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MA runner girl


    PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15

    MA runner girl

      RR: 4 cold and windy miles yesterday, but they were outside! Yay! Rest day today. I'm heading to the Chiro after work for a much needed adjustment and the gym is going to be too insane by the time I would get there. It's ok, I'm so sore anyways that a rest day is probably necessary.


      PGR: 28w3d. So I guess my body is not ok with marathon cleaning days anymore. After just a few hours of cleaning yesterday my back started killing me. Ugh! It feels a little better this morning after sleeping, but I am looking forward to an adjustment. In other news, we picked out our nursery color last night. It's a pale, but bright blue. Very excited! DH started clearing out the room, which was our office, and moving things into our guest room yesterday. Both rooms are kind of in disarray now, drives me nuts! Can't wait to see it all come together Smile


      NPGR: Back in the office this week. I have been here for less than an hour and I'm already super annoyed... One of my coworkers is going to have to stop coming to me for EVERYTHING and figure stuff out on her own eventually... I'd rather sooner than later at this point. Ugh! (And the worst part is she's at a higher level than me... and getting paid more for me to fix her mistakes. So ridiculous)


      Oh well, gotta stop letting work bother me so much!


      Have a great day!

      PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


        ER: I'm officially changing to ER since I'm no longer running... but no exercise since last Thursday thanks to NER. Boo. Not sure when I'll get back to it... I really wanted to do bodyflow this morning since I haven't been in two weeks but DH wouldn't let me and I needed the sleep.


        PGR: 31w5d. P moved up super high into the right side of my ribs this morning. I could hardly get dressed and had to have DH tie my shoes. I'm still a bit uncomfortable just sitting at my desk. Hopefully he moves soon. He's moving a ton this morning, more squirms than kicks now. I'm trying to scramble to keep a decent wardrobe since a few of my go-to pants aren't really fitting well as my belly is getting even bigger. Luckily I have a few pairs of my sister's pants that were too big before, still pretty big but they'll work for a few weeks. Not looking forward to the weigh-in tomorrow at the doctor's office! Tomorrow I'll schedule all my remaining appointments for this pregnancy, eek!


        NER: Still sick, but functioning. My sore throat has morphed into a hoarse voice. I hope this passes soon. I took a nap yesterday afternoon and then even though I was exhausted had a hard time falling asleep last night. DH would hardly let me do anything yesterday, which was pretty nice. He took over a lot of chores since I did everything for a few days while he was sick. Hopefully we can get healthy and stay healthy for awhile. I can't remember who mentioned yesterday... but we haven't been continuously sick. We all got the stomach bug right after thanksgiving and then were good until DH got sick on Christmas Day. We did have some mixed results on potty training A this weekend, so I think she'll be trained eventually, but I don't know if it will be before P is born. But I've officially decided the holiday season is way too long when you have a 3-year-old. She had the mother of all meltdowns last night in spite of having a nap yesterday afternoon. I was very happy to take her to daycare this morning! I'm also somewhat happy to be at work. It got a bit boring sitting in my house for three days. Hope everyone has a nice Wednesday!


          RR- Going for a walk today since I've been sick since Saturday...


          PGR- 38w 3d.... He can come out anytime soon..... I've been sick due to not sleeping and finally took some Tylenol PM the last two nights to help me sleep which is helping me get over my cold faster but I'm getting woke up in the middle of the night due to contractions. Starting to get really annoyed...


          NPGR- Everything is PGR right now. Just waiting for my lil guy to make his debut. I'm tired of cleaning the house and people asking me "so how do you feel".... Obviously I'm done over it and I'll let everybody know when he gets here. I'm kinda grouchy today as I'm feeling really nauseous and have lost any want to eat... Cry Is it almost over with?


          MA- Have fun getting the nursery ready. We finally finished hanging all the pictures and putting everything away on Sunday. YAY for it being done!!


          Monk- Happy to hear that your feeling better. DH wouldn't let me do anything over the weekend due to being sick too. It was actually kinda nice to be able to have him clean instead of me. Hope you continue to feel better.


            MA: Big YAY for the outdoor run this morning! Good luck converting your office space into the nursery. We're ALLLLMOST done with that task too (I'm in no big rush, as the LO will be in a bassinet near the bed for the first little while).  Sorry to hear about annoying coworkers who can't figure stuff out on their own.


            monk: So sorry to hear you're still sick! Good luck with maternity clothes scramble. Hopefully there are some pants on sale you can get that'll last for the remaining weeks.




