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    Very warm and windy here in Ohio this morning, but change is a comin!  


    No run for me since I went last night..





    6/8 Hatfield/McCoy Half, 8/18 lake Erie Shores and Islands Half, 9/21 Mighty Niagara Half Lewiston, NY, 10/7 Cleveland Rock & Roll Half 10/6 or Detroit Free Press 10/20, A Christmas Story 5 or 10K Cleveland 12/7, Santa Hustle Half Cedar Point 12/15


    Mighty Mouse

      Hi, fellow booklady! Big grin


      Ginny, do you ever have a hyper extended thumb? It seems to be a library condition. Sad


      Monday was a 50 minute run on the track with some intervals. The interesting thing is that I have a hyper extended thumb that was hurting with little stabbing pains when I left work. The pain was totally gone by about a quarter of a way through the run and has not returned. I was pleased! However, I plan to get something to wear at work that will hold it steady. When I get it under control I shall work on strengthening it. I know it will get aggravated at work but I can baby it a little.

      Track run today. I wish I could have slept in. I'm pooped. :roll:
      Happy runs, All! :hug:



        Morning Ladies!


        Got out for a wonderful run yesterday...fresh legs, cool temps....Life is Good Wink


        Read thru the posts from yesterday, but can't remember everything for personal's.....but I answered in my head LOL!


        LCruns - Yes, I am doing the Resolution Run.  Think I might do the BARC Christmas run too.  Did you get in to Bayshore?  Did you see the route has changed for Great Lakes Bay (The Qualifier)? I think I might do the half this year.


        LisaMMR - You had some great ideas for the virutal run.


        Must get ready for work...hard to do after 2 weeks off  Shocked




          Good morning! Yesterday,  I  did my streak mile and hit the gym for upper body. Today, it's 5. The weather has been outstanding here and I feel particularly grateful when I look at Fairbanks temps where it's colder than 35 below.  100+ degrees warmer here.  I don't know how I did  it all those years!


          Hi, sunshine gator!  You must be in Florida.  Hello to knit queen!  Good to see you.


          LisaMarie, the trail was a paved bike trail. I drive there occasionally because it's flat and it goes along a creek.


          Lisa, my toe  is where the neuroma hurts. It's really shoes that bother it-if I could go barefoot on thick carpet, I'd be fine.  My foot has gotten longer-up 2.5 sizes since I was 20 and like yours, it's also wider.  The wide shoe felt great to walk in but   was a  major fail for running, though I'm not sure why.  So I'm trading them for the usual  Asics.  Speaking of pain, how is your back? BTW, I don't agree that there is no bad weather.  I've been in some.  : )


          Jules, doesn't the track change the direction every other day? Our old gym change from counterclockwise to clockwise on even/odd days.


          Susan and Tessa, it would be fun to get together and quilt!  I've been pretty unproductive lately. Susan, Atlanta isn't too far away from you so I'll mention that Ricky Timms, Alex Anderson and Libby Lehman are doing a 2 day workshop in January.  No sewing.


          Sue, the night run sounds interesting, but I think I agree with Tessa about the falls. Congrats!  Weird they had no awards for longer race-you guys earned it.


          Good morning to everyone! 


          Fire Jumper

            Good morning all!


            Hi there early birds - Carol, Ginny and Judy!  


            I'm going to stretch my wings today and see how a run will go a few hours after a core workout.  I have never attempted doing both on the same day. But, it's time to see what this smaller, fitter body can do.  Core at 1pm with Mr. Trainer and Track run with RB at 4:45.  


            Tomorrow, I leave for Belhurst Castle with DH for one of my favorite meetings of the year.  I meet with my Council on Addiction peers from around the state every other month.  But, once a year we get off-season rates at "the castle" and hold our meeting there.  Because it is off season, we get our rooms and the conference room at no more expense than the chain hotels ... and we feel a bit pampered.  It's marvelous.  DH is retired, so he travels with me when he can.  He loves the castle too!  


            Oh, and did I happen to mention that this meeting is held about 10 minutes from a HUGE outlet mall?  woo hoo!


            Have a great day.  I'll check in again after my run.


            5K's and Obstacle Runs

            Goal for 2013:  10K


            Icebreaker Challenge 5K, Girls on the Run 5K, Friehofer's Run for Women 5K, Hero Rush, Warrior Dash Florida, Warrior Dash Eastern NY, Turkey Trot,  Mud Mania, and yet-to-be-decided goal 10K.



