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    Morning Mamas


    RR: easy run today, 5-6 miles. Whatever I can fit in and still shower on my 45 minute break at work. Long run tomorrow, 13 since it's a recovery week.


    TR: carried a pen and piece of paper around the store yesterday, too cute. I haven't been able to take him outside to play in a couple of days, it's been soo cold and windy! Yesterday was a feels like temp in the teens.


    NRR: working 8-1 today, whoohoo! Grocery shopping after work. No big plans for the weekend.

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    beskirted & manicured

      overtired and had a headache, so I cancelled my first 2 clients in order to get more sleep.


      RR/QOTD - SRD.  Tomorrow is the last long run before ATB (10 miles), and we were planning on trying part of it at race pace.  However, this week I've already done a MP run, strides and the mile repeats and I'm not sure if my legs can take any more fast running.  Would you do it, or keep the LR at an easy pace?


      TR - wasn't sure how much cantonese he was retaining, but he responded when I asked him to put on his shoes and go out yesterday.


      FR - bbq chicken pizza, salad.


      NRR - inknburn is supposed to arrive today! they got USPS track the package on their end, and they said it was in Canada, and I guess the underlying message is that the online tracking stops working once the package is out of the US.  It is probably too cold to wear it on the run tomorrow, but I'll do it anyways because I have to try it out on a long run.



      rg - yah it's way too cold for mid-March.

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        rg - We have those yucky cold and windy temps too.  Not fun.  Have a great day at work and a good run.  Enjoy your relaxing weekend.


        zorbs - sorry you aren't feeling great.  I would definitely keep the LR at an easy pace.  You really shouldn't be pushing the pace of a LR 1 week before a race.  Enjoy your inknburn stuff...I think it looks nice but it is so pricey I don't think I could afford it.


        RR - Hoping for 5 today.


        TR - Hardly ate any dinner last night but drank 2 full classes of milk...whatever.  Was pigging out at breakfast this morning so I guess I am not too worried.  There is a stomach bug going around his daycare right now...ugh...we DON'T want that!


        NRR - Have to go to a dinner tomorrow night for DH's work.  Not that excited about it since I am not a big fan of the restaurant - Ruth's Chris...I don't eat steak and not sure what else I can eat there.  Oh well...at least we are getting out.  Other than that no weekend plans other than cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry...all the stuff i hate.  OH...I got my haircut...it is WAY TOO SHORT!  I asked her what she thought and she said let's go a bit shorter so she showed me where she would cut it up to, um, it is way short!  Not a fan.  Luckily it's hair and it will grow back.


          RR - 8k with 3k @ 10k pace


          TR - The cute part: When I ask "where is your belly?", she lifts my shirt, slaps my stomach and grins. Ha!

           The not cute part: The terrible sleep we all had thanks to her uber late nap yesterday. I knew that was coming as soon as I let her nap that late, but I had work I needed to finish, so I was desperate for her to take a nap at any cost.


          FR - I've decided it's imperative that I get my hands on a Shamrock Shake. Apparently not all McDonald's locations have them, though. What if I go to the one near me and they don't? The horror!


          NRR - Taking S to story time at the library this morning. Going to a friend's place for dinner tonight. Hopefully I will not fall asleep in my dinner plate.




          rg - Yup, the weather sucks. The forecast for next week also does not look promising. Hopefully it's wrong. Yay for getting off work at 1 on a Friday! I hope you have a nice, relaxing weekend.


          zorbs - Is ATB next weekend already? I like to do a bit of race pace the week before a race for a confidence boost. If my legs were already tired, though, I would probably limit it to a few kms and do most of the LR easy. Yay for your inknburn package coming on time! You ordered a skirt, right? Brr, that will make for a chilly run tomorrow.

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            Emigration day! We have 3 hours to go before airport. Apparently we go into the side room for US customs and do all paperwork (it's about an inch thick) and fingerprinting. very glad DH is with me to assist with DS! Feel good about leaving Bermuda for good. Yesterday I drove around places that were meaningful and got that out of my system.


