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MA runner girl


    PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15

    MA runner girl

      Goood morning ladies!


      RR: Planning on 3 miles tonight. Probably just around the neighborhood due to the snow we got yesterday. Booooring.


      NRR: Work is crazyyy busy right now. I can't wait until my maternity leave to be honest. lol I know it wont be easy, with a baby, but I'm sick of the work stress. Oh and my coworker that came to work sick? She is out, her husband had to call her out for her, that's how sick she is. I hope she feels better but dang I really hope I don't get that!! Tonight is fajita night, other than that I plan on relaxing! Last night I worked too late and had a hard time destressing and was super grumpy, so I plan on NOT being stressed tonight!


      Have a great day ladies!

      PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


        Good morning!


        MA- non sicky vibes for you! How long do you get for maternity leave? I hope work gets less stressful too.


        RR- did 5 miles at about goal MP this morning.


        NRR- going back to NY this evening! Other than that, meetings and I have a lot of work to do. We're closed Monday for the holiday but I'm probably going into the office anyway. I have a lot of stuff to get done. This weekend I also hope to test drive some cars. I'm going to Subaru, VW (for dbf to test drive) and Toyota. Meeting with my boss went ok. There are a lot of tough goals tied to our compensation plan but I feel like its achievable. I need to crunch some goal numbers for my team today, so hopefully I can get that taken care of.


        Have a great day!

        MA runner girl

          Jewel - I'm taking 3 months off. 6 weeks is paid maternity leave, but with my vacation time and family medical leave I'm taking more than that. Nice run this morning! What is your goal MP this time around?

          PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


            MA: 3 miles is still great Smile Good grief on your coworker!


            OJ: Great job on the 5. Safe travels. Sorry to hear you have to work on a holiday.


            As for me....


            RR: 5 yesterday today is supposed to be a rest day, but I might just do another easy 5. In a funky mood this morning, I think a run might help.


            NRR: So, it was in the 70s over the weekend today we are supposed to get SNOW! WTF? It shouldn't  accumulate (ground is too wet and warm), but down here in VA .. a snow dusting and people go crazy.  I am waiting to hear form DH's work about his trip to NYC for 2 weeks.  I'm hoping to travel home for that time. 2 weeks with just M, me and 2 dogs is a little much and lonely. But we shall see. I just hate how some things with his work is such last minute.


            Sassy: Good Luck with putting together the treadmill. We had it installed for us, so I can't be any help there.


            Athena: I think we will be using the plan through USAA. They have a great gifting program, which M's grandparents are excited about. More tax write off for them.


            Pumpkin: We are extremely lucky. M's great grandfather left her over 5k for college. So, we are off to a great start.  Great job on the run yesterday. Hot tub sounds lovely.


            Blu: Thanks. Its hard to get M out in this weather especially when all the kiddo programs dont start up for another 3 weeks.


              Good morning girls.


              Ma, enjoy your fajitas tonight! Yummy. I had vegan fajitas with portobello mushroom Sunday night.


              Jewel. Great job with your run. I hope you have a good meeting with your colleagues and team about work goals.


              MA, hope you can get to go home while DH is away. Where do your parents live??




              TriR, spinning plus ST with trainer tonight after work.


              NtriR, no news in travel documents so it looks like I won't go home tomorrow with DF. Extremely upset and bothered about it. Yesterday left work earlier because I had an ongoing migraine since Tuesday night. Got a massage last night and feel somewhat better this morning.


              Sad day in our tri community. A cyclist, husband, and father was killed by a drunk driver eighteen months ago. 25 year old driver fled the scene, was driving on a suspended license, and had a earlierecharge for possession of cocaine. He fled the scene and left cyclist there. He turned himself in a day later once he was sober. He got sentenced to 364 days. There's receipts of him purchasing drinks, surveillance video of his father and him covering car with a tarp, what a sad sad day.


              You can read more about it here:




              Anyway, hope everyone has a good day.


                Good morning!


