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    Good morning!  Just time for a quick fly by.  Time for just a few personals, will BBL for the rest.


    RR:  10mi on the schedule today.  Not sure how I will fit it in but it will likely have to be split.


    BR:  14 mo checkup yesterday ( we went 1 mo early because of starting daycare).  H is in the 50% for height but still a little peanut, 15% for weight.  He got 3 shots and a heel stick.  Got a call this morning that he is slightly anemic so we will be starting a multi with iron.  Slept terribly last night.  Hoping it was the shots and tonight is better.


    NRR:  My brother and his wife are coming through on their way from MI to CA.  They were supposed to be here tonight  but just called to say they would be here by noon, ugh.  Going to try and get my 10 mi in but I also need to clean and prep dinner.


    bermy - Do you still produce quite a bit of milk?  I feel like my supply has really dropped since we started cow's milk.  I would like to get it back up again but I feel like it's been too long.


    jen - Very cute about Ampa.  Hope you have a fun dinner tonight!  I always go with a pasta since it;s easy.


    mer - I went to a target yesterday and there was Valentine's stuff everywhere.  Must just be location dependent.  I almost bought a few things but stopped myself.


    arm -Where do you go about getting a bob tire fixed?  Just for future reference.


    zorbs - Maybe you will have a little baseball player.

    5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


      RR: 12 felt pretty good yesterday.  Put my legs in the ocean after.  It was so cold it hurt!  It felt like brain freeze on my feet.  I'm hoping the cold water helps with recovery.  Rest day today or maybe a couple miles on the TM when the kids are napping.


      NRR:  Phone shattered yesterday. I'm so dependent on it I had to go get a new one.  Thank god I was up for renewal.  The new phone is amazing.  Is there a Running Ahead app?


      NRR:  Heading to Target today with the kids and my mom.  Its a trip for us so we will probably go to lunch and have some fun.


      RR2:  DH gave me Balega Hidden Comfort socks for Christmas.  They are amazing!!!

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        RR: 4 miles with RP and stroller. Left the dog at home, much to her chagrin. It was above freezing all day so it was a soggy, sloppy mess outside and I didn't want her to get filthy with road grime. It was super duper foggy and misting for the whole run. We managed an ok pace despite a couple of stops including a bare-ass pee stop on the side of the road for me. Stupid bladder.


        BR: Whiny, hysterical mess this morning. Is kinda getting into trains lately- wanted me to read him a Thomas book this morning and when he wouldn't cut the hysterics I said he needed to be a nice boy and stop fussing or he wouldn't be able to play choo choos with Kaeton at daycare and he stopped. Ate a huge dinner last night, then after the stroller ride said he was hungry again and ate more- kid has a hollow leg, I swear.


        FR: Frittata and a spinach salad last night. Tonight is spaghetti squash primavera.


        NRR: DH and I had another good talk last night. We had a money talk about saving for the house and then we talked about Reid. DH told me he thinks I'm a great mom and is really grateful for that with his schedule. He's feeling kind of left out because R wants me every time DH holds him. I suggested that DH get down and play with R more instead of just letting him do his own thing while DH dinks around on the computer or on his phone. I raised the point that all of R's favorite people (me, godmother, and RP) are the ones who get down and get silly on the floor with him. I told him its not like he has to do it for hours, but if he spent 10 minutes out of every 30 that they are together just playing with him and reading books, it would go a long way.

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          jmmiller- I need a new phone, mine is doing all sorts of effed up stuff and freezing. I may cross over to the dark side and get an iphone. After long runs, I do think that ice baths help. I've never tried balega socks- i have various pairs of smartwool, wrightsocks, RRS, and Under Armour ones. My favorite thin socks are a pair of anatomical new balance ones that MIL got me though.


          Shelbyjo- have fun with your brother. Are they staying the night? Good luck at school- what is your schedule like? Long days, or will you have plenty of time to hang out with H and run? Have a good 10 miler.


          zorbs- I never stretch anymore. Just the stick and foam roller. I used them last night and R tried to imitate me, so cute. Your dinner sounds like something we eat a lot! What are learner chopsticks- the hooked together kind? I think I need those, I suck at chopsticks LOL


          Bermy- Where in BC does your coach go? I love BC, used to go there for a week or two every summer as a kid to go fishing. We usually went off Vancouver Island- Garden Bay and Zeballos. Yay for looking cut and lean!  I need to do some speedwork- what are your favorite workouts to do with the stroller? Its fairly hilly where I live. Have a good trip tomorrow. How long is your flight?  Reid has been packing around a jointed teddy bear that DH's grandma sewed for him lately- there are actually two of them, and he hugs them and kisses them, so cute.