            RR: srd. Feeling good. I read it's 70 degrees in Nashville. Ooohhh yyyyeeaaah.

            NRR: flying - I think we have a longer layover in Atlanta. All I have in our house left is 3 suitcases, a bob and a carseat.

            NRR2: friend having miscarriage has her scan today. She texted me to say I was a great support for her. I thought I was pretty useless but I guess just being there and reinforcing that she was a strong and resourceful lady helped (thanks uphill). Feel super bad that I am leaving for her.

            BR: didn't sttn but has been a gem not unpacking too much of the packing.

            FR: airport food - probably usual salad and sushi.

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              RR - ran 5 k yesterday! It was hot and I was pretty sluggish but I'm glad I did something. My plan is to long run on Saturday and that'll probably be it. I'm meeting Melissa on Sunday for a coffee/ice cream/ beach walk but we'll both have kids and I don't have a jogging stroller with me.


              TR - slept till after 7 again! She ended up having a lot of fun at the mall yesterday. It was crazy cold at first and I had to run to Carter's and buy her a long sleeve top cause the kids are was like a wind tunnel. When we wanted to leave she didn't.


              BR - pretty sure she was growth spurting last weekend when she was being such a bear about napping and was so miserable in the car. She's been much happier, falling asleep easier and sleeping in until after 7 again.


              FR - no idea what the plan is today.


              NRR - my parents are golfing today while the girls and I chill at the house and then we're headed to the marina, beach, etc to explore and play in the sand.


              Zorbs - I didn't realize it was USPS, for their shipping price I was guessing ups or some thing. USPS doesn't do tracking into Canada normally. I order far too much stuff on the Internet Wink

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                ernie - Boo to S's late sleeping night again.  I hope you have fun at dinner tonight and manage to stay awake.  Maybe you can nap when S does today.  Have fun at the library.  OH...I was thinking the SAME thing about a Shamrock Shake this morning...I drove right by a McDonald's and thought about stopping...maybe on my way home today!  I hope you find one.


                Bermy - Have a safe trip today.  I hope everything goes smoothly for your travels.  I am glad you are at peace with leaving Bermy.  So sorry about your friend with the m/c...what a tough thing to go through and have your friend leave as well.  I hope you find some good eats in the airport.


                CA - Glad the girls are doing so well in FL.  Have fun exploring the marina and beach today.  Great job on the run in the hot weather.




                  RR - maybe elliptical but I slept weird and my neck and shoulder feel tight..


                  BR - was with the nanny for almost 5 hrs yesterday and she was fine... so relieved that C is becoming friendlier with ppl.  Today will be a test, as Dh's aunt and uncle and my IL's are stopping by and C has always been apprehensive around the IL's.


                  BR/NRR - when DH and I got home, the nanny had swept the floors, straightened out C's toy area, emptied the dishwasher and not only cleaned the kitchen counters but also wiped down the cabinet doors and the appliances.  Score!


                  NRR2 - really not liking the HR ppl at my new company... they are so slow with responding to my emails it's unbelievable.  Been trying to get them my banking info for payroll and they don't seem to care too much about getting that info before I return to work... geez, sorry I'm trying to be on the ball and get all my paperwork sorted out BEFORE i head back to work.


                  The battery on the computer is about to die.  Sigh... Will try to be back later...


                    RR:  4 mi.  Had great intentions  to get up at run before work this morning but when my alarm went off I decided against it.  It is supposed to be 70 degrees today so I will run with DS when I get home.


                    TR:  Woke up way too early this morning with a diaper weighing about 10 lbs and his pjs were all wet.  Poor love.


                    NRR:  Starting today at a pediatric orthopedic clinic.  Should be interesting.


