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Christmas Countdown Friday - Supermoms (Read 359 times)


    quick fly by post for me, might be back later for personals...sorry if i don't get to it!


    RR: a little over 6 miles this morning, without the stroller. avg marathon pace and it felt just right this morning. did my LR of 10.2 yesterday as we're heading out of town tomorrow. been doing my planks daily- 3:00 on the front and 1:30 each side.


    TR: we did our family christmas this morning, since we'll be out of town until late Weds. R wasn't too interested in opening the presents, but was all about playing with the boxes! I gave him his first haircut last night while he was in the bath tub. He sat perfectly still and was really really good. It's the first time i've cut hair, and DH said it looked really nice.


    NRR: as i mentioned above, christmas this morning with DH and R. I got a ton of running stuff - two new pairs of tights, an UnderArmour half zip top, new running gloves, socks, and a bunch of kitchen things. We're leaving for the IL's tomorrow morning, as long as the weather is ok. It's snowing now and supposed to continue all night and into tomorrow...guess we'll see in the morning!


    I'll try to pop in a bit while we're away, but Merry Christmas to everyone!

     5K: 19:15       Half: 1:29:35       Marathon: 3:13:08