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Mighty Mouse

    Post as you hum your favorite running tunes. Smile



    Mighty Mouse

      Monday after a quick grocery stop for bread (I could never live without it.), I went to the track and ran 35 minutes. I’m enjoying my music a lot lately.

      During my long outside run Saturday I wore the Brooks Adrenaline 10’s. Although they are fine regarding cushioning, the collars of the shoes might be too stiff. I felt sore around my ankles later in the day. It was ok the next morning though.  Probably the newer ones would be ok. I‘ll use the older ones for shorter runs inside and take the Asics Kayano’s outside instead on the trail when there is no snow. Trail shoes work for snow.

      Track run today, probably with coach.

      Happy runs, All! :::HUGS:::



        Hi Judy!


        I noticed in my Log That Run records that I ran 20 miles this week! Not bad after 2 months off. I fess up; it was about 19+ but why not round up?


        Rain and fog here and probably no run; having a few friends over Thursday so have to get organized, the house clean, and finish baking. Also joining a volunteer organization that helps with low income home renovations so need to make that meeting today.


        Judy's post about new shoes got me wondering: who here has the least amount of mileage on their running shoes? I'm up to about 350 miles which usually gets me looking for new but more for a change in color than anything else. I also try to beat the knee problems that seeem to come aong with older shoes, Anyway, I'm not heavy and I'm wondering if I retire my shoes too early.


        If your days are busy today, don't forget to take a little time for you!




          Hi ladies-


          No run for me today; it's an SDO. I did run 4 miles yesterday - first run since turning my ankle. I was still a little sore in the top of my foot, but not too bad. I'll go out again tomorrow.


          I'm getting into a real pickle in terms of getting my Christmas stuff done. Yesterday, I headed out to get some stuff done, only to discover that someone (perhaps Not Me?) had left an interior light on in my van overnight and the battery was dead. I wound up replacing the battery, since it was 4.5 years old and we're driving to NY for Christmas, but by the time the AAA guy got here and took care of everything it was too late to get anything done. Then DS2 was in my room at 3 this morning with the same stomach bug that DS3 had last week. So today is shot. I don't know when I'm going to finish this stuff up!


          Judy - sorry the shoes aren't working out.


          Carolyn - congrats on the 20 miles! My Nikes currently have 130 miles on them. I retire shoes at about 350 miles - I am a heavier runner and a heavy heel striker, and I haven't had good luck with trying to get more miles out of them.


          Off to cancel the babysitter (again!) for the event I was supposed to attend with DH this evening. Have a great day-



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            Good morning!  I had fun meeting Julie yesterday!  I hope your trip home goes smoothly! DD got in early and is really sleeping in. She woke me about 5 looking for some cold meds-wasn't feeling good at all. I'm crossing my fingers that it was just lack of sleep after finals and a weekend with her high school friends.  One of them turned 30 and gave herself a ball (dress up, dance type ball).   : )   Planning on 5 later.


            Judy, hope you had a nice run with coach. I'm with you on bread and carbs-love them.

            Cindy, I hope your day improves!  Healing vibes to your poor kid.

            Carolyn, I'm not good at tracking miles on shoes. I just estimate and usually replace every 3 months. Tried to find a more perfect shoes this time, had too many miles on the last ones and ended up with same shoe.   : )

            Tessa, enjoy DD.  Sounds like you're making it to plenty of  concerts. : )

            Lisa, it was nice that you contacted Bill. These things just don't make sense. I think the only comfort is in the love people give/show when bad things happen, which you've done for her family. I believe that's where God is, in the goodness, kindness and love. Someone (Mr Rogers?) said when bad things happen, look for the helpers.  Enough rambling...

            Have a great day, everyone!

              Good Morning!


              Had a nice 6 mile run this morning.  It was cooler (finally!!!) and I didn't have to cut it short for a bathroom emergency--yaya!!!


              Julie and Camille--nice pic!  Another FE!!


              Cindy--sorry the boys are sick again.  Hang in there!!


              Carolyn--I think I may be about ready to replace my shoes.  Was just thinking of that this morning.


              Y'all have a great day!!


