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Time for Tuesday DIVAs (Read 182 times)


    Just wanted to tell you ladies something funny--


    One of my co workers just dropped off a gift for me, It's the best gift ever! It's a red sparkle tiara! She also gave me a box of pencils and package of those rubber pencil grips (sort of a running joke between us). I have always had an awkward pencil grip. I hold the pencil with 4 fingers. She's convinced that with brain surgery and practice with rubber grips, my grip will be normal. HAHAHA. Even with a 4 fingered grip, my handwriting is nice! This gift was just what I needed to put a smile on my face! Smile


      Jewel-glad you got to see you college friend. Hope the work in PA goes well

      Monk-sorry about the change of plans for going down to see the ILs, but I hope everything works out for you

      Sassy-woooo for only 4 more days of work!

      PO-that’s so cool about your neighborhood and crazy that most of them worked for your company!

      MA-do they not have towels at the gym for you to use? I made some chili last night for dinner too

      GSD-most of my time is spent in school, studying or running (or watching tv too lol), but I do enjoy knitting, cooking, walking around and exploring the city,  and reading

      Lizo-seems like the snow you have today will hit us tomorrow and Thursday. Hope you stay safe out there

      RLTW-that is  so awesome that your coworkers are so supportive J Sending you some good vibes to get through your last day of work

      Outwest-oh no L I am so sorry you have to work during Christmas week. Not fun at all

      Klm-enjoy the bball game (I am assuming it’s basketball and not baseball due to it being cold outside lol)


      RR: 6 miles this morning with 3 at tempo. Legs were so sore, so I think I will take tomorrow off. I also took an ice bath after my run and yikes! I am still cold


      NRR: just working for a few hours today on my research project and then doing an application to PhD school. Then going to trivia tonight with some friends


        Morning girls,


        Klmc, enjoy the company and the BB game! Will you be in the city next week?? We are spending christmas in the city, so exciting!


        RLTW enjoy your last day!


        OWR happy belated birthday!!!! your was your birthday yesterday?? Hope you get a break next week.


        Jewel, hope PA is not too bad. Any plans for Xmas? Like I said toKlmc we will be there next week, so excited for cooler temps!


        Monk,safE travels tomorrow. Great job with your run!


        Sassy, love the photos of G!


        PO, love your neighbors!!!


        Ma, bring on the cooking. I hate it when I forget something important like a towel. Bummer!!!!


        GSD I burn stressors by exercising gym, ST, spinning (since I can't really run fast) swimming, and wine, lots of wine. Hugs.


        Lizo, wowwww on that snowstorm!!!


          Taylor, where are you applying to PHD school?? Ice bath in the winter does souNd brutal!


          TriR,, spinning tonight.

          NTriR finalizing plans for next weeks travel. Excited about that. Last work week of 2012 as well.

          Have a great day.



            Hey ladies! Never checked in yesterday as I planned to do it from work and then realized when I got there it was our office holiday party...totally forgot! So I wouldn't have been able to check in till way late! 


            RR: Ran 4 last night on the golf course with CRF...soooo hilly. My legs were really feeling it. Today is a rest day since I have a late meeting and won't have time for anything.


            NRR: This is a crazy busy week at work because we're putting out the paper for Thursday and then Friday we need to put together the entire paper for next week, since Monday and Tuesday are holidays. That should be interesting. I'm doing a bunch of work on my own time to get everything done so that I can take the week between Christmas and New Year's off. So this week is pretty much work, come home, eat, then a few more hours of work before bed. Plus I need to mail a gift and a few cards and wrap presents. 


              Hey girls! Just ONE week until Christmas! 


              RR. 6-7 miles after work tonight. 


              NRR. Just working today, nothing exciting. It's my favorite coworker's last day today. So sad! 

              Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon 10.20.2013 

              Tiburon by the Bay Half Marathon 11.3.2013 (My Birthday!) 

              Napa Valley Full Marathon 3.2.2013



              Half: 1:48

              Full: 4:34



                Meli-I am applying to Rush University which is in Chicago


                Lucy-I love running along golf courses, and you are right, they are really hilly


                Norcal-enjoy your run tonight



                  Lizo - Stay safe in the snow! How many inches did you all get?

                   Got about 4 inches! but it's melting really fast!


                    taylor: I totally could NOT do an ice bath! do they help?


                    rltw: awesome gift! love it!


                    mel: enjoy finalizing the travel plans! I love that sense of anticipation.


                    lucy: busy week for you! good luck getting all the papers out!


                    have a second meeting in fifteen minutes! gotta run!


                      lizo-yep they do really help. They are excruciating at first, but they feel good right after. My legs are a lot less sore now after taking one a few hours ago


                        GSD - in my downtime, to destress, i like to crochet (it's so therapeutic!), browse stuff on the internet (I read a lot of mom/runner blogs) and do things like crosswords/sudoku/word search games. I really like to do things that require no brain power. One of my favorite hobbies is baking, but I try to limit that just because my other favorite hobby is eating.


                        I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!