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    Shelby - I hope you find a way to fit your 10 miler in. Is this on the pfitz 18/55 plan? I think I recall you saying you were going to do that one.


    Jmmiller - Ha, I like your improvised ice bath in the ocean. I hear you on being dependent on your phone. I shattered the screen of mine about a month ago and had to rush and get a new one asap. The phone itself was still working, so I could hear text messages coming in but couldn't read them, which was making me crazy!


    Spike - I can't even count how many roadside pees I have done. For some reason I always have to stop and pee about 1k into my long runs and then I'm fine. It is rather frosty on the butt at this time of year!


    Running eh - My DD is definitely not shy! At any group thing I take her to, she is always the loudest baby/toddler there. I think she is going to be a handful. I'm training for a March half marathon right now. Do you have any races coming up?


    Rocky - Why were you surprised that DH liked your stir fry? Is he normally a picky eater?

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      Ugh...I just had a super long post typed up and hit backspace three times and it took me back on the page 3 times thus deleting my post.  RWOL would at least warn you about leaving the page.  Crap.


      Anyway, my post was all about how I feel like the DH in the situation that Spike/Rocky are talking about.  I am involved with J, but not there as much as DH is.  They  have it figured out without me and I feel like they don't "need" me there.  It actually makes me really sad to feel not needed during the evenings.  The other night, we were giving J a bath and I hung out with J while he played and DH came in and just did the rest while I just sat there.  I know I could have said something, but really truly felt unneeded.  Part of it is my fault for not putting the iPad away while we are in the living room.  BUT, my response to DH is his "thing " is to watch TV.  Mine is words with friends and FB at night.  Why should I give up my "thing" when he doesn't have to give up his.  Why should I only get an hour a night (from 8-9) to wind down from the day.  He doesn't have to make a lunch, shower, set out an outfit, pack his running bag, and, um, just maybe grade papers or do other work stuff.


      Now I feel like I am whining.  We are all busy people and I need to not be selfish and put the iPad away.


      I guess more than anything, it is good that you are telling your DH's that even though they aren't there 100% of the time they are a good dad.  I don't get that from DH.  Not that he doesn't think it, but he doesn't say it.

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        Shelby – How much does H weight.  I am fixated on this because H is 1 month younger than J and J is on the small end too.  I worry because he is the smallest kid in his daycare class.  Yesterday his teacher told me he wanted to eat all day and that made me feel better.  He ate a terrible dinner though.  I hope you are/were able to get your run in.  How the heck do you find time to run so many high mileage days?  You are a supermom!


        Jm – Great job on the 12 miles…I wish I could say I stuck my legs in the ocean.  I could go stick mine in Lake Michigan but then I would probably have frostbite…lol.  I hope you have a fun day with your mom and kids go somewhere fun for lunch.


        Spike – Glad you got your 4 in.  Does R like the stroller?  J loves it and was trying to get in it the other day like he wanted to go out in it.  I don’t have a weather shield and it was much too cold and dark by then.  I think I might try to take him tomorrow or the next day.  Go glad you and DH are having good talks.  Did DH agree with your recommendations about him getting on the floor with R?  Luckily my DH is always on the floor with J…I think my DH instigates a lot of the horse play with J…lol…DH loves being a big kid.


        Eh! – I am glad it was your decision to go PT…does it feel better/are you more in control of home stuff now?  I hope it works out for you!


        Rocky – Your pregnancy is going so fast…can’t believe you will be 24 weeks already.  Crazy.  Too cute about Em signing.  J has just this week started saying woof woof every time he sees a dog…it is too cute.  Glad DH liked your stirfry.  I hope you and Em have a fun girls night tonight!


        Bermy – You are much too kind!!  I do all my runs alone.  I would kill for an RP with or without a stroller.  I am even begging some kids to run with me but so far no luck.  Boo!  Enjoy the run today.


        Mer – My DH feels EXACTLY like you.  He always says “I know you can do this alone just fine but can you please make me feel like I am needed and/or included?”  Yes, I can but I get frustrated because he waits for me to do things and then asks to help.  I wish he would show some inniative sometimes.  He is getting better.  I also wished he didn’t ask me 100 questions about when to bathe, how to bathe, etc, etc.  I don’t think DH has every given J a bath on his own.  Luckily though…J loves dada and when he is home he wants to play with dada ALL THE TIME!!  I get hurt feelings a bit because I am the one that takes care of him and does most of the feeding, bathing, etc. and then he drops me like a bad habit when DH is home.  LOL…I guess I am just the maid and not the fun playmate.


          spike - Yep, they are staying the night.  It should be interesting.  None of us really get along with his wife but we try very hard to be civil.  She on the other hand...  And to comment on the thing about your DH....that was really sweet of him recognizing how hard you work.  When DH lived with us, it was his job to do the dinner/bathtime routine.  I didn't help at all so that they could have their boy time together.  It also gave me some time to cook dinner Smile


          ernie - Yep, its the pfitz 18/55 plan.  So far so good but of course school hasn't started yet....  We will see how next week goes.