            PGR: 37w3d. Up at 3:30 with acid reflux, fell asleep around 5... Bleh. I have my doc appointment today to create a birth plan and to test for bacteria. But prior, I have a prenatal massage, so YAY.  I should find out later this week if I qualify for maternity benefits (I'm a complicated case since I worked full time earlier last year, then quit to start my own business). Also packed the hospital bag yesterday.


            ER: Will do the DVD in the next hour or so. Watched the tracy anderson post pregnancy workout to see what I'll be getting myself into - looks pretty hard core on the abs (which is fine). Should set me up well as a supplement to my running, which i can't WAIT to get back into.


            NPGR: Lots of people are back to work now, so I'm getting emails from foggy brained people who don't remember conversations from 2012. Ha!


              Crosspost with Tay:  Ugh, I hear you on the grouchy and being unable to sleep.  Hope you feel better soon!


                ER: I'm with Monk here. No longer running, so ER is more appropriate. Walked another 5 miles with DH yesterday. I love it when he does the workouts with me. Makes it easier to get motivated. Not sure about today. I was thinking of doing Jillian, but the cold I have been fighting to stave off may finally be winning... Ugh! And now DH is sick, so that means I'll be on my own.


                PGR: 29w6d. Midwife at 3 today. I'm not looking forward to the scale, but it's always exciting to hear the heartbeat. I also like it b/c she checks the baby's position. I think it is still head down, but it's hard to tell. I think it is usually the butt I feel pushing on my stomach, but she'll know better. Does anyone know when you start getting internal exams again? Not looking forward to those. This is the first of my "every two weeks" exams. Crazy I'm here already...


                NPGR: House cleaning like crazy today. Although after hearing about MA's experience I'm not so sure I'll get done as much as I want. I'm starting in the closet in a bit to hopefully clear out a lot of clutter and make space for baby stuff. We had a baby shower over Christmas and a lot of the stuff is still sitting in the car because we have no room for it. I'm hoping to get space cleared so that I can take the junk to Goodwill after my appointment.


                MA: Nice job on 4 miles! The nursery sounds like it will be so great. Sorry about work problems. My job gets me so worked up too! DH is always telling me to try and relax.


                Monk: Hope you continue to recover and that work is not too stressful so it can be a nice change from being home. Knock yourself out with benadryl tonight. Works wonders for me when I'm sick, and the midwife said it's safe!


                Tay: SO sorry you are feeling frustrated and emotional (and sick on top of it all!). I hope your LO comes soon so that you can get rid of the extra bodily discomfort. I'm looking forward to being more uncomfortable, b/c then I might actually want to have the baby instead of just being terrified!


                YJPM: Yuck to acid reflux! It's the worst. Enjoy the massage. Sounds so wonderful right now! Hope your maternity benefits work out. The self-employed/small business stuff can be a challenge. I know b/c my dad has one. Good luck!


                  Good morning!


                  MA - love your running (insert envy emoticon!); sounds like you timed your chiro appt just right with your back; will you post a pic of your nursery when done? It'll feel so good to get the room organised. We are getting the room re-carpeted next week so I am getting antsy about organising it as I will be at 37 weeks (and if CJ can have hers at 37 weeks, well, it just makes it all a little more real!)


                  Monk - enjoy getting back to a normal day, glad to hear you are getting over being sick, blergh. I realised yesterday that I am pretty much down to one pair of work pants and trackpants til LO comes (unless my 3rd pair of pants were just needing more of a "post-wash" stretch yesterday Smile  Wink.


                  Tay - sorry to hear you've been sick; with contractions being around at least you know LO is thinking about coming??? (sorry guess that isn't THAT reassuring at this point) Nice of your DH to make you rest over the weekend though. Sounds like you need to tape a sign to your forehead saying "I'm doing fine, the baby is due ANY MOMENT" to save repeating yourself (either that or you just need to avoid people!)


                  YJPM - I hope you get as much EI as you can rather than them skimp out on you over a minor change in circumstances last year...and I hope the doc appt goes well, not many of those left hey? Enjoy the massage!


