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MA runner girl

    Is everyone sleeping in?

    PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15

    MA runner girl

      RR: Ha, nothing yesterday. Now it's snowing... hmm maybe I'll go for a walk if it hasn't accumulated to much by lunchtime. It's peaceful to walk/run in the light snow.


      NRR: Today DH and I are meeting the pediatrician at 4:30, I have my list of questions ready to go. Thanks for all the advice yesterday. Then after I have a midwife appt. I have been feeling very spoiled by DH! He made 2 dinners last night - one for last night and one to go in the crock pot today. AND he cleaned up the kitchen after. Bonus! lol I didn't do much. Seems like days in the office zap my energy completely, especially days like yesterday when I was in meetings talking from 10-1 and 1:30-2:30. Working at home today, thank goodness!


      Have a great day girls!

      PRs: 5k - 21:23, half marathon - 1:39:43, marathon - 4:01:15


        Morning Ladies! We are so close to Friday! Smile


        RR: I'm supposed to meet up with a friend after work today for a 4 mile run. But we're supposed to get some snow, so I don't know...we'll see. I don't mind running in snow, but I'd prefer to be able to see the ground!


        NRR: Lucy and MA are coming over tomorrow night. We're having one of our famous DIVA sleepovers! Dinner, ice cream and a chick flick! YAY! So tonight I'll make sure to clean and vacuum! Smile


        MA: I can't wait to see you tomorrow and also I can't wait till your little guy is here!


          Morning girls.


          MA have a good pediatrician appointment.


          RLTW have a great run.


          NC how are you feeling?


          Seattle, good to see you!!!


          PO hugs.


            As for me,

            TriR, kickboxing for the first time tonight (Jewel how is it?) plus ST with trainer.


            NtriR, Baxter had a rough night last night. Please pray he has a better day today. He was very anxious, agitated, and crying a lot last night. C and I were in tears.


            Wedding Related, finalizing wedding invitations today, wedding colors, and children's colors.


            have a great day.


              Remember that annoying co-worker I mentioned last week? Well, yesterday she was out sick and it was so quiet and nice! She's back today and oh my god, it's been a half hour and she's annoying me so much already! She seriously thinks I'm her therapist. UGH.


                MA-yep, I slept in today and it was wonderful. good luck with the pediatrician interview


                RLTW-enjoy the sleepover with the DIVA ladies this weekend


                meli-ooohh kickboxing fun. That is a great workout


                RR:did an awful 7 yesterday. My legs were just not feeling it. Not sure what I will do today. I have a LR of 12 planned (or tempo run) but I will see how my legs feel later


                NRR: had another productive night last night. Finished up a ppt project, cleaned the kitchen and fridge, and listen to an NPR segment on Harper High School. That is a HS found in the Chicago area, and it has been plagued with violence. It was really hard to listen to some things, but really interesting. Here's the link if you ladies want. It's definitely worth a listen.


                Part 1-http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/487/harper-high-school-part-one


                Part 2- http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/488/harper-high-school-part-two


                  Good morning, ladies!


                  RR: Got back from 7 just now. I looked at my log, and this will be the first week in over a month that I will have run 4x a week. Jeez oh whiz...I knew something was off, but not this bad!  ST tonight. I think I may be bowing out of the burpees, not sure. I'm going to start lifting heavy now, and I'm not sure how the push-ups will be affected by that. I may keep doing them on non-ST days. I guess I could also do burpees without push-ups?


                  NRR: I am glad yesterday is over. I was feeling all gross and bloated, and then I was wearing clothes that made this feeling worse, and I also ate like crap so again, glad it's over. I want this week to be over already!!


                  MA - I hope the pediatrician appointment is informative.


                  RLTW -  Oh man, that's too bad your "friend" came back. Have you tried just telling her you can't deal with her drama?


                  Mel - Sorry to hear about Baxter.. I hope things improve.


                  Taylor - Nice job on being productive! I need to clean the refrigerator out, too. The shelves on the door are particularly dirty. I listened to those podcasts last weekend, and yeah, they are really hard to listen to. That people are living that way at all is horrible.


                    we're down to three months and a day before the wedding!!


                    RR: did 4.2 miles this morning. felt pretty good. I'm beginning to feel some vague groin pain and need to get that massaged away. therapist is traveling down south so can't get in probably till week after next.