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            jen - He weighs 21 lbs (at 14 mos).  He dropped a little on the growth curve after that bout of diarrhea.  I have always been concerned but the doctors never have been.  I guess some babies have to be at the small end, right?  I wouldn't worry too much.  J sounds so advancved in all other aspects.

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              Sorry for all of the separate posts.  Just got off the TM...ran 7.5 mi and I was sooo bored.  It felt so hard but mostly I think because I was bored.  I still need to go 2.5 mi but am feeling very unmotivated.


              I am kind of nervous for my brother's visit.  He and I have had a rocky relationship for a while.  It was actually going well...and then he met his wife.  They were very young and my brother was enlisted military.  They knew each other for 3 months before they got engaged.  I found out of the engagemnt on fb which I was furious about.  I expressed to both of them how hurt I was.  Then a few months later they secretly got married, again without telling anyone.  His wife is always trying to start things and has really pulled my brother away from the family.  She grew up in a very dysfunctional family and if I could use one word to describe her it would be scrappy.  I am terrified they are going to tell us they are pregnant but they are still young and immature, she is 22 I think.  All of their friends, who are OLDER, are having babies so I am worried they see this and want to do it too.  The problem is their relationship is still not great.  My brother just got back from deployment and they very recently had a fight where she threatened to divorce him (she likes to do this when they fight).  Ugh...I just hope the visit goes smoothly and they don't have baby news.  I wouldn't wish fertility problems on anyone...except for maybe her.  I realize this makes me a terrible SIL.

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                Shelby - That is exactly what J weighs at 15 months.  He is also shorter which I am not sure why since I am 5'6 and DH is 6' but I am sure he will grow just fine.  The doctor hasn't been concerned either about J just me worrying at usual.  The doctor said as long as he isn't losing too much weight that he is fine.  Since he is so active I think that attributes to his not gaining much.  He is constantly dancing and running around.  Today when we got to daycare he was in the entry way with some other kids and he just started dancing and bouncing up and down...the daycare ladies were cracking up.


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                  Rocky/Jen/Mer/Shelby- I try really hard not to jump in and take over. I also try to dump R on him when I get the chance (this sounds bad, but its the best way to get DH to pitch in- make myself busy with something else and put DH in charge of child entertainment). DH got home from work last night as I got home from my run- I took care of unbundling R while DH got settled in after work, and once he was done I just handed R over to DH and asked him to take over the diaper change/jammies nighttime stuff while I showered. It was nice not having to worry about R running around slightly unsupervised and having to take the world's fastest shower after my run. When I got out, he and DH were Skyping grandpa and playing- very sweet.  If DH is home, I often try to do chores around the house and ask him to keep R out of harm's way and entertained while I do laundry/vacuum/clean the bathroom/fix lunch etc etc- the key is now I need to make sure he's actually interacting with R and not just monitoring him over the top of the laptop screen.   R loves his Mama, but his one true love is his Godmother- she gets wild and crazy and plays with him til he collapses from exhaustion- both mama and daddy are chopped liver when we are in godmother Trudy's presence.


                  Shelby/Jen- R is 25th% for both height and weight (I want to say he was 22 something lbs at 18 mos) and 90th for head size. He was only 5 lb 10 oz at birth though (a week overdue too!), so I know he's just going to be on the smaller side as a child like I was- I really sprouted up in Middle School.


                  Ernie- My pee stop was at the end of my run, less than a mile from home. I joked with RP that I had to pee because of all the mist I breathed in during our run.

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                    eh - LOL about the 3rd child.  Em didn't clap or point at stuff like other kids her age because, well, DH don't clap or point at stuff so she never saw it demonstrated.  But we clap and point at stuff all the time now, we're allowed, we have a toddler!  evil grin.


                    Stirfry Short Version:

                    Assorted Veggies - cook 8-9 min in oil of med to med-high heat.

                    Cup of chopped cooked meat (if using)

                    Add 2 eggs + 2 TBSP soy sauce (ratio is one egg to 1 TBSP of soy sauce so scale up or down depending on how many servings.


                    Cook veggies first in the pan - add meat to heat for a min or two - add egg/soy sauce mixture - continue cooking & stirring for another min or two until egg is cooked.  Taste.  Add a little more soy if you want.  Serve over rice or noodles.



