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Mighty Mouse

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    Mighty Mouse

      Tuesday I did a  light, easy 45 minute track run...no speed work...honest! I was sore from doing fast, high knee lifts in my cardio DVD the day before. : pbbt: I added about 20 minutes of the cardio DVD I am testing when I got home.
      Today may be another cardio DVD I'm trying or a quick trip to the track, not sure. I have some shopping to do after supper.
      Happy runs, All! :::HUGS:::



        Hi Judy.


        I hear you Julie on the motivation front. If my town took better care of its roads during the winter and cars were more patient with runners, I could see myself getting out more but sometimes it's simply a safety issue.


        I think I'll pull out cardio DVD later; I think it's helping my core a little bit and who couldn't use that!


        Busy with school fundraiser and thinking after being involved in kids' schools for the last 18 years, this may be my swan song. Looking forward to persuing new interests, and spending more time on my career.


        Sun is as orange as fire this morning; hope you're seeing it where you are!




          Quick note-busy day ahead.

          Wed weigh in-no change again!  I've really cut back on the junk and thought that would do it. Obviously not, so will change meals, too.

          I didn't run yesterday (refrain of the past week, WTH?), but have an appt in town, so will definitely go afterwards. Esp since Karen is setting such a high bar for us!  : )


          Hi, Judy.

          Laura, thanks for info. I'll wait to send note.

          Carolyn, no sun here, but it's not raining either.

          Julie, sounds like a great class! Glad your hip is better.

          Karen, what a iron woman you are!  An ultra, then speedwork?  I'm feeling like a real slacker after reading that-it's what I need.

          Lisa, we don't celebrate sweetest day, but it sure sounds like a nice idea.  Timing seems a little close to Halloween though.


          Hi to everyone else.


            Hi ladies-


            A quick check-in for me before I head out for the chiropractor. Then a run, then up to the school for DS1's Battle of the Books practice. And at some point, I need to do some work today!


            Hi to Judy, Carolyn, Camille and all to come later. I hope to be back for personals. Have a great day-



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              Good mornin ladies.


              I took a RD, yesterday.  Today, I will run in the afternoon.  I had hoped for 150 miles this month, but I don't think it will happen.  Oh well.


              Camille:  I've had the last couple of Mondays off.  I have next Monday off, too.  That is why I've been able to post more during the week.  Thank you for noticing!


              Cindy:  My youngest is doing Battle of the Books, but he hasn't mentioned any practices.  Humm.

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              Bad Ass

                Morning!  Sorry for being MIA so much lately..  Work!  I did 7 miles this morning and they were hot, humid, and slow.  But at least they are done.


                judyruns, sounds like a busy day.  Hope you get your cardio and shopping done.


                Carolyn, the sun is always like fire around here.  Too hot and too yellow for our own good.  However, it's not reddish down here.  Hope your DVD and core go well.


                camille, I hear you!  Weight loss can be so frustrating!  hope you start seeing a change next week.


                Cindy, enjoy the chiropractor and the run.


                Linda, sorry you didn't get to run yesterday.  Hope your run today goes well.


                Have a nice day, all!



                "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                It's always fucking hot in Miami!

                Anonymous Guest

                  Back to the office today. The good news is everyone else is still out there so it's nice and quiet. Boss won't fly back until Friday, then Monday we actually get President's Day off (this is the only place I've ever worked that we get this day off, and it's the only "pretend" holiday we get, so it is such a treat to get it because I always forget about it), I work Tuesday and Wednesday, then am taking Thursday through the following Monday off to go to NC for Mt Mitchell. Man, did THAT come up quick!


                  Aww camille, thanks. Today is a rest day, and I most definitely plan to rest. I don't know what's gotten into me, but yes, in 2013 I've become pretty driven. I think it's because my job kinda sucks, and my running has been going so well, so I'm throwing my energy into running.


                  Carolyn, I totally get how this weather could cause motivation to drop. A few years back when we had snowmaggedon I don't think I ran for a week. We're usually just far enough south that snow doesn't last for more than a day or two. Plus I've gotten a TM in the basement since then, which helps.


                  Cindy and Linda, Battle of the Books sounds like something I would have enjoyed as a kid. Good for both of your boys to be involved.


                  Hi to all. I was so good on the way out to AZ with keeping hydrated, but not so good on the way back. Then to add a workout on top of that.....I woke up this morning with a migraine. So need to get through what I can at work before heading home and back to bed.