                    NRR2:  Flight is at 6:30am tomorrow so we will be up very bright and early tomorrow.  Hoping for easy traveling!


                    zorbs:  I would just do easy pace.  Give your legs a break!


                    jen:  The no dinner and lots of milk is a common problem in our house!  Hoping that stomach bug doesn't find its way into your house.


                    RG:  Hope you get your run in.  As usual, I am impressed you can run that far and shower in45 min!


                    ernie:  Just saw a commercial for the shamrock shake yesterday.  What is in it?


                    CA:  Have fun playing at the beach!  I am sure you will have two tired kiddos again.


                    Bermy:  Good luck!!!  And welcome to the US (for real this time).  The US is lucky to have you!

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                      RR: Something after work.  I have clothes for either inside or outside depending on the weather.


                      TR:  Was up early this morning, but I got cuddles.  Was very clingy with me and cried when I left for work.  Was good yesterday for dinner, but definitely tired after only an hour at Grandmas.


                      NRR:  Lots going on.  I haven't been sleeping well after 2 or 3 am.  Lots on may mind.  Confronted coworker.  Boils down to it is all my fault and I am a bad communicator.  I am too blunt.  Really?!  Ha!  And I guess the way I address her in emails is rude.  Need to study up on proper email etiquette I guess.


                      FR:  Ham for lunch again.  Kind of sick of it since I have had it the past two days.


                      Morning assembly....be back later.

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                        mrszm:  How are you and DD feeling?


                        mer:  Good for you for confronting her.  Do you think anything will come of it or will she always be that way (aka overly sensitive)?

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                          rr: no clue.


                          tr: dd2 finally stopped puking, just in time for dd1 to start puking this morning.


                          br: praying he doesn't get this bug, but preparing myself for the worst.


                          nrr: we, of course, have a super busy weekend again that involves being around other people the entire time. it is my grandma's 90th birthday party tomorrow and the girls are supposed to go to church for 3 hours in the morning for an Easter celebration. sunday we are supposed to get together with friends that we had to cancel on last week because of dd2's puking. i'm also supposed to go out to lunch with dh's boss's daughter at some point.


                          fr: gatorade and crackers all around. i made pumpkin oatmeal muffins last night and they are fantastic!


                          rg: it is in the 30s today here which feels nice, but it's supposed to snow all day. Sad


                          zorbs: i'd do an easy pace for the lr. i love bbq chicken pizza!


                          jen: i bet your hair looks great! what did dh say about it? i'd check out the menu online to see what they have; i always do that before we go anywhere especially somewhere fancy.


                          ernie: surprisingly enough, i have only had one shamrock shake this season and there's a mcd's about 1 minute from my house. i was actually going to get one a couple days ago, but thought it would be mean to eat in front of my puker.


                          bermy: safe travels to the US! i had some major bleeding with dd2 which resulted in our getting an u/s at about 11 weeks. we had no clue how far along we were. the technician didn't realize we were only there checking for viability and after she was looking at the screen for what seemed like 5 minutes, dh and i yelled out, "is there a heartbeat?!" she's like, "oh yah!" turned up the volume so we could hear it kicking away, my god did i sigh the biggest sigh ever.


                          car: have fun chillin at the house with your girls today!


                          cx2: yay for a great nanny! good luck with the inlaws today!


                          shelby: have a great spring break with dh! ugh, i still feel like crap but not puking. i thought of you the other day when i had dd2 at the dr and there was a NP student working with the dr. the dr handed her the instrument to look in dd's nose and she was going to use it in her ear. the dr was like, "um, that's fo her nose; it's too big for her ear." so now dd always says, "remember that time when the dr was going to use the wrong thing in my ear?" ha.


                          mer: i would tell her that perhaps she is reading your emails wrong. i would also ask her why she isn't confident in her teaching; that should get her reeling! Wink


                            zorbs- as others mentioned,  nice and easy for your LR today. you have already done alot of quality workouts this week. that's awesome that B is retaining so much Cantonese! yay for your inkburn coming soon, too!