              Julie - I love Belhurst Castle! And I'm guessing the mall you're talking about is the outlet mall along the thruway? I so love upstae New York and hope I get back someday.


              Linda - Is Ojai the same place the Housewives of Bevelry Hills just filmed? The epsiode aired just last night and it looked beautiful. hope your knee is holding up.


              Lisa Marie - Margaritas every Friday; mind if I join you!


              Gatsby Bird - Which race is CIM?


              Tracey - I hear you on the teenage son spending time with you. Mine spent ten summers on Cape Cod with just me and his sister, and it was amazing to see how we depended on each other at times for entertainment. If we were home those summers, I'm sure he would have been off with friends and I would have had to worry about where he was going and who he was with. At the age of 22, we just spent the day after Thanksgiving shopping for clothes - his choice for Xmas gifts.


              Breakfast with a friend so I have to go - Dr. later so we'll see about the running!



              LC Runs

                Hi Ladies, busy this morning!


                7.4 miles, great weather outside, oh how I wish the entire winter was like this.  Sigh.


                Judy - enjoy the track run, sorry about your thumb


                Ginny - enjoy your SRD


                Carol - I am planning on Resolution Run, provided the weather is okay!  I did get into Bayshore Half, but only because my Mom pre registered me at the Running Fit store (which is not advertised and she had to pretend she was me).  Next year, I may just plan the 10k since the other races are so expensive and the Half is sooo hard to get into.  I may do the Great Lakes Half, as well!


                Hi Camille - nice gym workout and enjoy the 5!  I could never live in Alaska in the winter lol


                Julie - enjoy the 'work' trip, sounds great!  I love your Avatar, btw.  Not sure if it was you who asked me, but yes, my picture is from the Warrior Dash in 2011.


                Hi Carolyn!!

                  Good Morning!  5 miles this morning.  It is 66F!  And steamy!!  Crazy weather.


                  I fixed the cowl scarf I was knitting for Mom.  Sunday night I thought I had hit the critical limit of too many mistakes, and thought i would have to start over. I was so upset I didn't sleep well.   It took me a week to knit so far and I am maybe 60% done.  Decided to try to unknit (tink--knit backwards) the mistakes.  Took all evening, but I am back in business!!  Yay !!! Slept much better.   Knit Queen, we need to get together--are you on Ravelry?


                  Lisa Marie--we all had headlamps on the trail.  The heavy mist looked like a blizzard reflecting off the lights. 


                  Running Sis--hope you feel better today.


                  Camille--Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims did that same class in New Orleans last January.  I couldn't go--spent all my money on races and DS2's tuition!  It would be fun to meet at something like that.


                  Going to pilates - yoga class after work.  I don't know if that is aggravating my lower back or strengthening it. 


                  Have a great day!!


                    The weather was so nice, and I didn't have time to go to the gym, so what started as a walk became an easy run.  It felt soooo good, I want to do all of my runs at this pace!  Big grin  3 miles in 37 mins - it was awesome!


                    Yesterday was a 4 miler in just over 40 mins, but my right heel was aggravated.  Icing seemed to make me more achy, so I'm going to stick with stretching, massage & hot water/epsom salt soaks.


                    I'm loving this weather, but the downside is that the flu is widespread in SC (we live a mile from the border), so it's only a matter of time before Charlotte gets hammered with it.  We got flu shots, and I'm preaching about washing hands... the only ones I'm worried about are Evie & the baby. I'm sure that with the general ickiness of the flu, it would cause her blood sugar to go bananas - I just don't want that for her.  Sad



                      Smile  Good Morning Ladies,


                                 I want to say THANK you for the warm welcomes yesterday, much appreciated.  After yesterday's slower easy walking/run with my son, I was out on my own this morning for my local out and back 5 miler. Barely walked at all, except for busy road crossing but today it was SO SLOW, not as slow as yesterday's run, but close.  Could be the strange high humidity or that I'm just tired today, or maybe both.

                        Not too worried about time right now, it was an easy run, so just getting in the distance, but WHEW.. I'm wiped now..

                         I had a client to train at 5:30 AM this morning, then took my youngest to school, then ran.  NOW... hmmm. I might nap a bit. (Probably should shower first though) Wink


                         These emoticons are silly. Wish they had more, I really LOVE using emoticons. But oh well......


                         Everyone have a SUPER day today, I don't think I can keep up with so many personals but I want to wish EVERYONE on here a Happy Running Day!!