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                    Well I did get out this morning and ran 3 miles, if you want to call it running!  It was yet another bad run, really does not help my motivation when all my runs have been so bad lately.  This morning it felt like it does when you have a brain freeze, only it was in my upper back, and sides.  I have had this before and had myself checked out because I thought it was heart related, but it isn't....don't know what it is, but it hurts and I have to walk until it diminishes, the longer I run the better it gets, so by the end of the run I was okay.  It is very weird. I do not get this when I run regularly usually and not in the hot weather either.


                    Karen...sorry about the migraine, hope it goes away quickly for you.


                    Carolyn...I have no motivation right now.


                    Camille...too bad about the zero weight loss....I know it is discouraging.  I have a friend at work who is attending weight watchers and she gets really down when she feels she is really doing well and then doesn't lose a pound or actually gains!


                    Hi to Cindy, Judy and Linda and those who follow.





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                      Still raining here even though the weather man says it was supposed to stop at 6 am.  I got wet on my run and it has rained during all my travel to all the centers so far today.  I did 10.2 miles on my favorite hilly route in ATL


                      Carolyn I agree I thought I'd get hit today and I was on the sidewalk!  Some people are really close to the curb when they are driving that is for sure.  There were also some kids waiting for a bus and they didn't want to move.  They saw me and I said excuse me while I was well away and they heard me but ignored me.  I pushed my way through them.  I wasn't stopping as i was on a down hill and going at a good clip for me.  No one got hurt and they were just being jerks.  I wasn't amused.


                      Camille no change is better than a gain so there is that.


                      hey Linda and Cindy and Judy


                      Damaris I would rather have the hot and humid versus cold and rain that I had today.  It wasn't that cold being in the 40's but the rain mist and dark made it seem colder.


                      Ginny sorry on the bad run!




                        Judy, testing a cardio DVD? Meaning trying it out to see if you like it, or testing it for the producer? Careful with those knees if you are hurting after knee lifts.


                        Carolyn, I hear you. DS graduates this spring if he passes everything. No more bake sales for choir! No more fundraisers! There was a guy selling soccer balls on the corner near work the other day and I was so glad to say "the last one is out of AYSO so I donated all the soccer gear to Goodwill". What will you do with all that free time?


                        Camille, are you weighing/measuring portions as well as cutting back on junk food?


                        Cindy, Linda, what is Battle of the Books?


                        Damaris, hot & humid may be a fact of life in Florida, but you'd think February would be less miserable.


                        Karen, yay for the boss being out and a holiday weekend! Wow, you're right, Mt. Mitchell snuck up fast.


                        Ginny, sorry about the misery related to the cold. Hope it improves as we get to the spring weather. (It's coming...)


                        Marjorie, yikes on the drivers so close to the sidewalk. I hope there weren't any puddles in the gutter.


                        4 this morning and that's it for the day. Church at lunch (Ash Wednesday) and class this evening. Happy runs!


                          I got in 6.5 decent miles this morning. I got misted on just enough to be damp.


                          Karen - sorry about the migraine!


                          Carolyn - I would have a hard time maintaining my running in the winter if I didn't live in such a moderate climate.


                          Marjorie - what rude kids! I hope I never catch my boys behaving that way.


                          Ginny - hang in there. I know it's so discouraging when you have a string of bad runs.


                          Tessa - Battle of the Books is a system-wide competition (and you can also choose to compete at the state level). Kids read a list of books, then compete in a quiz-show type format. The team is made up of 4th and 5th graders, and I'm coaching the 4th graders. I'm proud of my focus-challenged DS - he's doing really well!


                          I need to go write - I keep putting it off since it's the part of my job that comes the hardest for me. Hi to everyone I missed-



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                            Glad to hear kids aren't throwing books at each other.


                            7.25 yesterday morning.

                            8.2 this morning.

                            Sleep in tomorrow morning.


                            Can't wait to be able to run where I don't have to trade off between:

                            • having mouth covered so as to breath in warmer air
                            • having nose covered so as to not freeze it
                            • having eyes covered to keep them warm (wearing glasses)
                            • being able to see because glasses aren't fogged up

                            When I get on nice stretches of road I cover up mouth and nose with scarf or whatever and just let the glasses fog up.  At least most of the ice is gone.

                            Can't wait to complain about the heat.




                            Run to live; live to run

                              Tessa I'm surprised they weren't scraping their tires on the curb.  It was very close  I could have touched a bunch of the cars and trucks.  Some were fine but those that were so close it was weird.


                              Cindy I'm sure your kids know better!



                                I'm with you Lisa....can't wait to complain about the heat!  Wouldn't it be great if we had a March like we had last year????  Don't think that's gonna happen 2 years in a row, but we can dream...





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