                Ok, I have to rant in a "safe" place.


                It makes me absolutely sick to my stomach to read posts on Facebook suggesting that the reason for the tragedy in CT is that we've excluded God from our public schools. Regardless of my own feelings about the separation of church and state, all I can think is Really?!? That's the kind of God you believe in? One who allows children to be massacred as vengeance for the fact that we don't pray in school? Because that's not the God I believe in. Or one that I want to have anything to do with.


                Ok, rant over.


                Julie and Camille - great that you guys had a nice FE. I love the pic!


                Crazysue - yay for the run with no bathroom emergencies. I'm lucky that I don't have that issue very often, but my Saturday RB struggles with it and it is so frustrating for her.


                Off to check DS2. Whatever this bug is, it seems to move fast. He's already asking for food and says he's hungry. It was the same when DS3 had it.



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                Run to live; live to run

                  Hi everyone.  Another 14 today.  Was a really good run but a bit humid.


                  Hi Judy!


                  Carolyn nice miles for last week.  Very good for the return after being off for awhile.


                  Shoes these have a few hundred on them.  I get about 600 on a pair of shoes


                  Cindy boo to the battery!


                  Hey Sue


                  Anonymous Guest

                    Hey all,

                    I ended up walking 5 miles at 4 mph on the TM last night. Incline starting at 5% and up to 11%. I am trying to do this once a week since I know I will be doing some power walking up the mountain at the Mt. Mitchell Challenge. Tonight I will run, probably 6-8 miles. Actual marathon training plan starts beginning of the year, so for the next couple weeks I'm just trying to stay over 40 miles per week, all easy miles.


                    Julie, thanks for posting the pic of the FE. Hope your drive is going well.


                    Good morning Judy!


                    Carolyn, nice on 20 miles after all that time off. I generally rotate shoes out somewhere between 300-350 miles. I start to feel it in my shins. And I'd hate to get an injury because I was trying to squeeze a few more miles out of something that only cost $70 to replace. I know some people get a lot more, but I don't want to push it.


                    Cindy, you've been having the worst luck the last few days. Hope DS is feeling better quickly. And I'm with you on the stupid, insensitive FB posts. The amount of politicizing on both size on facebook and twitter just made me sick. I pretty much stayed off of both most of the weekend. I'm still trying to process what happened, I don't need a bunch of fighting over what one thing someone has decided is the solution to this. If the solution were a simple "one thing", we'd have tried it already.


                    camille, glad DD made it in okay. Hope she's just tired from everything and not coming down with anything.


                    Morning, crazysue! Hooray on the incident-free run!!


                    Off to get some lunch and then get ready for a webinar scheduled. My boss gets totally freaked out whenever we do one of these so it usually ends up wasting most of my day. Hasn't been too bad this morning, but not looking forward to this afternoon.


                    Oh, I got my Christmas bonus yesterday. Honestly it's pretty small ($50 per year of service) so I forget every year that we get one. I got it and said "well, it's better than nothing" to my friend that was sitting in my office at the time. Then I thought of Lisa and her DH, and said, you know what, it IS better than nothing, and it's a nice surprise, and it will pay for quite a few race entries! Attitude adjustment time here!


                    And is it wrong that DH mentioned his mom is going to Florida right after Christmas to stay with his uncles, and maybe we could visit there (Naples trumps Toledo, sorry to say), so I went online this morning to look for races down there? They have a nice half marathon on 1/20. Will see what happens, but if he wants to go down there for a few days, I think I should have certain dates on the ready..


                    Since everyone else is blogging: http://karenrunsfar.blogspot.com/
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                      Cindy, rant away. Whatever caused that young man to do what he did, it wasn't official prayer, or lack of it, in the public schools. And on Sunday, our priest, like many, had tossed away the sermon prepared earlier in the week and preached on the shootings. She cited one story from Elie Weisel's Night when one man, seeing a child executed, cries out "Where is God!" and another replies "God is in front of you, hanging from the scaffold." God is in the public schools already. If these people you mention believe that God is everywhere, all-knowing, and omnipotent, how could anything we do keep God out of the schools? Moving to a safer subject, Carolyn, shoes can wear out at different rates. It depends on the kind of shoe, the physique of the wearer, where the shoes are worn, how often you wear them, what kind of running you're doing... I usually get about 500 on Asics, about 350 on Mizunos, less than 300 on Reeboks but that's because the outer sole wears out not because the midfoot breaks down. I'm 120 pounds and a heel striker. I usually rotate two pairs. Cindy, hope DS2 feels better soon. Camille, likewise for DD. 6.5 with running neighbour this morning, light drizzle, cool, nice running weather! Now off to get my hair cut. already baked three batches of cookies. Then we go get DD this afternoon!