                       Someone asked me yesterday if I was from Florida ( SunshineGator)  sounds like it huh.. My husband grew up in South Florida and his parents and brother still live there.  Michael always has called me Sunshine, and he used to be Gator on the forums in Runner's World, so it just fit.


                        LCRuns: So.. how has life been treating you girl??  Sounds like your running is still going well... missed you.


                        Just getting to read everyone's posts from yesterday but to THOSE ladies who haven't started their Spring Marathon plans yet, whatcha waiting for?  Wink What marathons are you doing?   Sorry can't remember who told me that yesterday, and If I go and check  I will lose my post.


                       Going now to figure out HOW to post a picture.










                          Judy, not sure what a hyperextended thumb is (joint in the middle of the thumb or joint at the base of the thumb?), but certainly as runners we are familiar with the hyperextended middle finger...


                          I would suggest you stop hitchhiking. (joke!)


                          Warm and windy, Ginny? I suspect that will change indeed.


                          Carol, hi, is it difficult to be back after two weeks in the Caribbean? (Stupid question.)


                          Camille, Fairbanks is 35 below? I cannot fathom such temperatures.


                          Hi Julie, you can do both on the same day. Even in the same session. If you are doing both at once, I would recommend trying out different orders to see which you would rather do first, cardio or strength.


                          Carolyn, don't know about the housewives, but Ojai is indeed lovely. And it has a marathon starting there and going downhill to Ventura beach...


                          CIM = California International Marathon. Starts in Folsom, ends at the state capitol. Net downhill and (most years) a good BQ course. Not this year, though, since it was apparently pouring and gusting most of the race.


                          Laura, around here the weather IS like that all winter. However, we pay for it in the summer. Congratulations on the mileage. Sneaky mom registering you for Bayshore!


                          Susan, glad you got that cowl fixed. Careful with the yogalates if it might be aggravating your back.


                          AmyDel, sorry about the flu being all around, glad you got the flu shots and that you got in a run. Did you get the bank issues straightened out?


                          Hi Tracey! I think you can import other emoticons. Judy is good at that.


                          4 with running neighbour this morning, no coyote sightings but we did see an owl. More running at lunch, I need to keep ahead of holiday eating!


                          Happy runs, everyone.

                          Anonymous Guest

                            So I think I've been fighting a cold the last couple of days. Have been really tired, but attributed it to the hard effort (and getting up at 4:45 that morning) of Saturday's race. Yesterday I started getting a little bit of a sore throat, with a little coughing this morning. I used to never catch colds, but this will be my third one this year! I got one when we were in Spain in March, I got one about 3 weeks before my 50 miler in August, and now another one. At least I this one isn't affecting vacation plans like the other two did, but sheesh!


                            Anyway, I'm blaming the cold for my lack of personals the last couple days. I have been reading, but haven't been able to keep my eyes open long enough to write a reply.


                            Julia, I hope you slept in today! I can't imagine having your work schedule and still fitting in running.


                            Gatsby, thanks for the RR on CIM. I would like to run that one year, but am glad this year was not the year I decided to run it! I don't remember if you said where in CA you live? We lived in the Bay Area (lived in Concord, I worked in Oakland) for several years before moving back to the east coast in 2000. We absolutely loved it there.


                            Tracey, good to see you girl!! So, did you and Michael end up in PA? Sounds like you're doing really well - so glad to hear it!


                            Ginny, looks like I'll be a no go on the Santa half. I think I need a couple easy weeks, and DH didn't seem too excited to go to Ohio. Since it's his mom that lives there, if he's not excited to go, I'm not going to push it. But I will bring it up again just in case.


                            Carol, welcome back from vacation. 


                            camille, I did see your post the other day about the Garmins. I don't think you'd go wrong with either one. Heh, I'll keep on the lookout for races on thick carpeting for you Smile.


                            Julie, that does sound like a fun meeting. And I think you'll do fine with a core workout and a run the same day. You're turning into an athlete, my dear.


                            AmyDel, glad to see you running again. I promise to keep my hacking self up here and away from Evie and the little guy.


                            Tessa, your coyote sighting the other day would have really freaked me out! Did you end up hitting 300 miles for November?


                            Lisa-Marie, thanks for the short intro. I lived in TX right out of college (went to work for Exxon) - a year in Houston and two in Dallas. Turns out we will be moving back to TX end of 2014 - beginning of 2015 timeframe. The Woodlands area - they are closing DH's building in Fairfax, VA and moving everyone down to the new campus in the Woodlands. I plan to not look very hard for a job once we move...