                  LauraG - Thanks so much for your kind words yesterday, it's nice to have someone with so much experience on the board Smile My DH is pretty good at picking things up quickly/open to change so for next time (?) he should be well and truly on board Smile


                  CJazz - I doubt you are reading this but I'm still in shock that Zeb came right at 37 weeks! Then last night i was thinking...hmmm, 37 weeks was when CJ was going to start running again...did you manage to get a run in before labor?? Big grin




                  PGR - 36w2d. REALLLLY  hoping I don't have a UTI coming, it's been a long time since I had one but with all my Christmas sugar eating I wouldn't be totally surprised...I'll down the water today like someone else did (Monk? MA?) a few weeks ago and hope that feeling goes away...the maternity shoot seemed to go pretty well, unfortunately the "fine weather" forecasted this week is sitting ABOVE the 1000ft of fog which is currently smothering everything so it'll be interesting to see how the shots turn out. Getting some more "intimate" solo shots done today as I'd like  record of how my body changed. M/w appt tomorrow.


                  ER - swam 2.5km yesterday and just a 10min water run as I ran out of time after getting chatting to another swimmer...today...hoping to squeeze in a cardio elliptical/stepper workout at the gym if I can.


                  NPGR -  I decided being cheapskate Tuesday (we tend o call it tighta$$e" Tuesday) we should go to the movies last night as it has been a long time, so DH and i went to see Skyfall; we both really enjoyed it, they've replaced the old characters quite cleverly.


                  NPGR2 - Am going to try making a meatloaf today from the book "4hr Chef" (recommended read, quite amusing) - it involves flattening out the meat mix, then rolling a mix of spinach and cheese up in the middle before baking...Mmmm.


                  NPGR3 - IF the fog clears DH has moved his schedule a bit so he WILL take me flying for a short flight just after lunch - yay! I just really don't think there will be many weather (or body) opportunities after this...


                    Happy 2013 ladies! Sorry I've been absent - not good at getting online at home...


                    MA - Yay for clearing out baby's room! Frustrating about the coworker who keeps asking for help.


                    monk - I hope you feel better soon! I chuckled a bit at your post on FB about sending A to daycare in the morning - I'm sure with being sick, potty training attempts, and a major meltdown, it was time for a break.


                    tay - You are getting so close! I hope you can get some good sleep.


                    YJPM - I hope your maternity benefits get sorted out.


                    sasha - Wow, a 5-mile walk is great! I usually have a hard time motivating DH for 2, so I just go on my own.


                    Ozzy - I hope the fog clears so you can enjoy your flight - I hope you don't have a UTI.


                    PGR: 20w1d. Halfway - crazy! u/s on Friday. I've been feeling down about my weight gain...just trying to remind myself it's good for the babies... DH and I registered yesterday since the invites for my friend shower will probably be going out shortly. DH loves the registry gun and always takes it over.  I think he registered for 10 boxes of size one diapers - I think he's coming around to the cloth diapering if we can have a service - however, we'd have to have quite the stash of diapers because they only pick up twice a week, so I don't know if it's feasible.


                    RR: Um, nothing for a few days, maybe a walk today after work?  See NRR:


                    NRR: My brother and his family were visiting, so we had Christmas all day Saturday, then had last-minute entertaining on Sunday for the FB game, so had to prep for that, then had them over AGAIN on Monday along with my mom and step-dad for the emotionally-charged get-together, which went fine, and after they left headed over to BILs for a NYE party - I was exhausted and counting down the minutes to midnight just because I knew we could head home shortly after Smile  Yesterday felt really run down with all the entertaining and socializing and spent the day on the couch - I think my body is fighting off sickness, I've had a bit of a sore throat and a goopy eye (gross) and sneezing.


                      Ozzy: The meatloaf sounds amazing! I may have to try that as it sounds high protein. DH specifically asked to cut back on the carbs after Christmas and I've been looking for some new recipes to try since I feel like I use the old staples constantly. He loves them anyway, but that doesn't change the fact that I want to be creative. Smile So thanks for the idea! Great job on the workouts! You're getting SO close and still going strong.


                      TN: Ha! If it wasn't for the Christmas lbs DH gained (not much actually) he probably wouldn't go. Also, he plays ultimate frisbee a lot generally but has sustained numerous ankle and knee injuries and now that ultimate is off for a few weeks he is willing to do less strenuous things to try to stay in shape while allowing things to heal. I guess he thinks walking fits the bill. Smile Nice for me! I know the weight gain is SO hard, but you are so thin and willowy to start with, you should carry it well and look GREAT! Plus, you have two babies as compared to the rest of us!


                        Sasha: I'm having my first internal today at 37weeks, but it might be different for us Canadian folk Smile


                        Ozzy: I'm not on the FB group so I missed CanadaJazz had her baby at 37 weeks?! That's crazy! The day I asked if anyone else heard their sister's birth experience would be similar to their own, she thought it might not be the case because she would then have to give birth early. Crazy! Maybe there is weight to that theory! Anyway - drink lots of water to get rid of any potential UTI, for sure. Happy to hear the pictures went well-ish and enjoy today's flight. I'm blowing air westward to get rid of the fog for you.