          Jen- Ravioli/tortellini are one of my go-to superfast meals.  R skyped with FIL (R calls my dad Bumpa) last night and he is a total showoff.


          Eh- Nice- I made pie crust with coconut oil and it turned out AMAZING- so flaky and delicious. I should cook with it more. Its a very good moisturizer too- when I had long hair that would get fried, I'd slather it with coconut oil, but a plastic bag around my hair then hot towels and it would make my hair so soft- had to rinse and repeat a few times with a mild shampoo though Smile


          ernie- R gets me sick all the time. I hate it. Knock on wood- we are going on 3 weeks with no illness.


          mer- R freaks out when I go out to start the car in the morning- no idea why, he can see me out the window and everything from his high chair. Awww I love it when R runs into my arms too. I haven't had time to dig through my craft bin to check out what I've got in my fabric stash, but I have a couple of projects figured out- I found a free pattern and tutorial online for how to made faux-Toms shoes for kids!


          mzm- I have that same problem. The most recent pair I bought were Chip and Pepper (got a screaming deal on www.sierratradingpost.com) and they fit great. My fave Guess jeans came from Macys- i haven't had much luck when I shop at the Guess outlet, it seems they only stock really low cut hootchie jeans there.


          Dexy- I might sign up for a CSA this year, might actually induce me to eat more vegetables!  I haven't been a morning runner this winter. I mainly don't like heat, so I only get up early to avoid that in the summer.


          armama- I haven't figured out how to cook chicken in the crockpot without it coming out with a weird pasty/mealy texture. I'd get a rotisserie too. I haven't been to bookclub the last two months, its supposed to be tonight but I never picked up the book. I should get the next one to read while I'm on vacation next week.

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            mer - I am planning to read that book when it is available at the library.  A couple girls  said they were sobbing during it.


            mrszm - DD will be 10 in 2 weeks.  Can't believe we are hitting double digits!  When we were kids my cousins and I would tease my brother that he didn't have a butt and he'd cry.  We were so mean.


            shelby - sorry about the early company, hope you are able to get your run in!  I took the BOB tire to a bike shop.  I know DH could have fixed it, or maybe even me, but I figured it would get done sooner if I just took it somewhere.


            jm - brr!  I tried an ice bath once after my 20 mile run and was not a fan.  I just don't like being cold.  Smile  I love those socks!  I got my brother's gf a 3 pack of them in cute colors for Christmas and nearly bought some for myself.


            spike - Would you believe I have never done a side of the road pee stop?  I question if I can call myself a real runner until I have, although I have had a little accident in my pants a time or two so that has to count for something.  My kids LOVE grandma because she's a get on the floor and play type of person.  I rarely make chicken in the crock pot, when I do it's usually in the oven because it seems to turn out better.  DH is so in love with his new grill that maybe we will have to make some beer butt chicken this weekend.


            beskirted & manicured

              re: children's chopsticks.  These are the ones that B has.  My mom bought them for him, not sure where.


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                armama- Well I started peeing my pants yesterday which precipitated the roadside stop. The true test of runner's mettle is the ol' poop behind a bush... I have only done that once.   I always buy two chickens if I'm going to roast a chicken, cuz if you do one, you may as well do two and freeze it. I love making homemade chicken stock.


                zorbs- I'm always amazed when I see people eating rice and stuff with chopsticks on TV. I can barely eat easy to grab stuff like sushi with them.


                RR2- Looked at the training calendar I made and I was supposed to do a tempo yesterday, which didn't happen so I will do that today. I have a hard time doing workouts like that with RP because she is VERY chatty so its hard to get her to knuckle down for hard workouts and just huff and puff for 4 miles.

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                running eh

                  mjen - so cute about DS loving AmPa.  DD2 talks about grandpa all the time too.  If she sees my mom, the first thing she wants to know is "where is grandpa".  Hope you have a good playdate tonight.  I agree that a roasted chicken from the store would be great with salad and fresh bread - mmmm!


                  ernie - sorry about the cough - I hate when I can't get a good night's sleep - hope tonight is better for you.  So sweet that DD loves the librarian - I guess she isn't shy?!?  Are you training for anything right now?


                  mer - I like when they take a break from Valentines - too much pink!!  Though, I saw Easter stuff at Costco on Monday...  Your pizza sounds great, do you make it yourself?


                  mzm - I was following the jean conversation a bit yesterday, but did you go to a big jean store?  I actually found my favourite jeans ever at a thrift shop recently.  They are a little worn out now from me wearing them so much, but I was thinking I would probably try to get the same ones next time I go shopping.  They are expensive normally, but I think it is worth it for the amount I wear them.  The jeans I have are guido and mary.  I have a butt though.Blush  Love that DS posed for the pic - my DD2 won't, she just wants to see the back of the camera to check out the pictures.