                        Karen-February is Dances With Dirt in Florida. And... did you know that if you do all 4 ultras (at any point in time) you get a belt buckle.  Gnaw Bone Indiana is the other one in March.  Just keeping you informed is all.


                        Bill later emailed me again saying that he is setting up a bank account and will get info to me for the Virtual Run.  (I had explained our idea to him)  he also said that it all hit him pretty hard yesterday because others have told him the same thing.  "I know Karnel always believed there was a reason for everything and I hope and pray that this ws the reason because she was so good with children. this makes as much sense as anything."




                        Fire Jumper

                          hello all!  Thanks for the nice comments about the pic!  I laughed out loud about the axe murderer comment, although I have to say that I didn't actually have Camille go through a metal detector!!  Hmmmmm...  


                          I'm on the road, somewhere north of Roanoke with RB#1.  She's good for me. When we stop at a rest stop, we park as far away as possible and jog to the restroom.  


                          Im on my iPad in a moving car (RB is from Long Island.. so, we are REALLY moving..lol) so it's tough to do personals. I'll try to check in a bit later With my laptop, sitting still! 


                          Be well!


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                            Cindy:  Why can't we all just use facebook to celebrate each other and give support to each other?  I'm tired of the political rants and people pushing their agenda.


                            Nice job Carolyn!


                            Cindy:  I'm sorry your DS is sick.  I hope he feels better soon. 


                            Yesterday was a rest day.  Today, I got up early.  The week is going pretty well. 

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                            Fire Jumper

                              Finally arrived in Hagerstown, MD and are settled into the Holiday Inn Express.  It has been a long day on the road, but an absolutely lovely one.  We even got the gift of a rainbow while in the Blue Ridge mountains.   Here's a picture of it.  It was such a beautiful surprise!  Rainbow in the mountains


                              Hi Judy - Thanks for the report on the Brooks.  I have been considering trying out that brand.  Does the Adrenaline have good stability control?


                              Carolyn, I think I have about 250 miles on my shoes.   I think for my 2013 road and obstacle races I'm going to need two new pair.  My first race is in February, so I'd better get crackin'! 


                              Cindy, when will you be in NY?  

                              I agree with you about the facebook stuff.  There are people that I have friended that have a bad habit of posting extremely incendiary things.  I give it a few chances, and then I unsubscribe from their feed.  If that doesn't do it, I block their posts.  I go on facebook to share good stuff, family stuff, life stuff... not to try to make a political or "spiritual" point.  


                              Camille, I hope DS is feeling better.  Glad to know she got home safely!


                              Sue - yay for the six!  And, yep... one more FE.  Love it!


                              Hi Marjorie!  Nice run!


                              Karen - I'm so glad to know that I'm not THAT far from the norm that when I find out I'm going somewhere, I look for a race.  :0


                              Tessa - My Reeboks are showing wear at 250-ish miles.  I'm a mid foot striker, but they're wearing out the outside of my foot.  I guess, even with the stabilization, I'm still rolling out a little.  


                              Linda - ditto on the rants!


                              MMR - All ready for the virtual run!  


                              Hagerstown to Oneonta tomorrow.  That should be about 6 hours.... piece of cake!


                              5K's and Obstacle Runs

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                              Disney freak

                                Just a short note before bed.  Can't seem to keep my eyes open!  I ran 5 miles tonight right after work and my legs were like jello when I was done.  It was a nice accomplishment, though, because about mile 1 1/2 I was already tired.  Got a second wind  a mile later though and finished strong.

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