                        TNesq: Oh, I hope you're not coming down with something. I'm totally with you on the weight gain. I've gained more than I had hoped so I know it will be a challenge to get back after the LO is born, but we're all active ladies here so we shouldn't be too concerned, really. Happy halfway point! (Or less, I guess, since there are two in there!)


                          PG: 22w3d.  Going baby registry shopping on sat.  I went to buy buy baby last weekend with DH to look at furniture but left feeling overwhelmed.  They didn’t have any bedding I like.  Not a big fan of animals or characters so that really limits me.  I'm making it a day with my mom my and girlfriend and going out to lunch.  I’m also considering registering at Target because BBB is in the next city over and not convenient for some people but they have a HUGE selection of everything!


                          RR:  I might also have to change it to ER.  My Gabriella band gets delivered tomorrow so hopefully I can test it out thur or fri before I officially give up running.  Keeping my fingers crossed for at least a few more weeks of running.  There is a women's 5k in Feb that I would like to do.  You even get a medal and a cute tech shirt!  Tonight bodypump class.  The gym is going to be horrible.  The class was already full now I have to get there early.


                          MA: yay for running outdoors.  I hate the TM.  Good luck with the nursery. 


                          Monk: Hope you find some comfy pants and feel better soon


                          Tay: Enjoy your walk.  It might help lift your spirits.


                          You: enjoy your massage.  I'll have to look into tracy anderson postPG dvd.  I have the insanity dvd set but I think thats too ambitious to try right away....lol. 


                          Sash: Good luck with making room.  I need to start clearing things out so I dont stress out at last minute.



                          Ozzy: at the drug store they have some cranberry supplements that have helped me in the past when I had the feeling a UTI might be coming on.  Not sure for PG?  Thats such an awful feeling.  Hope it goes away.


                          TN: DH was kinda bummed when i told him I was going registry shopping w/o him.  I remember how he was with the wedding registry, also gun happy.  After explaining that we BOTH dont know what we actually need, I dont want to register for stuff we dont need or won’t use.  My friend has 3 kids so she more an expert than we are.  I told him we can go back and pick the nursery stuff and stroller out together.  Oh and he was happy about is picking out his "man" diaper bag. 


                            Ozzy- It is nice knowing that he will be making his appearance sooner than later. I'm trying to keep my spirits up but I'm getting to darn excited to meet him! Thats awesome that you went and saw a movie. At this rate I would have to pee a couple times through out the movie so DH and I have decided to just stay at home and rent movies.. Or watch whats on the DVR so we can pause a lot.. hahaha.


                            You- Enjoy the prenatal massage. Hopefully it will help things to start progressing but if anything it will feel really good. I might have to see if I  can get another one of those anytime soon. As for the sleeping the midwives told me to take Tylenol PM to help. If you get desperate it does work. Just don't do what I did and wait so long to get sleep that you end up getting sick.


                            Sasha- I'm pretty sure its all part of the game of pregnancy. I didn't mind being pregnant for awhile but now I'm uncomfortable and not sleeping and I've decided I would probably get more sleep if I had the LO than if I kept him inside for another month. Plus his movements with him sticking his foot in my ribs is sometimes enough to make me cry. DH can just have his leg resting on me and feel our lil guy moving around. He just sits in amazement.


                            TN- Wow you had a busy weekend!! I actually called in to work on Monday and said that I wouldn't be coming in at all. It was a good idea in the end and I never thought I would be able to sit at home that long but I definitely can. Smile Make sure you take it easy the rest of the week because coming down with a cold is miserable...


                            Mann- Target has a good selection and people access it online if they don't want to order it online. It sounds like your doing awesome with your running. Keep it up! I'm hoping that the walk with just occupy my mind for a little while and move me onto the next day.. I can't wait for Monday!!

