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Time for Tuesday DIVAs (Read 182 times)


    Post em!


      Good morning!


      RR- going for a few miles on the hotel TM in a few after I finish my coffee. Probably 3. 


      NRR- back in ourPA office for a few days. Got here yesterday morning and will be here until Wednesday evening. Got to see a college friend for dinner last night who lives around here so that was great. Today is probably just working, really.  Not much to report here! I'm not taking any extra time off over the holidays but I'm looking forward to having the days off that we do have. I'm really ready for 2012 to be over honestly. Ready for a fresh start. 


      Have a great Tuesday!


        Good morning!


        RR: Heading to the gym for something... probably my only official workout of the week, though I hope to do something at the hotel tomorrow night or Thursday morning and maybe get a couple walks in while we're at the ILs. I'm going to try running this morning, not sure what'll happen with that. My back hurts right now, so we'll see.


        NRR: Ugggh, so we were able to change our plans so I can get off work early tomorrow and we're going to start our trip tomorrow afternoon instead of Thursday afternoon. I'm glad we have the flexibility to do this but I'm annoyed in general because its stressful enough getting ready for a trip in the middle of the week let alone a day early. I don't even really want to go because the original plan (before pregnancy and layoff were on the horizon... so a long time ago) was to actually spend Christmas eve with my family and now we're going to be at ILs even longer. Not to mention I was trying to conserve my vacation time but now thats not going to happen. But whatever... I guess I woke up on the wrong side of the bed or something this morning! I got the photo coffee mugs I ordered last week and they turned out really good, except that some of the colors didn't turn out as nice as they looked on my screen. They're really nice mugs though so I"m sure our parents will enjoy them. Shutterfly surpassed my expectations again with shipping! I have all the presents ready to go for the trip and have to get all packed up tonight and finished tomorrow morning. DH is going to do the loading the car and packing all the extra stuff for the dog and A and stuff. The plan is for DH to pick A up from daycare and me up from work and get going right away. We still need to figure out how far we want to drive and make a hotel reservation.


        We have a little party at our daycare tonight so that will be fun and I don't have to cook! Speaking of not cooking... I worked late yesterday and in addition to all the stuff DH was doing to get ready for the trip, he made dinner and cleaned the kitchen! I could get used to this! I have to get going... I'm super tired this morning and dragging my feet in getting to the gym. Have a great day divas!


          Hey Divas!


          RR: 2 miles after work, then ST I think.


          NRR: 4 more days of work! I think all of our shopping is done. Most of it was amazon, so we're just waiting for things to get here. 


          Monk - glad that DH helped out last night!  


          Jewel - sorry you have to be out of town this week!  How often do you think you'll be going to the PA office?


          I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



            Monk- boo, sorry the weather threw a wrench in your trip plans but I'm glad you could change it around. I hope your run goes well! 


            Sassy- have fun with ST, I need to find something for that. January 1 when this running streak is done I am getting on that. I have to be in the pa office at least twice a month for 3 days each.  So far I've been going every other week. DBF is kind of whiny about being left alone though Sad


              Happy Tuesday!!!


              RR: Running after work with DH tonight. I really need to figure out some races to train for so I have an actual goal. Thanks for all the Chicago/Philly weather related running outfit tips yesterday. I’d like to try to run twice in each area next week.


              NRR: We went to the neighborhood holiday party yesterday. It’s crazy! Our neighborhood is about a mile loop with mostly houses on the inter-coastal or on the “creek” (totally not really a creek as we can easily take our 26’ in board boat through there). About everyone that lives there has been there for 30+ years and were all engineers at the company I work for now, since retired. Very few young people are there, and they all were super friendly and all knew each other. I’ve never lived in a neighborhood where everyone was actually nice, and knew each other!


              OJ: I hope the hotel TM isn’t too bad to run on. Agreed on 2012 being over. It’s been a rough year here too.


              Monk: Have a good trip. Just be excited you get to take so much time off from work!


              Sassy: I need to get back into ST. I hope you have a great 2 miles.


              Have a great day ladies!

              MA runner girl

                Morning ladies!


