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Windy Wednesday (Over 40) (Read 21 times)


    I did run and it was good, so thanks to all of you for the motivation...esp Karen, this week. Did core and speedwork, though I'd planned to run outside at the park.  After my appt, it was raining and my cap wasn't in the car (glasses), so I did the TM/speedwork instead.  Only had capris so it's too bad I didn't weigh after the workout. I was raining sweat in the warm gym. : )


    Ginny, that does sound odd...and uncomfortable.


    Linda, enjoy those Mondays.  It's nice to see you more.

    Linda and Cindy, my dd did Battle of the Books 3-6.  It was big in Fairbanks and we did practices, but it seemed some years more than others, depending on teacher's enthusiasm for the program.  I enjoyed some of the books. Good luck to your kids!

    Tessa, a 4 mi day for you must feel like a rest day.  : )   I would say it is really nice not to do fundraisers, but when the child rearing is done, it seems like other fundraisers take their place...mission fundraisers for church, LLS...  On the weight, I haven't been tracking...have done it and hate that. I wasn't as active last week either and that prob didn't help. If I don't lose next week, I'll start tracking.

    Marjorie, glad you got your run in.  I agree that t is feeling colder than 40's and 50's-the temp here doesn't tell the whole story.  It still seems pretty mild though, It's just hard to predict clothing needs.

    Demaris, glad you got your run in!


    Gotta get back to business.  Have a great afternoon!

    Edit to add-Lisa, very nice morning miles!  Spring is almost here!

      In Missouri... we had to laugh. Coworker and I had dinner with half appetizers and a drink each... $32.  Sure can tell you're in a college town. That would be one person in NY.


      Can you tell why I still weigh 150 with all the miles I do?  I just like to eat.


      "rest day" tomorrow. If you count 6 hours of talking at a job fair, 1.5 hour car ride then equally long plane ride as resting.