                ER: Nothing today. My legs are tired. I'd like to get back to working out 4 to 5 days a week but I don't think that will happen this week.


                NER: Not much... doctor's appointment today. We got the dresser yesterday that I ordered Sunday night. Too bad we don't have time or space yet to put it together! We've been telling A about the new things she's getting and giving her old stuff to P, so she was all excited about the dresser last night saying she wanted to open her present (the dresser) and got upset when I said I needed DH there to help me since he wasn't home last night. It was cute. I'm starting to work on the organizing we have to do but I have nowhere to put things. I desperately need to get junk out of my house this weekend and to goodwill... just have to add it to the list.


                  Good morning, ladies!


                  RR: Uh yeah, didn't get my run in yesterday and then I slept like crap last night so no run this morning. I WILL get it in this afternoon. I hate schedule slippage.


                  NRR: Not much. Just kind of frustrated with myself. It seems like the more structure I try to have, the more things fall apart. Oh well. Try again, right?



                  Mel - Sorry to hear about the travel documents. That is REALLY frustrating. Also about the sentence.. I don't get it. You get more time for robbing someone than you do for actually killing someone.


                  MA - I hope you don't get sick, either!


                  Jewel - Safe travels home!


                  GSD - Ha, pretty serious weather fluctuations over there.


                  Monk - Good luck with the organizing.


                    Morning Ladies!


                    MA- hopefully you can destress tonight! I am right there with you on work stress...it stinks when you bring it home with you! I hope you can enjoy those fajitas and relax


                    Jewel - what marathon are you training for? Good luck getting your numbers figured out for your team. Sorry that you have to go to work this weekend


                    GSD- isn't this weather crazy? the temps here have been changing drastically from one day to another here too... hope your run makes you feel better


                    Meli- sorry about not getting the travel docs, that is such a bummer! That is really horrible about the sentancing


                    Monk- it is cure that A is getting excited for her lil' bro! Good luck getting everything organzied


                    Outwest- sorry for your scheduling slipup...I am right there with you though. I hate it too...it makes me feel so off! Sometimes I wonder if it wouildn't be better to just not have a schedule, but then that would probably drive me crazy too


                    RR- was running on the TM last night when I got a call from work that lasted too long so I didn't get to finish my run. That really put me in a mood for the rest of the night! So, tonight will be 5 I think, I have to check my schedule.


                    NRR- DH is sick! So sick that he stayed home from work today. I am hoping it is just a cold and not the flu.... he definitely gets man colds and is super sick with any little thing so if he were really to get the flu, it would be horrible! ha! I am just working for the weekend this week..and luckily its a long weekend!


                      Late check in for me...


                      RR: Running 3 after work. It's supposed to start cooling down tonight! (I don't want to see 80 degrees until March!)


                      NRR: Had to have more blood taken today. I'm not loving the fact that the hospital staff is starting to know me! I have my thyroid appt on Monday. I'm really liking the organize the house for 15-30 minutes each day routine I've started! It takes so much pressure off having to do it all on the weekend!


                      MA: Wow, I hope no one else in your office gets sick! I hope you can destress a bit!


                      OJ: Glad your meeting went ok with the bosses. I hope you have a great 5 miles!


                      GSD: Ha, crazy that the weather is changing so drastically. I hope you have another great 5 miles!


                      Meli: It's so sad that people can run down bikers and get away with just one year! Sending you huge hugs. I'm sorry your docs haven't come in yet. Hopefully you can go visit soon. (super hugs!)


                      monk: I hope the dr's appointment goes well. At least A is excited about the new dresser. Hopefully will not get too jealous with a new little one in the house.


                      OWR: I hear ya! I hope you get your run in today and that it goes well!


                      KLM: I hope DH doesn't have the flu! I hope you get a full run in tonight too!


                      Have a great day ladies!


                        Morning girls!


                        MA- Sorry work is so stressful! Hope tonight is nice for you. and I really hope you don't get whatever your coworker has. Ick!