                    Stirfry Narrative Version:

                    on the stirfry.  It is really simple.  I put veggies in some oil (i used canola).  The veggies were a frozen "Stir-fry" mix of broccoli, red peppers, carrots, onions & water chestnuts.  On sale for about $1.  In the future I'll just chop my own, but I had it so I used it.  I cooked those, then added about a cup or so of cooked shredded chicken and heated through.  It took 11 min to cook everything from opening the bag to putting it on the plate.


                    Once everything was heated through I added 2 eggs beaten and about 2 TBSP of low sodium soy sauce, beaten together.  We have sesame seed oil, so added some dashes of that & some fire flakes for DH.   But really all you need are eggs & soy sauce no other seasons unless you're feeling adventurous.  The frozen stirfry bag was just veggies, no "sauce" or seasoning.  Dump it on the stirfry veggies & chicken while it's over medium to medium-high heat and cook/stir until the egg is cooked and evenly distributed.


                    Serve over rice.  Done.


                    I didn't do anything to the rice other than cook it in the rice cooker with some chicken stock.  I put soy sauce on the table for anyone who wants it a little bit saltier.  I'm sure you could really fancy it up, but 15 min over the stove for a meal is awesome!  (not counting rice cooking time of about 20 min while I was changing out of work clothes, feeding dogs, etc.)  In the future I think I'll chop veggies the nice before and have a little leftover bag of them in the fridge and make this every weekend or so.  You can use with leftover rice too.


                    If you want - you can also add the rice to the pan so it gets some egg & soy sauce too - just up the egg/soy to have enough for the extra volume from the rice.


                    For a quick meal, sometimes I put some rice in the pan, and then whisk together just put one egg, some soy.  Cook and stir until it's cooked and eat (1-3 min). Meal, done. Carbs, protein, salt, easy quick lunch.


                      Spike - Sounds like you are doing all the right things as opposed to me and maybe Mer's DH where we still go about our routine without taking into account the other parent.  I love when DH is there to help I guess I just need to make him feel needed.  However, it is so hard on me to constantly have to switch gears from doing it alone, to having Dh, to going back to doing it alone.  The first alone day is usually a disaster...lol.


                      As far as weight...I guess I should realize that J has come far from his birth weight too...and is probably gaining just as much as others but he only weighed 5lbs 7 oz at birth and came home from the hospital slightly under 5lbs...so hard to believe he was that small once.  There are 2 girls in his daycare class that were born 1 day earlier and they are bigger than him but they were both over 8lbs at birth.  So it makes sense.


                        RR2: I emailed my nashville rwol lurker to see if she was up for running whilst I was there this week but she is injured. She has done some WICKED fms including in the crazy nasty brutally hilly park which I want to live by. Respect. She suggested going for a walk with the boys and showing me the local running stores. OOHHHH YYEEAAAHHH. Then DH said "it's going to be colder in Nashville. Let's go to Lululemon and get you some nice running gear". I nearly dtd with him there and then. The way to a supermom's heart.


                        NRR2: DS and i went to the zoo this morning- the lady, again, didn't charge us entry. We were the only people in the zoo. DS had a blast with the animals today. I do worry about that zoo - the monkeys that roam around along the walkways remind me of the movie "Virus".


                        NRR3: must pack. Have made a list and am doing final bits of laundry.


                        NRR4: have made our house short list and sent it to the realtor. I think we have 30 and the realtor has them all booked in and lined up. She is my kinda girl. Will update you on progress. I am very instinctive and visual. I will just "know" when I see the one. I hope it is early on and we can spend 4/5 days pottering around Nashville.

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                          Rocky - I make something similar with a bag of fresh all ready chopped stirfry veggies and I buy a stirfry seasoning packet that you just add water and soy sauce too.  I never thought of the egg...I may try that.  Thanks!


                          Honorary Old

                            Bermy- good luck house hunting. LOL about nearly jumping DH's bones over lulu Smile


                            Crap! I forgot I made a Dr appt for R on Friday after work and I scheduled a run... That means two trips to Moses Lake two days in a row and running in the dark instead of a fun daylight run. Oh well, time to put on my big girl panties and do it! I will have DH take over with R once I get home, hopefully he's not too distraught after his shots. These are the last shots he has to get until 2015!

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                              Bermy - Have a great trip.  You are so super organized!  I am glad your relator is too.  I HATE looking at houses.  I am like you...I just know but I feel bad saying no lets go since they took time to set it all up.  But when you have to see that many houses you don't have time when you know you hate it.  I hope you find a killer house!!!  Glad your RW lurker is going to take you around...how awesome.  Can you come to Michigan and hang out with meSmile  Can you all come here and hang out with me!!


                                jen - tell DH to job hunt in Nashville. Then you can run the hilly park with me... although I need 3mo head start with the stroller to keep up with you. Keep posting on the forum, keep sharing on fb. It really helps me too! Big hugs lady x

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