                            Laura G in Idaho

                              NPGR:  I had an incredibly sleepless night last night.  Why?  Not because I'm pregnant.   Nope.  My lovely labrador retriever was on an all-night potty schedule, and I was her door opener all night.  I don't have a fenced in yard, or I would have just left her outside.  Well, maybe I wouldn't have left her out.  It is only 11 F overnight here, with daytime highs in the low to mid 20s.  When hubby was leaving for work, he came back in to tell me his battery was dead on his truck and he couldn't pry the hood open for all the ice holding it together.  He wanted me to come out and help him.  Mind you, I had JUST fallen back to sleep after the last doggy outing and was hoping for a little more shuteye before the kids were all awake and the day was underway.  So, I grumpily got outfitted for being out in the freezing cold.  Then, just as I was walking out of the door, DH was coming back in to tell me that he got it opened, so I could go back to sleep.  Well, I let some profanity pass my lips and got dressed down again in hopes of getting just a little more sleep.  Then I slept for 2 more hours!  So, I got a VERY late start on my day today.


                              NPGR2:  So, with my late start, I hustled to get my machines going (I always get laundry, dishes, and possibly a crockpot/rice cooker/bread machine going first thing every day, because it can go while I'm doing other stuff), and feed and water the livestock and collect the eggs before they freeze and crack in their shells. While carrying buckets of water (someone else left the hose undrained, so all the water in it turned to ice... thanks!) to fill the water tanks, I started to feel my blood sugar taking a plunge.  When I got inside, I started to make myself a protein shake.  Somehow, I knocked it over and it spilled all over the crowded countertop, down the cabinets, and onto the floor.  What a mess!  I was feeling all shaky from hunger and low blood sugar already, and the only thought I had was to get some quick and easy calories into my body so I could function enough to get a real breakfast underway, and put on my drill sergeant hat with the kids, but then I made it take much longer with the mess.  I was in tears while cleaning it up.  Yes, I was feeling that pathetic.


                              RR:  Today I am planning a 1 mi run, strength-training sandwich, 1 mi run.  I am going to get to the gym much later than I wanted because of my late and crazy morning, and so now I'm sure it will be more crowded than ever.


                              Maybe I'll get back later today with personals...  if the rest of the day gets better than its start.


                                MA: Sorry about the back pain while cleaning! That will probably continue... hopefully it doesn't get worse! I feel like I'm having more back pain this time, but maybe I'm just not remembering last time. I am carrying lower though and I've gained weight mainly in my belly this time as oppsed to all over last time, so who knows. Have fun doing the nursery! I had so much fun doing A's. I'm bummed that we're in a two-bedroom so I can't do a nursery for P! Luckily A's room is neutral enough (since almost everything else we have for A isn't!)


                                tay: Tis the season for sickness I guess! Sorry you've been down with it too, but YAY for DH's who step up! I'm not looking forward to those questions as I get closer to my due date. Thats something I didn't deal with last time since A was early and since I wasn't working. Seems like the trend on our FB group is to go early, so hopefully you will too!


                                yjpm: I'm hoping I can get by with what I still have of my sister's. She's bigger than me and I've been wearing the shirts she lent me but not the pants. Now that I have a bigger belly, the pants are still loose, but at least they aren't falling down. I can add you to the FB group if you want! Just PM me, are you in the other FB group? If so I can find you there if you want.


                                sashanna: Sorry you've stopped running! You stopped right around the time I did though... and I'm still pretty darn impressed with myself for running to 30 weeks, so you should be too. I don't start every two weeks until tomorrow's 32-week appointment.


                                ozzy: I just don't function well if I don't have enough clothes, lol. Hope you don't have a UTI. At one point a few weeks ago I thought I had one, but then I decided I just felt funny because I wasn't drinking enough water, so hopefully that is the same for you. I'm a little bummed I decided not to do maternity photos, but I've been taking plenty of belly pics along the way. DH and I saw Skyfall when we took off for my birthday a couple weeks ago, we enjoyed it too!


                                TN: For some reason, every day when you post, I can't believe how quickly you're going, even though we're all going at the same rate, lol. The weight gain sucks but its necessary. Sorry about all the family drama over the weekend... at least its over now, right? Seems like we're all fighting sickness, hopefully you can win!


                                mann: Our nursery decor is called "Goodnight Moon." I liked the moon and stars scheme with A and also am not a huge fan of animals or characters. Like I mentioned to MA, I'm sad I don't get to do a whole nursery this time! Though we do need to get a new bed and a new dresser for A, so P can use what she had (since buying a toddler bed is cheaper than a new crib!). I hope the gabrialla band helps you! I got mine I think around 17 weeks and it took away all discomforts for a few weeks and then made the discomforts easier to take. Hopefully it does the same for you.


                                lauraG: Wow. Your descriptions of your days makes me tired. I'm one of 8 kids, so I have some idea the craziness you have, but I can't imagine being the mom! Hope your day has improved!