                        Jewel- Ya know, I'm not doing any paced runs, just putting in the miles, so I'm thinking my Thursday run should be at a goal pace... Anyways, good job on your run!


                        Meli- Oh wow, that is so messed up! I mean, I believe that someone super young like that shouldn't spend the rest of his life in prison, but less then 1 year!? I doubt that will even teach him a lesson! So sad. Sad I'm really, really, really sorry that you won't be able to travel, so unfair and frustrating!


                        GSD- Crazy weather you're having! Hope you hear soon about DH's work schedule, that is frustrating not to know what to plan for. If you do run today, enjoy! 

                        Monk- Hope the Dr appt goes well today. very cute about A getting excited for her new stuff. Do you think she fully understands she's getting a baby brother?


                        OWR- Hope your run later today is good! I guess you just needed a little extra rest, don't beat yourself up about it! Wink


                        klm- Oh no, hope DH gets better soon and you're able to fight it off!!


                        PO- sorry about the continued hospital/doctor stuff you're dealing with. Hopefully everything can be figured out soon!

                        Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon 10.20.2013 

                        Tiburon by the Bay Half Marathon 11.3.2013 (My Birthday!) 

                        Napa Valley Full Marathon 3.2.2013



                        Half: 1:48

                        Full: 4:34



                          RR. An easy 5 today. I misread my plan and last week was supposed to be a cut back week, but I didn't do that, so I'm making it this week. Oh and my big toe is still a little sore AND the achilles on that side is also really sore and tight, so I'm thinking they are related. So I'll be spending some time stretching/rolling that today. I'll also be doing my sit up challenge today. I kind of slacked on it for a bit!


                          NRR. Working at home today and running errands including car wash and Costco. My life is so exciting! I applied for some jobs this week, so hoping I'll hear something soon!

                          Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon 10.20.2013 

                          Tiburon by the Bay Half Marathon 11.3.2013 (My Birthday!) 

                          Napa Valley Full Marathon 3.2.2013



                          Half: 1:48

                          Full: 4:34



                            A talks about Baby P and understands there's a baby in Mama's tummy. We've been talking to her about giving some of her old stuff to him (crib, dresser, we don't want her to feel we're taking things away from her) and she seems excited about that. Her baby cousin T just turned 1 and she loves him... but she doesn't love when Mama holds him. Whenever I hold him, she comes right up and demands to be held. So I think she's excited in principle, but I don't know how well she'll do sharing Mama. That will take some work I'm sure.




                              MA-Hoping the work stress subsides for you soon!


                              Jewel-Safe travels back to NY and great job on the run.


                              GSD-Crazy weather you're having. I hope clear days come soon so you can take M out. 2 weeks with just M sounds lovely!


                              Meli-So sorry to hear about that awful tragedy. Sending thoughts and prayers to the victim's family. At the very least, I hope the driver sincere and deep remorse for years to come in his young life. Terrible that he got off with such a short time.


                              norcal-Hope something comes from the job hunt soon!



                              RR-Run went really well yesterday, but my PF acted up badly afterwards. I think I went too fast, so just ST or rest today.  Probably take an extra day off as well.


                              NRR-Just one class today, but going to campus early to work on a proposal for transportation systems class project. I hope my partner goes with my idea because I think it's really neat.

                              My cousin's wedding in B.C. is today. I wish I could have gone, and she's a little upset that we had to back out 3 weeks ago, but I had class late last night and today. Plus, I hope I'm not being rude, but why is the wedding on a Thursday? Joking


                              Gotta jet! Enjoy the day, all!


                                hi ladies!

                                RR: did a short quick 9 min mile this morning and 10 minutes of strength training. I was running behind unfortunately. I might try for another mile or two later this evening.


                                NRR: work. meeting over lunch, more work, then getting my hair done. have some errands to run tonight to that will keep me on the south west side of town for a while, then it's home to laundry, packing for worthington tomorrow and then maybe an hour more of work. we'll see. have a project management conference tomorrow.


                                WOw. totally forgot that I was typing this up! so might not get to personals today.... busy day here.