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beskirted & manicured

    ER - ST at the gym.  Maybe I will even stretch afterwards.


    TR - helped me toss ice chunks from the end of the driveway.  He has a good throwing arm.  Making an effort to use his learner chopsticks.


    FR - veggie omelets, oven potatoes.

    5K - 24:10 | 8K - 40:41  | 10K - 51:40.6 | HM - 1:51:10 | 30K - 2:44:54 | Marathon - 3:59:26



      RR: coaching session was awesome. We went to the arboretum and did 5x1000m xcountry after 1m w/u. My times for each 1k were 4.15, 4.05, 4.08, 4.15, 4.18 with 2min active rest recovery. My legs were like lead by the end. 1m c/d It was great. The hills were steep and the grass was long and thick. It was quite the adventure but worth it. It was great to see my coach again. It’s really nice to have someone yell you’re doing really well across a large park playing with my baby. She asked me if I wanted to run a recovery today with her just as friends. I couldn’t say no to that! This one is just for chatting and catching up though. I will take DS and Bob over after DS wakes up from his nap. We talked about shoes, pronation, leg sore after sun’s run, family at xmas and lack of it etc. DS was adorable. In the 2min rest he would run and get my water bottle and bring it to me each time. I have my own little water boy. I am sure she taught him that.


      NRR: coach bought DS a little t-shirt from where she has bought a house in BC, Canada. She got it with a logo on that would look great patched on purpose so she can be part of DS’s blankie. And she said I was looking skinnier and my legs were looking more cut. That was music to my ears and made me feel like I’m making progress.


      BR: he has taken earlier naps this week – 12noon ish, for only 1 hour, but then by bed time, last night we went into his room at 7.25pm, we nursed and he was flat out asleep at 7.42 and sttn. So tired and so cute. In yesterday’s nap, I thought he was asleep so I unplucked my b00b from his mouth and got up. With his eyes closed, he grabbed his stuffed friend Donkey and started trying to breastfeed donkey’s leg half asleep. I intercepted but it was very funny. My DH nicknames him “Donks”. http://www.manhattantoy.com/product/206666/142400/_/Rustletoes_Dudley_Donkey_Small


      FR: eating up the fridge before we fly to Nashville tomorrow. I did want to make another recipe from the book – it’s a butternut squash risotto and something else. I have already peeled and cut up squash so it’s on its way.

      5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


        zorbs - Good for you for stretching...I never do that.  Glad B is starting to use his chopsticks more.


        Bermy - While I was out running a little after 3 yesterday I was thinking of you out in warmer temps with your coach!  Sounds like a great and intense session.  Have fun with you coach on your social run...those are fun!  Glad DS was so good for you and slept well.  J only took a 55 minute nap yesterday at daycare.  He was out cold by 6:45.


        RR - 5 yesterday....SRD today.


        TR - Super cute last night and in such a great mood.  I fed him, gave him a bath and then we played for a bit.  I was trying to get his picture with my phone and he kept yelling "AmPa" (grandpa).  He is used to doing FaceTime with my mom and dad so I asked him if he wanted to call AmPa.  So I Face Timed my dad and J was soooooo excited.  He kept yelling AmPa and wanted to dance for him and wave to him and he tried to touch him through the phone.  It was adorable and my dad was soooooo happy to see him.


        NRR - A former student of mine and her 11 month old niece are coming over after I get home from work for a play date and supper.  It was sort of a last minute plan so I have nothing planned for dinner.  Need to stop and get something on the way home...suggestions?

        running eh

          Zorbs - mmm, love omelets - actually I love eggs in any form.  There are learner chopsticks??  My kids would love that!


          Bermy - sounds like a great workout.  You are making some amazing progress.  Yay on looking more fit!   Have a good recovery run.  How long will that be?  How many miles per week are you putting in now?  My goal after my race in November was to increase my mileage, but I have been really slacking.   Hope the flight goes smoothly tomorrow.


          Spike - from yesterday - I think my best purchase at Costco was the ridiculously huge container of coconut oil I got for $16.99.  WAY cheaper than what I have been paying.


          RR - did 5k with the dog shortly after 4am.  It was my best run in a LONG time.  I haven't been wearing a watch in the last few weeks, just trying to go by feel and enjoy the runs.  It seemed quick - not quite tempo though.


