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Christmas Countdown Friday - Supermoms (Read 359 times)


    I have been really bad about getting on here the last few days so hopefully I can get back on today!


    RR:  Didn't end up running yesterday because I didn't feel great.  We did walk about 3 miles.  Today I want to run 5.


    BR:  Slept much better last night.  Still having a little diarrhea but he is getting his appetite back.


    NRR:  Woke up without much a voice this morning.  Hoping this means I have reached the end of my sickness.  Today, I am going to go Christmas shopping with my dad and then go for a date night with DH.  We could really use one (or a few) before we spend the next year apart.


    zorbs - Ew on the bathwater.  DS also loves to play with cups but hasn't started drinking it yet.


    ernie - Cute about the wrapping.  Enjoy the time with DH!   MIne is also off until Jan 1 and it is so nice having the help.


    jen - Are you feeling better?  I think it is probably ok about daycare.  It will be more important that you made it to the program.  I am sure they understand all parents aren't done for the day after that.


    bermy - Enjoy your rest day!  You burgers sound yummy (definitely add those to the book).  Yesterday you asked how I stay so trim?  Was that in relation to something I posted?  My memory right now is suffering..


    mer - I feel you on the single SAHM.  I am not sure how I will do it for the next year.  Thank goodness I have my parents to help.


    cx2- Poor DH.  Hope he doesn't pass it to all of you.


    arm - Way to go on the gifts! 


    mrzsm - what did you guys do on your snow day?


    nola - We are living in SE Denver.  I go to the medical school in Aurora.

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      zorbs - em drinks bath water too.  meh. 


      ernie - way to go on the stroller running!  cute about the help you had with the presents.  Em is rearranging presents under the tree and it's driving DH nuts.  He likes to have them ordered so people open the presents from front to back with smaller gifts in front and the "big" gifts in back.


      Jen - I went to Em's daycare thanksgiving lunch and then went back to work leaving her there until 530.  Our daycare understands that some parents just can't get off an entire afternoon after they have a program or something.  I think it's fine.  I mean, that's why you pay them, right?


      bermy - yay for SRD.  Sounds like you earned it and need it.  good luck at the store!  I like going at off times too just to avoid the crowds.


      mer - haha about the pacifier.  I brought Em to bed with us on Wed morning for some before work play time (about 15 min before our alarm would normally go off).  SHe was chattering up a storm and DH was like, "where is her pacifier?!" and I said, "in her mouth" LOL. 


      Cx2 - Sorry your girl wasn't happy yesterday.  Em is a mess from teething.  Orajel wasn't cutting it so I ended up giving her motrin for the pain, then I had my happy girl back!  Sorry your DH is sick again. 


      arm - the work party sounds fun.  haha on greedy santa vs dirty santa.  Hope your stomach feels better!


      mrszm - so sad about your DD not going to school with the two hour delay.  hope you figure out all the schedules.  Wow 15 hrs?!  That's awesome. 


        Zorbs – I want to come to your house so I can play my flute to your piano. Unless you're impatient and don't wanna wait for me to trill… We could set up a little stall in the mall and make some $$$. Of course the naughty santa outfits are compulsory. Who said you can’t be smart and slutty? (there’s only so many more days left that I can joke about your Mrs Claus outfit).


        Ernie – nice meal. Simple but does the job. My DH is the worst at wrapping. He is SO flippin darn smart and funny and lovely but man, he did not get the wrapping present gene. Are you left handed by any chance?


        Jen – ok – so, here are my packing tips. If I sound boring, then just ignore me. I wash clothes when I am on vacation (I know that sounds like work, but it really isn’t) as you don’t want 7 days or more of soiled DS stuff in your bag. I wear the same jeans and hoodie and then wash them. I take boots & coat on plane. I pack everything and then I take out what I really over-packed (you know those 10 items that always come back untouched?) Take ‘em out! I buy detergent, diapers, wipes etc at destination too. When I live in TN I can mail you veggie burgers? Can you do that in the US? Enjoy your xmas programme. And screw daycare – you are paying for the day.


        Mer – please be safe running on the pavements. Hope DS chills over xmas so you can enjoy him as well as a break.


        Cx2 – I am very excited that your DD can STTN. She can do it! All on her own! Yeah!


        Arm – do you run in make-up? You are one of the most glamourous women I know.


        Shelby – you look great in your fb photos – trim and elegantly athletic – I was trying to get the inside know how! Well done on your move and glad to hear that you are starting to feel more settled and well again. Yeah for you having some quality time with DH too.


        Mrszm – glad you like your haircut. What is a delay?


        Rocky – good luck this week. Sounds like you need it. I am too assertive... I would say "I am the boss, this is my house and this is how it rolls in my family - this is how we behave, and this is how we treat each other..." and go from there!

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          shelby - hope you feel better and that you get some QT with your DH before he goes.  My friend is just about approaching the mid-point of her husband's one year deployment.  It's tough on her and their daughter (1 y.o.)


          ER - walk with stroller and dogs yesterday.  Was going to do yoga, but just ate a cookie and laid in bed instead.  It was the right choice.


          PGR - still waiting to hear about the amnio results.  I bet I don't hear until my appt next wed.  Feeling more movement and rolls.  So reassuring.


          MIL related - yeah, so my FB post.  nuff said.  MIL is leaving day after christmas or christmas night to go stay with BIL for a week.  Yes!  I'm at work today and Em is at daycare.  My heart is light and I have no worries.  MIL can sit her ass at home, eat sugar and watch soap operas.  win-win.