                  dexy - hope you get some great produce!!  We have a garden in the summer, but I was thinking of trying that in the winter - We really need to eat in season, b/c we spend WAY too much on food!  How is is going with the puppy??  Don't worry about the run - I have done that a few times too - sometimes you just need rest!


                  arm - I have forgotten how old your DD is?  I think it's great to do something like that with your kids.  Right now I don't have the kids in any activities and I feel bad b/c I make time for myself to exercise, but I don't have them doing any activity.  I bet your chicken will taste better than mine - I love those chickens!


                  mjen - PT was my decision - I was sad, but it was just so crazy at home.


                    spike - i think your advice to DH about his interaction with R is really valid.  I put Em in the highchair while I cook and she'll fuss.  DH is all, "what does she need" and I always respond, "Attention."  This week DH has made an effort to actually sit at the table with her while she eats and I cook dinner.  They talk, and sign for food, please, thank you, etc.  And presto - no more fussy baby.  And she really has been going to him more in the mornings now for hugs, kisses, saying goodbye when he leaves.  It's not like he has to bench press her for hours a day to get her attention, just 15-20 min of undivided daddy time a night has gone a long way.  And she doesn't run to the baby gate and cry when I leave the room anymore since she knows daddy will play with her.  I think DH was actually surprised at how "easy" it was.  Sorry, that was long.


                    Bermy - your workout sounds great.  have a great time on your easy run today catching up with your coach.  SO cute about your little waterboy!


                    zorbs - love the chopsticks and that B is helping out.


                    Jen - I would do a take n bake pizza and maybe a tub of take n back chocolate chip cookies that you can just bake enough for you both to have (as in save the rest for you for another night!).


                    shelby - sorry your little one is slightly anemic, but sounds like an easy fix.


                    jm - sorry about yuor phone.  my phone has a big crack in it (not like yours though!) but I'm just dealing with it.  I hate going to the phone store.


                    sorry for spotty personals.


                    **Copied from FB dailies**

                    ER - did yoga last night and wasn't feeling it. I just felt blah and worse after I did it. But it's done. Stroller walk + dogs last night too.

                    FR - quick stirfry last night with rice. DH actually liked it, had 2nds and even said thank you. Holy crap! I asked if he would want something like it again, and gasp, he said yes?!

                    TR - Signed "please" and "thank you" last night. Woo hoo! Now knows where nose, tummy and feet are. And will say "woof" "woof" for the dog when she sees it in a book. Although it sounds more like she is blowing out a candle with breath instead of "woof" but close enough! I gotta get on the colors, shapes & letter projects I've been putting off.

                    PGR - Super hungry the last couple of days. Little one must be going through a growth spurt or something. Next appointment is next Friday. I'll be 24 weeks tomorrow!

                    NRR - DH has a beer club meeting tonight, so EM and I are on our own. Maybe we'll go visiting some friends after dinner.

                    running eh

                      shelby - I admire your dedication to get those miles in, even when you need to split them up.  Hope DS sleeps better tongiht - it is tough having to deal with that all by yourself.  Hope you have a nice visit with your brother.


                      jm - Way to get those miles in!!   So cool that socks can make that much of a difference.  Have a good day out!


                      spike - coconut oil pastry crust sounds great, I am going to have to try that.  do you have a train table?  we got one used for DS since he loved them so much when we went to the toy store - do you think he ever played with his own??  NO!!!  Grrrr, at least it wasn't brand new.  Do you have a gym membership?  I am so nervous to do real tough intervals and speedwork on ice and snow.  I just got a gym membership this week - I was waiting until I was working PT so I would actually have time to go - but running intervals on a treadmill isn't that great either....both your FR sound great.  I love eggs and squash.

                      running eh

                        rocky - I do like stir-fry, but I have never made one that I like - my MIL is a fantastic cook and I love hers.  Did you use some sort of sauce or seasonings?  Funny, my mom was asking DD2 (18mos) about her body parts recently and it got me thinking that I have never taught her those.  We are working on it now.  Poor third child...


                        Honorary Old

                          Rocky- I made sure to tell DH that I think he's a good dad, he's just inconsistent in his interaction with R. It seems like it takes a couple of days for him to get used to Daddy being around, then DH goes back to work and we're back at square one. R has been staying up a little later (like 15-20 mins) and it gives him more daddy-time. He said last night that it feels like "Reid is YOUR baby" and he feels like an outsider sometimes, which makes me sad. Now that R is down to just one afternoon nap, I'm going to suggest that he should spend at least the morning with R on his days off, then if he wants to take R to daycare for the afternoon so he can run errands and go to the gym, that would give them a lot more time together. It didn't help that the past couple weekends, DH picked up FD command shifts, so I couldn't leave R with him while I went out to run errands since he was on call.