                    NRR: M gets into town tonight, and we go to his tux appt at 7 then ring shopping for his ring afterwards. I really, really need to get invitation cards sent out. I got the labels done yesterday. Now I need to find the time to sit and stuff envelopes. then hopefully send them out tomorrow or saturday I'm thinking...

                    Otherwise, typical day at work. Dealing with bidding, answering contractor questions, some modeling and then a reception to go to at 4pm.


                    MA: enjoy your day at home working today! and yay for a cooking and cleaning DH! Smile


                    rltw; I'm with you on wanting to see the ground while I run! enjoy the 4 miler if you get to it.


                    mel: so so sorry about baxter! that has got to be so hard! crossing my fingers and praying for him. enjoy kickboxing. haven't ever done it before.


                    taylor: i need your motivation to get some cleaning done... argh!


                    outwest: the week is almost over! hang in there! sorry about the bloated feeling. totally get it. I'm there...


                      Morning girls,


                      RR: Did a 5 mile TEMPO RUN today. My goal pace was 9:17, but I had 9:35, 9:10 and 8:45. So I don't know what you want to call that. Anyway, burpees later!


                      NRR: Busy day at work and I have to leave early for a dentist appointment, which is my first in like 18 months so I'm really hoping nothing is wrong. I made a New Year's Resolution to floss every day and I'm happy to say I have succeeded so far! Ok seriously not much else is going on. Just busy with grant writing + working + trying to hang out with my family.

                      MA - I hope you like your pediatrician. The main thing is that you should feel comfortable talking to them and that you can reach them in the off hours. We go to a practice, and while we've seen the same doctor every time it's nice to know there is backup if she's unavailable.

                      RLTW - hope you can run today. I WANT to come to the DIVA sleepover!


                      Meli - have fun kickboxing, sorry to hear about baxter!


                      Taylor - sorry about the bad run. I will have to listen to that podcast. I listen to this american life and NPR on my phone when I'm at work doing mindless tasks, makes me feel smarter!


                      OWR - I've been thinknig about quitting the burpees too. My legs are just so tired all of the time and with my half coming up next weekend I dont' want to go into it fatigued! you can definitely do them without the pushups - I do and I'm still sore in the shoulders!


                      Lizo - I hope you get a massage soon, nagging pain can be the start of something so be careful!


                      I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



                        Sassy: You can totally come to our DIVA sleepover!!! Smile We're fun!


                          Hi Ladies!


                          RR. I'm hoping for some gentle yoga today at home if I have energy. I feel SO sore, from the flu and from laying on the couch or bed all day and night for 2 days! Ugh.


                          NRR. Woke up this morning without a fever. Yay! Starting to feel a little better. At least I have an appetite this morning. All I could eat yesterday was miso, juice, crackers and tea, plus an apple. So being hungry this morning is a good sign. I have a lot of work that HAS to be done today, but at least it's at home and on the computer so hopefully I can manage...

                          To entertain myself, I started watching Grey's Anatomy, from season 1. I love watching shows like that, so you don't have to wait until the next episode comes out! haha

                          Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon 10.20.2013 

                          Tiburon by the Bay Half Marathon 11.3.2013 (My Birthday!) 

                          Napa Valley Full Marathon 3.2.2013



                          Half: 1:48

                          Full: 4:34



                            Taylor - this podcast is crazy. I think the hardest part for me to understand is how the gangs form just from where they live ... and how there are shootings that aren't caused by drug territory - it seems like it's just shootings for the sake of doing so. Like, I'm in a gang and gangs shoot people.


                            I'll be running my first full, the Richmond Marathon on November 16, 2013!



                              Sassy/Taylor - I know, right? Like..why are they shooting people in the first place? What is the conflict, and how will shooting someone solve the issue?  This may sound judgmental as all hell, but I got the feeling there was an almost complete breakdown of society in that neighborhood. Like the parents weren't really being parents to their kids, etc.. but at the same time, when you're struggling to make ends meet...  UGH  I felt very thankful for having grown up how I did. I can't imagine what sort of future these kids have for them.


                                I totally thought I had already posted today but then I looked and realized I hadn't!


                                RR: 40 minutes ST last night...20 upper body, 10 lower body, 10 core. I'm sore today, but need to run 2 miles at some point.


                                NRR: I need to fold laundry and run errands today before my meeting later. I also really REALLY need to clean out my closet and go through my shoes and get rid of stuff. I can't wait until tomorrow for the slumber party with RLTW and MArunner!