                            crazysue, the night race sounded fun until the end! Some nice warm soup would have been good. Glad you were able to salvage the scarf for your mom!


                            Judy, hope the track run goes well.


                            Laura, you are so consistent. We are getting sunny and 70 today, so you guys must have had nice weather the last few days.


                            Carolyn, hope the doctor visit brings good news!!


                            Okay, a brief RR from Saturday's half. This is the second year for this race. I ran it last year, they missed a couple of turns on the course and it was short (12.7-12.8 miles). It still took me 2:07 I think to finish. This year the course was certified, and I've been running so much better. It's a hilly course, but I set my PR (1:52:35) on a very similar course in Annapolis in June, and I've gotten faster since then, plus it was hot and humid then and nice and cool on Saturday. DH asked what my goal was and I told him I'd be happy to break 1:50, but I really wanted 1:45. Several months ago I looked at my calendar and on one of the days I'd written "1:45". I couldn't remember why I wrote that, so I posted it on facebook, asking jokingly if anyone knew what I was supposed to be doing at 1:45 that day. One of my friends came back with "half marathon predicted time" and I laughed and said in my dreams. I was thinking of that when I said I wanted 1:45.


                            I was up at 4:45 Saturday morning. Race didn't start until 7, but there were parking issues and traffic jams last year so I wanted to get there before 6. Left home around 5:15 and got there about 5:50. Drank coffee, played on my phone and just hung out in my car until the start. It was 36 degrees out, so I didn't want to go outside. They had three corrals, one for 8:00 minute miles or faster, one for 8-10 minute miles, and one for the rest. I lined up at the back of the first corral. I think the hardest part for me was going out at what was my 10k pace 6 months ago and believing I could hold it for 13 miles. But I did! Not a single mile that started with an 8. The race starts and finishes at the Naval Academy football stadium. It wound around through the neighborhoods around there for a couple miles, then went down the main streets downtown to the water, then out over the Naval Academy bridge, up a giant hill, turnaround and down the hill, back over the bridge, a couple little out and backs and then the finish. It was a nice race and the weather was great for running. About 40 degrees and foggy. I felt great. Well, for most of it. I was hurting towards the end.


                            The last mile I looked and saw that I was going to easily PR and easily beat even the 1:45 dream. I gave it everything I had trying to maybe even get below 1:40. Last mile was a 7:21 pace, but I couldn't quite pull it off and finished in 1:40:16. I was so excited and happy. I finished, got my medal and water and hat, ran back to my car for a jacket (I wasn't cold but I knew I'd get cold fast) then headed to the food tent. They had this chunky tomato spinach soup that was awesome. Hung around for a few minutes and checked the results, which showed me 4th in my AG! That was another huge surprise - this race had 3,000 runners and over 100 (129 finishers) in my age group. Started to get cold, so I went home. Checked the results online and they had made a mistake and I was actually 3rd in my age group!


                            Okay, so that wasn't very "brief". I guess when I think about it, I'm still pretty excited and happy. I can't believe it, but if I have good weather and a less hilly course, I think I can break 1:40. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I'd be able to do that. 


                            Now I'm off to Target for lunch to buy Zicam and cough drops and tissues. Sigh.


                            Since everyone else is blogging: http://karenrunsfar.blogspot.com/
                            Upcoming Marathons: December 2017 - Mississippi Gulf Coast Marathon, March 2018 - The Woodlands, April 2018 - Boston


                              Quick ck back.  I had a nice run while I got my oil changed and tires rotated.  I found a new flat place to run that'll be great for 4-5 milers-exciting!


                              Tessa, laughed out loud at your comment about the middle finger!


                              Karen, thanks for the report.  I can't imagine getting under 2 so I'm super impressed at your progress.  Awesome job!  Hope you feel better soon!

                                Up and out early this morning for 8 miles.  Legs feeling a bit dead from Sunday's yasso repeats but good to be out there.  Office is volunteering at children's center this afternoon then we have a networking event at a local restaurant. tomorrow will likely rest.


                                Karen-take it easy and get better. all of that effort does a number on immune system.


                                Ginny-warm and windy here too... one of those is destined to change.. unfortunately we know which it is.


                                Judy-sounds like you need a rest too.


                                Carol-I think I may have heard your response!


                                Camille-I do agree that there is some bad weather out there. 


                                Julie-anything with Castle in it sounds lovely.  hope the run went well.


                                Darn.. thought I could get through personals but work beckons...


                                have a great day ladies!