          NRR - grocery shopping tonight and eating out.  Guess who's idea the eating out was?!  Even though I had stuff for some broccoli stir fry.  OMG veggies and rice?!  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.  Gotta do some last minute stocking stuffer shopping for DH. 


          TR - was a mess yesterday from teething.  cried, pouted, clingy, squirmy all day.  orajel not helping so I finally gave her some motrin which really helped.  I gave her some before bed too.  Poor girl.  Was a total daddy's girl when he got home from work.  All smiles and snuggles.  She even chased him down the hallway and up the stairs (with me behind her for safety), she meant that he was NOT going to leave her sight!  Saying "dada" consistently now and in the appropriate contexts.  Yay.


            Shelby - Glad DS slept much better last night and is feeling better.  I hope you start feeling better too.  I hope you and DH make the most out of your date night.  You sooooo deserve it.


            Rocky - I am waiting for you to EXPLODE on everyone.  You definitely put up with a lot of crap that you shouldn't.  I would be throwing fits of rage at MIL and DH if that happened in my house.  My DH wouldn't allow that though.  


            Bermy - Totally know what you are talking about with the 10 extra things.  LOL.  I am so guilty but it seems like if I don't pack it I need it.  We do have  washer and dryer in our own suite so that is awesome.  We will be doing laundry.  LOL on daycare...you are right...we do pay.  I may just tell them we have a few things to do but I will feel super guilty about leaving J there because I am sure he will cry when he sees us leaveSad


              Bermy - I'm totally with you and when it comes to Em and what people do with her and feed her, there is no gray area.  But with MIL, I just have to let her hit rock bottom and DH has to see it.  I feel like it's an addict situation.  I have taken charge in previous years but it's gotten to the point where I just have to let the wheels fall off.  Like you have to wait until they steal a car, OD, get thrown in jail before they'll listen or consider getting help.  I just hope her rock bottom isn't too late. My food choices offend her because she truly believes that I only eat that way around her to make her feel bad.  Like "look at me, i'm eating a veggie and I'm so much better than you."  DH squashed that, but it's just that whole mentality that I don't understand.  It totally offends her and she makes little comments all the time about how she's a "carb girl,"  whatever, I like my BMI where it is, thank you very much!  And yes, I will make decisions about what to offer my daughter for food because I don't want her thinking that MIL food choices are good! 


              MIL was talking about how she wanted to get carseats in her car for our kids so she could take them places.  I was rude and said, "where do you need to take them" and she said, "oh, the grocery store."  DH piped up on that one, because can you honestly imagine someone who has trouble buckling their own seat belt due to obesity and mobility taking a newborn and an 18 month old grocery shopping on their own?!  That's just stupid.  She can't even pick up the infant bucket seat on her own!  Anyway, he said something like, "if you need to go to the grocery store, you can go while we have the kids."  I'm going to be very adamant about her NOT having carseats.  That's just an "I'm sorry I didn't see little Emily run into the street" waiting to happen.  No effing way.  I'll go to the wall on that one.  I simply said that I was uncomfortable with it and she dropped it.  She better not push it or she will see a side of me that she does not want to incite.  And she and DH will hear MY side of her care-taking abilities in no uncertain terms.


                Jen - LOL.  I am waiting for me to explode too.  Probably when BIL is here.  I feel like it would be written off as a "preggo" thing though and somehow taken less seriously in the long run. 


                  zorbs/bermy: can i come play my flute too? all i really remember is my high school school song; still got that memorized. But i did play a mean cow bell in pep band (MORE COWBELL!!)


                    mrszm - i have an inkling feeling that zorbs is very very talented. And well, I just bang out the tunes. can you play the cow bell whilst holding out the bucket to catch small change? and smile cutely? And costume is non-negotiable. OOhh maybe we could do Supermoms running band in lady santa outfits?! 

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                      Bermy: after the worst morning ever I totally needed this conversation. I can definitely multi-task. But not sure I can pull off the Santa outfit quite as well as zorbs does...

                        bermy - Santa's naughty helper costumesSmile


                          jen - you can be our official pace maker and costume designer since you're such a whippet. And if you don't play an orthodox instrument then you have to make your own from household items - there will be a prize for the most original and intriguing instrument.

                          5K 21.12   10K 50:12   HM 2:07   FM 3:50:31


                            All I can say is I hope you videotape this performance and put it on youtube!


                            Bermy - Thank you so much for the compliment.  You made my day!  I am not sure what my secret is.  I haven't had much of an appetite since having DS and he keeps me busy enough to keep me from eating very much!  But I have found that now I eat whatever I want, in small portions.  On top of that, I love to be outside - running, walking, hiking, biking.  DH is very fit and we have a very energetic dog so most of our family activities involve some type of activity.  We try to live by the motto -"the family that works out together, stays together".  Somehow since having DS, I have lost about 12 lbs and I am not entirely sure why.   Guessing it might be the food part.

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                              RR update - Just ran 6.2 mi (10k) with DH, DS in the stroller, and the dog.  There was a little snow on the trail but not too bad.  I had to take a few walk breaks between adjusting to the altitude and this chest cold but we stil managed to do about a 9:00min/mi pace.

                              5k - 21:32  FM - 3:27:40


                                Shelby - way to go on the run.  yeah stroller + altitude will leave you sucking wind.  But when you go back to sea level and run you'll feel like a rockstar!


                                bermy - love the image of lady santa costumes, i'm sure you wouldn't even need instruments to get $$ in that bucket if you were wearing the costumes!