          NRR - at work today.  Now that I am PT I am only working 2 12hr shifts a week as opposed to 5 one week and 2 the next.  Normally today would be my first day of 5 in a row, but now I am working today and Saturday night,


          FR - never had chicken yesterday (had to make veggie chili as I didn't get to the store) so that is what we will have today - whole chicken in the slow cooker.


          KR - DS had two little friends over yesterday and they played so nicely - we will have to have them again soon.


            RR - 9k easy tonight with RP and the stroller.


            BR - Had a great time at the baby program at the library yesterday. She seriously loves the librarian. When the librarian sat down to read a story, S immediately crawled over and climbed onto her lap and then sat there snuggling her for the whole story.


            FR - Have to grocery shop but will probably do something light tonight, like grilled chicken on salad as I won't get home from running with RP until 7ish.


            NRR - S had a cough and now I have her cough x10. I don't feel sick otherwise, but I kept waking up in the night having coughing fits.




            Zorbs - I am the worst about stretching - I rarely do and, when I do, it's totally half-assed. Sounds like DS will be ready to play baseball soon!


            Bermy - Your 1k repeats are getting fast, girl! For your 2 minutes active rest, do you jog or walk? The butternut squash risotto sounds like it'll be good!


            Jen - So cute about DS last night. Isn't it great when they are happy and not cranky in the evenings? If you won't have time to cook before your friend comes over, maybe you could pick up one of those rotisserie chickens and make a salad?


            Running eh - Wow, you got out there early for your run this morning! Sounds like your PT schedule will be a lot less hectic. Do you work in health care?

            5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      




              RR:  Ended up with 5.75 after work yesterday.  5 today.


              TR:  We put him down at 7:45 last night (my suggestion).  Well, guess who was up and ready for the day at 6am?  Ugh.  Oh well.  We had a great conversation about mommy wearing a necklace, that I was going to work, and yes, I am taking my bag with so I can go for a run.  He loves to go to his bedroom and run down the hallway into my arms to give me a great big hug.  No kisses this am.  Oh, and still no crying when I leave for the day, but a total meltdown when I go to take a shower.


              NRR:  Ran some errands last night after dinner.  I got the needle I need for the blanket.  We made a Target stop too and I truly couldn't believe they didn't have Valentines Day stuff out yet.  Geeze, its Christmas in October, but no Valentines Day.  I'm sure it will come.  Talked with a Google rep yesterday about Chromebooks.  Interesting stuff.


              FR:  Thin crust veggie pizza.  (Tomatoes, artichoke, and spinach) Yum.

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              Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



                zorbs - Stretching!  So important.  Yet, something we don't really do.


                bermy - I just commented to DH this morning how cute it is when kids attach to an animal.  J was carrying around a musical Giraffe that we call Gaffy.  Cute about the nursing.  Sometimes I miss it, others I definitely dont!


                jen - Glad you have plans for tonight.  Could you pick up Panera or something quick?  Fun about the Face Time.


                eh! - Wow...4 am run! That is awesome.  Good for you.


                ernie - Glad Storytime went well at the library.

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                Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



                  from yesterday re: jeans: i have tried on so many pair of jeans and they either give me saggy ass or a crotch in the front. I actually took my measurements and am so across the board that i have no clue what size to actually order. Think i may bite the bullet and order a few pairs of guess jeans since the one pair i love now are guess. But they don't sell the same style so with my luck other styles won't fit the same.


                  rr: 3 this morning with rp. does anyone run with an rp that is significantly slower? can't decide if it is good to just be out there regardless of pace or if i need to make up for it with another run.


                  tr: dd1 still has a low grade fever but back to her normal self. She never has school on wednesdays so she can still recover today.


                  br: i took a picture of him yesterday and told him to say cheese.  He looked at me with a goofy smile and said "cheezzzzzzzzzzzz" over and over again.


                  nrr: ended up going to my ART appointment in the afternoon whike the kids napoed and my mom came over. it felt great and my hips have been doing really great even with increased running. I am down to one appt a week now.


                  fr: ham and broccoli and rice casserole tonight.