                RR: Well last night I got to the gym, changed into my bathing suit and realized I forgot my towel. Duh! So I walked 2 miles on the TM instead. Tonight is a 3-4 mile run, outside hopefully, though it's supposed to still be raining, boo.


                NRR: Tired this morning! I seem to be able to wake up ok on Mondays, and then the rest of the week I can't get my butt out of bed. Need to get to bed earlier. Last night I made chili for dinner and then frosted some cookies and cleaned the kitchen up. I didn't finish until 10, yikes! More of the same tonight, making chicken stir fry, yum!


                Jewel - Seems like you need the extra time off! I hope you have a good trip in PA. Nice that you got to see your friend from college!


                Monk - So nice that DH cooked and cleaned up! My DH will cook sometimes, but it's rare that he cleans up after! I'm sorry your plans got all changed up, I hope you can still have a fun holiday!


                Sassy - Nice that you are done shopping! I hope all the packages get there on time. Woo for 4 days of work! I can't wait for a long weekend.


                Have a great day!

                PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16

                MA runner girl

                  PO - I figured we were crossing! That's nice that your neighborhood is so friendly! We have a few friendly neighbors but not really as a whole. We would never have a neighborhood party like that!!

                  PRs: 5k - 21:22, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 3:37:16


                    Morning ladies....


                    OJ: Bummer about work travel... Safe Travels.


                    Sassy: Yay for the shopping being done.  ST?? YAY for 4 days!


                    Monk: Have a good gym workout


                    MA:  Can you send some dinners this way? LOL




                    RR: Rest day yesterday, today is 6 4 at tempo.


                    NRR: FInally, got out a number of xmas cards. I ran out of stamps, so the rest of the DIVAs will get them soon. Oh, and the DIVAs that are getting or got none pictured cards, I resent you a pictured one. M is erupting to teeth, so we been a little cranky and up at night (nothing big or long) She is just uncomfortable.  With M sleeping more, Mommyhood has taken a whole new outlook. I mean seriously.  Running on 4 hours of sleep for 11.5 months is pretty exhausting. Now, I am getting a little restless, so I think I am going to spend some time really trying to find some work. To help keep my mind busy. OMG! I finally picked up my nook again. Its been 9 months since I did that!


                    QOTD: Odd non running question It has been suggested to me that I need to find something to do outside of running to help during stressful times. Kinda like keep busy but mentally sort through items. I used to knit and was thinking about doing it again. I am wondering if you ladies have anything you do, if so what is it?


                      good morning ladies! having a crazy snow storm here that no one was anticipating. :S


                      RR: 3.33 miles this morning in the snow. it was nice and peaceful and thankfully not too slippery. it was a slow one, but oh well. I'll do some speed work on the TM tomorrow I think.


                      NRR: work, work work,... I have a meeting this morning at 9 accross town and I'm not looking forward to it as the roads are terrible! I might call the director I'm meeting with and find out if we're still meeting. Otherwise, hoping for a productive day at work. was going to have life group but one of the ladies canceled. since it's just three of us, I think I'll cancel for tonight and just work a couple of extra hours. then it's going to be home for some ubber shoveling. might try and turn on the snow blower. It takes some massive arm strength to get it.


                      OJ: hope the hotel TM is a good one! I've been on a few recently that really s*cked.


                      monk: glad it worked out that you could shift your travel around. boo that it's changed your plans so much though. I wonder if you're going to be getting the storm we're getting right now.


                      Sassy: Amazon +1. haha. good luck with the miles and the strength tonight!


                      po: your neighborhood sounds awesome! you got water and friendly people! sounds like M's parents lake house. Smile


                      MA: mmmmm. chicken stir fry and chilli and cookies! you're in a cooking mood. Wish some of that would rub off on me!


                      later ladies!


                        gsd: cross post! and hmmmm. stress reliever activity outside of running.... for me it's internet surfing and reading. haha. pretty sedentary and not too much brain power required. Sounds like you're getting a little bit more rest now! glad for you! I don't know what I'd do if I were operating on such low amounts of sleep!


                          Morning Ladies!


