DH! Maybe something will happen before tonight and you won't need to go to your midwife appointment tonight!


                RLTW- sounds like you have quite a busy weekend ahead of you! but lots of fun. I am getting a hair cut this weekend too and, like you, am desperate for one!


                Pumpkin- operation get faster?!? how fast do you want to be woman??? Smile


                RR- ran this mornign before work. Every time I get my lazy bum out of bed before work I feel so great that I don't know why I dont do it more often! I also did some abs...I am trying to be more consistent with abs and strength training!


                NRR- going out for a drink with two friends tonight who ran a half this weekend. One ran for her first time so I am excited to hear their stories.


                Have a great day ladies!


                  Taylor - I did a modification of this workout http://www.self.com/fitness/workouts/2009/01/sizzle-calories  I basically added another set of intervals and made the warm up and cool down 5 minutes each so that it was a 3 mile workout.


                  I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



                    Morning girls!!! Happy Thursday!


                    Sassy, great job with your workout, are you no longer sore?


                    MA, glad you had a lovely walk with C! Good luck today seeing the midwife.


                    KLMC, enjoy drinks tonight. i love running before work!


                    PO, try doing something more restorative like Yoga or Pilates. good luck with your paper.


                    Taylor. Yay for seeing DBF this weekend!


                    Nai, hugs to little C. How old is he now??




                      TriR, ST with trainer tonight and probably spinning afterwards.


                      NtriR, so glad the interview is over and done with!! Next time I travel and come back ti the USA I get to go on the residents line. Yippee!!! last night while volunteering my first task was to feed a two week old baby who then decided to poop on me. Luckily I had a paper gown!!!


                      Have a great day girls!!!!

                      c a s s i e

                        Happy Thursday, ladies!


                        Sassy – I saw that workout…I signed up for the Self Drop 10 Challenge just for the slim chance at winning the prizes, haha, and because they sometimes have good meal ideas. I won’t be doing the workouts until after Boston though.

                        PO – Your ILs sound like real peaches…I hope they don’t bug you too much this weekend.

                        Taylor – Enjoy your weekend with DBF!

                        MA- Yay for working from home! So exciting that you’ll be a “three” soon!

                        RLTW- Enjoy your haircut…I’m sure you don’t look as bad as you think, though.

                        Klm – I would love to work out every morning…it’s such a chore at night, but that’s when I have more time (and light). Have fun with your friends!

                        Meli – HUGE CONGRATS on the residency! So exciting!


                        And as for me..


                        RR: 5.5 of "hills" on the treadmill this morning. Plyo class tonight.


                        NRR: Last day of standardized testing! (unless I have to give make-up tests tomorrow). This modified schedule means I have freshmen all day today -- for testing, then study hall, then real class. I like my kids, but a full day of freshmen is a lot, haha. And that's all I have to say because I'm fairly boring. Smile


                        Have a great Thursday! The weekend is near!

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                          Good morning, ladies!


                          RR: 7 trail just now. ST tonight.


                          NRR: Shut the cats out of the bedroom at 2:30 this morning, which helped some, but the long and short of it is I haven't been sleeping as deeply the past couple of weeks as I have in the past. Thinking of getting some melatonin. This is driving me crazy.



                          Sassy - Glad you got your legs back!


                          Cassie - Forgot to say hi yesterday, but wow, how exciting you're tapering for Boston!


                          PO - Good approach to balancing work and exercise.


                          MA - So how are you feeling? Ready to have the baby?


                            Happy Hottie Thursday, girls!


                            Sorry, quick in for me today.  Thanks for the sweet words, ladies...Meli, he'll be 6 in June.


                            I'm in a huge funk today.  I wish I could just run tomorrow's 20 miles today and DO IT ALREADY.  Y'know?


                            Sorry - will try to shake it out (love that from Glee!) and come back with happy!


                              Hey divas!


                              I'm getting somewhat frustrated because I can't do much other than feed P and keep us and the house clean, and keeping clean isn't always manageable. I know this doesn't last forever, but its hard while its going on. I still haven't been to the gym yet this week. Hopefully today.


                              P turned one month old yesterday! I posted some new pictures on my blog. He's so adorable! After a little grace period where he seemed "easy," he's having more fussy time and awake time. Sleep has been difficult the last few nights, though last night was better. Its hard to balance with napping during the day because when I could nap, I was either not tired or trying to get other things done. I only have two weeks of maternity leave left! I go back to work on April 4. In some ways I'd like to go now and in others I want to wait awhile longer.


                              A is home sick today. Monk is sick too. She's been driving us crazy with her shaking and jingling her tags since just before P was born but we didn't get to the vet because P was born... I finally took her to the vet yesterday. She has an infection in both ears, left ear worse than the right. THere was apparently a lot of yucky stuff in her ears, they took awhile to try to clean a lot of it out! I have ear drops and also an ear cleaner to do. Haven't tried it yet, I"m sure it will be fun to try and get stuff down both ears. Anyway, I feel like a terrible pet parent. The good news is she already seems better.  But this will be fun with two sick kids and an infant who is having issues with sleeping.


                              One more awesome piece of news... I lost 4.8 pounds on my first week of weight watchers! And I wore non-maternity jeans yesterday! They're some of my bigger pants, but a size smaller than I wore for a year after having A, so I'm making progress!


                              Sorry I'm so sporadic on posting and personals. I do want to get more regular with both soon. I do want to send a big CONGRATS to Meli! I'm so glad you got your green card!


                                Good morning!


                                RR. Doing 5-7 miles today, depending on how my legs feel once I get moving.


                                NRR. I had a rough day yesterday, so am thankful I have today off. I really let a negative client get to me which I know better then to let happen, but every once in a while I forget. Anyways. Today, I'm off and running, doing house stuff, running errands and spending some time relaxing! I'm also drinking coffee (which I only do about once a week) so that will make me extra productive today!


                                Meli- CONGRATS!! So glad it's all over for you! yay!

                                Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon 10.20.2013 

                                Tiburon by the Bay Half Marathon 11.3.2013 (My Birthday!) 

                                Napa Valley Full Marathon 3.2.2013



                                Half: 1:48

                                Full: 4:34