                    RR:  nada.  I had the clothes laid out; slept in my running tights, and was up early but just couldn't get my butt out the door.  I had a small 30 minutes to make something happen but curling up back in bed with my toast worm DH was irresistable.


                    FR:  Signed up for a produce delivery service. today will be my first delivery and I am dying to see what it will look like.  Its all locally grown and organic so I can't wait to get my hands on it!


                    KR:  Registered my DS for kindergarten! Time is flying by!


                    Bermy - What clean cookbook have you been using?  I've gotten quite a few recipes on the '100 days of real food' website but can always use more.  Way to go on your running!  I might just fall over if someone ever told me I looked cut :-) Having a coach must be awesome!


                    running eh - I love running without my watch ! sometimes it feels good to just get out there.  I can't wait to be able to run with my dog  - that will definitely help get me out the door and take care of the dog's exercise at the same time.


                      morning!  I tried to make it back for personals yesterday but could not get back to the computer.


                      RR - was thinking rest day today but may try 4 in the rain since it's supposed to thunderstorm tomorrow.  I'd rather run in rain than a t-storm.  Got the tire fixed on the BOB, had a nice piece of metal wire sticking into it.  Boo.


                      RR2 - signing DD1 and I up for Color Me Rad 5K in March.  She has no desire to run AT ALL so this should be interesting.  It's 9.5 weeks away so I'm thinking we'll start doing the Couch 2 5K program.


                      BR - fell asleep watching tv with DH last night.  Why doesn't he do this for me?  Oh yeah because I don't have time to sit and watch tv at night until it's too late.


                      FR - was going to make chicken in crock pot but thinking I will just pick up rotisserie chicken since the kids love it and I have to go to the grocery anyway while DD3 is at dance.  Chili last night was yummy and we have TONS leftover.


                      NRR - book club was good last night but went late so I'm tired today.  The book was A Light Between Oceans (or something).  They all liked it and I'm debating reading it because it sounds like it could be sad.  Next up is The Kitchen House.


                      zorbs - I am awful about stretching.


                      bermy - ran into a friend who's DH is running Nashville in April.  Going to see if DH either wants to do that or a different half at the end of March.  Really depends on if/when we can get a grandma to come watch the kids.  I feel like at this point I could run a full if I followed a Novice schedule, but not sure I want to put myself through that pain.  I plan on running a full in the fall and 1/year is probably enough for me.  Do you have plans after Nashville or are you just going to see how it goes?  Love DS nursing on his donkey!  That didn't sound right...


                      jen - so cute about J and his "ampa".  I love seeing them get so excited over things.  Yesterday when I picked L up from the gym childcare he saw me and started running over to me, then went back to his toy he had been playing with and spun a part on it a couple of times while squealing in excitement, then ran back over to me.  Ugh, they are just too cute.  Whenever I have lunch or dinner with a girl friend it's  usually salads.


                      eh - I always cheat and buy a cooked chicken at the grocery store but really should make my own sometime.  That is an early run!  Nice to have it over and done though.


                      ernie - I took DD1 to a program at the library once and she kept trying to grab the book while the lady was reading and the lady kept scolding her so I never went back.  Maybe I should see what they offer here, it might be nice if L and I do something "fun" once in a while!


                      mer - wow no Valentine's Day stuff yet?  I haven't even looked here.  I never made cutout cookies for Christmas, and they're something I usually make every year, so I volunteered to make some for DD's V-day party at school.


                      mrszm - I'd never buy a pair of jeans that made my butt look saggy!  How my butt looks in jeans is the most important feature.  On the slower rp, I think a couple runs/week it's OK to just get the miles in but I'd probably want to do a couple on my own that are my own pace.


                        zorbs: dh and i are always amazed that at such a young age you can kind of gauge athletic ability. Dd1 can catch but dd2 can throw.


                        bermy: do you pay your coach? Great job with your run!


                        jen: so so cute about your dad and j! I bet your dad loved it! C just started saying a form of grandpa that comes out pump-pa. Have fun with the playdate tonight!  I would do like a take and bake pizza.


                        Eh! Holy early run! glad it felt good. so cute about the little playdate! Yay for part time! How does it feel?