                          Today is my last day at work until the end of January/beginning of February. It's going to be a pretty laid back and relaxed day--I have several meetings this morning and then my coworkers and I are ordering lunch! I'm so grateful to work in a school where people are so loving and caring. I HATE the hour long commute. But, truthfully, I adore most of my fellow teachers, my principal is beyond anything you could ever imagine. and my students are pretty amazing, too! The countdown is on for Friday. I'm so nervous. But, I know that in the end everything will be okay! Gotta run. Have a great day!  


                            Good morning, ladies!


                            RR: SRD, I guess. Now that I've hit my goal, and company is coming, AND work is crazy, I'm not so worried about getting runs in. ST tonight.


                            NRR: More work work work. Should be finishing up that one huge project this week, and then it turns out I will be doing this whole other report without any support from my field partner on it, which means I'll be working over Christmas week. It's not the end of the world, but I've been working a LOT since September, and I was looking forward to taking off a week straight or so. 


                            Lizo - Stay safe in the snow! How many inches did you all get?


                            PO - Your new neighborhood sounds awesome.


                            MA - That happens to me, too. Monday morning I'm AWAKE, and then it gets harder and harder to wake up as the week progresses.


                            Monk - Safe travels tomorrow.


                            Jewel - Sorry about all the travel, but if your hotel has a decent gym, it's not that bad. 


                              Morning Ladies!!


                              Jewel- Glad you got to see some friends while you are in PA for work! Enjoy your miles on the TM


                              Monk-sounds like stressful travel times for you, hope it is not too bad.  


                              Sassy- don't you just love Amazon? I got a bunch of things there too and it is so nice to just order everything in one shot!


                              PO- your party sounds awesome! It must be nice to be in an area where the neighbors are so friendly. What type of races are you thinking of training for?


                              MA- don't you hate it when you forget something that screws up your workout?!? but way to go on getting something in even if it wasn't what you wanted. I hear you on not being able to get out of bed...only I don't have an excuse!


                              GSD- funny that your body adjusted to the little sleep and now you don't know what to do with your time!


                              Lizo- i love runs in the snow!! I am kind of jealous that you have some snow...we haven't even come close to having snow here yet! Although, that makes it a real pain to get out and drive



                              RLTW- you are really lucky to have such great coworkers...that is not always easy to find! Enjoy your last day.


                              RR- we have friends in from town staying with us and so last night I did not get much sleeop! Which means I did not wake up this morning to run and I am annoyed with myself now. Tonight we are going to a bball game so tonight is out too...oh well! I did walk some to work this morning and can still get my weekly miles in, I will just miss some cross training. Tomorrow will be 4.


                              NRR- I guess I kind of summer it all up in my RR! Like I said, tonight we are going to a bball game which should be pretty fun-I'm looking forward to it. I still have quite a bit to do to get ready for Christmas, but I am dragging it out a bit because I enjoy it!


                              Hope you all have a great day!


                                So I ran 2.5 this morning. Was feeling pretty good early but then had a lot of BH contractions and SPD too... first time I've felt the SPD while running. I have 2.6 left to get to 750 for the year. I'll try to do that at the hotel Wednesday night/Thursday morning and that might be the last of running for awhile... sad, but glad I made it as long as I did! And I did beat my miles from last year!


                                Lizo: You're in North Dakota, right? I think I've heard that it is the same storm.


                                gsd: I play in a community band. Its a nice way to get a break from home. Other stress relief is reading and right now, cross stitching. I don't do it all the time, but for the next year I'll be working on P's Christmas stocking. I suppose I'd add baking to the things I like to do as well, I've been doing enough of it lately! I tried knitting but never really got into it. I've wanted to learn crochet, maybe that will be a project for maternity leave.


                                jewel: That stinks about all the travel!


                                sassy: YAY for getting your shopping done.


                                PO: I'm glad you had a good time at the party and you like your neighbors. I suppose that is a good way to look at it, enjoy having all that time off work!


                                MA: Ooops on the towel! Nice job on the running.


                                rltw: I'm glad you have such a great workplace. And glad your surgery is getting closer too.


                                outwest: Sorry about all the work you have.