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                            Zorbs – I sent chopstick link to DH and he loved them so much he has ordered them to be shipped to Bermuda.


                            Jen – I have been meaning to write this for a while – you write such lovelypersonals. You really read what I say, are a very good listener and include lots of details. Thanks Jen. Social run – yes, that seems the right term for it! I haven’t found any RPs here with strollers who like distance so it’s been me doing a lot of work alone. I am looking forward to the company. Very cute on the facetime – so adorable.


                            Eh – recovery run will probably be the same time in minutes as the speed so 45? Maybe 4-5 miles? I am on just about 40mpw. I am building up to the 50s. Holy early run Mrs. Wow on you for getting out there. Great job. How is PT suiting you?


                            Ernie – hope that cough goes away. Poor you. Enjoy your run tonight. In the rest I can do whatever I like so at first I usually am bent over half-dying and spitting on the ground for about 15 secs. Then I stand up huffing and start to move. Then I get water (unless LO brings it), then I start to walk up and down and jog back to start line. And repeat. She said the workout is about the speed not the recovery apparently. I did ask as I wanted to do the right thing and not be lazy!


                            Mer – would LOVE to see your blankie. I love people sharing crafts especially if you explain the stages and your technique.


                            Mrszm – yes I pay for the sessions, but no I don’t pay for compliments. I like the discipline of the paid session as she is very precise about the timings and course etc plus her instructions and barking my times and form notes etc. She does all sorts of different sessions – she does a teen kids group and an over 40s women’s group and then a guys group etc. Great to hear about your hips feeling better. Awesome news.


                            Dexy – just to clarify, she said I was more cut not cut – there’s a difference! Clean eating cookbook 3. I will check out that website.


                            Arm – I did the hal higdon novice 1 fm training plan a few times and it was enough miles to finish well but only 4 days a week which was great when I was working full time. Would love to see you but no pressure from me. I hadn’t even thought about fall. I guess I will have loads to choose from being right there. I will take a look! Yeah for getting the bob fixed. I think I use my Bob more than my car.


                            Spike – funny on peeing in the road! Good call on the dog – I would have done the same. Yey for warmer temps. I am so impressed you are out there running. Yey for talking with DH about getting down and being with R. Well done. The t-shirt coach bought me is from Nanaimo bc. It’s got a pic of a whale on so I guess there are whales. She said it was from an airport with about 3 planes and it was slim pickings for choice of shirt. Tell RP your goals or that you will w/u and c/d with her?


                            Rocky – your 3rd tri is not too far away – it’s amazing how time flies. You are doing great eating to hunger by the sounds of it.


                            Jm – well done on your 12m. hope it was peaceful and fun. Enjoy time with your mom and family.


                            Shelby – no idea on milk. I haven’t pumped in well over a year. DS just nurses ithe morning, for naps and at night. He would fall asleep without me I think, but I will wait for him to call the shots on weaning. Oh and it’s great for bumps and bruises. Like today when he missed the door opening and ran straight into the door frame. Kerplop. Hope your school is going ok and you are settling in well.

                            5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


                            Honorary Old

                              eh!- Yes, we have a gym membership but our gym doesn't have childcare so I have to find a babysitter if I want to go to the gym. Plus I hate the old broke-dick treadmills at my gym with the burning fire of a thousand suns, so a stroller run is much more pleasant to me. I made stirfry pretty often- I like to season it with garlic (I like ginger, but DH hates it), red pepper, pepper, soy sauce, maggi sauce, and sesame oil. If you put the onions, garlic, and red pepper in the oil for a few seconds first before adding the other veggies it will infuse the oil with their flavors. Wait to add the sesame oil until the end of cooking because its a low smoke point oil and the flavor will break down if you add it too early.

                              2 Mile: 17: 11   5k PR: 27:45    5 Mile: 44:11    10K: 59:01    Half: 2:15:59     Marathon: 5:50:07




                              Honorary Old

                                Bermy- if I tell RP that its a tempo run, she will be on board. Yesterday she was low energy, so I think she will be better today if she plans her eating better for running. I have been through Nanaimo many times, that's where the big ferry terminal is on Vancouver island. Its so beautiful there. The Orca whales summer in Puget Sound/Straight of Georgia so we would see whales there a lot when we were salmon fishing. I haven't been fishing in Canada since I was 15, but its really awesome. My dad guides on the Columbia River now, so if I fish I go by the Tri Cities. Actually, I think the last time I went fishing was in Alaska in 2008- I feel bad asking my dad to fish on his days off, but once R is a little bigger I'm sure my dad will love taking him.

                                2 Mile: 17: 11   5k PR: 27:45    5 Mile: 44:11    10K: 59:01    Half: 2:15:59     Marathon: 5:50:07