                        ernie: glad the library went well. I was going to take the kiddos this morning but going to let dd1 hang out in ojs all day. Boo to the cough. I can feel that i am getting sick too. Sad


                        mer: dh and i are thinking about getting a chromebook. I think it is cute how you all run errands together. I think my dh would think i was crazy if i even suggested that. how are j's naps going?


                          armmama -  That book was awesome and I am considering it being my pick for book club this year.  It is sad, and I did cry at the end. However, I would read it again.  It is a really good story!


                          mrszm - I wanted to run the errands, and even offered to DH to take J by myself so that he would walk the dog, etc. and he said he wanted to go with us.  He is great about that kind of stuff.  He made a comment at  Wal-Mart the other day about how he shops with me.  I just laughed.  He would HATE it if I did the grocery shopping!  The comprimise is that I go with and he pays so that he can get what he wants.  I have heard nothing but good things about the Chromebooks (price included).  A teacher at the HS bought one and loves it.

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                          Gazelle Girl 1/2 Marathon 4/13 - 1:48:46



                            Dexy: i really didn't want to get up this morning and wanted to cancel on rp. But she doesn't have a cell to text and i don't have fb so we pretty much have to show up. Probably a good thing though. My dd1 will be kindergarten next year too. And i am so sad thinking about it!


                            arm: when friends are actually commenting about my saggy ass i know i need knew jeans. I think my problem is (as dh told me) i have no ass. I know what a bad problem to have right? How old is dd1?


                              Mer - That is surprising that there's no Valentine's Day stuff out yet. usually all holiday stuff is out ridiculously early. Your veggie pizza sounds yummy.


                              Mrszm - My RP is significantly slower (her 5k race pace is 15-30 seconds/km slower than my long run pace) but she's a good friend and it's nice to have company on a run, so we just run together once a week. I just consider it a nice and easy, recovery type run and it's more of a tempo for her. I don't try to make up those kilometres later or anything but I run on my own for all my other runs.


                              Dexy - It can be sooo hard to get out of bed early in the winter!


                              Arm - The couch to 5k program should be great for preparing your DD for the race! I did it with my DH the one and only time he decided he wanted to do a 5k. It was a race at the spring fair in town. He ran it wearing a satin Elvis costume, won a prize for best costume and then promptly quit running. Ha, good thing this librarian doesn't mind at all when the kids are crawling all around grabbing things or else my DD would be getting scolded for sure as she also grabs books and tries to turn the pages.

                              5k - 20:46          10k - 41:27         10 mile - 1:15:32          Half marathon - 1:39:15      


                                eh! - Way to go on the run this morning.  Glad it was a good one.  I didn’t know you are PT now.  Did you make that decision or was that something your employer did?  I hope you are liking it.  It must be nice not to have to plan for so many long shifts right in a row.  Too cute about DS and his friend playing nicely together.  I saw J walk up to his little friend at daycare and they looked at each smiled and then kept going about their business...it was hilarious to watch him interact.


                                ernie - Glad story time at the library was good and S likes the librarian.  Boo to the cough.  J got it and gave it to me.  We both woke up for about a week straight with coughing fits throughout the night...not fun.  Thanks for the food suggestion...I like it!


                                Mer - Sounds like J is making progress with his attachment to you.  Boo to no kisses though.  Nice run yesterday...enjoy your miles today.  Share some with me.  I am kind of bummed I can’t run today since it is going to be so nice.


                                mrszm - I would just run with RP since you have someone to run with and then on days you don’t run with her speed up a bit.  It is hard to get our of your gait though and can be painful so if it is too far off your normal pace I am not sure what to do.  Too cute about C...J usually runs away from the camera or completely ignores me...he is just like meSmile  Glad DD is feeling better today.  Yum...got a recipe for that casserole?  I think I steal all of your recipesWink


                                Dexy - Yum on the home delivery of produce...I have always wanted to do something like that.  I hope it is fabulous!  Awww...kindergarten already...time goes fast.


                                arm - I hope you get your run in today instead of tomorrow.  How fun for DD to run the Color Me Rad.  I hope she loves it.  Too cute about L running to you.  J does the same thing when I pick him up at daycare...he smiles starts to run to me and then turns around like he is excited to show me what he is playing with.  So cute.