                            Bermy- happy emigration day! i hope you guys have a safe and easy travel day, and enjoy settling into your new home. can't wait to hear how it all goes.


                            jen- sorry about the too short hair! does your hair grow fast? ha, J sounds like R the other night- he also chugged two sippy cups full of milk and only ate 1/2 a banana with dinner. he ate a HUUUUGE breakfast the next morning, though. hope you have a great run today, and you can enjoy the night out, along with hopefully finding some good food.


                            ernie- hope S naps at a more reasonable time for you today! have a great run- when's your next race?


                            CA- have a great day today, sounds like you have a really fun weekend planned. enjoy the walk and ice cream w/ melissa. how much longer are you going to be in FL?


                            Cx2- glad that C and the nanny got along so well, and whoa that's aweome about all of the house cleaning she did! i want a nanny, haha. hope your neck/shoulder are ok.


                            shelby- 70*?! wow, i dont' think it will even be half that warm here today, ha. enjoy that run later today, and have a fantastic vacation and time with DH! R also woke up with soaked thru PJ's this morning, poor kiddo.


                            mer- glad you were able to confront the B, but seriously, you're too blunt?! i think that's BS. i hope that this is the start of a solution to the issues with her. have a great run later today- hope you can get outside for some fresh air!


                            mrszm- ugh, sending healing vibes to your whole family! and i hope the rest of you stay healthy as well. yikes, you have a busy weekend planned, i hope everyone is feeling better soon.

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                              CTimes – Glad C had a good time with the nanny.  Can you send the nanny to my house  to clean…that is awesome!  Sorry you are having such a hard time with the HR people.  I swear all HR people are like that.  DH’s HR department is sooooo slow too.


                              Shelby – Have a great trip tomorrow.  I hope the travel goes smoothly.  Have you found time to pack yet?  Enjoy your first day at the ped ortho clinic!


                              Mer – SOOOOOOO glad you confronted nasty coworker.  At least you are making an effort to improve the situation even if she is not.  Have a great run today.


                              Mrszm – OH NO!!!  So sorry about DD1!  Let’s hope she has a 24-hour bug instead of a 5 day bug…how aweful!  Stay healthy mama and C!!  DH said…oh I like your hair…did you get your bangs cut?  Seriously….stupid!  Oh yeah…and about 6 inches cut off…but whatever.


                                Bermy - Good luck today! Glad you had a good last day in Bermy and that you were able to be there for your friend. I am jealous of the weather you will be arriving to in Nashville! It's a snowy mess here today.


                                CA - Have a good day at the beach! It sounds like you and the girls are having a great time in FL. Are you leaving on Sunday? Hopefully the weather that greets you back home isn't too awful.


                                Jen - Boo to getting a shorter haircut than what you wanted! Can you still put it in a ponytail? I hope we both get our Shamrock Shakes today and they don't disappoint. I haven't had one since I was a kid!


                                Cx2 - Your nanny sound amazing! The slow HR ppl on the other hand, not so much. It's so annoying when people don't respond to work emails quickly.


                                Shelby - Enjoy that nice weather on your run today! Hope your peds rotation is interesting and you have a good flight tomorrow!. The Shamrock Shake is mint flavoured and only available at this time of year. I haven't had one since I was a kid because they got discontinued here for years, so for all I know, they could actually be disgusting!


                                Mer - Good for you for confronting the coworker. Her response is kind of bs...even if you have been too blunt with her, she still clearly has an attitude problem. I hope you can get a good night's sleep tonight.


                                Mrszm - Ugh, you are getting a raw deal with all the puking going on in your house! A busy weekend is not what you need right now. A Shamrock Shake is probably also not what you need right now. I hope you all get better in time to enjoy another Shamrock Shake this season!


                                RG - I have a 5k April 6th, and 10k April 21st and then another 10k May 12th. As you can see from the PRs in my siggy, the 10k is my nemesis, so I am hoping to take a lot of time off my PR.

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